Alcoholic and Recovery Dating Sites – Best Apps to Meet Sober Singles

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Winning the sobriety battle is a big landmark for anyone.

Staying sober is even more so. It is no surprise that sober dating is very much in demand.

Sober singles would wish to meet others in the sober community. Such connections do go a long way in supporting a mutual healthy lifestyle.

Like Anonymous communities, a supportive recovery community is essential for staying sober.

This helps to foster committed relationships that can translate to deeper bonds. This is where sober dating sites play a very important role.

They help bring other sober dating communities on a common platform.

Understanding is vital for sober individuals, and this calls for dedicated sober dating websites.

It is expected that these dating sites will provide the opening that newly sober people need to look for bonding with others similar to them.

This is where they get maximum support in their new way of life and inspiration to stay sober.

What Will I Learn?

10 Sober Dating Sites (Free & Paid)

Listed here are some of the best sober dating sites.

Not all of them are exclusively for sober individuals. Such dating sites find mentioned here because of their extensive user base and refined search algorithms.

We have chosen some general dating sites and others specifically targeted sobers and recovery.

1) eHarmony


One of the most popular and successful dating sites worldwide is eHarmony.

Sheer numbers of registered users prove the efficacy of its matchmaking algorithm.

The site claims a staggering 400 marriages daily.

While this portal is for all categories of users, the efficient matching function is designed to refine choices.

This helps sober singles to choose from the dating pool.

In its own way, eHarmony promotes a healthy community that is for those looking for serious connections rather than mere casual dating.

The thing about eHarmony is its approach towards online dating. Users here are all looking for lasting relationships.

Compatibility is important for that which is why this leading website uses science-based research in its algorithm.

The site has also introduced video dates for its premium members, allowing for more intimate interactions between people.

It is little wonder that this is one of the most preferred sites for dating for any group or community.

2) EliteSingles

elite singles

Although not conventionally one of the sober dating websites, Elite Singles holds a prime position among those looking for sober relationships and great dating life.

Extensive memberships spanning all groups looking for online dating means that there are many sober men and sober women here.

Their special Personality Test ensures a better match for each user.

This site takes user privacy and safety very seriously.

There are firewalls to keep out fake profiles and data private. This site is for those individuals looking for serious connections rather than frivolous ones.

The site is designed to be user-friendly.

A superior algorithm here fine-tunes matching parameters, giving high success rates.

Professionals use this premier online dating site also comes in app form.

3) 12 Step Match

Like the name says, this site finds matches among different people in a unique 12-step approach.

Whether one is looking for casual dates or meaningful relationships, 12 Step Match has solutions for everyone.

This original sober dating site offers free registration to sobers in recovery.

A sober date that passes the 12-step process should produce a more satisfactory match by logic; indeed, that is what users report.

This dating site offers free membership to users, opening up doors to connect. One may search by zip code, city, or country from its extensive database of users.

The focus is on sobriety and it is recommended that only those who have been sober for more than a year register for finding love on this website.

There are many in-person events on the site that create more avenues for real-time interactions and friendships.

Meticulous matching is also to ensure genuine profiles and a pleasant dating experience.

4) Sober Singles Date


Staying sober is a wonderful achievement; there is no better way to celebrate than to find sober love.

Only a person who has been through the same tribulations can truly appreciate the self-control needed to stay clean.

The site offers different categories of connections that people might be looking for, be it just friendship or something more serious in terms of a lasting relationship.

This website is popular for dating among the big sober community worldwide. The aim is to have a secure place where sober singles can meet and mingle.

This site also has its app version that many prefer to use.

There is video chatting available for premium members.

The site also features an admin blog that discusses issues and problems that sober singles might encounter in their search for a suitable partner.

5) AA Dating Service

AA Dating Service has been created with the specific purpose of giving sober singles a chance of connecting.

This site makes people feel comfortable as part of an established recovery community.

AA Dating Service is not only for those recovering from alcohol addiction. It is also for matches with those who have had a brush with Narcotics Anonymous.

Despite being a relatively new kid on the block of online dating for sober singles, it has notched up many members.

The site is easy to navigate and free membership is its most attractive point.

Users opting for paid membership are eligible for one-on-one support to stay sober and motivated.

6) Sober Dating Service

Sober Dating Service is a dating site exclusively for sober people seeking lasting companionship and friendship.

This site has everything going for its users like any normal dating site. Staying clean and dating has never been more sorted than here.

Joining in is free on this like other sober dating websites.

This provides users to avail themselves of basic facilities like creating a profile.

Other services include being able to send messages to like-minded individuals who you feel might fit into your mindset and way of life.

With their attractive site design and navigation, newly sober people can look for similar partners irrespective of sexual orientation.

One may also choose to go for date drinks if the partner is so willing.

There is a chat room service to get in touch with recovering addicts.

With an empathetic and understanding approach towards others trying to stay off addiction and remain clean, this site has it all going.

It is helping people in recovery to return to the social scene in the most normal manner possible.

7) (Discontinued)

One of the foremost dating apps for great online dating, this app is designed with mobile users in mind.

With a change in user profile and preferences, many dating sites has adapted to the mobile app form. is not an OG dating site.

It has been conceptualized in app form exclusively. goes out of its way to protect user privacy. This is because one of the founders is undergoing recovery and understands the need for privacy best.

No wonder sober men meet their match here with ease.

Each user can create a virtual avatar to further protect privacy.

There are discussions on recovery programs on this site related to sober relationships. There is a bias-free and comfortable vibe to this app.

It is ideal for those users who love their gadgets. is one of the coolest dating apps around and there is a lot of traffic going its way.

8) Love in Recovery

  • Are you a sober single looking for a partner who has a similar mindset?
  • Are you also someone who is recovering from addiction and unsure of finding a supporting partner for the future?

You are sure to find common ground among fellow sober folks, from how to stay that way to tips about effective alcohol mixing.

Recovery is a very important part of getting a former addict into the mainstream.

It is also important to find a supportive partner during this time.

Recovering addicts also seek genuine love during this time. This is exactly what Love in Recovery is all about. 

This site supports a recovery program for users.

This can be a very effective tool for getting alcohol addiction completely out of former addicts and help them stay sober.

This relatively new dating site follows a 12-step method to get a fitting match.

While there is a free profile offer, advanced services need a paid subscription.

9) Match


Match is not a dating site for sobers exclusively.

However, it has among its multitude of users many such who are looking for a sober person. This might be because they have themselves been there and feel a kinship with such people.

Some might have been with Alcoholics Anonymous, which can be another binding factor when looking for the same lifestyle.

This popular dating service has always brought in new concepts for the dating pool on the online dating scene.

Match is also a leading dating app, making it popular with users.

Additionally, there are events galore for members.

Advanced filters ensure a great online dating experience. This is one case of an OG dating site that has done well on both platforms.

10) Zoosk


Zoosk is another example of a general dating site that also helps sober singles date. Due to its large user base, there are people of global reach that one may meet.

Needless to say, there are many sober singles to be found here.

Dating provisions for sober individuals is a nice segment of dating sites worldwide now. There are other members here other than sober ones.

What we mean is that this is a general dating site that also works very well for those seeking sober or recovery partners.

Users get the advantage of picture verification here to cut out fake users and related problems. The ease of using this site is one of its big pluses.

This kind of platform not only opens up users to all kinds of communities and ethnicities but also widens the base from which sobers and recovering people may choose their partners.

What to Expect on a Sober Dating Site

Dating for sober individuals is serious business. It is about sober people looking to connect through online dating sites.

There is a profusion of dating sites to be found on the internet. Which of these is good for the sobers will depend upon some factors listed below:

  • Like-minded individuals looking at dating sober recovered people.
  • Users looking for free sober dating sites that will provide search services.
  • A dating portal that helps organize sober events.
  • A website for sober individuals that also comes in the form of dating apps.
  • Users much appreciate dating tips.
  • Sober relationship portals that provide matches irrespective of sexual orientation.
  • Picture verification for purposes of eliminating fake profiles.
  • Is there a video chat feature on the portal?
  • Whether the particular website is part of Online Connections immediately opens up their profile to many other affiliated dating sites worldwide.
  • Support and monitoring of recovery programs to help maintain a sober lifestyle.

Popular sober dating apps

Some of the best sober dating sites are what they are because they have introduced sober dating apps.

A dating app is a very useful tool that singles use to find a matching partner.

It is on the go and one can always stay connected.

It is safe to say that the top sober dating websites have an app form for their users. If you are looking for a reliable sober dating app, read on:

  • Loosid.
  • Single and Sober.
  • Love in Recovery.
  • MeetMindful.
  • SoberGrid.
  • 12 Step Match.
  • Clean and Sober Love.
  • Hinge.

For those wishing to connect with another sober person on the move, these are some of the sober dating apps to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a sober dating site?

Among the multitude of dating portals on the internet, there are many for the sobers. These are popular among sober people who are looking to begin a new life of sobriety and companionship.

Single and Sober and Clean and Sober are popular ones that sober individuals like to frequent in search of dates.

Where do sober singles meet?

There are multiple sober portals and apps where sober singles can look for a compatible partner. Sites like Loosid, Sober Singles Date, and Love in Recovery are great sites where sobers can date.

Is there a recovery dating app?

Yes, indeed there is a specific recovery dating app for those looking for people in similar circumstances. Love in Recovery is for all those sober individuals who wish to stay sober.

Many other leading sober dating sites also come in app form these days in keeping with current trends.

Which free dating site is best for serious relationships?

If you talk of user experiences for the best sober dating websites, eHarmony is among the top voted.

This is not only good for sober relationships but for any person looking for a serious relationship. One may sign up here as well as send messages to other members for free.

Premium services are on a paid basis.