How to Tell If a Guy Is Confused About His Feelings For You

Signs he is fighting his feelings for you


  • How do you know if a guy has feelings for you?
  • Is he fighting his feelings for me?
  • Signs he has feelings for me?

We all know how complicated love can be – very exciting and joyful, but still complicated, right?

And when it comes to the right person for us, the heart can sometimes seem quite fickle in helping us follow the right path.

Sometimes the thought of a relationship and love scare off some men and women; particularly in this day and age when the rules of romance are not much like they used to be.

Some guys-n-gals don’t even want to get into a relationship for whatever reason.

But love happens without them asking for it; and then they battle to fight off the feelings that won’t go away.

Sometimes when these feelings become too strong, they will in a moment of passion reveal what they have been hiding for so long.

If you are a woman and you are close friends with someone or work with someone like that, you might have seen some signs that the guy might be in love with you.

We are going to give you 21 signs that a guy might be hiding his true feelings for you.

Feelings are not easy to hold back when you meet someone that turns your world upside down.

So, how do you tell if a guy is fighting his feelings?

Here you go…

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Signs He Has Feelings For You – 21 Ways to Know

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1) He shows inconsistent behavior

Some days he seems to be around you all the time and then on other days he ignores you flat.

It’s because he is fighting his feelings for you.

His behavior can seem inconsistent and all over the place, you don’t know where you stand with him, really.

2) He stares at you from a distance

He tries to give off vibes that he is not interested in you, but you will notice him staring at you from across the room.

He tries to ignore you though and pretends you aren’t there.

He will try and keep his distance from you, but when you are near each other, you will notice his eyes will be on you.

3) He gets close to you if needs be

If the two of you need to interact in some way, he will try and get as close to you as he possibly can.

Even though he is trying to fight his feelings for you, you might notice that when he does get the opportunity, he will take full advantage.

He will want to gaze into your eyes, smell your perfume, your hair, and even brush against you if possible.

4) Because he has feelings for you he will try to make you jealous

He will make positive comments about other women in your presence, but it will be to make you jealous.

It is because he is frustrated and confused about his feelings for you.

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5) He has got to know everything about you

Sometimes if you are talking to others, and he is in the vicinity, he will make out as if he is listening to them and enjoying their company; not aware of your presence at all.

But in the meantime, he will be paying attention to everything you are saying.

He will stalk your social media pages, trying to find out all about you, what you have been up to, and who you have been with.

6) You and he can both feel the intense chemistry going on between you

That chemistry is so beautifully undeniable!

It’s not easy to fight a natural attraction to someone.

It’s a connection where you just click.

Naturally, he will feel it too, and he will try and hide his feelings, but he can’t fight the intense chemical attraction between you, it is like a magnet, pulling him in. 

And when you catch his eyes, he usually locks his with yours – you won’t be able to miss the intensity of his feelings in his eyes as he looks at you.

7) His body language

body language

His body language will tell you a lot about how he is feeling about you; that will be even despite his trying to hide his true feelings.

He will give you a lot of eye contact and even mirror some of your behaviorism.

When you are in his orbit, he might show signs of nervousness like playing awkwardly with his pen or buttons.

He might touch his face quite a bit as well in his awkwardness.

8) He wants you to see the very best of him

You might notice that he has started changing his appearance a bit.

Maybe, even, when you are in his presence, you can smell he is using a new after-shave that you love.

He might have become a little bit trendier, for instance, upgrading himself.

He will also talk about his strong points as well as his work success, and all the things he is proud of and what he has accomplished.

He is not bragging; he just wants to impress you.

9) He doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression about him and certain things

For instance, if he talks about another woman in his life, he will make sure that you know she’s not a girlfriend.

He doesn’t want you to think he is unavailable.

And if he does happen to have a girlfriend, he will try and let you know that she is just someone he’s having a fling with.

10) He will offer to help you with something

He will listen to you and give advice to you if you are talking about something difficult or problematic.

And if you need some physical help with something, he will jump in to be your knight in shining armor.

He wants you to know that you can count on him to do anything that is needed for you.

At first, you might think he is just being kind and polite.

After all, you are friends.

But if you look a bit further, you will notice that he goes out of his way to help you.

Remember he’s not your boyfriend and it’s not his job to take care of you, but he checks up on you.

11) He admires you but he won’t go so far as to say it

The kind of guy who hides his feelings for you could probably have a huge ego, but a fragile one.

It’s probably not easy for him to praise anyone.

But for you, even though he doesn’t say it out loud, he probably secretly admires you and has huge respect for the stuff you do in your life – it makes him highly attracted to you.

12) When you speak, he looks at you, completely fascinated and mesmerized by what you are saying

All your victories are his victories in his eyes, even though he won’t tell you that.

So he will listen and give some careful and subtle compliments to you, which will show that he has huge affection for you.

13) He is protective of you

He might make some jokes at your expense, but he will never be rude, mean, or nasty to you.

But if someone else were to joke at your expense, he wouldn’t approve of it and would say something in your defense.

14) He is jealous of you

He is not your boyfriend and he hasn’t made any effort to become one of you.

But he is still jealous of the fact that you have an active love life.

It makes it difficult for him to control his emotions under those circumstances; to remain silent about it and to control his anger over the other men in your life.

Notice how uncomfortable he becomes when you are in the company of other men and seemingly having a good time.

Usually, he will find some fatal flaw in their personalities because nobody would be good enough for you, but him!

15) His friends tease him

He will most surely have told his closest friends about his crush, and they might start teasing him if you walk into the room.

If this were to happen, he would respond to his friends in a certain way, and that might show you his feelings for you.

If he blushed a bit and became embarrassed, that would be a sure sign.

He might be a bit sensitive about such issues and yell at his friends and get angry or irritated with them.

Or he might over-compensate by chatting to you like you were just one of the guys or mentioning other women he liked!

But if he is fighting his feelings for you, he might not even have told his friends about you, but kept his feelings to himself.

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16) He suddenly starts avoiding you

If he is fighting his feelings for you, he might suddenly start avoiding you.

This is particularly common if he’s trying not to give in to his feelings for you.

He might have a girlfriend and he wants to try and avoid temptation as well as any emotional conflict that could arise – the best is just to distance himself from you.

This also could be if he is married.

17) He shares personal details with you

He is fighting his feelings for you because he might well be insecure and scared of getting his heart broken again – he keeps his life private.

If he has started confiding in you a bit as someone he can trust, that’s a real common sign that he is really getting close to you and might even reveal how he feels at this stage.

18) There are little telltale signs that he cares for you

Even though you are just friends, and he hides his true feelings from you, he might still feel it is his duty to protect you.

In doing this, he might be completely unaware of his behavior.

Even when he is not helping you transparently, he keeps his eye on you and follows up on you to check that you are safe.

19) He might never initiate one-on-one time with you

You needn’t expect him to invite you on a date. In fact, it might never happen.

And if it did, he would make a valid excuse why you two would be seen together.

He would never ask you to just hang out with him on a day.

In fact, he is probably scared of being alone with you, being fully aware of the intensity of his feelings for you.

20) But he’s not likely to deny an invitation from you

If you ask him out he won’t say no to you.

He wants to badly be with you and won’t be able to resist, but the invitation will come from you because he is fighting his feelings for you.

21) Despite his feelings for you, he will still have his cold periods

That inconsistent behavior that we were talking about at the beginning of the article might show up right there when you least expect it.

He might have come close to even revealing his true feelings for you and fighting them.

And then all of a sudden he goes completely cold toward you as if everything is all over, and it well might be.

This type of guy could suddenly become cold and walk out of your life forever and you might never see him again.

If you did, you might never see those feelings for you shown again, even though he might still have them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would a guy be fighting his feelings for me?

Many times, a guy is not ready for a new relationship because he has been hurt in the past, and it might have been recently too.

It could be that he does not want to make himself vulnerable again – he probably believes he could get hurt again.

But sometimes the chemical attraction is so great that he will try and fight what he feels to protect himself. Sometimes it is because he knows other people will think it’s wrong.

How do you know when a guy is fighting his feelings for you?

He might get annoyed with you when you mention other guys as if you should know he has feelings for you!

He won’t actually show you that he has a crush on you himself because he is confused about his own feelings and is trying to hide them from you. Check out some more signs.

What should you do when a guy is scared of his feelings for you?

You might suspect that the reason he is fighting his feelings for you is that he fears rejection. But if you like him, there is plenty that you can do to help him along.

You can start to engage with him, and listen to him, make good eye contact with him, and become his friend. As long as you don’t stay in the friend zone if you want something more.

Let your body language show him that you are open to starting an honest relationship with him.


Love can change everything.

If you have a guy whom you are falling for, but he is hiding his feelings from you, it is also the key to remember that guys don’t have the same feelings in the same way women do.

They have been wired differently, first relying on their minds and rationalizing things.

Women follow their hearts whilst men will put their emotions aside, particularly if they have been hurt in the past.

He would learn to hide and fight his feelings when he believed it was right for him.

It could even be that he already has a girlfriend.

That could be a reason why he would not reveal he has feelings for you.

He is fighting his battle alone.

We have given you 21 reasons why a guy would fight his feelings for you.

You will know exactly where you stand if you have such a guy in your life.

You might have always been used to guys around you playing games and fooling around and keeping things casual.

But now one might have developed really deep feelings for you, and it is proving extremely difficult for him to hide his feelings if he is your friend or if he is in the same workspace or environment as you.

If you like him enough, you can do something about it.

You can draw closer to him and show him you are interested because he might have forgotten that…

‘He tries to hide his feelings, but he forgets that his eyes speak’

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