How Do You Tell if Your Husband is Attracted to Another Woman

Signs your husband is attracted to another woman

  • Does my husband fancy another woman?
  • How do you tell if your husband is interested in another woman?
  • How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?
  • My husband is talking to another woman – what should I do?

This article will give you the answers to these questions and more…

You see, men don’t just wake up one morning and decide to cheat on their spouses.

They must have been thinking about doing it for a while.

They could have fantasized for some days or weeks before deciding to put it into action.

In a marriage, it is completely normal for either of the partners to have attractions outside of their relationship.

You can find someone attractive at your workplace or a famous place you visit often.

Nevertheless, there is a significant distinction between crushing on someone and cheating.

The normality of attraction to other people in a relationship should be acknowledged.

It is not possible for you to completely ignore others and not like one or a few things about them.

Whether you are fully in love or engaged, few attractions will still be by your side.

So, it is completely normal to feel attracted to other men or women, but what makes the difference is the magnitude of the attraction.

If you feel your spouse is finding someone else attractive, you should be attentive to the following signs.

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How to Tell if Your Husband is Attracted to Another Woman – Signs to Watch Out For

Even when both husband and wife are completely committed to their marriage, maintaining a relationship can be very difficult as you will face many challenges.

Whether you are experiencing a bad day or don’t feel so loved by your spouse any longer, you will begin to feel the distance between you guys.

Getting ignored by your husband or wife is very harmful to your relationship.

  • However, how can you tell if your man is actually avoiding you or you guys are just having an off day?
  • How can you tell if your spouse is getting attraction to another lady outside?

The indications are not usually hard to spot; so, be vigilant and beware of these common signs indicating that your man may be getting attraction from somebody else.

Behold the Change in Behavior

Watch closely for any unusual shifts in your husband’s demeanor.

Has he become more attentive, excited, or nervous when a specific woman is around?

Such behavioral alterations can speak volumes about where his heart might be wandering.

  • Increased focus and attention: Your husband may start paying more attention to a particular woman, showing a heightened interest in her activities, opinions, or appearance.
  • Decreased interest in you: If your husband becomes emotionally or physically distant, showing less interest in spending time with you, communicating, or engaging in intimate activities, it could be a sign of attraction towards someone else.
  • Secretive behavior: He may become more secretive about his phone, computer, or personal belongings, guarding them closely or keeping them out of your sight.
  • Sudden changes in appearance: Your husband might begin paying more attention to his grooming, style, or overall appearance, possibly to impress someone else.
  • Increased defensiveness: When questioned about his actions or spending time with a specific woman, he may become defensive, avoiding direct answers or becoming evasive.
  • Unusual excitement or nervousness: If your husband seems unusually excited or nervous when talking about or spending time with a particular woman, it may indicate an attraction.

1) Your Husband Constantly Talks About Her

Unconsciously, he brings up her name while having a conversation with you.

Despite your lack of complaints, he attempts to assure you that she isn’t a threat to your marriage and tries to defend himself by being a caring gentleman.

He always has excuses as to why he must communicate with her.

2) His Phone Becomes More Personal

When he finds someone else attractive, he spends more time with his phone at night and hardly ever drops the phone where you might get a hold of it.

His phone is always in his hands or pockets, and he excuses himself whenever he needs to receive calls.

Something happens when your man erases call logs and deletes messages from his phone.

3) He Shows Less Interest in You

Is there a growing emotional gap between the two of you?

Does it feel like intimacy and quality time have taken a backseat?

If your husband seems less interested in connecting with you on an emotional level, it’s worth investigating whether his attention has been captured elsewhere.

If your man is receiving romantic attraction from someone else outside, he starts to pay less attention to you, and the affection and romance he usually showers you with will reduce.

You will start feeling a weaker connection between you two.

4) Always Ready to Help Her Out

Take note if your husband lavishes another woman with constant compliments and unwarranted attention.

Is he going out of his way to impress or please her? Such behavior could indicate a magnetic attraction that’s hard to ignore.

He is always willing to help with favors, ranging from little to very significant.

He always justifies why he must assist her and attempts to portray himself as being kind and caring in a friendly manner.

5) He Hides His Bills and Receipts

The stuff he doesn’t hide from you before, he starts to hide from you since.

His bank statements, bill, and receipts become more personal to him.

If you are lucky enough to go through the bills and receipts and you confront him about an unfamiliar bill or receipt which he possesses, he always gives a perfect explanation.

And if not, he will blame you for mistrusting and searching for his stuff rather than providing you with a direct answer.

6) He Becomes Edgy and Defensive

When you express concerns or ask questions about his relationship with a specific woman, does he react defensively or evade the subject altogether?

Defensiveness can often be a shield against an uncomfortable truth or a guilty conscience.

7) He Avoids Intimacy with You

When he starts feeling attracted to someone else, he tries to avoid kissing you or even having sex with you.

His mind becomes sexually occupied with someone else feelings and needs space from you.

8) New Way of Dressing

Suddenly, he has transformed the way he dresses and starts putting on things he doesn’t use before.

Perhaps he doesn’t like sunshades, and suddenly, he starts using it; he could be attempting to gain someone’s attention.

It would help if you tried to discover what’s going on.

9) Sudden Increase in Work Dedication

If your man starts leaving extremely early for work or staying very late at work, a pretty female coworker might be keeping him around.

Sometimes if you question this change in work attitude, he will probably reply angrily that you had better quit being paranoid and be more supportive.

10) He Lies About His Whereabouts

One of the indications that your man may be receiving attraction outside is when he can’t be found where he claimed to be or he begins to take much time to do anything outside the house.

Men lie about their whereabouts when they start engaging in secretive activities.

11) He Queries Your Loyalty

Realizing how easily one can simply get attracted to someone else, he could become over-jealous.

Because he is seeing someone outside doesn’t indicate he is ready to allow you to leave.

He still wants you around and would feel hurt if he saw you with someone else.

Guilt, at times, can make him question your loyalty.

12) He Downloads Much of Her Photos

When you notice many pictures of a particular lady on your partner’s phone, it’s obvious that he is attracted to her.

His phone or computer becomes filled with pictures of the lady.

13) He Stalks Her Social Media Accounts

When men find you gorgeous and wouldn’t mind having a relationship with you, they start to like every of your Instagram pictures and make flirty comments on your pictures.

Most especially if your husband doesn’t interact with your pictures…

…then you should investigate it as he has just found a new woman she’s obsessed with.

14) He Avoids You

Men don’t just wake up one day and change completely; it is usually a slow process.

You start to notice that your husband, who loves to spend the whole day with you, is avoiding you little by little.

He begins to ignore your calls whenever he’s not home at the right time.

15) He Freely Flirts with Other Ladies in Your Presence

You and your husband might go out together, and then he comes across someone he has had feelings for…

Then he begins to touch her freely and flirts with her even in your presence.

After a while, he attempts to convince you that that is just his attitude toward women.

If this is happening more often, you should trust your intuition.

16) He Becomes Very Secretive

Has your husband suddenly become more guarded with his personal belongings?

Is he keeping his phone, computer, or other possessions out of your sight?

This newfound secrecy could be a red flag that he’s trying to hide something—or someone—from you.

If your man begins to hide away from you to receive emails or calls, or he suddenly protects his phone with a password, then he is receiving attraction from someone else.

Most times, when you attempt to have a conversation about his new secretive lifestyle, he turns it into an argument.

17) He Starts to Compare You With Other Ladies

If a man starts likening other females to his wife, he is probably into someone else.

You must have scrutinized the other lady very well to know enough about her before comparing her to your wife.

When this happens, your spouse probably has feelings for someone else outside.

18) He Spends Less Time with You

Once the man that promised to spend the remaining of his life with you starts giving you unreasonable excuses why he won’t be around, you ought to realize that something is going wrong.

19) He Shows Too-Much Interest in You

Excessive attention or interest shown by your partner can sometimes result from the guilt he feels for being attracted to someone else.

To feel good deep down, they buy you gifts more than usual and amaze you, unlike before.

In rare cases, he could be showing love as usual or trying hard so you won’t get suspicious.

20) He Pays More Attention to His Physique

If your man suddenly turns to a gym lover and tries hard enough to alter the look he is used to, he’s probably attempting to impress someone else or switch to their taste.

You must be very vigilant when this happens and try to discover what is happening.

21) He Ignores Calls in Your Presence

Guy not answering calls

Once your husband doesn’t feel convenient enough to receive or make phone calls whenever you are around, something is going on.

We all have rights to some privacy but not up to the extent of him always excusing himself just to receive calls.

It might be an important call about work, but if this is often happening, a lady is probably involved.

10 Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

When your partner cheats, you feel shocked and worried about why it happened.

You feel disappointed and betrayed seeing the person that promised to be with you for the rest of your life cheat on you.

When men cheat, their partners usually feel broken and have several thoughts about what could have gone wrong.

You start thinking maybe you did something wrong or maybe there is something you ought to have done.

There are so many reasons why men cheat…

…below are some of the common reasons why men cheat.

1) He’s a Liar

Some men never want to settle down with just one woman despite the vows and promises made.

They are not interested in a monogamous relationship.

They want to go out with as many ladies as possible.

2) An Ex is Around the Corner

Whenever we are going through difficult times in our marriage, it is highly possible to fall back into temptations during this period.

If a man is having issues with his wife and one of his one-time girlfriends currently showed up, men tend to ignore the bad parts that made them break up and focus on the good times they had together and from there, something might occur.

3) Insecurities

When men feel uncertain about themselves or lack confidence, they turn to other women to make them feel desired.

If a man feels too old, or he feels he isn’t as attractive as he used to be…

Sometimes they use sexual means with other women just to feel good, gain confidence, and validate themselves as men.

4) Immaturity

Some men are not mature enough to be committed to a relationship; they don’t understand what marriage requires.

Some feel they are not hurting anyone as long as they don’t find out.

However, cheating on your partner, whether she is aware or not, is disastrous to your relationship.

Men need to attain maturity and understanding to handle a relationship properly.

5) Irrational Expectations

Some men are selfish and don’t care about what their partners are going through or how they feel.

They feel their desires and needs must be met whenever required.

They have neglected that their partners are human and have their respective lives to live.

They don’t care about the kind of mood their wife is in or what she is currently going through, they just want their desires met.

And if the wife cannot, they see that as an excuse for cheating.

6) Addiction

Addictions of various forms can make a man cheat on his wife.

If he is a sex addict, he may cheat on his wife if she is not giving him as much sex as he needs.

Also, if he is an alcoholic or drug addict, this could influence his behavior and decision-making.

Having any of these addictions could also make a man cheat.

7) He Wants to Quit

After a while, some men feel completely over their relationship and do not know how to say this to their partner.

So, they sometimes engage in extramarital affairs to indirectly let their partners know their intention.

8) Lack of Male Friends

Male friends are very important to a man because your male friends can only fill some voids.

However, if a man is expecting his wife to fill this void, she might not be able to.

Therefore, this can make him seek the attention he needs somewhere else.

9) Revenge

Sometimes when a man is angry at his partner for hurting him, some men try to get even.

And some men go as far as engaging in an extramarital relationship to get back at their wives.

In this case, the affairs aren’t usually hidden; they are made obvious to make the partner jealous and hurt.

10) Anxiety or Depression

It is quite normal for people to feel depressed or anxious.

However, if this depression or anxiety comes from the relationship, this could be an issue.

If a man feels ignored by his partner or lonely in the relationship, he might seek attention outside.

Either of these feelings can make a man cheat on his partner.

How Common Cheating is Nowadays

At present, cheating is a bit common.

One out of 6 Americans admits to having cheated at one time or the other according to The Economist/YouGov polls.

Also, about twenty percent of males admit to being unfaithful, while about 14 percent of females cheat.

Cheating is quite common nowadays, and you can’t completely trust these polls because cheaters are liars, and most of them who are into the act will probably deny it.

You can’t expect someone who lies and cheats on the one they promised to spend the remaining days with to be sincere with you.

However, people usually find one excuse or the other for cheating.

Either; “He/She treated me badly or he/she hasn’t always been the love of my life so I went to find the one for me”.

In a relationship, if you are unhappy with your partner, everything they do annoys you.

They will be irritated with your gifts or kind gestures just because they are feeling guilty deep down.

The Difference Between Physical and Mental Cheating

PassionMature Statistics
According to Passionmature statistics, 46% of users are in a relationship or married.

Most of them are men who want to diversify their lives and get a dose of pleasant communication.

This does not always mean physical betrayal. But is this casual communication with other girls on a dating site so harmless?

Having an extramarital affair can be very harmful to your relationship.

Whenever a partner engages in an affair, it is disastrous to both partners…

…it completely shatters the trust between them and leaves the partner who was cheated on betrayed.

There are always reasons why people wish to take a break from their partner or relationship.

However, having an affair doesn’t make the problem disappear; it only worsens it.

Cheating is cheating, no matter what.

Though, it can be classified into various forms.

Cheating can be classified into two forms, namely physical and mental cheating.

Both forms of cheating are further explained below.

Mental cheating

Mental cheating involves disclosing details about your personal life to someone else or revealing how you feel about certain circumstances.

When you mentally or emotionally cheat, you confide in someone other than your partner because you feel this person gives you the support you need.

This happens mainly because you may not receive the kind of communication you desire from your partner or feel he or she doesn’t understand you well enough.

Mental cheating involves you preferring to trust someone other than your partner…

…and in most cases, these are always people we find attractive.

Mental cheating involves betrayal via thoughts without any physical feeling.

With technological advancements and smartphones, mental cheating is becoming more convenient.

Most times, these emotional affairs usually begin online via chat rooms, Facebook, dating sites, and social media group chats.

They prefer to discuss with someone they feel attracted to rather than chat with their significant other.

Physical cheating

Physical cheating is probably the most common which people are aware of; it involves you physically encountering someone else.

This can involve going out with someone else or just kissing or having sexual intercourse.

Physical cheating involves two or more people trying to fulfill their physical or sexual needs.

They act based on their desires and needs; most times, it is always sex.

It usually starts as a mental affair before leading to a physical affair.

It is possible to be cheating mentally and be completely ignorant about it.

However, it is impossible to deceive yourself into being a faithful partner while involved in physical cheating…

It usually involves having a sexual relationship with someone rather than your significant other.

Physical cheating can be physical and might involve mental cheating, but mental cheating doesn’t have to involve any physical contact.

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In Conclusion…

While these signs can provide insights into your husband’s attraction towards another woman, remember that open communication and trust are key.

Approach the situation with compassion and initiate an honest conversation, allowing your concerns to be heard.

Only through dialogue can you uncover the truth and navigate the challenges together.

Yes, it can be difficult if you find out your partner is attracted to another woman.

But, it is very important to be able to make your feelings known.

Communication is very important in a relationship; if you find yourself having issues with your partner, you should try having an open conversation with him.

A healthy conversation can solve the issue before it gets too serious.

Your relationship is worth saving, so you should try every effort to attempt saving it.

If necessary, you should try to find professional assistance.

So, how do married men act when attracted to another woman?

Here are the signs again:

  • Constantly Talk About Her
  • His Phone Becomes More Personal
  • Shows Less Interest in you
  • Always Ready to Help the new lady out
  • Hides his Bills and Receipts
  • Become Edgy and Defensive
  • Avoids Intimacy
  • New Way of Dressing
  • Sudden Increase in Work Dedication
  • Lies About Their Whereabouts
  • Queries your Loyalty
  • Download Much of the lady’s Photos
  • Stalks her Social Media accounts
  • Avoid you
  • Freely Flirts with Other Ladies in Your Presence
  • Become Very Secretive
  • Starts to Compare You
  • Spend Less Time with You
  • Shows Too-Much Interest in You
  • Pay More Attention to their Physique
  • Ignores Calls in Your Presence

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