Updated: 12th April 2019

Topics or things to talk about with a girl are everywhere around us.

In fact, talking to a girl is not rocket science, but it is not as easy as sending a rocket to space either.

Let me ask you.

Have you been in a situation where you are hanging out with this pretty girl, and didn’t know how to take the conversation to the next level?


Was it tough for you to come up with exciting topics or things to talk about with the girl?

Of course, you have!

So have we all.

You see, the question ‘what to talk about with a girl?’ does not have an easy answer.

But I’ll try my best as a lady to demystify what we want.

So, in today’s article, you’ll be showered with a list of things to talk to girls about especially if you are one of those self-conscious and floundering guys looking to pick up a date before prom night or Valentine’s Day.

But if you’re not and you are this good-looking innocent guy who has seen a girl he likes but shy to strike up a good conversation, then today is your lucky day.

So let’s get the boat rocking…

What to Talk About With a Girl Demystified

First and foremost, you must be mindful of what to speak and when to speak.

Two crucial points which can rarely be taught by another person.

Cut down on rude language and follow the points listed in this article and you can woo the woman of your choice with ease.

More important than what to talk about with girls, is how to talk to girls.

Boy talking to a girl nicely

Until you have perfected how you talk, it does not matter what topics you talk about.

The general rule of thumb is to be courteous and avoid unnecessary criticism.

The best way to talk with girls is to be a good listener.

It is extremely common for men to feel jittery before approaching a woman.

Guys often scratch their heads and tear their hairs thinking about what to say when approaching a girl.

First and foremost, calm your nerves down and be confident of yourself.

Unless you are calm and confident, no amount of poetic words can save you.

Do not over think while approaching girls and do not tend to be someone you are not.

Most girls will see through your actions in a minute or two.

Instead, be just who you are, and you will find out that the conversation will flow naturally.

If you are approaching a stranger, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself in a way that she remembers.

Boy approaching a girl

Do not run up to her and blurt out your name, as she will hardly remember.

A great way is to come up with an excuse to approach a girl.

For example, if you are in school or college, you can ask her for directions to the school cafeteria or playground.

You can also ask her what food is available in the canteen.

After talking for a couple of minutes, introduce yourself casually.

Be smart enough to ask about her name if she doesn’t introduce herself.

Also, try to find out what class she is in so that you may catch up with her again.

How to continue the conversation you’ve started…

There are a lot of general things to talk about, especially with all the essential issues happening globally.

However, you need to understand the girl first of all.

There are many ways to cleverly find out if the girl you are interested in is also interested in you.

So, here are a few topics to talk about with a girl that almost always work and reveal what’s truly in any girl’s heart.

1) Talk About Her

Pretty Girl

Talk about her!

Yes, just her.

Girls like it when a boy is curious about them and wants to know their likes and dislikes.

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to identify her likes and talk about one of them.

Boy talking to a girl

Think books and movies, to start with.

Try talking about a recent movie release that you have seen or want to look at. If she is also interested in it, then ask her out on a movie date.

Try and find out what genre of the movie she likes. A person’s choice for specific types of movies speaks volumes about a person’s personality.

Talk to her about your favorite movies and actors. Your aim is to find a common ground to connect with the girl.

TV shows are instrumental talking points as we are usually hooked to most of them these days.

Game of Thrones is an excellent place to start.

Ask her which house she supports in the show and which characters she identifies mostly with.

This one of the best questions to ask a girl and will make it easier for her to express herself thoroughly to you.

We generally identify with a character with whom our ideologies and instincts match the most.

Couple discussing while watching a movie

By getting to know her favorite characters, you will come to know more about her.

Even if she is not interested in movies, then you can always move on to many other exciting topics.

2) Talk About Books

Speaking of exciting things, books are always a great conversation starter.

Ask her if she has any favorite then ask her why she likes it. Her answers will reveal her character.

Talk about her favorite characters from books and ask her why she likes the style.

Also, talk about your favorite book and character.

Boy discussing_with_a_girl_in_a_library

It is a simple yet effective way to get to know each other.

If this method does not do the tricks then change the topic to comics.

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many female comic book nerds out there who are just as giddy as you are about Batman!

Search for common likes to connect better with her.

If you are not into books as much, then hard luck!

3) Talk about Music

girl listening to music

For the most part, I think this is one of the most important things to talk about with a girl whether you like it or not.

You can also talk about music.

Music speaks a universal language, and whether you are nerdy or sporty, you can’t live without it.

Music has this uncanny ability to bring two completely different people together.

Start talking about music, what you like and what she loves.

Boy talking about music to a girl

Try to know whether she likes modern music or if she is into classic songs of the bygone era.

I once met a girl (I’m not a boy), and we hit it off instantly owing to our shared love and passion for Pink Floyd.

When it comes to music, there are loads of exciting things to talk about.

Ask her if she plays an instrument.

If she does, then you have an excuse to practice together or to learn from her.

Again, the choice of songs speaks a lot about a person’s character.

So talk about the songs she likes and try to understand what part of the lyrics she most identifies with.

Be careful not to talk about your likes only. Do not get carried away. The purpose is to get the girl to speak and reveal what she is like.

Once you get to know her taste, you can make her a mixed tape as a gift the next time you meet.

A mixtape with her favorite songs is sure to grab her attention, and she will love you for it.

A girl and boy discussing music together

What You Should Always Keep In Mind

While it is best to avoid talking about a personal matter of grave issues with a girl you just met or have known for a couple of days, you can surely speak on such topics if you hit it off and seem to have a useful connection.

If the connection is strong from both sides, then you can skip the small talk and jump right into the important stuff.

When there is a strong connection between two persons and they talk about the big mysteries of life, they often lose track of time.


It reveals not only the other person’s character but also your inner fears and strengths.

You can spend hours talking with her about life in general, where both of you are headed, and also the little things in life.

It all depends on the type of person the girl is.

Nonetheless, avoid talking about relationships and life in general at all cost when starting.

Believe me; you will have a lot of time to talk about such things.

4) Talk About Travel

A group of three girls travelling

Travel is a surprising topic on our list of things to talk about with a girl.

But before you presume any further, let me inform you that many girls dream of traveling to foreign countries and exotic places.

Women of independent mind and free spirit are more often than not consumed by wanderlust.

It is your job to bring out the traveler in her, and you two can be placed around the world all the while chatting on a bench in Central Park.

Group of friends talking about travel

Tell her where you wish to visit one day and why you want to go there.

If you have a common place of interest, then you can plan on making a trip with her to that place.

Talk about all the things you can do there, sights you can see or historical places you can visit.

When it comes to traveling, different people have different choices of places.

While some prefer the hustle and bustle of wide open beaches, others may prefer the high of hiking through lofty snow-covered peaks.

A boy and girl conversing

While some may find camping in the woods adventurous, others might want to visit someplace serene so that they can ponder over a cup of coffee or relax to their favorite music.

For example, traveling to India, especially during the numerous festivities that goes on in the country throughout the year, is a must on many women’s bucket list.

The United States is also a diverse and vibrant country and a great place for two persons to connect on a deeper level.

5) Talk About Her Friends and Lifestyle

A Girl And Her Friends

Moving on, we come to one of the most very interesting topics to talk about with a girl.

The first one is her friends.

While this may seem an ill-advised step to you at first, it is an efficient way to get to know her better.

Shifting the conversation to her friends shows that you care about the girl and also her lifestyle

More important than knowing a person’s character, is to understand why she is like that.

Knowing the types of people she mostly spends her time with, will give you an excellent understanding of what she is all about.

A Girl Paddling a Canoe

Moreover talking about her friend shows that you are friendly and you may even get invited to a party at one of her friend’s house.

Once familiarized with her friends, you can get to know her even better by talking to her friends about her.

If you have the best intentions at heart for her, then her friends will walk the extra mile to help you seduce her.

Do not refrain from talking about your friends too as it may mean that you are hiding something.

From friends to family, there is no shortage of things to talk to a girl about.

Getting to know her family is arguably the best step you can take.

  • Who does she live with?
  • What do her parents do?
  • What other relatives is she close to?

These are just simple questions you can ask a girl to know her better.

Also, ask her if she has any siblings.

If she has a younger brother or sister, then try to befriend them.

Younger brothers are always useful as you two can bond over games and comics which in turn will bring you closer to her.

Boy talking to a girl about her friends

Spend a few minutes getting to know her father and mother from her perspective will tell you a lot about her than you can imagine.

Also, talk about your family too.

6) Talk About Childhood


Another of many things to talk about with girls is their childhood.

We all love reminiscing about our childhood and more so when we have an attentive ear ready to hear us out.

Our childhood forms an integral part of our growing up and becoming adults.

As much as there are happy moments from our younger days, we also have specific traumas that still haunt us to date.

Making an effort to know the girl’s past, shows that you care about her as a person too and not a mere lover.

Be polite and graceful when talking about childhood traumas or incidents.

Refrain from commenting now and then.

Listen carefully!

You are under no prerogative to say something after every word she utters.

Listening patiently shows the strength of character and openness towards a person’s views or opinions.

Use Discernment

man using discernment

As we come to the end of our article, we hope you have learned enough by now to go and approach the girl you like.

Even if you haven’t got the trick by now, here are a few more pointers to help you out.

Use your environment to start a conversation.

Carefully notice the things going on around you and ask her opinion on them.

Debate on current affairs that have a global effect and soon enough, you will either find common grounds, or you will know this is not it.

When we think of what to talk about with a girl we often believe about everyday stuff like movies and songs.

Not every girl likes pink, and you better find that about the girl you want to talk to before you approach her.

7) Talk About Sports

Boy and girl watching sport

How about sports.


Let me tell you this just so you know.

I had a boyfriend with whom I used to have raging debates on topics ranging from sports car to even the Champions League.

Sports are an excellent topic to talk about.

Find out if she plays any sport or mainly follows one.

While men are comfortable talking about sports, they should also know a little bit about fashion.

Talking to a girl about the latest trends and your thoughts on them is a beautiful idea.

8) Talk About Pets

A boy and girl talking about dogs

Something that I forgot to mention earlier is pets.

Girls like pets and if you have one, then boy you are lucky!

Don’t worry though if you do not have as she might have one or even two.

If she doesn’t, then you can plan on buying one together.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of people in this world – cat lovers and dog lovers.

When two dog lovers meet, few things can hold them off.

9) Talk About Her Career or Life Goals

Boy talking to girl about life goals

Finally, talk about her career or life goals.

You should want to know what she aspires to become and how she is planning to do it.

Help her with ideas if you have any and encourage her to pursue her dreams.

If she is currently employed, then find out where she is working.

And ascertain if she is happy with her job or if there are other avenues she is considering.

Final Words…

We have listed a lot of topics to talk about with a girl, but nothing beats common sense and the innate power of carrying a conversation forward on one’s shoulder.

Do not fret if you don’t have such prowess as it can be developed over time by practice.

The next time you want to talk to a girl does not hesitate to fail.

Embarrassment is a good teacher, and you will learn from your failures.

If you do talk to her, make sure to be caring and honest.

Complement her on her skills and try to make her laugh. Engage her in a conversation worthy of her time.

Now it’s your turn, sweetie.

Share with us some beautiful things you can talk about with a girl.

As a girl, what topics or things would you like for guys discuss with you?