What Do Girls Like About Guys? – What Are Women Interested In?

What Do Girls Like?

What do women want in a guy?

That’s what men have been asking for centuries on end.

Some men over the years, romantic poets, have written that all women want is to be loved.

As long as you love them and accept them for who they are, it is not necessary to understand them and all their complexities.

But that might have been years and years back when women were dependent on men to marry them and take care of them and be the breadwinner.

Today’s women are much more aggressive, demanding, liberal, and independent.

Many modern women of today, along with many of their male counterparts, no longer even believe in matrimony anymore.

And yet, everybody still longs to travel through life with a loved and trusted partner by his or her side; their other half, that someone to make life happen with, and perhaps to have children with.

So the question is…

  • What does the modern 21st-century girl like in a guy today, whether it is going to be in a long-term relationship or a marriage?
  • what are the top things a guy must possess to make her happy and stay in love?

Well, we have 21 things that guys can read here – see what girls really want in a guy.

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What Will I Learn?

What Do Girls Like In Boys – Things Women Like To Do

Guy looking at girl

1) She still wants commitment

She wants a guy to be aware of her and her presence with him, and that means being committed to her.

Relationships are really hard work where both partners have to invest equally in the relationship.

When a guy doesn’t want to commit to a girl, it could be that he is still very young.

But a mature guy, if he doesn’t act maturely and doesn’t commit to a girl after they have been dating for a while, stands to lose a girl, because she will to find someone who does.

Some girls do hold out for a long time, believing things will change, but it doesn’t often happen that way.

2) She wants faithfulness in her partner

Even though times are much more liberal today, some things have not changed in relationships, and faithfulness is still a necessity as far as women go.

A guy has to be loyal to his girlfriend.

He shouldn’t be checking out all the other women when they are out, as if giving them signals that he is available.

It is embarrassing for a woman and often makes her feel less attractive and incompetent with her guy.

She wants other women to see that she is the queen bee!

If a guy can’t be faithful to the woman he has chosen, then he shouldn’t start a relationship with her.

3) She wants intimacy 

In other words, she wants comfort and closeness, which means intimacy that goes beyond sex and physical attraction.

Women want attention and cuddles.

She wants her family and friends and the world to know that the guy she is with has her best interests at heart.

Sometimes the demands of life get in the way of real intimacy and closeness.

So remember guys, girls want this, they don’t want to feel ‘forgotten’ or ignored by their guys.

4) Honesty is hot 

Men often don’t like to reveal their true feelings and some even want to keep their options open.

But you need to be honest with your true feelings for the woman who is your partner.

Whatever you feel for her or want from her, or what troubles you have about her, you need to address them.

If you love her, you need to tell her so.

Because a woman wants to hear these things often.

If she doesn’t hear them, she will soon start hinting at you or asking you to reveal your feelings more if she doesn’t hear it.

Honesty needs to be a priority in a relationship.

5) She wants you to text her and to let her know that you are missing her and thinking about her 

Most women love text that says something along the lines that you are thinking of her or that you love her to pieces.

That’s enough to put a smile on her face the entire day, and to do your bidding later!

All those little things that you do for her show her that you love her, appreciate her and think about her.

6) She wants to be noticed by you, for the efforts she made, big time!

  • Did you notice how she looked when you picked her up for a date?
  • Her hair, her clothes, her perfume?

It was all done for your benefit and for that, she would love to hear your pleasure with compliments.

Does her delightful perfume fill up your senses, and does that outfit shows off her curves delightfully?

She wants to be complimented on how beautiful she is too, how sexy she is.

She wants to know that she counts in your life; that she is your number one.

You shouldn’t really let a day go without acknowledging how you appreciate what she does for you.

A woman that is adored and knows it from her man is the happiest and most confident woman in the world!

7) She wants a guy to have a sense of humor

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, when a woman gets asked what are the top qualities she wants in a man, a sense of humor always comes up.

When you both have a sense of humor it can carry you over some pretty bad times. 

A woman wants a guy who can enjoy her company and laughs with her and also at the things she says.

It draws you closer together and helps you to overcome situations together that might have seemed tougher had there not been some warm humor.

8) She wants a friend in you

Most of us know the song, “I don’t want a lover, I just need a friend.”

Well, that’s what millions of women want – sure, she wants a lover, but she also wants a companion, someone who knows her like some of her close besties do.

She wants someone she can talk openly with, who really gets her, and who stands beside her.

She wants to know that this person is someone she can count on, that they can work through stuff together with perception and understanding.

9) Like a guy needs space, so does she

It isn’t just the men who want space to share times with their friends as well as for their manly hobbies – it’s women too.

Be aware that when she wants a bit of time on her own, you understand and you allow her this.

No one wants a partner who can’t seem to function independently at times.

If a couple is to be happy, they need enough privacy and space, says a psychologist.

10) She wants a team player

If your woman knows how to plan exceptionally well, it doesn’t mean that you should never plan anything.

Imagine if she is having a party to celebrate her birthday, and you leave her to do everything just because she is a good planner!

No, here is your chance to shine, to show her that you will throw your weight in and make it a day to remember, even it is better than the party you had for yourself last year!

11) When in a relationship it’s important not to always fall into a certain type

Step out of your type-of-guy personality.

For instance, if you are not the guy to cook up a quick meal, imagine her delight and surprise when you step into the situation and rummage up something nourishing for you, her, and the kids to enjoy, and then clean up afterward.

You will score big time with her, for your kindness, because you are willing to become someone that is not really who you are, to help her and even to develop an interest in it!

It’s like being interested in her interests and then even becoming good at it!

12) She wants you to like and respect her family and friends

It is not whether you like or don’t like your girlfriend or wife’s family and friends – you don’t have to like them or even be best friends with them.

But it is essential that you are always kind and courteous to them.

You also have to respect the fact that because she is your girlfriend or wife, and you chose her, her family and friends are an extension of herself.

So you need to respect the fact that these people are important to her.

Thing is, if you don’t you will just end up alienating her from them and yourself and maybe end up with her resenting you in the end.

13) Be the man in the house

Women are much more independent these days than they were in the past.

Many know just as well as guys do, how to fix things that need fixing around the house.

But still, in saying that, and whatever society may be said, most women still want a guy to be the man and be handy at home and in the garden.

She wants him to keep things in order around the place.

Even though it’s just the simple stuff, like changing a lightbulb, women love a guy who just does these things, in fact, it’s essential.

14) But still let her be the boss!

Once again, even in this modern age, men still like to do the chasing when they find the woman that they are interested in.

The woman is his prize and he likes to show her off to the world and his friends.

And even though he is still the man in the house, he is clever enough to let her be the “boss” in the relationship.

That doesn’t mean he lets her boss him around and is a doormat.

No, it is subtly respecting her and believing in her judgments; letting her see that you trust her instincts and count on her.

Because then she will be looking after both of you!

15) Don’t miss the moment when you know she is the one!

Don’t deliberately pretend ignorance when you can see the signs as well as hear the hints that because you have been together for some time, that it’s time to get serious with her.

It’s time to get a ring and make her see she is special, that you want to spend more time with her.

If you have followed all the 21 tips on what girls want in a guy and you have ticked all the boxes, she probably knows full well what a catch you are!

What are you waiting for?

16) Independence – because you do still get needy men!

Women find independent men who are sure of themselves very attractive indeed.

Because, sure, you get needy men – and a woman doesn’t want to end up with such a guy.

She needs someone who can stand on his own two feet, that doesn’t need someone else to help make up his mind – who is sure of himself.

17) Positivity is a pleasure

A woman wants a man who can make her see the positive side of life; not a negative guy who is all doom and gloom.

It makes everything not seem so bad, and positivity is so full of sunshine.

People who are positive and who walk around as if the sunshine is in their pocket are people that draw others to them.

Everybody loves being around people who can put a smile on their face; who don’t walk around with a scowl on their face all the time.

A good idea is to make it a goal of yours to share with your woman one positive moment at least at the end of each day.

How cool is that!

18) Communication skills count

Strong communication skills will get you far in a relationship.

You can be assured that that’s what a woman wants in a man.

Good communicators are usually excellent listeners, a very rare but highly attractive and forgotten quality in anyone!

People want to talk about themselves but they rarely want to listen!

When you appreciate other people’s thoughts, particularly the woman in your life, you, yourself, will be highly appreciated.

19) Intelligence

Any girl that you count as worth being with will also count intelligence in her top 5 attractions in the guy she wants to date.

A person who is intelligent usually is a hard worker, driven, and dedicated, someone who knows how to hold a decent conversation and who has a sense of humor.

He will be at an advantage when it comes to giving advice and to problem-solving.

It also goes with maturity as it’s usually people who have their life in order.

No one wants to end up with a person they can’t have decent conversations with, or who doesn’t even know what is going on in the world.

A good idea is to read a good book every now and again; it keeps you perceptive, knowledgeable, and much more interesting!

21) Do you have ambition?

Ambition is what drives personal growth and development.

No one can really get on in life and be successful if they don’t have ambition.

If you want more, to be more, and have more, you have to have that purposeful and powerful drive that leads you toward your dream.

Complacency never gets you very far and being ambitious makes your own life satisfying, exciting, and challenging.

It’s very magnetic for women to find an ambitious guy.

Sometimes your partner might be on the same page with you when it comes to ambitions.

Ambition can impact a relationship in a big way.

Don’t confuse ambition and success though, they aren’t the same thing.

21) Your body, your health, and being well-groomed sum up who you are, period!

When you take care of your physical health, i.e. you ensure that your body not only looks good but smells good too; you are onto a good thing.

If you are someone who exercises regularly and sees that you have a healthy, attractive physique, you are going to exude confidence because of it as well.

Women find it super sexy when a guy is well-groomed because it exudes confidence, power, and attractiveness all in one.

Want a few tips on what we’re getting at?

1) Lips:

Gently exfoliate your lips too after you have brushed your teeth, it removes all the dead and dry skin. Then apply a good moistening cream and you’re good to go.

2) Hair

Get a professional proper haircut, not someone at home lopping it for you unless they are a professional!

3) Smiling

That means no yellow teeth, only sparkling fresh ones that see a dentist at least every 6 months or so prevent plaque from building up.

4) Eyebrows and neckline…

…need to be groomed, but not shaped!

That’s for the ladies!

If you wear a beard, it needs a great, groomed, trimmed, neat look that women find so attractive, not a food trapper!

5) Skin needs to be clean and moistened

Wash and moisturize with sunscreen each day.

6) Nails of feet and hands need to be clean and cut short;

not nail-bitten and rough.

7) Take a shower daily:

That goes without saying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do girls really want from a guy, bottom line?

Girls want a guy who is loyal to love, to her, to her family and friends. Then she feels safe because she doesn’t have to worry about where he is and what is he doing and with whom.

Girls want guys who are true to them. It triggers feelings of sexual attraction when interacting with a woman.

Does a girl like to be chased?

Yes, they love it, but they only want to be chased by a guy whom they are attracted to. If she is not attracted to you, you are going to have to work really hard to win her over.

What is chemistry between two people?

You can like a guy or a girl but know right there and then that that is probably what they will always be to you, someone you like, but nothing further.

Chemical attraction is when you meet someone and you feel an intense attraction to them; there is intense eye contact.

It’s the feeling that you get when you meet someone briefly, they impacted on you that you still think of them afterward and you would like to see them again.

What are a few things I should do to make a guy want to marry me?

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Don't act out.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Trust your guy implicitly.
  • Show him plenty of affection.
  • Be appreciative.

And what should a guy do to make a girl want to marry him?

  • She must be able to totally trust him.
  • He must show plenty of affection to her.
  • She wants commitment from him to all the aspects of her life.
  • She wants physical security as well as financial security.


Well, what women want from men still pretty much remains a debatable topic all over the world – and it’s because, probably, women change so often!

But men needn’t lose hope altogether.

There are still a lot of things that are pretty much cast in stone that women look for in a man when it comes to a long-term relationship or marriage.

One thing that all women still love and long for are men that still sweep them off their feet and woo them.

You will see from our list of 21 things that “what women want” in guys are still real, lasting things that have stood the test of time.

Women still love their guys to smell divine, to be super toned and groomed, who spoil them still with surprises, gifts, chocolates, and flowers.

They want honesty in their guys and hands that caress them at the end of the day while listening attentively to how her day went; helping her wherever he can.

Look at our 21 and see how you score!

If you score very well, you are probably a man with great etiquette, a number one choice for millions of women all over the world.

With etiquette always comes consideration; two quality assets that sum up a guy’s behavior and how he measures up.

If you’ve ticked most of the list, you are probably already a fabulous catch for many women, you are confident and wanted, and it’s also probably because you understand that…

…“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good” –Samuel Johnson.

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