Is He Missing Me During No Contact? How to Know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact

Is He Missing Me During No Contact

  • Is he thinking about me during no contact?
  • Does he miss me during no contact?
  • So what’s the male mind during the no contact rule?

You’ll get comprehensive answers to these questions and more…

All people who are in relationships, when they are out of contact with their other half, pine and long for that level of intimacy they had; the companionship and the connection.

Without that connection, they feel lost and alone.

They have come to realize that without that person whom they were used to speaking with every day, that person’s absence and the memories that were made can take up plenty of space in the heart.

When you allow the no-contact and the sadness of being apart from a partner to overshadow all the other normal aspects of your life, it can overwhelm you – it can break your heart.  

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with missing your boyfriend and wondering how on earth a season will pass without being in physical contact with him.

Maybe you have been separated from your boyfriend because he is from another country…

…maybe it’s been because of the Covid-19 pandemic, or through any other circumstances.

You are probably wondering if your boyfriend feels anything close to what you do – alone, and longing to be back in his arms again.

Maybe you are overreacting and feel that his texting has even got a little bit low-key and you are frantic with worry.

You are wanting to hear those words, “I miss you so much” but you haven’t heard them being said for some time now.

We are going to give you 17 signs to show you that your guy, even though there is no contact between you, does still miss you – you will feel cheered up.

Remember though, you have to take care of yourself so that you are in good health and good spirits too.

You don’t want your guy to come back and see that you “can’t live without him” when he is not around.

Here we have some tips on how you can still feel together when you are apart!

You need to get out and interact with others again because this promotes feelings of happiness and belonging.

Find yourself doing something that you love because you will see how quickly the time goes when you really are having fun.

What about an exciting photography course, volunteering, or learning to sky-dive?

Something that you will love and which will intrigue your boyfriend when you and he are together again.

Here are the signs that he is missing you even though you are not in contact:

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What Will I Learn?

How to Know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact

guy missing ex

1) He is still interested in your life

He still wants to know what you are doing with your life even without any contact.

That’s a clear sign that he misses you.

He misses the little talks you had every day and particularly misses your whereabouts; what you are getting up to.

It makes him want to know whether you are miserable or happy without him around.

Deep down he wants to know if there is someone new in your life; he wants to feel secure and for you to know that he is still into you.

2) He is overprotective

If he suddenly gets overprotective of you, you can know that he is missing you.

Maybe you need some help with something and he is offering to help you.

3) He apologizes to you

If he apologizes to you in his texting for anything that he thinks is a mistake, that is a sign that he is missing you.  

Say now you are a couple who have actually broken up, even then, he might apologize over and over again, wanting to let you see that he is willing to give you and him another chance.

4) He is still nice to you and your family

When you were together you probably had a lot of contact with your family and his family.

Your boyfriend got to know your family members and even became friends with some of them.

If he is still being nice to you and asking after them and being in contact with them, it is a good sign that he still misses you and your family while you are not in contact, and hopes to be together again soon.

5) He is nice to your friends

If he is still missing you a lot, he will still be impressing your friends and still getting them to like him.

If they are in contact with him, but you are not in physical contact with him, they will probably be letting you know what a great guy he is.

And him being in contact with them also is his way, no doubt, of finding out more about you – a sure sign that he still thinks a lot about you and misses you.

6) He is not so exuberant and is a bit depressed

Men usually don’t like showing off their emotions.

In fact, they try and hide them.

But sometimes a guy, if he misses you so much, can actually feel a bit depressed that the two of you are apart.

Maybe you can get a hint of this by checking out his social media profiles to see if there are posts hinting that not all is going so well for him; how he is missing you like crazy.

Otherwise, there might be some pics of him having a good time; then you won’t be so sure even if he says he is missing you.

But either way, if he seems to be depressed and hurting, he is no doubt thinking a lot about you.

7) You are still getting texts saying how much he misses you

If your boyfriend’s texting has gotten even stronger since you and he are out of contact, that is a good sign that he clearly misses you.

He might be even worried that he might lose you if he doesn’t keep up with texting – he has plenty to say to you and he doesn’t want to lose you.

8) Even though you are separated, his social media posts are about you

Often when we can’t be in contact with someone physically, we will try our best to keep things going on social media pages.

We will send posts and pics of us together doing crazy and fun things together.

Thank goodness for social media, because it has made it so easy for you to keep in contact when you can’t be in physical contact, right?

Sometimes, like you, if you are separated from your boyfriend, you might even develop a special kind of code that you send; secret messages to the one you love.

If your boyfriend is doing this, it is obvious that he really is missing you.

9) He might have become even more jealous since he is no longer with you – that’s a good sign

Generally speaking, jealousy isn’t a good emotion to entertain.

But sometimes a little bit of jealousy can keep a relationship going strong and healthy, helping you to feel desired, and competitive.

And if your guy is far away or out of contact with you, you can be sure that he will be showing signs of jealousy about what you are doing on the weekends and who with.

Those are signs that you still impact him and that he is missing you.

And if you have broken up, still, he will be jealous that new guys are showing you interest and you are moving on without him.

10) You can see from your long-distance relationship that he is not dating anyone and staying faithful to you

If you are separated by circumstances or countries, it is not unrealistic to entertain the idea that a man might find a company with other people where women will be…

…and if they make themselves available to him, he might be glad of the company.

But if you can see from his social media pages and by the type of signs above that he is being faithful to you, that is a sure sign that you are still on his mind and that he misses you intently

If he is not seeing anyone else, he still is carrying a torch for you.

11) He constantly checks your social media profiles

If he is missing you like crazy, he will want to know what you have been up to while you and he are not in contact.

Not only will he text you and ask, but he will check your social medial profile as well to glean as much info about you as possible That’s a sure sign that he is missing you and can’t wait to be back together with you again.

12) He still compliments you a lot

If you post a selfie to him, for instance, you will get a comment back immediately telling you how beautiful you look.

In fact, he tells you how amazing and beautiful you are every day; how fortunate he is to have you in his life.

Those are sure signs that a guy misses you; when he compliments you a lot.

13) He still talks to others about you

He tells you he is missing you.

But you also hear it from his friends and family because he still talks about you when he is around them.

That’s a sure sign that he thinks about you all the time and misses you so much.

Remember, it is not always easy for guys to open up even to their very best friends – they are often used to hiding their feelings and trying to appear in touch and on top of things.

But you might hear through the grapevine how he is missing you so much and can’t wait to see you again.


14) He was and still considers you as his best friend

In a relationship, it’s normal to consider each other as best friends – like soul mates. And that is because you used to spend so much time with each other.

But now that you are apart, you wonder if your boyfriend is missing you because you were his best friend – you are wondering if you still are.

But if he still considers you his best friend, he will be in contact with you, and often!

15) He calls you late at night because he is thinking and dreaming of you still

Nights can be very lonely.

Many people start to overthink things in their life.

But if your guy is still missing you like crazy, he is probably still sending you good night text messages, and he will every now and then want to schedule a late-night call with you to hear you in person and to whisper his love for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How would I know he misses me now that we are apart?

If your mutual friends and his friends, and both your families tell you that he doesn’t stop talking about you, you can be spot on that he truly misses you like crazy. If you have broken up, it is because he probably wants you back.

But if you are separated by circumstances or your boyfriend lives in another country, you can be sure that he will want to see you again, soon.

What is the ‘No Contact Rule?”

The no contact rule is classified as a period of time when you and your boyfriend have broken up, and you don’t contact him at all in that no contact period.

This is to give both of you time and spaced apart from each other. If it is successfully done correctly, this no contact rule helps you to heal from the breakup, and to start growing your own life back as a person. The no contact period can be a month, two months, three months.

Often during this no contact phase, a girlfriend or boyfriend might believe they made a mistake to dump you and they want to come back and try again.

It will be up to you whether you will allow that or not!

I am worried that with no contact, my boyfriend might just move on?

Long-distance relationships, if yours is one, are still about people. Often the distance makes things seem less personal. But both of you have to work on this type of relationship and maintain open and frequent lines of communication. You also have to foster trust and maintain positive emotions.

Then they can work. Strive for intimacy and trust and be trustworthy.

Research shows that long-distance relationships can work in the same ways as other relationships. You just have to treat them the same way to make them work.

How do you know it’s time to quit a long-distance relationship with no contact?

The short answer to that is when it is no longer contributing to your health and wellbeing.

Can a long-distance relationship work?

People who tell you that a long-distance relationship can’t work don’t know anything! In fact, they can work out just as ‘normal’ relationships do.

You can maintain a ‘contactless’ relationship for the entire relationship.

Some people will admit that a year or two apart can build a relationship and make it stronger; that it teaches you a lot about each other.

How would I really know he is no longer into me now that we are apart?

We have shown you 17 signs that, while you are not in contact with your boyfriend at this stage of your relationship, he is still missing you and your relationship is intact.

He makes sure that you know that you are loved and missed.

But on the other side of the coin, there might be signs you are seeing that make you not so sure anymore.

It is possible that your feelings might be right and that your relationship was coming to an end, either while you were physically together, or now that you are no longer in contact.


Missing someone you can’t be in physical contact with can often prove to be painful.

It is possible that you are a girlfriend of a boyfriend whose work takes him far away.

But there are plenty of other reasons why you two could be apart right now; separated; not in contact with each other – It can be pretty painful.

Whatever the reasons are; and you are still in love with him, you will definitely want to know from him that he loves you and misses you and that he is eagerly waiting to see you again.

That’s why we have given you 17 signs that can make you happy and content that your boyfriend still has your back and that he misses you like crazy.

It might be that you find the time apart very lonely and at times, you don’t want to do anything; the coping strategies you put in place are not bringing much relief.

A good step for you might be finding some professional support, but if not, we have given you some wonderful ideas that will bring you happiness and fulfillment…

….imagine when your boyfriend comes back and finds you a highly positive, confident, happy, and on-top-of-your-game woman.

You can be sure that he will find you highly desirable and charming – enough to make some decisions about never being separated from you again!

Good luck!

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