21 Signs He Will Come Back After Break Up

Signs your ex will eventually come back

So, how do you know if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will return after a breakup?

This article provides 23 signs to look out for.

If your ex displays some of these signs, be ready to get him back into your life as he’s dying to be with you and feels miserable being alone or with another girl.

So, are you ready?

Let’s get right into it…

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How to Know if Your Ex Will Come Back

Take note of the following signs…

1) He’s curious to know whether you’re seeing someone else

If your ex is eager to know whether you’re dating someone else already, he still cares about returning to you.

He would be relieved to know you’re not already dating another person.

Early on, he’ll show signs that he doesn’t want you to break his heart by seeing someone else by sending mixed signals suggesting he might just need a break and doesn’t want to lose you to another guy.

And this will make him hasten his decision to try to get you back as soon as possible.

2) He begins to stalk you

Stalking may not be a perfect social behavior from your ex, but it’s a clear sign that he wants something from you, and the breakup is temporary.

Your ex may stalk you after a breakup because he wants you back but doesn’t know how to go about it the right way, or he is a little ego-stricken.

You may have a serious issue at hand dealing with a stalking ex. A case of Obsessive Love Disorder can be annoying and challenging to deal with.

If he is hyper stalking you, you’ll notice that;

  • He won’t stop calling and texting, and he would even send streams of emails.
  • He’d find it difficult to socialize. Maybe your inability to find someone else is why he’s more obsessed with you and is scared of losing you.
  • He acts in an insecure way
  • He would likely go out of his way to ensure you’re not making out with someone else.
  • He may also show signs of low self-esteem.

Your ex may show serious anxiety about losing you.

While this might signal that he wants you back, make sure he doesn’t go overboard with him.

One way to do this is to confront him and tell him to be 100 about his feelings and say what’s on his mind.

If he’s really serious about getting you back, he‘ll open up and pour out his feelings and emotions.

3) He maintains a Positive Social Media Interaction with you

There is a difference between stalking on social media and sensible social media connections.

A positive social media behavior might include;

  • Posting social media updates that will bring out the best feeling in you.
  • Sending text messages to you that you cannot possibly ignore.
  • Sharing appropriate memories about what you both care about.
  • Staying engaged at what you’re posting online.
  • He would be the best to react to posts you make online.

Your ex’s positive social media interaction might tell you that he’s interested in you. It’s even better if he doesn’t show desperation or any inappropriate behavior.

His communication will tend to address the reasons why you broke up in the first place.

4) He returns your calls timely

There is a good chance that your ex wants to have you back in his life if he maintains good communication with you.

If your ex calls back every time he misses your call, it shows that he cares about you.

5) He shares memories that you like

There are many ways your ex may choose to share memories with you.

  • Your ex may text you memories that you share.
  • He may use messaging and social media apps to share photos about memories that could start conversations.
  • When he meets you and has the opportunity to have a chat, it will be about attracting you back.

He’ll leave hints that he’s interested in getting back to you while sharing these memories.

You should try to see the whole attitude of your ex after sharing lovely memories.

It’s not enough that he has expressed he enjoyed the past with you…

…wait until he follows up with messages that show that he’s considering a future with you.

If you believe he’s changed and he shows signs that he still loves you, it’s a clear sign that you and your ex will get back together.

6) He refuses to let you move all your things from the house

When he keeps your things in his house, it might mean he’s not willing to let you go finally.

So, you shouldn’t be too surprised that your ex is keeping something like your photographs or other little things.

Also, keeping some of your belongings might be a way for him to always have you on his mind.

Maybe you should ask why he intends to keep some of your stuff.

Asking questions like this might give you more clues as to whether he will eventually come back to you or if the breakup is final.

7) He would want to visit you in person

If your ex wants to restart the relationship, he’d likely ask for a meeting to discuss things.

Or he’ll be willing to come all the way to visit you.

But before initiating the rendezvous point, he’d most likely;

  • Try to create rapport with you.
  • Decide to create a good impression of himself so you’ll agree to meet with him.
  • Likely to respond to the way you respond to his invitation. He’ll either come closer to you or go farther away from you, depending on how you respond to him.

Whether you’re married or not, mutual benefits and things you share in common will likely bring you both together.

So you might expect your ex to create situations where he’ll ask you to do him a little favor.

A physical, face-to-face conversation/interaction is way better than phone calls and text messages, and asking to meet with you shows that he’s confident to address the issue at hand.

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8) He makes frequent calls

Guy making a phone call

This is a perfect, clear-like Sunday morning sign that your ex wants you back in his life.

More calls from him might signal the beginning of his growing but gradual interest in you again.

I’ve seen this often happen and almost always lead to both couples getting back together.

9) He sends text messages frequently

Same as the previous point but with a little difference.

Just like calling, your ex sending texts can show his revived interest in you. And you can get more insights into his intentions if you keep communicating.

Also know that you can influence your ex’s decision by communicating with him.

It’s a good sign that your ex will eventually come back if his text messages convince you that he’s changed.

Also, if his texts bring back your passion and challenge you, give the relationship another chance.

10) When mutual friends and relatives think you two should be together

People around us tend to provide support and can also influence our decisions to a large extent.

Even though you may be far apart, proxy negotiations can make a difference.

If mutual friends hear your troubles and think you can fix the relationship, you MIGHT have a good chance to make it work.

Mutual friends can act as a cushion between you and your partner in times of conflict.

You’d have a better chance of getting back with your ex if your friends talked to him about reconciliation.

If he admits his wrongs and is willing to address the cause of the breakup, that’s the clincher!

You don’t need another sign, sweety! Let him in!

Why this is a great sign because when people get involved, you and your ex are more likely to swallow up your pride and accept to fix the relationship.

Good communication between the both of you can start again.

11) He responds to your demands and tries to please you

If your ex is smart enough, he would have realized that he has a problem and needs to fix it.

After all, about 50% of all couples that reunite after a breakup do so because they believe that their partners have changed for the better.

If your ex truly wants you back, he’ll be willing to please you and show signs that he is a changed person.

You may observe a clear change in how he listens to you. He may also allow you to talk and express yourself more than before.

Watch out for your ex’s better social behaviors instead of not caring at all.

12) He’ll try to make you jealous

Not surprisingly, your ex might just succeed in making you accept him by trying to make you feel jealous.

He may plan events that will make him look more attractive and would make other ladies want to be with him.

It’s normal to be attracted to someone that other people like.

The strategy to make you jealous is common in many relationship situations.

But if he’ll eventually come to you, you’ll have to make yourself the focus of the whole drama.

You can expect your ex to somehow show that other ladies highly desire him.

And then you can bet that he’ll make some kind of move to attract you after his “make jealous” strategy.

13) He’s seriously addressing the issues that caused the breakup

Everything you’ve experienced together before the breakup points to the fact that he loves you dearly.

It had come as a surprise that he asked for a break. It sounds a bit scary, right?

But it happens sometimes.

You just feel that he’s got you, but he might need some space to consider the relationship’s future.

But will you have the same luxury of taking a kind of break in the relationship?

Realistically, taking a break when dating has got to be way different than when you’re married.

You would have to consider your experience together and the most recent circumstances around your ex asking for a break.

It’d be nice if taking a break might be the case in your relationship.

An Expert Opinion

A New York-based psychologist, Kristin Davin in an interview at HuffPost’s article responding to the question of whether taking a break is a good idea, said “many couples get back together again.”

Kristin Davin suggested that taking a break might be “much more problematic” when couples don’t address underlying issues in the relationship.

Of course, you must ensure that you address the causes of problems in your relationship before moving on.

14) He doesn’t want you to date someone else

Your ex may have asked for a break but will eventually return to you.

During the break, there may be uncertainties about your future together.

Breaks could be a defining moment in your relationship, but it’ll be a better sign for you if he did not say something like, “feel free to date someone else.”

A clear sign that he’d come back to you is that he’ll be somewhat overprotective. By any means possible, he’ll not let you date someone else.

15) He cunningly tries to make you stay longer with him after you separate

Romantic relationships can be complicated. Many conditions can make your partner turn cold and then sneak back in.

For instance, an ex who has refused to commit fully to you will find it hard to lose you but will eventually come begging.

He might want to enjoy the romance and the friendship, but other ideas might be standing in his way.

These unique signs might be seen:

  • Your ex may not be decisive about the future of the relationship.
  • You’ll have separation and get back together a few times.
  • You used to have great chemistry, but then there was a lack of stability. There is an urgent need for complete commitment in the relationship and you’re considering moving on.
  • You hardly talk about the problems in your relationship, but you end up moving on.
  • Do you often use hot settlement sex instead of addressing underlying issues that cause the conflicts?

If any of the cases above is you and your man just knows how to make a comeback, you can learn how to make him decide once and for all.

It’s not easy to make this type of ex stay, but experts can give very useful tips to help you end a cycle of breaking up and reconciliation.

16) He says he’s finding ways to fix your relationship

If your ex suggests retreats for both of you, it might mean a greater willingness to have a go at reuniting with you.

Your ex may believe that things turned sour because of your and his deficiencies, and he may want to fix it.

As is the case, most times, some form of change is made to achieve reconciliation after a breakup.

At least before accepting your ex, you would believe that he has changed in some ways.

So, it’s instinctive for your ex to try to convince you that he’s making efforts to fix himself emotionally and mentally.

He could engage in some relationship programs to have better skills in managing his relationship with you.

It’s likely for your ex to sign up for marriage therapy or related courses and try to make it work if he intends to come back to you.

17) He assures you that he’s got your back

You may have been separated for a long time, but if there’s a chance or opportunity to help you, he’ll assure you that you can trust him to help.

If he’s not dating anyone yet and keeps a great relationship with you, he will likely come back to you soon.

After you’re no longer living together, you may run into some situations that demand some kind of support from your ex.

A good sign that you’ll have a future together is when he’s ever ready to help.

If your ex shows a positive attitude to protecting you and lends a helping hand, he may eventually return to you.

It also means that you and your ex are meant to be.

18) He apologizes for his mistakes after the breakup

Your ex may have acted as if everything was alright in the earlier stages of the breakup but he’d regret it sooner.

If he’s showing many signs that he regrets

the breakup and misses you, he might eventually ask to come back to you.

If your ex is not arrogant, he’ll freely apologize.

Most couples that return after a breakup do so because of tolerance and the ability to give their ex a second chance.

Most relationships survive when the partners apologize when they make mistakes. In the same way, you can get back with your ex again if you accept his apologies.

19) He’ll become more interested in you again

If your ex suddenly begins to notice you again, it’s a sign that he’s willing to come back to you.

While it’s a good sign that he wants you back, you should not let him easily have his way into your life.

If he does not try to win you over again, chances are that he’ll take you for granted again.

When you’re ready to date again, your outward appearance may improve significantly than before the breakup.

Your changes may make your ex develop a renewed interest in you again.

You may notice several ways that he’ll show interest in you.

For example;

  • The calls begin to come in more frequently.
  • He may become more expressive, and more compliments may roll in for you.
  • Your ex may try harder to woo you.
  • He may act nicer and try to impress you.
  • He may promise to be better than he was in the past with you.

While a renewed interest may show a clear intention to get back together, it could mean that he only wants to be friends with you again.

20) He’ll ask friends and families about You

A common sign you may observe when your ex wants you back is that he’ll reach out to your mutual friends to get to you.

Your ex may take advantage of the relationships with your friends, knowing that they’re special to you and they can make a difference.

It will take no much time before you realize that your ex is reaching out to your friends and asking about you.

If you’ve refused to contact your ex, he’ll hope that will change soon with the help of your friends or families.

Your ex will try to make words reach you in proxy, among other ways, to show that he still cares and want you back.

He may even try to use your friends to convince you, but you don’t have to be forced to decide whether to accept him back.

21) He’s positive and excited about meet-ups with you

When there’s anything to bring you both together, he’ll sound excited about it and look forward to having a moment with you.

You may want to see more signs that he wants you before accepting him back. Don’t worry so much because his true intentions will not be too difficult to know.

A positive attitude from him about the relationship can easily be contagious.

And soon, you may begin to feel more positive about seeing him, just like he was happy to meet with you.

It should be good to get back with your ex if you both loved each other deeply, but a little hitch separated you.

You and your partner may be expecting to be together again.

Being positive may not mean he’ll accept your proposals to the letter. But he’ll try to reach an agreement showing he’s willing to save the relationship.

He’ll look forward to seeing you if he cares to return to you.

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In Conclusion…

Based on experiences and studies, we have seen both clear and subtle signs that your ex could want you back.

Your ex may want to come back, but it’s left for you to interpret these signs and make sense of his intentions.

It’s advisable to ensure that you don’t get taken for granted if you accept your ex again.

Hopefully, this article has helped you know the signs to look out for from your ex and a tip on how to respond well.


How do you know if your ex-boyfriend will come back?

Here are the signs again;

  • He’s curious to know whether you’re seeing someone else
  • He begins to stalk you
  • He maintains a positive social media Interaction with you
  • He returns your calls timely
  • He shares memories that you like
  • He refuses to let you move all your things from the house
  • He would want to visit you in person
  • He makes frequent calls
  • He sends text messages frequently
  • When mutual friends and relatives think you two should be together
  • He responds to your demands and tries to please you
  • He’ll try to make you jealous
  • He’s seriously addressing the issues that caused the breakup
  • He doesn’t want you to date someone else
  • He cunningly tries to make you stay longer with him after you separate
  • He says he’s finding ways to fix your relationship
  • He assures you that he’s got your back
  • He apologizes for his mistakes after the breakup
  • He’ll become more interested in you again
  • He’ll ask friends and families about you
  • He’s positive and excited about meet-ups with you

So get out and use them!

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