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Have you had your first date and now considering some perfect second date ideas?

Then, you are in the right place!

This time, you should try as much as possible to find out a bit more about the person you are dating.

So, grab your popcorn or coffee (a very hot one), sit back and relax as I unravel The 21 Most Creative and Actionable Second Date Ideas.

Let’s get it rocking friend…

1) Seek Out a Unique Activity in Your Area

A unique place in Los Angeles

It’s a fact that the majority of the locals never try their hand at something innovative such as getting involved in touristy stuff.

Several websites on the internet can give you a fair knowledge of what’s popular in your city or town.

The most interesting thing about this is that you guys can pretend to be tourists in your own city.

You can also try faking a name if you wish.

It’s undoubtedly an intriguing idea.

The best part of it all is that both of you can have a whale of a time exploring the nooks and crannies of your city or town.

So go out there and get this popping.

2) Make Your Meeting Real Fun

Friends having nice time

Take some time out and discuss with your date how both of you can make your meeting a real fun.

You will get a lot of options and can opt for one.

Seek out one that might catch the fancy of your date and give it your best shot.

You both can search for several meetups in your locality on Google and look out what the various websites have to offer.

3) Purchase a Bunch of Seeds and Plant them in Your Locality or Around Town

Couple planting seeds

It may sound a bit weird, but it is going to be a fun activity you guys would surely enjoy.

This is how you do it.

Purchase a bunch of seeds and plant them while visiting new places.

Plant them in your locality and make your surroundings look green and beautiful.

Believe me, you’ll love it when you see the plants sprouting and blooming.

It will fill you with pride.

Such activity can play a good role in bringing you closer to your date.

4) Visit An Open Mic Night

Open mic night

It will be icing on the cake if either of you gets up on the stage.

This can prove to be a hit or miss since you might find it difficult conversing with your date amidst all the noise.

But remember, dating is not all about talking all the time.

In fact, the situation might just get better if either of you gets up on the stage and sing a song or two.

That moment will stay in your memory for a long, long time.

It’ll be an evening to remember.

5) You Can Visit A Wine Tasting Session At A Local Vineyard

Wine taste session

If a local vineyard is available in your area, then this is a perfect second date idea for both of you.

It’s always nice to visit a local vineyard and taste some good wine.

That would even be a good way to support the local business.

It’s always excellent to taste a brand new wine that may catch your fancy.

Moreover, wine is always one of the best agents that can help calm your nerves.

So, make sure you are out there with your date at a vineyard and spend some quality time over a wine tasting session.

6) Take A Tour of a Brewery Or A Bakery


You might wonder; why go on a field trip?

Because it’s very entertaining.

Moreover, it’s going to be a date idea that only a handful of people have ever tried their hands on.

But the best thing about such a date is you get to pamper your taste buds with all kinds of delicious stuff.

Sounds interesting?

I bet it is!

7) Go For a Dance Lesson

Couple dance session

Many would like to hang out with their dates at a club and dance their hearts out.

Well, it’s not always necessary to visit a club to dance.

You guys can take a dance lesson.

Plus, if you indulge yourself in a particular form of dance you haven’t tried before, your day would eventually be a memorable one.

Truth is, learning a new dance style together would be sheer fun. Isn’t it?

8) Pay a visit to a Local Non-professional Sports Game

Local sports game

This is utter fun.

Visiting a non-professional sports game is a better choice than going for a professional one as there is less chaos involved.

You can select a little league game or a high school football match.

Pick out the team you want to cheer up and enjoy the moment.

A non-professional game is way cheaper, and you can have a constructive conversation with your date.

It surely would be a day to remember.

9) You Can Choose A Theme For The Date

Friends discussing

Select a theme for your date.

If it’s the winter, you guys can have lots of fun building a snowman together.

But if it’s summer, you can spend a relaxed day with your date at the beach or the pool.

For the spring season, you and your date can join hands to paint Easter eggs or carve a pumpkin.

When the activity is over, have some delicious seasonal drinks and food to end the perfect day.

10) A Cooking Competition

Cooking competition

This is something you might have never thought about.

If you guys don’t have a problem paying a visit to each other’s place on a second date, then a cooking competition can be a fantastic idea.

It is a fantastic way to spend a quality evening.

It can reflect how creative you guys can be.

The results can be fantastic as well as hilarious.

Who knows, you can cook up something new!

Try this out and have unadulterated fun.

11) Watch Some Workout Videos on YouTube and Decide on the One You Both can do Together

Couple working out

Nowadays, everyone is into fitness.

This can be a good idea if both of you have a penchant for fitness and workout.

However, if neither of you has an interest in such workout stuff, then this idea is dead at birth.

So, find out first if your date would give a thumbs up to this.

12) Get Hold of Some Colors Pads and a Coloring Book and Paint Like Never Before


This is super exciting.

Apart from being a creative activity, you can have ample time to converse with each other.

But first, be sure that your date would like the idea.

If he or she likes it, then you are well on your way to something very soothing.

You can choose a park, a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a place where you can keep yourself engaged in this activity.

Colors reflect your vibrant side and you guys can perk yourself up quite easily.

13) Visit a Museum or Some Historical Places in Your Locality

Couple in a Musuem

Now, you can’t expect everyone to have a keen interest in history.

But undoubtedly, this one can be a great way to gather more knowledge about your city or town and be informed about its historical significance.

You might end up visiting a place you haven’t ever been to.

There is a high chance that you will get fascinated by the history your city holds.

In a nutshell, you both would get to know the city or town better.

14) Go For A Local Band Performance

Local band performance

If both of you have an inclination towards music, going for a local band performance is a marvelous option to unwind yourselves.

Although the environment might not be suitable for an in-depth conversation, if you two love music, there is perhaps no better way to spend the evening together.

You can also inquire about your date’s favorite band and get hold of two tickets for a live performance.

It might just open the doorways to your hearts.

15) Take Some Great Shots In Various Locations

Couple taking pictures

A photography session sounds cool.

Everyone loves to click some great snaps of themselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or not.

You shouldn’t stop yourself from getting some awesome pictures of you and your date together.

Take shots at different locations in your city.

Make it fun and memorable.

It definitely will make you guys feel good about yourselves.

16) Attend a Live Stand-Up Comedy

Stand Up Comedy

A Stand-up comedy might not be the best place to converse.

But be assured that you will have a great time.

You see, laughter decreases the stress hormones and increases endorphins which can promote an overall sense of well-being and even temporary relieve pain.

It’s important to have fun on your second date and that’s what you should aim for.

A stand-up comedy is a good choice for both of you.

17) Rent or Buy a Skateboard And Get Set Go!

Couple skateboarding

Does it seem a little bit extreme for you?

Might be.

But common, if you try giving it a go, it can be amusing.

On the flip side though, if either of you gets injured in the process, it won’t be that much fun.

You surely wouldn’t prefer ending up at a hospital while going out on a second date.

So, opt for this cautiously and look before you leap.

Besides, couples do this a lot.

So I see no reason why two of you can’t get this going.

Life is risky in itself.

18) Display Your Creative Side And Pen Down A Song Of Your Own

Song writer

This is an idea that can be executed at a coffee shop or even at a bar.

Get lyrical and write down a song that is essentially your own.

This would reflect your creative side and just imagine how exciting it would be if both of you collaborate on it.

Make sure to have some great fun and avoid giving a serious tone to it.

19) Choose a Cuisine or Recipe Neither You Nor Your Date Has Ever Tried

Couple tasting a new food

This is one of the second date ideas I’d really love to try out.

You see, when you guys are trying out a particular recipe for the very first time, you would never know whether that would suit your taste buds or not.

So, this one might turn out to be some gambling.

However, if you want to be a bit adventurous and have loads of fun, then tasting a new cuisine isn’t a bad idea at all.

On top of that, you’d have a fantastic topic to talk about.

Getting to talk about the new food item, its taste, its ingredients et al., is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Be rest assured, your day would be nothing short of a memorable one.

20) Paint a Park in Your Locality or Home

Couple painting

Whether you are damn good at painting or horrible at it, this idea is good enough for you to gel with your date.

If one of you is a better painter than the other, the results can be awesomely disastrous.

However, if none of you know how to paint, then gear up for some hilarious moments.

It will probably be one of the best ways to spend your second date.

On the other hand, if you two possess good painting skills, your love for art would provide a good medium to connect.

21) Visit an Arcade Bar

Couple in an arcade bar

Your city must have a video game bar or an arcade, where you guys can flex your hearts out.

Hanging out at such places is a nice way to conjure up a friendly competition.

But you don’t want to get too serious about it and must ensure to keep it as casual and relaxed as possible.

Also, remember that getting too competitive might piss your date off.

Even though a video game center might not be the ideal place to know your date correctly, the overall idea can be absolute fun.


So, that was it!

These are some of the best actionable second date ideas you can apply.

Pick an idea or even a couple and set sail.

Of course, you’d need to keep the taste of your date in mind and ensure you give him or her the best.

The rest actually depends on you.

Finding a soulmate is not easy and never expect to get one so early.

Have patience.

In due time, you’ll get the love of your life.

Best of luck.

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