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Are you looking for the best friend tag questions to ask your friends?

Then, you are in the right place!

“Best friends don’t necessarily have to talk every day. They don’t even need to talk for weeks. But when they do, it’s like they never stopped talking”.

This is a really awesome quote, and you can really feel the depth of this quote if you have that little bunch of special close and best friends forever in your life.

Friends make life seem very easy and exciting.

We always think that we are very close to our friends and know them inside and out, but not everyone is the same.

And even if you think that you know everything about your friends still, there will be some things that you don’t also have a clue as they really existed or matter to your friends.

So for the sake of getting to know each other well or to make the evening with your friends more exciting, here are some interesting best friend tag questions you can ask them.

You can tag your best friends and examine the depth of knowledge their share.

These best friend tag questions are not in any way a measurement of scaling the friendship or the bond you share with your friend, but this is just a way to tag your best friend and know more about each other.

So let’s get started.

Shall we?

What Will I Learn?

27 Extremely Good Friend Tag Questions

So here we go with the best friend tag questions to ask friends.

1) How did we meet?

first time friends

Do you remember the first time you met your best friends?

The first meeting is always special.

So use this best friend tag to know them better.

Maybe in the very first meeting, you didn’t hit the same chord, and that was not so special for you.

But still, that was the very day when you met your friend for the very first time.

So, just let them answer this question and see if they can remember that first meeting.

2) What is your favorite color?


This is one of the questions that will help you discern how much your friend know you.

And when they suggest something to buy or try, do they keep your favorite color in mind or not?

So start tagging your friend on this best friends tag.

3) Which star do you adore?

favorite star

Wow, yes, that is something that a best friend ought to know.

But it might be a little tricky if you adore too many stars.

But honestly, only your best friend can answer this correctly

4) Who was your first crush?

guy crushing on a lady

Well, this is a very private and personal question, and a best friend is the only one who must have almost all the knowledge about it.

So tag your best friend and know how much they care about your personal affairs.

5) How did we turn into best friends?

So, you might have been friends for a long time, but getting into the best friend zone took its own time.

So, with this question, you and your friends can remember that particular time when you became best of friends.

6) Where is your dream destination


Everyone has their dream destination where they’d like to take the vacations of their life or spend the rest of their lives.

So get the knowledge of how much your best friend knows about your dream destination.

If you have the same dream destination, you might plan and visit there together.

So exciting.

7) What do you hate to do?

Lady hate to wash plates

Yeah, here we come to the huge question.

Every friend of yours knows what you love to do.

But only a few of the best friends know what you hate to do.

So, test your best-friend knowledge about the things you hate to do.

8) Who might be your ideal life partner?

Life seems so good when we are with our best friends, and knowingly or unknowingly, we share with them the kind of qualities we look for in our ideal life partner.

So with this question, you will come to know how much attention they are paying when you are canvassing your future ideal partner’s image in front of them.

9) What’s your favorite food?

Favorite food

You must be eating out a lot with your best friends.

When I go out with my best friends, we always try a new restaurant and cuisine.

But whenever we go to a food court which has almost all the varieties to offer, I certainly know what’s in the next item which is going to come to the table.

They say food is a way to the heart of a person. So, if you know the favorite food of your best friend, you can always cheer them up with their favorites.

10) What’s your middle name?

This is something related to you and your family.

This best friend tag question here helps you to know how much your friend knows your family and your background.

This is important for your friend to know where you belong.

11) What is the first movie we watched together?

Friends watching friends

You must be now eating, shopping and going out together, but do you remember the first movie you watched with your best friend.

You must have watched a number of movies with your friends, but the first one is always classic and special.

So this question will help you determine how much you guys remember about each other.

12) What is your dream job?

dream job

Life is not all just hanging around and having fun.

Everyone thinks of a dream job – be it being a doctor, engineer, politician, media person, actor, etc.

So, your friend who knows you inside and out should be aware of the dream job concept of yours.

13) What is your dream car?

dream car

Friends are the people we can discuss any silly thing or can share any dream we have without being afraid of getting judged.

My friends already know that I want to buy an Audi car for sure.

But just by this tag, your friends will know which is your dream car.

Maybe some of them may become rich one day and gift you one :-).

14) What do you hate to eat?

Lady hates the food

So, as I told you that I know what the favorite food of my friend is and I know that she will order it if it is available on the menu, of course.

But how about the food that you dislike, does your best friend ever care to know about that food?

Just go ahead and tag your best friend to know the answer.

This is surely a great question to ask your best friends.

15) Who are the people you don’t like?

girl thinking

There are so many people in our life at every stage.

Some we avoid, others we can’t.

But best friends always know the people you can’t stand.

This is one of the excellent questions to ask your friends, and by answering this, your friends will show that they know what kind of people you like and dislike.

16) What are the things I can’t part ways with?

There are a few things in everyone’s life which we never want to part ways with.

Some have their materialistic values, and the others are emotional.

A true friend will always know the things that are inseparable in your life.

So this again is very good for the best friend tag questions to ask your friends.

17) What our favorite hangout joint?

friends hanging out

So, as you guys love to hang out together, there might be one or a few hangout joints that you cherish the most.

So just let your friend guess which is the best place you like to be with them.

A true friend would give you the correct answer.

18) Describe your friend in three words?

This is an amazing best friend tag question.

Your friend knows you best from all the people around you.

So just let them describe you in three words.

This question can get really funny and interesting answers and you will get to know what your friends think of you.

19) What phobias do you have?


Everyone is afraid of something.

You might be not an exception.

We share all the good and nervous moments with our friends.

So, check out how much your friend remembers the things you are most afraid of.

20) What is your greatest achievement?

man holding trophy

We do love to share all the right moments in our life with our friends.

And by this tag question, you will come to find out how much your friend knows about your greatest achievement.

Be it your award in science fairs, or a trophy in baseball, or how you beautifully came out of a big depression.

Let’s check how much they think in sync with you.

21) What’s your favorite music genre

music genre

Music is the soul of life, and I’ve never met a single person to date who doesn’t like music.

Music makes things in life easy.

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You also do enjoy music with your friends.

So, this question will let them show how much they know about the music genre of your life and it will be great if you share the same favorite music.

22) What’s your favorite clothing?

girl buying favorite clothes

So, it’s an outing, and you got the suggestion to wear a blouse and skirt, but you want to go for that beautiful dress of yours.

This means that your heart is more inclined towards that style dressing, check out if your best friend knows what your heart wants.

It can be quite tricky sometimes, but it almost always brings great results.

23) What are the favorite things to do together?

We all love to spend time together with our friends and want to do a number of things together.

You might love to shop, eat, dance, read, party, cook and do a lot of things together.

But there must be one thing you just love to do with your friend and you can’t see yourself enjoying that much as you do with your friends.

So just check if this is the same thing that you both adore.

24) What is the one thing that annoys you about me?

Well, this is one of the best friend tag questions.

Friends accept us for who we are.

They love the good and bad in us.

But there must be a few things which seriously annoys them to the extent that they want you to mend your ways and take on a new look.

This question will help you know that thing and by working on that aspect of your personality, you can strengthen your friendship the more.

25) What is the weirdest thing about me?

We all do little things which others tag as weird.

We mostly do weirder things with our friends as we don’t have to behave our best when we are with them.

So, just find out what your friend thinks about the weirdest thing you have done when you’re with them.

26) What’s your hidden talent?

man showing hidden talent

You might be a great bathroom singer, or a great dancer, poet, actor, painter there can be.

It’s very possible that you possess a hidden talent you are so shy to show to the world.

But your best friends know you inside out.

So, let’s check with this best tag question if they know this hidden talent of yours or not.

27) What you will do if you come to know I’ll die tomorrow

This question is a bit of a sadistic kind.

But it will give you an insight into what your friends would feel if they give a thought of losing you forever.

Just ask them to take it sportingly and answer their heart out.

Now let’s move on to some good questions you can ask a friend or a group of your best friends.

101 Questions to Ask Friends

friends laughing

Social situations call for conversations, and more than anything else, it promotes yourself to someone.

Conversations for some can be just like a dolphin jumping back into the sea- with the greatest ease and style.

But others might feel like drowning if they are obligated to kickstart and maintain a conversation for a long time.

Frankly, such grave scenarios can also extend to when you’re thinking about questions to ask friends.

It’s quite a natural thing for people to suffer from social anxiety, and in this age of social media, the number of sufferers seems to be on a rise.

But, don’t fret!

Even the most introverted can find someone they like, or truly relate with.

Such instances give a ray of hope unlike anything else.

So let’s get started with this and share with you the best of the best questions to ask your friends arranged in sections.

Let’s go…

21 Best Questions to Ask Friends

friends talking together

So the following are some of the best questions you can ask your friends.

What shows/movies you actually like?

By asking this question, you’re testing your own compatibility with your friends’.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if your respective tastes don’t match.

What matters is how you’re going to appeal yourself, and if you’re interested enough to engage in what exactly makes their clocks tick.

Where are you working right now?

A rather self-evident question.

It especially seeks to answer one of the primordial inquiries in human social life.

But, remember if he’s your friend or probably will be, you need to show empathy and understanding.

More so than anything, you must actually try to listen to and respect their career trajectories and choices.

What’s your claim to fame?

Another indirect question, not only is it a simple yet interesting question topic, but it also reflects the mindset and philosophies they may possess.

It can also lead to a veritable debate, which may be argued from a multitude of different perspectives at any given time.

Are you interested in sports?

This is a question that especially borders at something personal, but can certainly open a conversation that is engaging and interesting for many.

You could compare the state and politics involved in the sport, recent controversies, triumphs and just about any perspective, which can extend the conversation and help get bonding over this very issue.

Are you into that song?

This also serves a very similar purpose, but you’re focusing upon another culture entirely.

The case and the ensuing conversation could have subjective implications altogether.

What are the things in life you’d rate a 10 out of 10?

This is a question that specifically focuses on one’s universal likings.

But, presenting it in such a way allows for you to avoid nominal clichés, and ensure that the question is presented in an interesting way.

Do you have a skill in mind you might want to master?

Learning what specific skill that one may seek to master can generally indicate the hopes and aspirations one may possess.

Relating to your friends, and learning new things can open up intimacy and relationships even further.

What movie title best describes your life?

Another interesting conversation starter, presenting such an interesting inquiry can engage, interest and relate to your friend in an extremely satisfactory manner.

What’s your ideal room to live in?

Asking for what someone’s room may be like can give a lot of insight, and can open up a lot in the way of making into their personal selves.

What do you wish to know more about?

Questions like do not have a specific aim, except for looking to an interesting subject of discussion that may open up many doors and paths along the way.

Any place you’d particularly like to spend your vacation?

This can serve as effective options the next time you’re planning something in the way of vacation, and you’re looking to make it a resounding success.

What’s your perspective as the best way to start your day?

Starting someone’s day can certainly give interesting tidbits, and can effectively help you learn how people close to you actually live their lives.

There are other questions you can obviously ask, of course.

Most are in line with the reasoning and logic behind the previous ones, but some stand as effective in their own right and have been listed in detail down below.

What’s your dream place/city to actually live in?

What’s your favorite time of the year?

Who in your life are you most inspired by?

Are you in traveling just for fun?

What are your wishes that you still want to see fulfilled?

Is there something that you wish to unlearn in your life?

What’s the farthest place you’ve ever been from home?

What show or channel on TV do you think has no right to exist?

What fad or trend you want to get yourself involved in?

Age you most wish yourself to go back to?

Is there something you really want to form an opinion about?

What is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life?

Is there something you feel should be done in an old-fashioned way?

25 Personal Questions to Ask Your Friends

friends smiling

Personal questions are most definitely a different breed altogether because they present some specific yet interesting conditions.

The case can be a little bit hard for you to follow perfectly since personal questions requires a set level of deep intimacy.

But, you can ask them strategically to get closer to the said person in a very effective.

Think carefully about any question you might want to ask and try to predict if it would trigger an unsolicited response.

Be careful as much as you can!

In five years, where do you think you will find yourself?

An innately personal question can lead you to determine the exact things you may have as a personal perspective over life, and their current state of mind is also revealed in great detail.

What has been the most impactful experience in your life?

Sharing such a momentous thing in someone’s personal life can seem to be a personal question, but it’s certainly interesting to open up a conversation and leading the charge effectively.

Are you close to your parents right now?

Providing this question can lead to a great determinant upon how parents exactly see their children and open up a very affirmative discussion also about the future and the extenuating expectations.

Do you prefer the following heart or your head?

This question marks itself as a personal one, on the basis as it certainly contributes to the overall conversation about determining what the person’s character definition might essentially be.

What did you learn from your last relationship?

Questions of this kind certainly are inquiring something about the personal life of someone.

Of course, there’s a case to be made applying the knowledge gained to one’s own life.

What do you consider yourself thinking before deciding that you’ll commit to a relationship?

This is an extension of the last question or some other question along those lines.

Providing insights into a deep look into the current psyche of the person can put a whole lot of things into perspective.

Do you prefer dating just one person, or you’d like to look all over and weigh your options accordingly?

Questions like these are deeply personal, and someone can get easily offended by them.

But they nevertheless serve an exceptional purpose in terms of determining how you should probably treat your friend.

What are the exact things you’re looking for in a person who can stay with you for the rest of your life?

Personal questions can also border over in terms of something that are extremely deep, and that remains the case to this very end too.

If there was anything, what is that one thing you would change about your past?

Questions like these serve the purpose of fantasizing, something a fruitful and engaging conversation might most definitely possess.

Moreover, there are numerous other personal questions which anyone might seek answering in terms of getting the appropriate response.

They are reflective of someone that you want to get closer to.

Standing here today, what’s the one thing you’d like to change right now and now?

What gives you the most enjoyment among all things that are happening all across your life?

Who will be the first person you’ll first call the moment you get in trouble?

What is the best advice you’ve ever received in life, and where?

What do you think about confession in a relationship?

Do see yourself getting married anytime in the future?

Do you determine your view of someone if they relate any dark secrets to you?

What is the biggest regret in life up until this point in time?

What is the greatest romantic moment in your life?

Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends?

Do you believe in God?

What are your views upon politics at present?

How do you feel about having children?

How long do you take in trusting someone fully?

How’s life at home going for you right now?

Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?

20 Deep Questions to ask a friend

friends talking and laughing

Personal or general questions can generally turn to a subject matter that is quite deep.

You might have experienced it yourself.

At that point, it could be said the talk got a lot more interesting.

If you’re looking for deep questions to ask your friends, the best of them might be the ones you yourself might be aware of.

That way, the effective balance would be maintained and it can certainly contribute to the entire point of talking.

Here are some examples that you can probably draw inspiration from.

If you had to move to a distant land for your entire life, are you actually willing to do it?

Questions like these focus upon reflection, and can a great insight into their current state of life.

What are some things you wish that people might know you for?

This is also based upon reflection and makes a legitimate case for what people actually believe themselves with respect to those who surround them.

Do you believe in the age-old question that life after death is possible?

Questions like these touch on religion, social beliefs, as well as ethics for institutions that depict and support those beliefs, which can be debated endlessly.

If someone tells you that your Significant Other is not good enough for you, would you take a stand or listen?

An intrinsically moral question, it also touches topics that relate to one’s own outlook on life in general.

Do you think passing time actually causes a difference in life?

Questions like this often encapsulate what their viewpoint upon the entire concept of life actually is.

They also reflect a debatable issue about what’s the most appropriate way to lead one’s own life.

What’s your philosophy with all that you’re seeing around yourself?

General questions like these can offer specific talking points, which can also innately make any conversation to become deeper in terms of exploring for what all the things around are all about.

What do you think was the greatest and most advantageous phase of your life?

Putting things into perspective also offers great insight about some point when your friend might look at something differently than from what he experienced at the time.

Are you doing what you’ve always seen yourself doing, or something that you value above all else in your life?

Inquiries can lead to the conversation value of existence, as well as the age-old debate between obligation and the desires which upon being satisfied provide an unparalleled catharsis.

What is the deal breaker for you when it comes to friendships and relationships?

Personal questions can also easily be deep in nature and certainly reflects both personalities, as well as an outlook on life.

The following questions also reveal exactly that and can serve as extremely stimulating and affirmative conversations altogether.

What are your perspectives on the current state of society?

What are the lies you find yourself telling and why?

Do you think the human race can sustain itself realistically?

If you had a kid, how’d you like to raise him/her?

Do you share everything with your partner?

What would you do if your parents had some kind of problem with your partner?

How do you treat your exes, and how do you feel about them?

Do you think you can survive by yourself on your own in a completely deserted place?

If you’d like to take something with you, what are the things that must be included in your list?

Do you actively go out to seek an adrenaline rush for your own self?

What’s a bucket list for your entire life?

35 Weird And Fun Questions to Ask friends

group of friends discussing

In a conversation, however, all the specific paths and challenges followed previously could be essentially thrown completely out of the window.

They are for innate social purposes, and can even serve as the motivation why someone is actually your friend.

Weird questions can throw your friends off guard, make them incredulous, as well as provide for an entertaining back-and-forth conversation.

They can also translate to something that is extremely fun and may pose some great memories within themselves.

In terms of making them real, you could follow anything in your mind.

But, for the sake of your own self if you’re undecided how they actually should be has been recorded in detail below.

What’s the saying you find yourself saying a lot?

People could discover their own habits in some cases but might’ve not realized yet.

What kind of lighting do you prefer, warm-soft or bright-harsh?

This may reveal many things, including what time of day the person prefers to go outside.

What is that shirt you’re wearing?

Pieces of clothing often have great and lengthy stories behind them; learn on the go.

You find yourself on a planet to create an entire civilization and decide its fate. What step do you first take in terms of setting a precedent?

Such speculations can most obviously serve to quench the thirst of imagination and thought.

What idea for a TV Show you’d probably pitch if you’re actually asked to provide one?

Exploring the creative identity of an individual, and expressing them in open with someone who will actively participate might seem a lot of fun.

Suppose at night you’re hearing a faint sound that is not letting you sleep. What do you do next?

Scary situations can often result in something tense, or something too hilarious for you to control yourself.

What would you do if a malevolent historical figure comes in contact with you, but you both find that you two really hit it off?

Speculations again!

But, you could see the entertainment in the randomness of these questions is their innate value across the board.

What do you think if a childhood hero who you still look up to come knocking at your door?

If you had to destroy any musical act, what would it be?

Is there anyone you’d like to punch in the face really hard?

What’d be your superpower if you’re to be granted any wish of your own choosing?

Name the top 5 priorities during a zombie outbreak?

What’d be your first reaction in the case of an actual alien invasion?

How’d you dispose of a dead body completely by yourself?

What’d you do if you went on a limb and fixed a date with the last person you’d expect?

What is something that’ll just look better if you changed the entire color?

When did you last screamed at the top of your lungs and why?

Would you dine in the bath if the opportunity should arise?

Did you ever have a crush upon who is related to someone you’re extremely close to, perhaps your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

What was the last time you smelled the scent of an actual flower?

What was that thing that had the most effect in shattering your masculinity?

What’s the one single thing that you’d like your car to have?

Would you be a government spy if the opportunity should arise?

Is there something in your room you’d not want to be changed even if you die?

What is more preferable, pets or people?

What’s that show that you can’t watch with anyone else?

What’s your guilty pleasure songs?

What thoughts actually bring unto you an innate wave of relaxation and tranquility?

What is, in your opinion, the best combination of colors?

If you had the chance, which animal you’d most probably be?

Do you think that justice should really be a thing when everything is supposed to happen at random?

These questions reflect the level or extent of bond you share with a friend, and more than anything, help to make the friendship bond stronger and more effective.

Video on Best Friend Tag Questions to Ask Your Friends

This fantastic video from iLike highlights some of the most interesting 101 best friend tags questions to ask.



And that was it!

I hope you enjoyed these best friend tags and questions to ask your friends and I know you might have jotted one or two or even more down.

Remember, these tag questions are not any measurement of your friendship or so; these are just to know how much you know each other.

Tag your best friend and the one who scores less has to be punished by doing any odd job, or they will be made liable to take you out for dinner.

So get started TODAY and know your best friends well!

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