155 Text Conversation Starters With a Girl or Guy

Text conversation starters

  • So what are the best conversation starters for texting you can think of?
  • Have you been in a situation where you seem to lack what to text to someone?

You might be considering what is appropriate to say in certain situations that will result in a good text conversation with a girl.

If you want to have very engaging conversations, read on to see all the tips and ideas that will help you become a texting rock star.

Although these conversation starters are mostly for initiating a conversation with a girl, they could also be used for;

  • Guys
  • Girlfriends
  • Boyfriends
  • Couples
  • etc

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What Will I Learn?

155 Good Conversation Topics for Texting

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Engaging questions to ask that will create a nice conversation

Asking questions is one of the simplest ways to get a conversation going.

You can ask hundreds of questions that demand answers and make communication livelier.

A useful tip might be for you to think about things the person you’re chatting with might already be interested in.

So where do you begin?

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Generic Conversations Starters for Texting

1) Why did you accept my Facebook friend request?

2) Where do you see our friendship going in the next few years?

3) Do you think working from home will benefit companies or workers more?

4) Why do we believe that girls like to gossip more than boys?

5) Why do we like to feel validated now and then?

6) What sort of topics will make a more friendly conversation with you?

7) What will make me go on to be closer friends with you?

8) What would you do differently in your present life?

9) Can you predict an awesome future Tech?

10) Which animal is your totem?

11) Can you go out without any makeup?

12) What is your favorite childhood memory?

13) What is your best food?

14) Do you have a best friend?

15) What is special about your best friend?

Would You Rather Questions

16) Would you rather have tea or coffee for the rest of your life?

17) Where would you rather be now?

18) Would you take the big box or the small box?

19) Would you rather chat all day or go out on a date with me?

20) Would you rather be famous and rich or be rich only?

21) Would you rather watch a documentary film or watch a horror film?

22) Would you rather play a doctor or a lawyer in a movie if given a job? 

Topical Ideas to Start Great Text Conversation With a Girl

Following the rules of texting can prove to be effective when you are looking to start a great text conversation with a girl you like or have just met.

Also, it can save some embarrassment from asking questions that you should normally avoid.

You can also try messages that show that you’ve already looked up her interests.

23) If she’s interested in humanities, you can chat about popular names in the subjects

24) If she’s in the media, you can joke about being in the news with her

25) Ask about her passion for her work and what motivates her to keep going

26) Show how amazing you think she is for past successes earned. “Wow! Your career achievement is  incredible.”

Ask about things that she might like and can’t stop talking about: You can learn these from her posts.

27) Hello [her name], I was pleased with the party today. We can see some other time on art [subject].

28) Text about the best times you shared

29) Feel free to be playful too. “Check out, I think you have earned the right to be an [attorney].” You can follow up with why you made that statement.

30) I’m just thinking about how cute you are

New day

A new day is an opportunity to start well and text something expressive to that special one. You can send a great good morning text to her.

31) Good morning beautiful…

32) Thought about you is just in mind since this morning. It makes me feel today will be a good

33) I have a feeling today is going to be perfect

34) Hello [name], I had a dream that we had a perfect picture today: Good opportunity to make up some nice dreams

35) Good morning my friend, I can’t wait to see you soon

Follow up with compliments and leads to other topics

A follow-up message after salutation is the deal if you must continue to have engaging conversations.

So, you must make it count.

36) I like your projects. Go on to show a desire to learn about them

37) You’re creative… What other things do you do?

38) What is the surprising talent that you have that no one knows about?

39) Are you a go-to person or you’re more of a team player?

Life events – Reminder about something that happened and how you felt.

Sharing personal experiences can go a long way to show that you want to connect better with someone.

Short stories might work to make your texting more engaging as well.

40) For example, if you text how you remember how your first visit to a museum made you love wildlife, you could be engaging better with someone who loves nature.

41) My rock climbing was exciting but I should have better photography skills I guess.

42) Would you mind seeing some of my shots from the [picnic]?

43) I was sad when my team lost a game but I’m happy that I hooked up with some new friends…

Joining unrelated stories that later end well might subconsciously suggest to the person that your texting will end well.

Views on Public events and Social Beliefs

Current trends can be a great chance to know what a person might be interested in.

44) In the news a popular celebrity fell on stage while performing: So you can show your pity or highlight the humor at that moment.

45) Sports can produce many moments and a chat about a sports team can lead to friendship especially if you like the same team.

46) I’d like to be as conservative as you are if you’re more flexible about being conservative. [You may add a thinking emoticon or a smiley face.]

47) Do you believe in an afterlife?

48) Socialism or capitalism?

49) We don’t seem to see eye to eye on [political or social] matters but at least we can agree on romantic issues.

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What if questions

50) What if you could fly? Where would you fly to now?

51) What if you could change a past what would it be?

52) What if we’re in the same room alone now?

53) What if you can have a pill to give superpower from the shop, which power would you buy now?

54) What if you were allowed to go travel to a past or the future, which will you choose?
Economic and Political leanings

55) What would be your political party if you want to be your country’s president for four years?

56) Would you tax the rich more or reduce taxes?

57) What did you want to be when you were younger compared to what you are now?

58) What is your view on what were the main issues for citizens in [your country]?

59) Do you think people in your country are getting smarter or stupider?

Expressions that she cannot ignore

60) I’m lost of words right now thinking about what to text to you.

61) I reckon I could do something to make you happy.

62) Wow! If I could store how much I have you on my mind in a day, it could make a movie.

63) I don’t know how you do it but your [dress sense] is always fantastic!

64) I take interest in [digital art] I reckon you might have some love for it too?

Fun texts and Memes

65) Truth or Dare

66) Two truths and a lie

67) Time to say good night

68) Always on your mind

69) Ease up sometimes. Just like when you eat buns you don’t get a burn, so when you share a pun, you’re not as guilty as when watching porn.

Search name meaning and etymology

One day I was about to text my girlfriend a very nice message but I lacked inspiration. So, I decided to search for her name online, and then I found a very nice idea of what to text.

73) Dear Mandy, you are so lovely and you deserve so much more love.

74) Dear Sandra, I love your strong personality and I’m not leaving you forever.

75) Hello Sarah, you’re my princess and I would like to be your king.

76) Hey Mary, I wish that we could make a sweet story come to life in our relationship. What do you say?

77) Hi Juliet, you’re fairest among many and I’m happy with you. I will always be your Romeo.

Every name has a meaning that tells something good or can be made to look good when you create a nice text around it. So feel free to look up your friend’s name and send something nice.

Your text from searching her name could be poetic as well.

Poetic texts

78) “The mountains have peaked. The stars have shine and Amanda’s eyes have the hope of love becoming true!”

79) A Rose is beautiful – Just like you: This is from a line generated from a poem generator application online. You may try this or other text-generating applications to generate ideas.

80) Dear Lizzy…. After some communication, you may send this
“Daisies are pretty,
Daffies have style,
My account is illuminating,
And so is your smile. “

The above line is from the same automatically generated text.

It demonstrates that you can be creative with your texting by applying technology and your mind too.

81) Go on to tell nice stories about the special things about her from the lines in the common poems. “A nice story reminds me of the hunter’s glory… But you remind me I’m lucky to have a friend like you.”

82) When the night comes, look at the sky, if you see a falling star don’t wonder why just make a wish trust me! it will come true cause I did it and I found you!

You could try messages that are aimed at achieving some predetermined goal

Make her to back text by making her curious or suggest your intent at once:

83) Guess what just happened… This is perfect because you make her curious.

84) I have an idea… Well, what’s it?

85) I looked at your profile and I thought we could be good friends.

86) Hello [Rita], we have some mutual friends. It may mean we could have the same interests…

87) I feel bold to text that I like hot girls like you. You can text this to her when you’re bold enough to lead a girl on and when you’re familiar with her to some extent.

88) I respect you for taking out time to [do something] like my comment. Please we can do more if you like.

89) Let’s chat often, you make me happy like no one else when you text.

Flirty and Romantic Texts

Flirty texts should be done with caution. If you try to send flirty texts the wrong way, it will not end well.

90) I already have a special feeling in my head that I’d have if we embraced now

91) I wish we’re together right now. Good thing it’s possible to even dance with you this weekend. What do you say?

92) I didn’t dream about you last night but you’re my dream girl.

93) When I close my eyes, the image of you brightens up my mind

94) You don’t know how much you feel special to me and it’s a secret I’ve kept for some time
Paint a picture in her mind

95) Hello Ann, I love you and no one can take you from me.

96) The idea that you’re pretty is one that I appreciate but I want to be better than your admirers.

97) I’ve heard that love is blind but whatever that means, I can see only you.

98) Getting addicted to you already, I there must be a reason why I’m chasing after you

99) I would want us to know each other in the next life

100) I want to take time out and workout so that I can carry you if you let me.

101) Follow up with sending a meme where this big lady wants her slim boyfriend to carry her and he tries to stop her by all means. “Even if you’re that big, I’ll not let you fall.”

102) Do you know who I cannot wait to see even if there’s a state lockdown?


You can send these messages to build a friendship.

103) I want to be your friend. How far can we go?

104) What was your best childhood friend’s moment?

105) Is having a best friend for life possible?

106) Glad to meet you, you might need help with seeing new places in town.

107) What makes the world go round?

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How to INSTANTLY attract ANY woman in less than a minute...

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More questions – Interview Like

You can try this but also don’t quiz too frequently and make your interview process too boring. Give your opinions while asking too.

108) How do you feel about x people?

109) Do you think China is a threat to the rest of the world?

110) What could likely cause a world war?

111) When you’re on a high-rise building, do you sometimes imagine jumping down?

112) Why do we often imagine the worst things happening?

113) Why do we wish for only good things to happen to us?

Learn more about Her

114) Text about controversial topics and find her views

115) React to current news happenings and get her perspective

116) Ask about work and the feeling about the job

117) Share the positive angle of the current situation.

118) Would you volunteer locally or abroad?

119) How would you like to make an impact in the world?

120) What gift do you like?

121) What is your best season in the year?

122) What TV shows do you like most?

Challenges can create a useful talking point

123) Text about popular challenges: Example, Doing makeup by yourself, having to make your hair by yourself, school subjects, and other things.

124) Share how you felt about trendy online challenges and ask her what she thinks about it.

125) Text about tough tasks that you’ve faced

126) Text about how you solved a difficult problem

127) Have you had days when you thought you needed some challenges?

128) Do you sometimes like to solve puzzles?

Suggest things you want to do together

129) What would it be like if we didn’t have such good moments chatting with new friends? We can stop chatting for a moment and think about it… What other normal experiences could we share?

The good thing is that this is open; you can share other things or possibly meet after.

130) Begin a Pastime activity via text. These days, we have text games that you can play.

131) Ask her to watch the same videos.

132) How have you been spending your leisure time?

133) Do you mind a company for movie night?

134) “I have an idea for the weekend… How about [your nice idea] making bubbles?”

135) I’m feeling silly, can we cross-dress? Huh! Don’t try this with someone with whom you’re not familiar.

Here Likes and Dislikes

136) What do you like about famous people?

137) What do you dislike about Celebrities?

138) What do you like most about me?

139) What do you hate about me?

140) Highlight things you like about the person in the text more often

141) What type of novels do you love most?

142) Do you spend money on eBooks?

143) What is your best food?

144) What do you like to eat out?

About a certain future

Maybe at a point of transition in life, you might be wondering how it would be like for your friends.

For example, after graduation, you might decide to chat with some of your friends and even acquaintances in your class.

145) I will miss you.

146) I wonder what the future holds for us!

147) Do you sometimes fantasize about the future?

148) So what’s the next big plan?

149) Are you going home or staying back? (To internationals)

150) Do you have job offers already?

151) It’s going to be fun in Paris [or any other country] I’m holidaying there.

152) What’s your plan for this holiday?

153) The summer camp will be nice for me. Are you taking an extra course?

154) Maybe we can learn about AI together during the weekends. What do you think?

155) I will be going to [your next destination] after school but I feel we should keep in touch.


Sending very captivating texts can make you enjoy your time online if you get it right.

While you can find insights into the type of texts we have shared above, you can also look within to see where you got it right in the past.

Just like I did at one time, you can apply the technique of copying the style that works with the person you chat with more frequently.

It will be very positive if you match the emotional and communication intelligence of the person you text and do not bring any know-it-all attitude while texting.

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