Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Things to talk about with your girlfriend

So, what do you talk about with your girlfriend?

Topics or things to talk about with your girlfriend are not hard to find.

She is your girlfriend so there’s a LOT of things you can talk about with her. But if you are short of ideas or have run out of the few ones you had, this article will help you out.

So let’s get the boat rocking…

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What Will I Learn?

21 Topics to Talk About With Your Girl to Uplift Her Spirit

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1) Likes and Dislikes

When last did you have an interesting conversation with her about her alone? Girls like it when their boyfriends are curious about them and want to know their likes and dislikes.

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to identify her likes and talk about one of them.

Think books and movies, to start with.

Try talking about a recent movie release that you have seen or would like to watch. If she is also interested in it, then ask her out on a movie date.

Talk to her about your favorite movies and actors. The goal here is to find a common ground to connect with the girl.

TV shows are an instrumental talking point as we are usually hooked to most of them these days.

Game of Thrones is an excellent place to start.

Ask her which house she supports in the show and which characters she identifies most with.

This is one of the best questions to ask a girl and will make it easier for her to express herself thoroughly to you.

We generally identify with a character with whom our ideologies and instincts match the most.

By getting to know her favorite characters, you will come to know her better.

Even if she is not interested in movies, then you can always move on to the next one.

2) Favourite Books

Speaking of exciting things, books are always a great conversation starter.

Ask her to list the best books she’s read so far and why she likes them.  Her answers will almost always reveal something about her.

Also, talk about your favorite book and the lessons you learned.

It is a simple yet effective way to get to know each other. If this method does not do the tricks then change the topic to comics.

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many female comic book nerds out there who are just as giddy as you are about Batman!

Search for common likes to connect better with her.

3) Favorite Music

girl listening to music

For the most part, I think this is one of the most important things to talk about with your girlfriend.

Music has this uncanny ability to bring two completely different people together.

Start talking about music, what you like, and what she loves. Try to know whether she likes modern music or if she is into country music.

When it comes to music, there are loads of exciting things to talk about.

Ask her if she plays an instrument and if she does, ask her if you two could practice together so you can learn from her.

Also, talk about the songs she likes and try to understand what part of the lyrics she most identifies with.

The goal here is to get your girlfriend to reveal what’s inside her. Once you get to know her taste in music, you can make her a mixed tape as a gift on her next birthday.

4) Find Out If She Loves Traveling

It is your job to bring out the traveler in her, and you two can go around the world while chatting on a bench in Central Park.

Tell her where you wish to visit one day and why you’d like to go there.

If you have a commonplace of interest, then you can plan on making a trip with her to that place.

Talk about all the things you’d do there, the sights you can see or the historical places you’ll visit.

When it comes to traveling, we all have different choices of places.

While some prefer the openness of wide-open beaches, others may prefer hiking through lofty snow-covered peaks.

While some may find camping in the woods adventurous, others might want to visit someplace serene so that they can ponder over a cup of coffee or relax to their favorite music.

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5) Her Friends and Lifestyle

Shifting the conversation to her friends shows that you care about her and also her lifestyle.

More important than knowing a person’s character, is to understand why she is like that.

Knowing the type of people she mostly spends her time with, will give you an excellent understanding of what your girlfriend is like.

Moreover, talking about her friend shows that you are friendly and she may even get invited to a party at one of her friend’s house

If you’ve got the best intentions at heart for her, then her friends will walk the extra mile to help you seduce her.

Also, talk about your friends too but let her do most of the talking.

From friends to family, there is no shortage of things to talk about with your girlfriend.  Getting to know her family is unarguably the best step you can take.

  • Who does she live with?
  • What do her parents do?
  • What other relatives is she close to?

These are just simple personal questions you can ask your girlfriend to know her better.

Also, ask her if she has any siblings. If she has a younger brother or sister, then try to befriend them if possible.

6) Find Out More About Her Childhood

Another thing you can talk about with your girlfriend is her childhood.

We all love reminiscing about our childhood especially when we have an attentive ear ready to listen.

Our childhood forms an integral part of our growing up and becoming adults.

Making an effort to know the girl’s past, shows that you care about her as a person and not a mere lover.

Be polite and cool when talking about childhood traumas or incidents and listen carefully!

You do not have to say something every now and then.

Listening patiently shows you care about her feelings, views, and opinions.

7) Ask About Her Favorite Sports

Sports are an excellent topic to talk about with your GF. Find out if she plays any sport or follows one. While men are comfortable talking about sports, they should also know a little bit about fashion.

Talking to your girl about the latest trends and your thoughts on them is a beautiful idea.

8) What Her Favorite Pets Are

Something that I forgot to mention earlier is pets.

Most girls (if not all) love pets and if you have one, then boy you are lucky! Don’t worry though if you do not have as she might have one or even two.

If she doesn’t, then you can plan on buying one together.

Frankly, there are two types of people in this world – cat lovers and dog lovers.

When two dog lovers meet, few things can hold them off.

9) Her Career or Life Goals

You’d want to know what she aspires to become and how far along is she with her plan.

Help her with ideas if you have any and encourage her to pursue her dreams

If she is currently employed, then find out where she is working and ascertain if she is happy with her job or if there are other avenues she is considering.

10) Her Signature Recipes


It can be fun discussing your recipes and it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.

It could just be that unique twist you bring to a simple dish or your grandma’s secret recipe.

If you are not a good cook, you shouldn’t try to learn a recipe off the internet in a day and go ahead to replicate it the next day.

It will end up a disaster!

You also don’t have to read a cookery book before you can impress her. You can take it further from talking to trying out one of the recipes in the kitchen with her.

The cooking could lead to other exciting scenarios.

Imagine brushing her nose with some flour or she smashes an egg on your head.

It will be both messy and exciting.

A definite happy time to spend with a girl you like. You should be a good sport if she’s not really into cooking and makes silly mistakes in the kitchen.

Being female doesn’t automatically mean being good at cooking.

You will not want to come across as being sexist.

11) What Exotic Wines Does She Like

If you have noticed she is a girl with fine tastes, talking about a selection of exotic wines can get her super interested in you.

You would have her wrapped around your finger in no time as you reel off the names of several wines.

If you don’t know so much about wines, you could read up on your own to get your information correct.

You don’t want to mix up the years or brands of each wine.

It’s also important to adjust your exploration in tune with your pocket. Exotic wines can be quite expensive.

12) Designer Brands


You can find her taste in clothing and shoes.

Even if both of you can’t afford most of the high-end brands, it will be nice to talk about the latest releases.

She might not know so much about male brands. So, you can take the opportunity to show her.

You could window shop online or go to physical stores or even try on some of the brands to see how it looks on you.

Just make sure not to tear any try-on and end up with an embarrassing moment.

If you have a little money saved up, you could get her a small keepsake like a bracelet.

13) Does Your Girl Like Politics?

There is a general notion that girls do not like to discuss serious topics like politics. That is not only a wrong notion, it’s also a disrespectful cliché that portrays girls as air-brained.

You can ask leading questions about her political leanings.

Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

The answer could help you avoid heated debates in the future as you respect each other’s stance.

It will even be more exciting if she is already involved in some kind of political activity – It could be holding an office in a students’ organization.

You can ask questions about her role and the duties expected of her.

You can also tag along on one of their activities to show support and it would also be interesting to ask her views on current political issues.

You may be surprised at the innovative solutions she might suggest for critical societal problems.

14) Social Media Trends

Social media is the hub of various kinds of activities.

You will always have something funny and sensational to talk about.

You can search for trending hashtags or just go through posts from friends in your circles. By the time you watch funny clips and comment on memes, you would be at ease with each other.

On the plus side, you can both share details of social accounts or pages to follow.

Therefore, improving your social media experience.

You should not abuse the privilege of getting access to her social media by stalking her. Stalking behavior can include commenting on all her posts and replying to other comments.

That could ultimately get you blocked.

15) Cars

The wonder on wheels is a topic that never gets old. It’s another subject that both guys and girls can find fascinating.

You can wow her with your knowledge of antique cars. It will be more amazing if you can show her one.

You don’t have to own an antique car but you may know someone that does.

You can also visit auctions or car dealerships to check out the cars.

If you get lucky with a nice manager in charge, you might even get the chance to take a short spin with the girl.

If racing is her thing, you can talk about racing events for amateurs in your area and plan on participating with her.

There is something so unifying about being in motion together with her hair flying free.

There’s no need to be in the dumps if you don’t have access to all the examples above.

If your girlfriend truly likes you it won’t matter to her.

You can both share your thoughts about the time when you will be able to afford the fancy car you’ve dreamt of.

It can also be fun to talk about how to renovate your old car.

I once worked with my girlfriend to revamp his father’s old jeep that was gifted to her on her 20th birthday.

It was so much fun!

Sharing ideas on things to change and the budget we could work with, was such a great bonding opportunity for us.

16) Health & Fitness

Being healthy and fit has become a trendy thing even among young people.

So, it’s a great topic to talk about.

You can also share your health tips which can include diets and exercise regimens and can also talk about fitness plans you have yet to try out. This could mean trying it out together.

You can compare your gym facilities and probably consider using the same one.

It will also be nice to explore the idea of jogging together and switching things up with some terrific cardio.

The more things you can agree on, the more robust your conversation will be.

However, you should be careful about how you approach the subject if your babe is overweight. She might interpret your interest in health & fitness as an indirect slight about her weight.

While it’s good to encourage her to eat healthily and stay fit, you should not body shame her.

Rather, you should make her feel comfortable in her body by paying her beautiful compliments.

17) Religion or Spirituality

Most times, people tend to restrict talks about spirituality to the existing religions. However, the subject of spirituality goes beyond the dimension of organized religion.

You can ask about her idea on good and evil; if she believes there’s a hereafter or what she thinks heaven will look like.

You might be surprised to hear her descriptions and how they don’t fit with established imageries in your mind.

You will have to be open-minded to tread this path as the answers might oppose sacred beliefs you have upheld for the longest time.

And you shouldn’t be afraid to question old values and evaluate her answers from an objective angle.

Remember, you don’t have to believe in the same things for a successful relationship.

It is just important to respect each other’s beliefs.

18) Talk to Your Girl You Like About Phones

There was a time when phones were just for making a call. The smartphones of today keep evolving and are a walking office for many users.

Thus, there is so much to talk about when it comes to phones. You can compare your views over phone brands.

The rivalry between popular manufacturing companies is also a hot topic to dwell on.

It will be interesting to analyze the steps each of these phone tech giants has put in place to compete with each other.

A good starting point for your discussion is commenting on the type of phone she uses and asking questions about why she prefers that brand.

Likely, she is not even hooked up to her preferred brand due to the expensive cost.

Try not to sound condescending if you use a more advanced smartphone and she’s just making do with a basic one.

You could show her smart features on your phone and let her practice using some of them.

19) Does She Like Gardening?

gardening tools

This is something you might not think about just off the top of your head.

You may not have even shown any interest in gardening before. But it could be a good hobby to pick up.

You don’t have to have a big space in your backyard, you can make do with planting in pots.

If it’s a hobby she shares with you or she is interested in, you can talk about your experience with growing flowers and herbs.

If she finds your interest in gardening weird, you can discuss what it means to you.

The way it connects you to the earth and provides you with a grasp of reality especially the sense of satisfaction that comes from planting, nurturing, and watching seedlings grow.

She will appreciate your distinctiveness in paying attention to what many guys of your age ignore.

20) Your Successes

As much as blowing your own trumpet can be seen as vain, it can serve you well.

By talking about the projects you have embarked on, the plans that set it all off, the processes you have undergone, and the failures along the way, she will get a better understanding of the kind of person you are.

In order not to come across as self-centered or arrogant, you should focus more on how the successes have impacted positively on others.

Every girl loves a tear-jerking story like how you volunteered to help the less privileged or the elderly.

Although most people like to say attraction or love is blind, most girls base their decision of liking a boy on his strong capabilities to compete and succeed in his chosen path.

Being an alpha male is very attractive.

You get to lead and control your pack and the girl will find that particularly arousing.

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21) Also, Tell Her Some of Your Secrets

Secrets are not something you will readily want to tell another person but sharing it could set you free.

You can walk away from the fears or embarrassment of being found out.

If your secret is criminal, you shouldn’t expect the girl to keep your secrets to herself.

But if it’s something shameful or silly you’ve done in the past and you’re looking for a way to right that wrong, it will be a great thing to share it.

Telling your secrets to your girlfriend makes her see you at your most vulnerable. It draws out the instinct in her to shield you.

Likely, she will also be led to share her secrets with you too.

In the end, you will both develop an unbreakable bond.

Now let’s wrap it up.

Final Words…

Although these aren’t ALL the topics or conversations to have with your girlfriend, they are by far some of the most important ones.

Also, remember that nothing beats common sense and the innate power of carrying a conversation forward on one’s shoulder.

Do not fret if you don’t have such prowess as it can be developed over time by practice.

The next time you want to talk to your girlfriend, do not hesitate to fail. Embarrassment is a good teacher, and you will learn from your failures.

If you do talk to her, make sure to be caring and honest.

Compliment her on her skills and try to make her laugh. Engage her in a conversation worthy of her time.

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