The Hero Instinct: All You Need to Know About It

The Hero instinct

What is the ‘hero instinct and how can you trigger it in your man?

The term ‘hero instinct’ has been popular lately, especially on the internet.

You may have seen articles or videos about it being widely shared today on social media.

According to various sources, ‘the hero instinct’ is an intrinsic desire that’s present in every man. All men want to feel like heroes.

They want to appear strong, smart, and capable of doing heroic things in order to save the day.

Women, although some may also desire this, don’t feel it is a “necessity”.

It’s simply not part of their nature.

But that’s not all.

Based on the claims, once a woman triggers a man’s hero instinct, SHE can make that said man fall in love with her (almost instantly), making him commit to a relationship that will last forever.

  • So, the question we’re all asking is. Is the hero instinct true?
  • Can it really make someone fall head over heels for you?

Let’s dive deeper into it.

In this article, I’ll help you understand what the ‘hero instinct’ really is and why all men have it.

I’ll also explain how you can trigger this instinct in your man.

After reading this article, you’ll have all the information you need to apply the hero instinct in real life.

What Will I Learn?

The Hero Instinct Explained

The hero instinct first appeared in James Bauer’s popular book: His Secret Obsession.

In order to understand it, you have to first understand the meaning of ‘hero’.

In movies and TV shows, you’ll find plenty of male characters that fall under the category of hero. Usually, heroes are characters who save other people.

They are fearless, powerful, and full of integrity.

They are also often the story’s primary characters and always have a woman they care about. For example, Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-man has Mary Jane, and so on.

Heroes love saving cities and impressing their leading ladies.

They win females over their “heroic” deeds.

According to Bauer, all men desire this.

It’s more than just wishful thinking, it’s biology and psychology combined.

Just like women want to feel wanted all the time, men want to feel needed.

According to the hero instinct, men are driven by three basic things in life:

  1. Appreciation for his efforts
  2. Accomplishing his role as a provider
  3. Respect by those around him

All men want to live meaningful lives. They want to feel appreciated.

They also want to be the one to “provide” for their family—especially for the one he loves.

If you’ve known any man in your life, your father, brother, or partner, you’ll know that all this is true.

These things are also universal.

In summary, men want to be heroes and this desire is deeply rooted in their psyche.

Why Does Your Man Want To Be Your Hero?

When a man falls head over heels, he becomes protective of you.

This is a natural trait for them.

What it means

What this means is that he’ll always be there when you need him. When you’re in trouble, he will rush to help.

When someone’s angering you or hurting you, he’ll protect you at whatever cost.  He will literally take a bullet for you if he could save your life.

He’s not doing this because he’s crazy about you, no, he just can’t help it. It’s part of his biology.

Most men are afraid to admit that they love a woman, but you can always tell from their actions.

If you’re looking for clues, simply study his behaviors.

The way he looks at you, the words he uses to address you, the way he acts around you, the way he holds you.

If he’s trying to be your hero, 100% he’s in love with you.

Men show it in the simplest gestures, and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll not know it.

This can also be explained by science.

Recent findings from the Physiology & Behavior Journal show that male testosterone is responsible for feelings of overprotectiveness among men.

A man that’s in love with a woman will care about her safety and well-being, and do all he can to protect her.

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer

James Bauer coined the term ‘the hero instinct’ and first introduced it in his best-selling book, His Secret Obsession.

James Bauer is a leading relationship expert and psychologist who has helped thousands of men and women fix their relationships.

He has published numerous books, some of the popular ones are His Secret Obsession and What Men Secretly Want.

By studying his clients’ relationships and learning about male psychology, he discovered what he believes is the secret to a fulfilling relationship: awakening the hero instinct in men.

How Does Knowing The Hero Instinct Help You? My Advice To Women

Women are naturally good at being caretakers.

They are selfless, caring, and loving creatures who can read emotions better than their male counterparts.

As a woman, it should be easy for you to make a man feel empowered and needed.

It will be very easy to trigger his hero instinct should you want to do it.

Side Note

If you’re a woman who has a partner or who is attracted to a guy, you can trigger his hero instinct by making him feel like he’s irreplaceable.

That he’s essential to your life. That you want and need him.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll see you as weak. On the contrary, he’ll be more attracted to you and will want to be the ‘hero’ you are seeking.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be always dependent on your man. Your partner will respect you when you show independence.

He’ll also appreciate it when you can do some things on your own. But don’t make him feel like you don’t need him.

He will seek the urge to help you and do something for you in any way that he can.

Don’t push him when he does this, instead, embrace him with open arms.

Men simply want to be trusted.

They want to be the ropes that’ll hold you. You have to let him be.

A man who is in a relationship where his hero instinct isn’t triggered is also more likely to leave.

If he feels like he can’t provide you the things you want, or if you’re losing your dependence on him.

He’ll start to lose interest in you.

My Honest Opinion About The Hero Instinct

Here’s my honest take on the ‘hero instinct’ concept.

First, I find it totally relatable. I see it in myself and I think it’s 100% TRUE.

Although I don’t say it, I feel that I have the same drive for meaning, respect, and to provide for my loved ones, especially my partner.

I want to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to make life better for the people I care about. I know deep in my heart that I do.

This is coming from me, your ‘not so average man’.

I say this because, unlike other males, I have a strong love for psychology, spirituality, and philosophy.

I am drawn to books and ideas that make us understand ourselves, and our society more.

I’m not a stereotypical male who likes watching sports or drinking with his mates.  I don’t know how to repair stuff in the house or change tires when my car has a flat one.

I just didn’t have the interest to learn that skill or have the opportunity to be forced to learn it.

But when it comes to my relationship and my partner, I’m just like all the other males: I want to be her hero.

I would even say that if she can’t trigger my hero instinct every once in a while, I’d probably feel inadequate.

Our whole relationship would be in jeopardy.

So, I totally believe in the concept. It’s not an exaggeration.

All men have the same primal instinct to protect and provide for the woman they care about.

Does the Hero Instinct Still Exist in the Modern Age?

Modernity has changed nothing about our primal instinct.

It may affect it but in terms of the hero instinct. I can say that it’s there, and it’s truly present.

In 2020 where most gender stereotypes are considered outdated, the hero instinct might seem ridiculous.

But that’s where we’re making a mistake.

Despite the increasing independence of women from men, the hero instinct is still hardwired in us.

We still want to provide, protect, and feel respected by the people we care about.

Although there’s nothing wrong about gender equality, it’s also important to consider that there are still biological differences between males and females—not just in our bodies but also in the way we think, in our psyches.

Our way of living may have changed and many women are as capable as men in looking after themselves, but there are still these biological instincts within us that explain most of our behaviors.

Men are still driven by the same primal instincts that our ancestors once had, even if they’re not conscious of these instincts.

For centuries, we’ve wanted our mates to desire us and need us. We want to provide them with safety, security, and satisfaction.

Women have also wanted men to protect them. And men see themselves as protectors.

How To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

In this modern age, you can’t trigger your man’s hero instinct by asking for protection from wild animals or neighboring enemy tribes.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

In this part, I’ll discuss how you can make your man feel like a hero in the age of technology:

First, the most obvious way is by giving him the opportunity to work hard and provide financially for your family or if you’re just a couple, to provide for you.

Let him present you with gifts if he wants to.

If he’s your husband, give him the honor of buying your family basic essentials such as home and food.

However, your man also needs to feel like a hero every day, not just occasionally, but every day.

Here are the best ways you can trigger your man’s hero instinct:

  1. Ask for his help. Ask him to fix something in your home. Perhaps it’s your television, your computer, or one of your shelves. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be an object. if you have a problem in life and you need advice, ask your man for help. The thing here is he wants to be useful to you. He wants you to genuinely need him.
  2. Show that you appreciate him. Don’t forget to tell him how much he means to you. When he helps you with something, give him appreciation. Tell him how much he did a good job or just a simple phrase like “What would I do without you?” would suffice.
  3. Boost his confidence. The worst you can do is belittle him in front of other people. A man’s ego can be fragile when the people he cares about most is putting him down around others.
  4. Show and tell him that he’s making you happy. Let him know how much he’s making your life easier. Thank him for the food on the table, for the roof over your head. Thank him every day whenever he does something that genuinely makes you smile.
  5. Let him enjoy and pursue his passions. Yes, the hero instinct is all about making a woman happy but it doesn’t mean that you make his life revolve around you. Allow him to enjoy and pursue other things. Encourage him to do what he loves doing. Listen whenever he talks to you about it.

The truth about men is that they care less about your looks or your fortune, he cares more about how you make him feel about himself whenever he’s around you.

At the end of the day, you want your man to know that you need him, respect him, and appreciate every good thing he does for you.

Don’t go overboard and pretend to ask his help for something you can do on your own.

Don’t purposely act weak or pretend to be someone you’re not.

The lesson here is to simply allow your man to feel like a hero every time he’s with you.

It’s all they truly want and desire in their life.

If you do this you can make a man feel a gazillion times better about himself.

He’ll also go crazy about you, fall in love twice, and you’ll both have a splendid and fulfilling relationship.

Read More About The Hero Instinct

My discussion of the hero instinct above is all but a summary from the book: His Secret Obsession.

There’s more to this whole concept if you really want to dive deeper into the topic.

It’s a truly amazing concept and I bet you that you’ll always remember what you’ve learned from it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the hero instinct, then I highly recommend you purchase the book His Secret Obsession by James Bauer.

The book presents every issue I’ve discussed in a more enlightening way.

It also includes a lot of relationship guides and tips that will be beneficial to every woman out there.

Here are just some great things you can learn from the book:

  • Why men lose interest after hitting it off with a woman (includes detailed explanation and examples)
  • Why men suddenly lose interest and stop communicating with a woman
  • Why men are afraid of commitment even if they say they love a woman

Knowing all this aside from the Hero Instinct can help women understand their partners or loved ones better.

The book also includes simple guides, strategies, and tricks to trigger the hero’s instinct in every kind of situation.

You’ll even know some exact phrases to use or texts to send your man to trigger his hero instinct.

So what can you expect after reading and applying the knowledge you get from the book:

  • Your man will finally commit to you
  • You will rekindle his love for you if things weren’t as good before
  • You’ll get him to chase you

His Secret Obsession is a great book that genuinely helps women traverse their relationships.

It’s not a book that teaches you to manipulate your man with mind games.

No, it’s not that.

You aren’t also taught to become a damsel in distress.

Far from that.

This book simply encourages you to tap into your man’s instinct, to give him what he truly wants, so you both can be happy.

Knowing the hero instinct and using it on your man can feel empowering but it’s not something you should abuse.

At the end of the day, the hero instinct should be used just to make your man feel better about himself and push him to be the best version of himself.

If you’re finally ready to use the hero instinct on your man.

Then, read on to take that final step in the process.

Buying His Secret Obsession book will grant you all the knowledge you need.

The book will not only help you trigger your man’s hero instinct but it will bring you closer to each other than ever before.

Things You Should Know About The Book: His Secret Obsession

As someone who has read and reviewed many relationships and dating books, I can honestly say that James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession was one of the best books I’ve read so far in this genre.

Here are things you should know about the book.

The book is informative and offers no-BS advice for women.

With over 200 pages plus bonus workbooks and eBooks, this is book is the best bang for your buck!

The hero instinct is a true psychological concept that explores men’s romantic desires and the way they deal with women in relationships.

The book simply explores this subject and provides tips and tricks on how to tap into this to improve your current relationship.

Overall, the hero instinct provides fascinating insights about men in general. And women will find this very useful and informative.

As for the author of the book, James Bauer is the real deal.

He’s a psychologist who has seen the hero instinct himself in all his clients.

After understanding how to tap into this, he gives this information to all the women who seek his help.

This is why he has been one of the most successful relationship experts in his prime years.

Final Word

Hero instinct is a natural instinct that’s deeply rooted in biology.

All men have the hero instinct.

All men want to feel needed and wanted by their current or potential mates.

To make the most out of this knowledge, you must know the right way to trigger it in your man.

Don’t fight the hero instinct, wield its power for the good of your relationship, and great things will come.

If you’re a woman who wants to have a better and more fulfilling relationship with your partner, the “His Secret Obsession” book can be of great help.

After reading the book, you’ll know many ways to help your man to see you in a renewed light.

You can even rekindle your relationship that’s falling apart.

Women who understand the hero instinct will likely have successful, fulfilling, and long-term relationships.

Those who fail to acknowledge this innate drive in men will suffer the consequences.

The more you stop your man from providing and being the hero that they want, the more you make him feel bad about himself.

This will continue to have significant problems in your relationship.

And if not fixed sooner or later, can cause the end of your relationship.

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