50 Thursday Jokes to Kickstart Your Weekend Vibes

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Written By John Simon

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Thursday, often fondly referred to as ‘Friday Eve,’ brings with it the sweet promise of the upcoming weekend.

As we navigate the final stretch of the workweek, what better way to lighten the load than with a hearty dose of humor?

Thursday stands as a beacon of hope, a day when we start to unwind, plan our weekend escapades, and most importantly, let our hair down a bit.

To help you transition into this lighter, more relaxed state of mind, we’ve gathered 50 Thursday jokes.

These aren’t just any jokes – they’re specially crafted to capture the essence of Thursday’s unique charm, blending the week’s hustle with the anticipation of leisurely weekends.

From chuckles over coffee cups to giggles at the water cooler, these jokes are your perfect companions to glide through Thursday with a smile and a laugh.

So, let’s dive into this collection and set the tone for a fantastic weekend ahead!

Top 50 Thursday Jokes

1) Why did Thursday break up with Monday? It was tired of starting the week on a bad note.

2) What’s Thursday’s favorite game? Almost-Friday Bingo.

3) Why do coffee beans love Thursdays? They feel extra grounded before the weekend rush.

4) What did Thursday say to Friday? “I’m just warming up the crowd for you!”

5) Why was the calendar excited on Thursday? It was one day closer to marking off another successful week.

6) How does Thursday stay in shape? By running away from Monday and sprinting towards Friday.

7) Why is Thursday the most optimistic day? It always sees the weekend half full.

8) What’s a computer’s favorite day? Throwback Thursday – it loves revisiting old files.

9) Why did the employee love Thursdays? It was the day his weekend plans started taking shape.

10) What’s Thursday’s favorite movie? “The Day Before Friday.”

11) Why don’t Thursdays get stressed? They’re experts in dealing with mid-week crises.

12) What’s a book’s favorite day of the week? Thursday, the perfect day for a plot twist.

13) Why did the alarm clock love Thursdays? It could finally count down to a long snooze.

14) What do Thursdays and optimists have in common? They both look forward to the future.

15) Why is Thursday the best day for a joke? It’s close enough to Friday to be funny.

16) How do Thursdays stay so cool? They’re almost at the weekend’s chill zone.

17) Why did Thursday join the choir? To hit the high note before Friday’s solo.

18) What’s a chef’s favorite day of the week? Taste-test Thursday.

19) Why did the gym get crowded on Thursdays? Everyone wanted to be in shape for the weekend.

20) What’s the busiest day at the office? Thoughtful Thursday, when everyone’s thinking about the weekend.

21) Why did Thursday thank Monday? For making it look so good in comparison.

22) What’s a gardener’s favorite day? Thirsty Thursday – time to water the plants for the weekend.

23) Why do artists love Thursdays? They’re drawing closer to weekend inspiration.

24) What’s a musician’s favorite day? Theory Thursday, fine-tuning for the weekend gig.

25) Why do cats love Thursdays? They’re purr-fect for planning weekend naps.

26) Why is Thursday like a superhero? It saves us from the long week.

27) What’s a Thursday’s favorite meal? Brunch, because it’s a bit of breakfast, a bit of lunch, and a slice of the weekend.

28) Why do Thursdays feel magical? They have the power to turn a week around.

29) What’s the weather forecast for every Thursday? A high chance of weekend planning.

30) Why did Thursday go to school? To learn how to turn into Friday.

31) What’s a detective’s favorite day? Clue-sday, also known as Thursday.

32) Why did the traffic light love Thursdays? It could finally switch to weekend mode.

33) What’s a baker’s favorite day of the week? Dough-day, better known as Thursday.

34) Why are Thursdays good for decisions? They’re far from Monday’s confusion and close to Friday’s clarity.

35) What’s a Thursday’s favorite type of music? Anything that gets it closer to the weekend beat.

36) Why did the clock work overtime on Thursdays? To fast-forward to Friday.

37) What’s a vampire’s favorite day of the week? Thirst-day, a bite away from the weekend.

38) Why are Thursdays like a treasure map? They lead right to the weekend gold.

39) What’s a pirate’s favorite day? Th-arrr-sday!

40) Why did Thursday join an improv group? To practice for spontaneous weekend plans.

41) What’s a painter’s favorite day? Palette-Thursday, when creativity starts flowing.

42) Why did the week get an award on Thursday? For making it more than halfway through.

43) What’s a surfer’s favorite day? Wave-day, also known as Thursday.

44) Why do students love Thursdays? They’re the prelude to freedom Friday.

45) What’s a Thursday’s favorite sport? Countdown to weekend marathon.

46) Why did the week feel light on Thursday? It had shed most of the workload.

47) What’s a fisherman’s favorite day? Catch-of-the-day Thursday.

48) Why do chefs get excited on Thursdays? It’s the appetizer for the weekend feast.

49) What’s a Thursday’s favorite saying? “Hang in there, Friday’s on its way!”

50) Why is Thursday like a bridge? It connects the mundane weekdays to the exciting weekend.


There you have it, 50 Thursday jokes to add a dose of humor and anticipation to your week.

Thursdays are more than just a day; they’re a mindset, a precursor to the joy and relaxation of the weekend.

These jokes are a reminder that the weekend is just around the corner, and a little laughter can make the journey there even more enjoyable.

Share these jokes with friends, family, or colleagues, and spread the joy that comes with the anticipation of the weekend.

Remember, every Thursday brings us one step closer to our well-deserved break, so why not greet it with a smile and a good laugh?