225+ Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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If you’re looking for the best truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend, then you are in the place.

So let’s jump right into the fun questions.

225+ Truth or Dare Questions For Your Boyfriend

The following are 225+ truths or dares for your boyfriend.

Let’s get started with some truth questions.

Good Truth Questions

1) What is your biggest fear?

2) What aspect of our relationship needs improvement?

3) Do you still have feelings for your ex?

4) Would you leave me for a hotter and more beautiful girl?

5) What are some embarrassing facts about yourself?

6) When did you first kiss, and at what age?

7) What is the real reason you broke up with your ex?

8) Can you remember the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

9) What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

10) What is the worst gift you have ever received?

11) Do you daydream? If yes, about what?

12) What is your biggest weakness, and have you tried to overcome it?

13) Do you prefer long walks or long drives?

14) What do you think my best quality is?

15) What attitude of mine turns you off?

16) Do you want any changes in my body? Where?

17) Which woman in your family motivates you?

18) Who among my friends do you not like? Why?

19) What is the first thing you notice on a date?

20) What is the first thing about me that attracted you?

21) Do looks matter?

22) How long did your previous relationship last? What was the longest relationship you have been in, and with whom?

23) What is your comfort food? Can you cook it?

24) Which food do you hate? Would you eat it for a hundred bucks?
25) One can turn this into a dare as the game progresses.

26) What is your guilty pleasure? Why do you feel guilty about it?

27) If you could spend a romantic night with a celebrity, who would it be? Any gender and from any field.

28) Have you kept a secret from me? What is it?

29) How long will you wait to get another girlfriend if I pass away?

30) On a scale of one to ten, how good am I in bed?

31) When was the last time we had sex in the bathroom?