Does This Guy Like Me? List of Things Guys Do When They Like You…

Signs he likes you

  • What do guys do when they like you and into you?
  • How can I tell if he’s interested in me or not?
  • Does he really like me, or is he a player?
  • He asked me to hang out does he like me?

These and many more will be answered in detail in this comprehensive article…

All women want a guy to run after them, to find them sexy, beautiful, and alluring.

And when you see a guy you feel is your kind of guy, the kind you could fall for, you find yourself wanting to look your best around him.

You want him to like you badly.

And if he does, it could start a relationship, and wouldn’t that be awesome?

But have you ever wondered about guys and what they are actually looking for in a girl and also a relationship?

A woman might believe that if she likes a guy and he seems to like her, you, it’s simply because they both want the same things, right?

But it’s not like that at all, in fact.

Everybody is attracted to somebody else for different reasons! 

If you could understand how a guy’s mind works, then it could benefit your relationship.

But you don’t know everything about guys; in any case, not all guys are the same.

So let’s get right into it…

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What Will I Learn?

Does He Want Me? 35 Clear Signs He is Interested in You and Likes You

Guy likes girl

1) He leans over towards you

Imagine you are working at your computer, concentrating as you look at stuff, fully engaged in what you are reading on the screen, not noticing anything else around you.

That’s how guys become when they are interested in you.

If you are at work, for instance, and it’s a colleague who likes you, he will subconsciously angle his shoulders, face, and chest toward you so that he is almost touching you, not distracted by anything else going on.

If his feet are facing in your direction, that’s even a better sign.

Say now he wasn’t interested in you, then he would be angled away from you, checking out other stuff around him.

2) He gives you a gift or pays for you

If a guy is into you, he will try and gain your attention and give you compliments to make you feel good.

Maybe he will give you small gifts, like paying for your coffee or parking ticket.

Maybe he even offers you his last favorite donut!

Giving gifts and trying to be involved with you is undoubtedly a sign of interest – not if he is like that with everyone though, but if he is doing it, especially for you.

3) He smiles at you a lot

A smile can often mean he is just being friendly.

But if he likes being around you, you will notice that his smile is more than just a smile.

It lasts much longer, and it lights up his entire face, a kind of goofy grin – he enjoys so much being around you!

4) He grooms himself

You will notice that if he sees you coming towards him, he will start smoothing down his hair and tidying himself up, adjusting stuff!

That’s a good sign that he is very aware of you and likes you.

This is more from the guy who doesn’t put much effort into his appearance.

But even so, a nicely groomed guy will still give that extra little effort when he sees you.

Maybe you will notice that he looks generally grander when you are around, looking more trendy.

That will be to further you.

We all know how important grooming and appearance count, so if a guy takes excellent care of himself, it doesn’t mean he is vain or shallow; far from it.

A fabulously groomed man is a great attraction to many women.

5) He makes eye contact with you

If you can’t see that this guy likes you through his eyes, you will see it no doubt because he will want to make close eye contact with you.

After all, it is claimed that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Attraction and eye contact go hand in hand.

Look at him when you speak to him; he will only have eyes for you, actually locking his eyes with yours if he is seriously into you.

He won’t quickly look away.

Even though his gaze might wander a bit, it will be to other parts of your face, slowly moving to your lips and mouth.

That’s all a good sign.

If he didn’t like you, for instance, his gaze would shift around, check out others, and spot other girls to flirt with, probably hoping to exit his conversation with you.

6) His pupils dilate

Usually, when we see something we like, our pupils dilate.

It’s a natural biological response.

So check your guy’s pupils when he sees you. It is not always easy to notice this, but it’s a good sign that he likes you.

7) He touches you a lot

Men love physical touch. It’s how they bond with a woman.

When a guy likes you, he will find ways of ‘accidentally’ touching you, not in a creepy or inappropriate way – it will probably be in a subtle, by-accident way.

For example, he might reach over and put your necklace straight or move a strand of your hair off your shoulder.

But whatever the reason might be, this is a good sign that a guy likes you.

Sometimes he does that to see how you respond to him.

Your response might let him know how you feel about him too.

For a man, physical touch is bonding with a woman, so if he does like you, he will find those chances to touch you – once again, nothing creepy and vulgar.

For instance, while you two are laughing over something, he might touch your arm, that type of thing.

He will never make you feel uncomfortable in the way he touches you.

8) He treats you differently

You might drop something near him, and he will rush to pick it up.

Or maybe on a day, you have an outfit on that he has not seen you in before – he will be the first to notice it and give you a compliment.

Maybe you are bending to pick something up yourself, and it’s not even heavy, but he quickly rushes over to pick it up for you in any case.

He wouldn’t just do this for anyone.

He might be helpful like that around other people too, but with you, it might be in a softer and more sensitive way.

Or maybe he is really nice around everyone else, but he acts a little bit more protective around you.

How cool is that!

The fact is that he treats you a little bit differently than the other girls around.

You couldn’t but notice that he was being extra aware of you and your needs – but that would be because he likes you!

9) He even acts differently around you

When he’s with his friends, he might always act wild and unruly, laughing and making jokes.

But when he is around you, he is Prince Charming himself.

Usually, when a guy fancies a girl, he brings out his best behavior.

He is quieter perhaps, much more attentive to you, more polite and helpful – out to impress!

He might even do stuff that he has not done before, like some crazy stunts to impress you.

He might be the kind that will brag in front of you so you can be impressed.

You would be able to pick this up if you knew what his normal behavior was like around other people.

He will want to bring out his best behavior around a girl he is interested in.

Don’t for a moment think that he will behave like this in front of all girls. 

No, this is for your benefit, this!

10) He acts nervously around you

Have you noticed sometimes how guys can get nervous around girls they really like?

Their legs and arms don’t seem to have proper coordination anymore!

Sometimes he twitches, taps his heels, or paces around you – this can all signify that he likes you!

Or he keeps putting his hands in his pockets and fidgeting with a pen and dropping stuff – it’s all nervous energy he has in your presence because he fancies you.

11) He stands close

Even though heaps of people are protective over their personal space, when it comes to a guy who likes you very much, he won’t worry about protecting his personal space when it comes to being close to you!

Naturally, when you are close to someone and like them, you want to be close to them.

Put it this way, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t come up close to you like that that even your hair was brushing against his shoulder.

No ways!

So you can count that as a sign he likes you!

12) He’s always around you

Every time you look up or over your shoulder, you notice that he’s there.

He shows himself up at the same movie you and your girlfriends will watch, or you attend a youth group or young adults group at your church, and he is there too.

Maybe you will see him at a pub where you are having dinner with your friends.

If a guy is investing his time and energy to be in the same circles as you, you can be sure that he is interested in you and likes you.

He is showing up on purpose because he is attracted to you.

13) He tries to figure out your relationship status

Guys will somehow find out from your coworkers or your friends and family whether you are in a relationship or not.

He might even casually try to strike up a conversation with you, mentioning your boyfriend, so you can answer him in the negative or positive over that one.

But whatever method he uses, he will want to know whether you are available or not; a clear, vital sign that he’s into you.

He wouldn’t ask you if he didn’t like you because he wouldn’t care.

14) He looks to you for approval

If you and he are around with friends and he tells a joke, for instance, and everybody laughs, he will probably look in your direction to see if you have appreciated his joke too.

Or if he has had a new haircut and some people comment on it, he will want to know if you also approve of it. 

The thing is, when a guy likes you, your opinion counts in his eyes.

Whatever his insecurities are, he will want to know what you think of everything about him.

He wants to impress you and, therefore, will want to know your perception of him.

15) He is super helpful

He is always willing to go the extra mile for you.

He will make plans well in advance with you in mind.

And if you need assistance with something, he is always the first one to volunteer!

16) He sends you good morning and good night texts each day

You know as well as most of us do that if we love someone, we often think of that person first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

It’s because that person is on our minds often, usually through the day and night.

If a guy likes you, he will want you to know that he is thinking of you and likes you.

You might receive a lovely good morning text and a good night text because he can’t help thinking of you both morning and night.

If you like him too, you are sure onto a good thing because these are all definite signs that this guy is attracted to you.

17) He has started calling you regularly

One undeniable sign that he likes you is that he has started calling you regularly.

If you work at the same office as him, he might call in to find out information from you that he already knows.

If you know him well, he will probably call you up and check up on you, asking you how you are doing and if you are fine.

This shows that he cares for you deeply.

He is showing you that he misses you and always thinks of you.

18) He does things to make you laugh and be happy all the time

Men who are into a girl and want to win her heart will do anything they can to make her happy.

This is often because he receives happiness through making you happy.

If you see these special treatments coming from him, you are well-liked.

19) He tells you about his plans

If he is telling you about his plans, there’s every chance that he likes you.

That’s because he might potentially be seeing his future with you in it, and he’s trying to work out if you will fit into his plans.

He might also be trying to impress you by showing you he is a guy with ambition who thinks about his future and whom he wants in it.

He wants you to know that he is not just thinking about short-term stuff but that his future journey might include you.

He might even be thinking about you and him creating a family together.

20) Even if in a group, he will try and have a one-on-one conversation with you

He will be aware of your presence in the room, even among many people.

If he likes you, he will no doubt eventually make his way toward you, hopefully, to start a one-on-one conversation with you.

He will even separate himself from a bunch of people so he can give you the attention and spend time with you more than he does with others.

21) He will want to introduce his family and friends to you

This is a natural human trait that when we like someone, we usually want to introduce them to our family and friends.

When you are special to him, he will want to celebrate you as a person in his life and make a point of bringing his family to you to introduce them to you.

The approval of family and friends matters a lot when it comes to introducing a guy and a girl.

If he is doing that with his family, he is really serious about you and you are his number one girl.

Even if you are newly dating, and he can see that you are someone he doesn’t want to lose, he will make every effort that his family gets to know you.

If he weren’t interested in you, you might never get to meet his family; he wouldn’t be interested whether they met you or not

He will also be interested in meeting your family and friends and forming close bonds with them if he likes you a lot.

22) He might try and make you jealous by flirting with other girls…

…who are just friends to him – he might want to see if it affects you!

That certainly means he has his eyes on you and wants more attention from you.

That’s his way of trying to capture your attention without actually telling you how he feels!

He would love it if he could see that you were jealous!

23) If he looks away quickly when you notice he is watching you…

…then there is a high likelihood that he likes you.

But if you do catch his stare and he smiles at you, there’s also hardly any doubt that is highly attracted to you.

If he didn’t like you, he would not smile at you in the first place, he just wouldn’t even look your way again.

24) Ha-ha, this one is a give-away; his friends tease him around you

When you are around the friends of the guy you like, and they know he likes you, they will tease him subtly.

They will turn towards him and smile at him, punching him in the arm and smirking knowingly at him – his guy friends know when their friend is on to something!

They know he likes you.

25) He loves to tease you

Most of us know when a guy likes us, he will tease us.

Many of us have been there, and it sounds familiar.

Guys just have this habit of teasing a girl they like and are interested in.

They do it because they want attention back from you.

This will probably show them if you like them back and tease them as well.

Teasing might be their way of starting to flirt with you, but they start with teasing in case you reject them flirting with you.

26) He compliments you when he sees you…

….like he notices the perfume you are wearing, or the color of your dress, even your makeup. He is indirectly telling you that he likes you.

27) He wants to be seen with you

And he’s proud when people notice the two of you together; what an awesome couple you make.

You by his side make him feel on top of the world, boosting his ego.

28) He has become friends with you on social media

He asks to become friends on social media and likes all of your pictures.

Sometimes he might even ‘love’ some of your pics and react even with a heart at some of your pics and comments.

That’s such an obvious sign that he likes you a lot.

29) He stares at you a lot

When you stare at someone, it is because you find them attractive or striking.

They enamor you.

Sometimes a woman can get really confused when a man stares at her but doesn’t make a move, and she wishes he would! 

But the bottom line is, if he is staring at you across a room, for instance, it is highly likely that it is because he is attracted to you.

If he doesn’t do anything about it, he has his reasons, but take it that it was because he was attracted to you.

30) He wants to see you during the day

When a man is interested in you, he’ll try and make plans with you.

During the week, he might phone you up, inviting you to a coffee or lunch break with you.

That should make you realize that he likes you and wants to spend time with you, especially if he has a very busy working life.

31) He actually says the words “I miss you”

Some people just can’t bring themselves to admit to someone that they miss them.

But no doubt, it is because it is almost like saying you love them or you are into them big time.

A guy who likes you will quite easily just say it because he probably wants you to know he likes you a whole lot.

32) He doesn’t look at his phone when you’re hanging out

We all know how frustrating it can be when we are out with friends, be it a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and they are more interested in answering and taking calls than they seem to be enjoying our company.

Pretty rude, don’t you think?

Well, if a guy is really into you, you can be sure that he will keep his phone out of sight because he wants to give you his undivided attention, an excellent sign he really likes you.

He will check out his phone later when he is on his own, but you are the one who counts right now!


33) He pretends he’s ignoring you

Although this sounds like the opposite of him liking you, don’t believe it – it’s not always the case.

Often a guy will do this because he is scared his real feelings for you will be so obvious, and you will see it right there in his eyes.

If he acts like he is ignoring you, then he might not want you to know that he is attracted to you.

He doesn’t want you to know the truth!

He might even have a jealous girlfriend and doesn’t want to upset any apple carts yet!

Of course, it is possible that he is not into you, but when you’ve come to realize that he does like you and behaves that way, it is because he is attracted to you.

34) He asks lots of silly questions just to keep talking.

If he is talking to you on the phone, you might notice that he asks you lots of silly questions, but it’s just because he doesn’t want to end the conversation with you.

So he’ll happily talk about silly stuff with you, just to keep the conversation going, even when it can start getting a bit awkward!

That’s a sign he likes you!

35) Your friends are telling you they can see he likes you

And your friends know you and they can see that he is enamored with you.

They might call him out in the open about his interest in you, so don’t be surprised.

And you can be sure that his friends will even try to leave the two of you alone at some stage.

Often the clue to a guy’s heart will be through his friends.

That’s even what Christine Scott-Hudson, licensed psychotherapist and owner of Create Your Life Studio says.

For instance, if you are hanging out with your friends, they might get up and leave so that you two could be together.

But that’s what your friends are here for, right?

They’ll help you realize it because they are objective and will know when something’s up.

What Guys Appreciate in Girls

If a guy is looking for a casual girlfriend, maybe a short-term relationship, he will most certainly be drawn to the beauty, sexiness, and independence in a woman.

But if it’s going to be a long–term relationship that he is interested in, he will be looking for certain other qualities and not just good looks and sex appeal.

He will look for these when he wants to date you seriously and possibly even marry you.

If you want a more comprehensive article about what boys like about girls, then click here

1) Any guy wants an attractive babe, period. But not a clingy one

Sometimes guys and girls are so attracted by good looks – after all, you want your friends to notice what you are capable of catching, don’t you?

They often fall into relationships with popular good-looking people when it is highly possible that they don’t even have a strong attraction to that person.

Even though you might be beautiful, if you are needy or desperate in the relationship, you will no doubt lose your guy in any case.

You need to hold on to your self-respect and your independence.

Men love confidence in a woman with a fun and relaxed side to them.

So yes, beauty and looks count, but it is about the attitude you have as well that will count and make a guy really like you.

A positive outlook on life is hugely attractive to a guy.

2) He needs to be able to open up to you emotionally

 Men usually don’t like to show their feelings all the time, but they have people in their lives with whom they feel they can open up and be themselves.

That is something that a man will seek in a relationship – someone that is his safe place.

You don’t have to worry if this doesn’t happy straight away in your relationship, but a guy needs a girl that he can be himself with and trust with his feelings.

You will still love him even when you see the cracks in his armor.

3) He wants respect from you

Sometimes it’s so easy to have fun with and bicker with the opposite sex, but you must be extra careful when it comes to your guy; you need to consider his feelings.

That means not belittling him, particularly in front of his friends, even when you two are just on your own.

Turn it around and consider whether you would like him to do belittle you in front of your friends.

Remember that little saying – not used much today – ‘if you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all.’

With a lot of men, respect and love go together.

Respecting your guy will show him you love him as well.

Part of respect is seeing him as your equal, not treating him like a child or a little boy; never comparing him with other guys; their looks, wealth, and intelligence.

4) Compliment him and see how he loves it 

We’ve all got an ego, and when it comes to men, even the most confident of men need reassurance.

Men always need to know they are the best of the best, and if your guy notices that you flirt with and compliment other men, too, you will shake his confidence and self-esteem big time.

Remember, complimenting is in order, whether in the bedroom, the kitchen, or whatever he does well.

Compliments usually make a person want to improve even more!

5) Accepting him

Sometimes you can get pretty irritated if your guy doesn’t do things the way you want them done.

For instance, in irritation, you could walk up to him and kind of shove him aside as you prepare to show him just how things ought to be done.

You’ve seen that, hey?

You might have been like that too. Let him know that you accept him.

Men aren’t looking for women that want to change them.

Everyone has flaws, and your guy helps you become a better person.

But you shouldn’t want your guy to be a completely different person.

No regular and healthy man wants someone to be his partner or spouse that acts like his mother.

Never baby him and belittle him.

Remember, you chose him for certain reasons.

6) He also loves romance and spontaneity

Remember, men like connecting through physical intimacy; they need their needs met, which can make a relationship very strong.

Little gestures like holding hands and hugging are all gestures he will appreciate.

Making those romantic gestures show him that you are passionate, generous, and spontaneous in a relationship.

And of course, communicating with him through the good and bad times means the relationship won’t just melt or go up in smoke.

7) Commitment

 Commitment is an important part of a secure relationship.

It is essential that you both realize the terms of your relationship and work to maintain a strong relationship.

As soon as one of you stops making an effort, the relationship will start crumbling.

8) Emotional security

Emotional maturity is something a guy values in a woman.

Not someone who starts acting up like a child and starts to unravel when tough times arrive – such as you ignoring him for a few days if he makes you mad, for example.

9) He wants a partner he can build a life with

If a man wants to be in a long-term relationship, then it means that he wants a partner.

That doesn’t mean going out to dinner and, hopefully, some sex afterward.

It also means someone with whom he can build a life and make critical decisions. Partners listen to each other.

They value each other’s opinions, particularly with the big things in life – they don’t tear each other down.

In a partnership, it’s not one person giving and the other one taking.

A partnership means doing things together and working through stuff together.

10) You need to give him his space

Always remember that no matter how loving and intense your relationship is, your guy needs space, and you need your own space too.

Don’t think that if you have a whirlwind romance, it means you have to spend all your time together – everyone needs time to figure out who you are outside the relationship.

You can learn more about that in this comprehensive article – how to give a man his space.

Well, that’s what guys look for in someone they want a serious relationship with.

How do you rate yourself?  


Well, there they are for you, 35 signs that will tell you that a guy is into you, undeniable signs that he is falling for you, or he would love to date you

You need to pay attention to the signs and understand them if you are curious about why a guy might behave in a certain way around you.

Some guys will even ignore you when in fact, they like you!

If you are interested in a guy who likes you back, remember, you shouldn’t have to change yourself to fit into what a guy wants you to be in a relationship.

But on the other hand, you also have to remember that a relationship is not a one-sided affair; it is a two-way street where you both give and take to make the other happy.

If a guy is really into you and wants a long-term relationship with you, we have also listed in this article why guys like certain women and what they are looking for when it comes to settling down and sharing a future with a woman.

They want a woman who can feel good about themselves, a mature person who communicates with him and shows him love and respect, working together towards a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Don’t be so focused on looking for the signs we have shown you that you fail to just enjoy interacting with the guy you like.

It sure can be fun looking for the signs that a guy really likes you, but they shouldn’t become so important to you that you miss out on the guy himself because he didn’t display all the typical signs around you!

If a guy likes you, it will be obvious to you sooner or later because you will know and intuitively will see and feel his interest in you.

No doubt if he likes you, he will ask you out on a date in any case!

‘Love Is a Beautiful Song,’ as the song goes, and if you are in love with someone, it cannot be hidden; it shines forth that even others can notice it and see on whom the love is bestowed – love ‘Will Turn Your World Around’ undeniably so!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I respond when a guy tells me he likes me?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – find out here about 15 responses you can give to a guy. And of course it will depend on whether you like him or not as well!

Do guys like a girl who asks them out on a date?

Cosmopolitan says that five out of five guys who were asked this question said they would love a girl to ask them on a date. They cited a survey saying 95% of guys felt that a girl was hot if she asked them out first. Why not?

How do you tell if a guy likes you more than you think?

We’ve mentioned 35 signs that he likes you. He could act nervous in front of you, he likes to be around you a lot, and he will always be smiling a lot in your presence are only just some.

Plus, he will make plenty of eye contact with you. A girl usually intuitively knows that a guy likes her in any case

What do men find most attractive in a woman?

There are many things, but good grooming and good looks, humor, positive attitude, independence, kindness, and responsibility are just a few of the top ones.

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