How to Deal With Hating Everyone

I hate people

  • Have you ever wondered why you feel utter disgust at the sight of other people?
  • Have you ever said to yourself “I hate people”!
  • Do you think everyone around you is annoying and would rather be by yourself?

Contrary to your thoughts that you are probably the only one who feels this way, many people around the world the same way too.

Since you may not understand why you feel this way about people, check out these reasons:

What Will I Learn?

5 Reasons Why You Hate People


1) They intrude on your privacy

One of the best things about becoming an adult is possessing a personal space where you can be alone and do things on your terms.

Thus, when someone else keeps intruding into this personal space, it is normal for you to hate them.

This can be annoying neighbors playing loud music or your family member or friend that drops by without pre-informing you.

And yes when someone intrudes on your privacy, it almost always hurts.

2) They are different

People come in different colors, races, and personalities.

Dealing with each difference can be jarring especially if you have lived all your life around the same type of people.

You hate people because they don’t look, speak, eat, or behave like you. But one thing you should remember is that you can’t stop that.

People will always act differently no matter what, and that can never change!

3) You feel threatened by them

You think people pose a threat to your personal safety because of their kind of lifestyle or you could believe they also hate you and would be inclined to harm you.

It can be very painful or hurtful, and this is one of the most common reasons why I hate people in the past too.

4) You are a narcissist

You hate people because you think you are the only important person in the world. You are in love with yourself and do not like the crowding from other people.

And this is something, I believe, that affects many people in the world today.

Love of self is the main reason why people hate each other, and it’s prevalent especially here in the United States.

5) You are transferring aggression

You may be going through a rough patch in your life and transferring all the anger and frustration you feel towards the people around you.

Transferring anger is the easiest thing to do, and that’s why you see people today blaming others for their problems or mistakes instead of blaming themselves.

Having so much hate inside of you is not healthy, and you are likely looking for ways to stop feeling like that.

Here are practical methods on how to stop hating everyone. 

How to Stop Hating People: 17 Effective Ways

1) Open up your mind

When your perspective is limited, you will not welcome new people into your life.

You will easily have unfounded biases about people even before you interact with them.

Broaden your mind by traveling to different locations or if that is too much for your budget, travel through your mind by reading about various places.

You have to be open-minded to stop hating everyone around you.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but common, nothing good comes easy.

So go out there and explore places, meet new people, participate in forums, and community projects.

By so doing, you’ll get on easily with almost anyone, and your hatred for humanity will vanish.

2) Improve your interpersonal relations

Make an effort to improve your interpersonal relationships. Do not close yourself off to others.

Try to say hi to your neighbors and put a smile on your face even when you don’t feel like it.

Take your calendar out and mark out dates you’d like to visit someone and have an avid conversation with them.

It could be your close friends (if you have any), family members, relatives, or even workmates.

3) Stop making the world all about you

Stop thinking the world revolves only around you.

That’s classic narcissistic behavior.

While it is good to love yourself, don’t be so into yourself that no other person matters.

It’s always good to show personal interest in others and in fact, doing so will open up fantastic opportunities to meet new people.

Self-love is good when done moderately. But it becomes a problem when it gets out of hand. So you don’t want to love yourself to a fault.

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4) Learn how to forgive

You may be quick to chant ‘I hate everyone!’ but fail to admit that it started because someone you held dear hurt you real bad.

It is harder to forgive such hurts when the person who wronged you doesn’t even show any remorse.

By forgiving, you will be helping yourself rise above hate and bitterness.

If you don’t forgive, you become embittered. And when you’re embittered, it fosters hatred. Extreme hatred almost always leads to severe or acute anger.

That’s when the following happens;

  • You hate yourself
  • Leading to extreme depression
  • Then you hate people around
  • Suicidal thoughts surfaces
  • And thoughts of murder also surfaces

5) Do not have unreasonable expectations

When you have high expectations of others, you are likely to get disappointed.

You should realize that nobody is perfect and people cannot always measure up to your expectations.

If you stop having unreasonable expectations of others, you will be able to stop hating people when they fall short.

It is quite challenging to set reasonable expectations because our minds are set by default to crave for great things.

And when you fail to get those, we start hating on others who play a role in your failure.

But it’s time to find the courage and start setting reasonable targets and expectations not just for yourself but for others.

6) Let your guard down a little

The world is not out to get you.

You can let your guard down and not always be suspicious of others.

Suspicion can seem like a minor emotion, but when it festers, it can develop into full-blown hate toward who you are wary of.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be suspicious of others whom you believe are trying to harm or hurt you.

What I’m saying is you shouldn’t be suspicious of everyone you meet.

Common, everyone is not a criminal, or murderer, or thief.

So let your guard down sometimes is the way to go if you want to stop hating on people.

7) Establish boundaries to prevent hurt

Just because you want to stop hating people doesn’t mean you have to open yourself up to people with no limitations.

That would only make you hate people who may take advantage of you more. Establishing boundaries is the best thing to do anywhere and everywhere you go.

It almost always works!

It’ll help you steer clear off dangerous people who would try to take advantage of you.

8) Get to the root of the hate

There is a chance you MAY not stop hating people even after considering all the points mentioned in this article (and I hope such doesn’t happen).

Thus, you need to really reach deep inside of you to find out why.

It could be from abusive situations as a child, and those memories could have been suppressed.

Child abuse is one of the many reasons why some people almost instantly hate anyone they come in contact with.

So you really do have to sit down and think real hard on why you hate people and see if you can come up with the real cause.

9) Treat each person per case

Some people are genuinely unlovable, and there is every just reason to hate them.

But you should not use that standard to judge everyone around you.

Treat each person as a separate case.

You may not be able to love everyone, but you should not have to hate everybody. It can be quite challenging to do when you’ve met with a few people who betray your trust.

But the truth is, you have to trust someone. You just have to trust someone!

But to effectively do that, you have to be very selective of the people you call your friends. It’s always better to keep your friend’s circle tight.

Try it, and you’ll see a marked difference.

10) Learn effective communication

One of the most effective strategies of communication is listening.

Learn to listen to others.

You might just discover so many lovable traits that you never took time to notice before.

Effective communication is incredibly essential in dealing with almost any human on this planet.

Someone you think or feel might be very rude or unreasonable, may end up being the nicest person you’ve ever come across just by being a great listener and an effective communicator.

11) Work on yourself

You will have to convince yourself that you want to stop hating people.

If you are not being deliberate about changing that part of you, it will not go away all by itself.

I know it ain’t easy to do. But you’ve got to.

12) Seek professional counseling

Hating people without any identifiable reason can have roots in a mental health problem.

Do not be afraid to seek professional help.

This could save you from afar worse outcomes.

There are many professional psychologists all over America.

So go out there and find a good one closest to you.

13) Fix previous sour relationships

Sometimes, when relationships end and you don’t gain closure over it, the ill feelings you carry with you can take over your life.

So, you should try to revisit past relationships that went sour and see if things can be fixed.

It may seem like an uphill task, but it’s not.

What you have to do is jot down previous relationships that did not end right and try as much as you can (if possible) to fix them.

It can go a long way in helping you become peaceable with everyone.

14) Let go of resentment

You cannot afford to hold on to resentment from the past.

This is the principal ingredient that feeds and grows hate.

While you don’t have to open yourself up to reconnect with someone who hurt badly, you will need to let go of the resentment to get past the hate.

Holding on to grudges for a long time is the surest way to hate people.

When someone offends, let go of it as soon as possible. Do not let it linger in your mind and quit thinking about the offense.

It can be quite a struggle, but it’ll eventually pay off.

15) Surround yourself with positivity

If you surround yourself with negative images about how people are terrible and unworthy, you will continue to hate everyone.

Instead, replace those negative images with positive ones such as that of people doing good things to help others.

That also means you should surround yourself with positive-minded individuals who are going to help you become a better and more social person.

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16) Join a club

You can’t get over hate for others by always keeping to yourself. The best way to start liking people is to create more avenues for interaction.

You can join a sport or social club where you can meet people with similar interests.

This shouldn’t be taken for granted.

When you mingle with like-minded individuals, it helps you get rid of your hate for people. Moreover, you’ll become lovable, reasonable, kind, forgiven, and happy.

So go look for a great social club in your area and sign up with them.

17) Believe in the uniqueness of every human being

To totally get rid of your hatred of humanity, you have to accept that each human being is an amazing creation.

Dwell on the design of each person; both physical and internal and marvel at how unique everyone is.

In the end, you will be able to let go of hate and appreciate people just as you value a masterpiece artwork.

In Conclusion…

Being in good terms with everyone is not easy, and I’m not even suggesting you do that.

Sometimes, you can’t get on well with a particular person or people due to one reason or the other no matter how hard you try.

That’s understandable.

But do not let that stop you from being friendly with people around you. Hatred kills faster than anything.

I sincerely hope that these tips I highlighted will go a long way in helping stop hating people and be peaceable with them.

So go apply these tips and do not say “I hate people” again?

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