What Do Boys Like In Girls – 20 Things They Find Appealing

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  • What boys do want in general?
  • What do boys want from girls?
  • What do guys expect from girls?

You’ll find answers to these questions and more as you read on.

It is natural for girls to ask what boys like in them.

Over time, the media has continued to influence how boys perceive beauty in different regions.

A lot of other factors also shape what boys like girls too. Girls’ peer groups also tremendously impact how guys view ladies, especially in the 21st century.

You may think more about outward appearance when you think of things boys like about girls.

And I’m not saying that it’s not important to look your best when you’re with a guy, or that guy doesn’t mind if you smell like shit (except on Star Wars :)).

What I’m saying is, you should not get too worked up about your looks, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, what do boys like in general and what do they like in girls that might make them interested in you or put in a more personal tone:

What are the things that could endear guys to you?

I assure you that you’ve likely never thought of some of these before, but after reading this article, you’ll have no problem knowing what boys want from you.

So if you’re ready, I am!

6 Things Guys Like in General

It’s important to understand that boys, like all individuals, have unique wants and desires that are influenced by various factors, including their age, upbringing, personality, and life experiences.

However, in general, boys do want things like:

  • Love and affection: Boys, like everyone else, crave love, affection, and attention. They want to feel valued and appreciated for who they are.
  • Respect and validation: Boys want to feel respected for their opinions and ideas and want their feelings and perspectives to be taken seriously.
  • Friendship and social connection: Boys often enjoy spending time with friends and being part of a community.
  • Adventure and challenge: Many boys enjoy new experiences and activities that challenge them physically, mentally, or emotionally.
  • Independence and autonomy: Boys want to have some level of control over their lives and decisions, and they want to express themselves freely.
  • Success and achievement: Boys may want to excel in sports, academics, or other areas of their lives, and they want to feel proud of their accomplishments.

In addition to these six things, girls often overlook one more thing, but it is very important. In the daily exchange of feelings and contacts, giving some small gifts will make people more moved.

The right gift can both express your affection and bring two people closer together.

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20 Things Guys Like In Girls But Don’t Want You To Know

Teenage couple smiling

1) Attractive and Sexy

Yes, guys like it when you’re ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’, and they notice things about you, like skimpy attire.

But ‘sexy’ or beauty is not that simple, and it’s a very broad concept.

A quick tip is that you shouldn’t think that being sexy is all there’s to it.

Have you ever wondered why a boy may chase a girl without the features you thought he liked in the first place?

You might ask yourself what is going on in these guys’ minds and what boys like about girls anyway?

Being ‘sexy’ by itself is complex, and it can be in the form of;

1) Preferring girls with a certain body shape over another

This results from how the media portrays a certain body shape as the most attractive.

In recent times, girls may be more desired to fit into certain body expectations.

Surveys published on Shape.com and Daily Mail UK represent how men from around the world expect the perfect body shapes to look like.

The study showed that;

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  • French men prefer “fashion model shaped” while guys from the USA like curvy and taller girls.”
  • The English tend to prefer curvy girls with sizable breasts and an average height of about 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Asian men like slimmer girls, while Africans prefer the so-called figure-8 shape with bigger breasts and hips.

It is observed that the average body shape is more desirable for boys and girls.

If you’re interested in how to keep a great body shape, you can check out Bony to Bombshell’s extensive article for more.

And you can also enhance your looks to be more physically attractive.

2) Facial symmetry and Expression

There are interesting academic studies on facial symmetry and attractiveness.

We tend to judge people based on looks and facial beauty. Facial symmetry is a factor that matters when scientists are studying pretty faces.

3) An attractive face and a cute smile

Putting on subtle facial expressions can make a guy want you and completely seek your attention.

4) Natural beauty with a great fashion sense.

Your fashion sense can bring you an advantage over other girls. You can also check out Inside Out Style Blog on how what you wear can be very important to boost your attractiveness.

Your outfit can match your body shape type as well.

5) Physical Features

The sound of your voice, how you talk or laugh, and other little physical features may also make a guy trip for you.

6) Embracing Femininity

 Another angle of being sexier and attractive is to embrace your femininity most of the time.

7) Good posture

How you carry yourself will enhance how you look. Your posture enhances your perfect physique, which in turn boosts your physical attraction.

Remember to strike a good pose as it can go a long way when you take your next photo.

All these above plays a part in what boys like about girls, but there is more.

2) Confident and Ambitious

How you carry yourself is a determinant of how confident you are.

Boys will gravitate toward you if you’re confident and ambitious.

You build confidence for yourself as well, not so that boys will like you.

And even though they like confident girls, it’s not as if they go out looking for the most confident girls.

Boys may end up with a more confident girl without thinking much about it.

According to Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, Girls’ confidence drops as much as 30% between the ages of 8 and 14.

So parents need to help their girls around K-5 to K-12 build confidence.

Resources like Nancy Lemon’s ‘GirlswithConfidence.com‘ can be very helpful.

You have enough chance to boost their confidence with personal improvement programs.

The Confidence Code for girls and, most importantly His Secret Obsession can be quite useful in building positive self-esteem and understanding men.

All these can lead to higher self-assurance and success in the future.

3) Loyal to them and Nice to Others Closer to them too

Be loyal but also be confident while not being arrogant. Confidence Code Girls suggests you must be loyal when you become friends with boys.

But while you’re loyal to friends and families, you should also be “loyal to your values.”

Being rude and disrespectful to other people, especially your boyfriend’s friends, is in no way attractive.

When you start dating a guy, you may naturally give him attention, and as you expect him to be loyal to you, you should be loyal too.

While you’re loyal to him, disrespecting his friends or strangers will do you no good.

Any bad behavior will make you look less attractive to the boy, so control your reaction to situations.

4) Girls Who’re Natural

Another way of saying boys like girls that are real is to say boys like girls to be natural.

As long as you try to be cool with boys, you’ll have a chance to understand them better when you act normal around them.

Realistically you don’t want to be too girly or boyish to please boys.

Naturally, the level of expression you’d have with someone you just met will be less than the friends you’ve known forever.

So, feel free to be real with a boy if you get each other and like him. This will also make him trust you and feel more comfortable with you.

Also, you’ll have to concentrate on ensuring cordial and respectable relationships among friends.

Being real with boys will help you be more comfortable and well-equipped to socialize with them.

Areas you should watch out for when you are among boys are being real in your expressions and gender manners.

When expressing excitement, showing surprise, or being shocked, you must be girly and have a smart and intelligent balance.

5) Boys like it when you show that you trust them

It’s not easy to trust someone, but according to psychotherapists and relationship coaches, behaviors that show a lack of trust are bad and should be avoided.

At best, addressing trust issues is the best way to go, and I’m not saying that you should trust all the boys in the world.

Trust should and can be earned when a boy stands up for you, and you can trust him to show it.

If you show that you trust a boy that treats you as a true friend, he’ll be open with you more too.

Trust issues crop up when in relationships.

Assuring your male friends that you trust them will help you create an atmosphere of trust so that you can easily address suspicion issues.

6) Girls Who’re Genuinely Attracted to them

If you present yourself as attractive wisely, you’ll make the boy proud to have you as his friend, and you can make him even more attracted to you.

The psychology of emotional mirroring closely explains why boys secretly want you to show that you’re attracted to them and why it may be good for you.

The idea is that if you show certain behaviors, the guy will reciprocate similar emotions.

These days as girls are encouraged to be more assertive, the idea of playing hard to get into dating is not very fashionable.

Ladies are encouraged to find ways of making the boy know they are into them while not falling too cheaply for a guy.

The general expectation would be to allow the boy to chase you as you create that vacuum for him to fill.

Another way of seeing it is to create an idea in his mind and then let him match what you want.

7) Boys Want You to Make Them Feel Special

The golden rule “do to others what you’d like others to do to you” is apt here.

You know some of the things you like, and you may have fantasized about how you’d be made to feel special.

We all like to be around people who make us feel special.

If you like him, treat him special, and you will know the secret to his heart. And the good thing is that it will come back to you.

8) Boys Like Compliments

Boys need compliments just as you need validation sometimes.

When you have a closer relationship with a boy, especially if he’s your boyfriend, he’ll like it if you reassure him that you like him like no other.

A boy will like compliments that’d make him:

  • Feel good and keep you in his mind as well.
  • Feel respected: compliments are great means of showing respect to a boy, which will make him happy, too.
  • Feel close and make him want.

A combination of compliments and other things you do will make a boy swoon over you.

9) Be Expressive and maybe a bit Flirtatious

If you are close to a boy that is your boyfriend, he’ll like you to be flirtatious a bit, and if you’re okay with it, you can be a little more romantic than ever.

Your boyfriend expects you to start social attachments of romance and expression of love and not to wait for him to always be the one to start.

Some social connections that you can begin include;

[wps_lists icon=”arrow-right” icon_color=”#eb008b” class=”stextSize”]

  • Play with him: Know how to have normal play and when and how to escalate things from normal play.
  • Know how to touch him in a non-suggestive and suggestive way.
  • Make eye contact: be free to look into a guy’s eyes, especially when you’re familiar with them and talking to them directly. Remember to be natural.


Aside from boyfriends, boys also want girls that tease them and are naturally lovely and romantic.

Not everyone agrees on the fidelity of flirting, but a little flirting here and there can make a boy want you more, but it is wise not to do it too much.

Be careful to respect boundaries so you’ll not create a false sense of deeper connections with boys.

10) Intelligent and Creative

When you are creative, you’ll find ways to increase your likability, and friends, including boys, will love to be around you.

Creativity can make you stand out and set you apart from other girls.

Sometimes creativity doesn’t have to be too hard.

Being simple yet creative with things about your life creates a space for attraction. Studies have found that creativity generally improves attractiveness in humans.

If you’re a creative person, you should have a lot of things going on, and you’d not have dull moments when you’re creative.

People are attracted to new things as well as not too-ordinary things as well.

When you are intelligent and creative with; how you look, communicate, and pretty much everything, boys will like you.

Boys will have an interest in the mystery that creativity adds to you.

11) When you highlight their strengths and never compare them to other guys

In 1954, social psychologist Leon Festinger gave the social comparison theory that there is a tendency for people to compare themselves to others.

The likely position is that people want to be better than others, and at least you want your friends to be better than others.

It can be tempting to want to talk about how cool other guys are and compare them to your boyfriend, but you better not fall into that temptation.

See the good sides of your boy, and if you’re brave enough, you can support him to improve in some areas of their life.

When you highlight a boy’s or boyfriend’s strengths, it gives you the advantage of having good feelings of unity and mutual care.

But comparing him to others in a way that makes him feel low can reduce his confidence.

12) When you have a positive vibe

Being positive can help to lift the soul of boys around, and more often than not, boys need to feel positive.

Giving off positive energies is contagious, and the same positive vibes will return to you.

Do you know how you associate positive feelings with people who create them?

In the same way, showing more positive feelings around a boy you like will make him associate feelings of joy and happiness with you.

Just like he’ll like those smiles, positive vibes are contagious and rewarding.

13) When you crave their Presence

When you have reached a closer level of friendship with a boy, he’ll love it when you always want to be physically close to him.

It can signify that you have him at heart and he’s got you.

Being comfortable talking to boys early on can be an advantage for dating.

15) They like when you appear to grab their attention

It is a generally accepted fact that people like it when they’re given special attention and feel wanted.

You can have an advantage ahead of other girls if you show a boy you like that you can go the extra mile to get his attention.

Also, when you subtly suggest that you better be with each other instead of you with other girls or other boys.

You’ll have to compete with other things that distract him, like games and sports.

Ways you can make a boy give you more attention might include;

  • To create the impression that you are jealous when he’s with other girls.
  • Showing genuine interest in what he likes. Know his passion, his vision, and his emotional and physical needs.
  • Bring up activities that you can engage in together. If he likes gaming, for example, he’ll be thrilled if you attempt to play with him or if you support him in winning over his opponent.

16) Girls that make them crazy about her

While a guy may want you and love to have your attention, you might want to consider not throwing yourself at him too much.

You also want to make him fight for you so you’ll earn some respect when he fights for you.

This little trick of making a boy crazy about you can create an intense desire for you in a guy.

The truth is that guys want girls and to be infatuated with girls, even if they may never admit it.

There is a higher chance that he’ll be more committed to a relationship with you if you make him obsessed with you. James Bauer covered this thoroughly in His Secret Obsession book.

17) Guys expect you to Text them and Text first Sometimes

I know that many girls just expect the boys to be the ones to text first, and there is almost a sort of scoreboard on who texts first.

If he’s the one who always texts you when you chat, he secretly wishes that you text him first sometimes.

A guy will like it if you’re the first to text and check on him.

Apart from texting to keep in touch, texting can also be a great tool to express gratitude, a media to share your interests and even share a pastime.

If you want to learn how to text a guy the right way and make him yours for life, then I highly recommend you check out Amy North’s Text Chemistry.

18) They expect you to give them some Space

People want to be alone at some moment, and guys are no different.

I know you may love him so much but give him enough space to rest as he needs to and for his overall well-being.

Also, allow space for him to do other things that he likes.

Do not pester your boyfriend with the obsessions and activities you’d like him to participate in with you.

It’s great to go to the movies with a boy you like once in a while and spend some time together doing fun stuff.

Persuading him to always attend events with you, even when he’s got other important things to do, will be unfair.

It’s good to allow a safe space because it helps with mental health and personal improvement.

19) Guys expect you to tell them what they want to hear

Because boys are believed to be more visual does not mean they don’t have ears. Men can listen and like to hear sweet words from their girls.

The truth is that appealing to what boys want can be more than material and emotional.

Physically connecting with boys involves all senses. A general rule is to tell him you’re interested in something good and positive to make him happier.

You are free to hit hard at boys with straight talks sometimes but be careful not to overdo it.

And it may be unkind to judge boys too hard based on too tough expectations. You’d better stick to things they like to hear.

Basic things like;

  • Telling him more things like: “You’re handsome” and “you have the best smiles.” If he’s nice, honest, and has a great sense of humor, tell him all these too.
  • Tell him you’ll call later, promise to text him later, and maybe tell him you’ll visit to spend time with him.
  • Tell him what he does that makes you smile.
  • You’ll go to the movies together, watch the same shows and talk about i

20) Boys secretly want you to buy gifts for them

To show love and care to boys, you should be emotionally available when they’re sad to cheer them up to be happy.

Be there in their celebrations and also be available when it’s not the most convenient or happiest time.

It’s necessary to care about your moral support but not forget about gifts.

Buying gifts also shows that you care about him.

At some point in your relationship, you’d have to think about gifts that are special to him.

Guys like it when you give them gifts even though they won’t tell you they need gifts from you.

In Conclusion…

You have known some things, guys, and now understand how to best deal with your relationship with them.

Remember, while you are at it, you should also think of ways to be happier and care for yourself.

Self-love is important and will help you reflect and show love to others better.