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Just about everyone at some point desires a “more romantic” relationship.

Doing the simplest of gestures can often result in the most romantic of relationships.

Use the ideas below to stay in, or rekindle your love.

Take a few moments every day to do something romantic, no matter how small or trivial you feel it may be.

Even if you’re in the beginning of a relationship, it’s never too soon, or too late, to be a romantic!

So I’ve listed 45 lovely romantic ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend, or newly married couples to take their relationship to the next level.

Are you ready?

If so, let’s get started?

What Will I Learn?

1) Sing to your love

Couple singing

Many people do take this for granted or feel that it does nothing to the relationship.

But let me burst your bubble right about now.

Singing calms and uplifts hearts.

So, singing to your lover would not only strengthen the relationship but would go a long way in rekindling your partner’s love for you.

2) Wash the car together

Couple washing car together

This is one of the most romantic things to do with your partner.

Think about splashing your partner water at the other end of the car and watch him chase you or do the same.

It’s going to be really fun.

Many couples do it a lot and you’ll definitely enjoy it!

3) Name constellations together while stargazing

Couple watching stars

This is really going to be a fun thing to do and the fact is, some of us don’t even know the name of one constellation.

I can only remember the following myself;

  1. Andromeda
  2. Aquarius
  3. Canes Venatici
  4. Draco
  5. Auriga
  6. Orion
  7. Norma
  8. Aries
  9. Aquila
  10. Scorpius
  11. Ara
  12. Triangulum
  13. Antlia
  14. Virgo
  15. Apus

4) Cuddle on your sofa or bed together and read

Couple reading together

How lovely this is!

Feeling each other’s body while reading is enough to thoroughly understand what you’re reading. LOL!

But it’s true.

And it will also make room for a glowing avid conversation that will forever be cherished.

So, if you’ve not already done so, I want you to try it out today or this week with your partner and get back to me in the comment section below how it went.

5) Watch a romantic movie

Couple watching movie

This is just as wonderful and lovely as it gets!

When I watch a sweet movie with my girlfriend, I feel on top of the world like on cloud 9.

The movie gets sweeter and enjoyable than ever.

So I want you to get this stuff going tonight even if you’ve done it before.

6) Have a tickle fight

Couple tickle fighting


I hate this but many do find it lovely and funny.

You have checked with your partner to see if he/she is up for it.

If it checks out, they have a fantastic time with your partner.

7) Order take-out and play a game of chess

Couple playing chess

Who doesn’t love the chess game?

Oh, I know someone who doesn’t – My girlfriend.

She hates it!

Don’t know why.

But truly, if you both love chess, then it’s going to be one of the best romantic things to do with your partner.

In fact, it is highly recommended for married couples.

8) Write down, on a piece of paper, five of your dreams and wishes and swap papers.

Guy writing

I’ve done this once with my babe and I was shocked at what I saw.

Ain’t going to tell you what it was.

But truth is, it’s going to strengthen the bond between you two especially when your partner’s dreams and goals align with your own.

You might even be shocked that what you think is impossible for you is something she is actively pursuing.

9) Make a “big” deal out of holidays and special occasions.

Couple in holiday mood

This is a big no, no for some people.

But I looooove it!

This is actually one of the most romantic ideas you should try as soon as possible.

10) Pick a flower for your partner while on a romantic walk

Guy holding flower

I know you must have done this once, right?

Then, do it again!

In fact, do it continuously.

Trust me, your partner loves it!

And you should know that by now.

11) Cook a four-course meal together

Couple cooking together

I know I know, it’s tough.

But believe me, it’s going to be one of the best (if not the best) romantic things to do with your partner.

I’ve done it several times with her and we always, always enjoy it!

You’re going to love it, I promise!

12) Imagine life without your partner

Lady thinking about her lover


It’s going to be lonely and miserable for me.

But try it out yourself.

It’s definitely going to be lonely and miserable for you too.

If it’s not, then you need to make real changes.

13) Kiss often

Couple kissing

According to a 2009 study by WJC [PDF], regular kissing “buffer the individual against the physiological effects of stress.”

And I couldn’t believe more.

Kissing actually does activates the brain’s reward system and releases neurotransmitters like oxytocin.

14) Give your partner 5 reasons why you love them 

Couple discussing

Truth is, if you can’t come up with 5 reasons why you love your partner, then you shouldn’t be with him or her.

Same goes for your partner too.

If your partner can’t dish out 5 good reasons why they love you, then run away!

15) Draw and print out a self-made computer graphic card

 Couple holding computer graphic card

A very lovely thing to do and you can even spice it up by doing this every month.

It’ll go a long way in bringing you guys closer.

16) Take a shower together

Couple taking shower together

Come on, this something you should be doing already.

In fact, married couples should do this a lot.

And you can even make-out in there, trying out different positions – LOL!

I’m being nasty, right?

But yea, it’s pleasant to bath together with your partner.

Really, really loving!

17) Sing children’s songs together

Okay, I’ve mentioned singing at the outset but this is actually about children songs.

Whenever I do this, I almost always reminisce about my childhood.

Same with my girlfriend.

You’ll love it!

18) Watch the sunrise

Couple watching sunrise

O, how lovely this is!

To be brutally frank, I haven’t done this before with her.

But trust me, it’s going to be really fun.

And make sure you hold your partner’s hands when on it.

19) Stay up all night

Couple feeling drowsy


I can’t do this, man.

But if you guys can, then good.

You can set it up as a challenge – LOL!

It’s really going to be funny as you guys watch each other struggling to stay awake – driving your head north, south, east and west as your body bites you with the sleeping venom.

21) Share a cup of coffee or hot chocolate

Couple sharing coffee

I was surprised I haven’t done this with my GF.

But I’ll definitely give it a try right after I publish this article.

So this is something very fantastic to do.

22) Tell each other your versions of your “how we met” story often.

How and where did you meet your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband?

Share your story with your partner and make that evening a romantic one.

23) Keep a keepsake book of memorable moments

 Lady holding keepsake book

Many couples hardly do this but I’ve found it to be a very fantastic and exciting thing to do.

Keeping stock of your memorable moments is incredibly invaluable!

25) Buy a Polaroid camera and use it often!

 Guy holding polaroid camera

So many couples shy away from this.

It’s a very interesting romantic thing to do.

The instant camera is the bomb right now.

26) Send flowers once a month

Lady gifting flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers?

I do.

My girlfriend love flowers sooooooo much!

It’s actually a girls’ things, anyway.

But some guys do love it so much too.

26) Write love notes and hide them often

 Lady writing love notes

This is one of my favorite romantic things to do. My GF does it almost all the time.

I tell you, this will give a fantastic boost to your relationship and strengthen the marital bond (if you’re married).

27) Give your love a quote that symbolizes your relationship

There are a plethora of love quotes to give to your loved one. Pick one and get going.

28) Remember when you fell in love

The feeling is simply awesome and almost always brings a smile on my face.

Try that right about now.

28) Paint a room together

 Couple painting together


Lovely thing.

Instead of hiring a painter, why not do it with your lover.

You both will love it, trust me!

29) Solve a puzzle together

 Partners playing puzzle

Truly an exciting thing to do.

It’ll go a long way in bringing the intelligent side of your partner.

30) Start an herb garden together

Herb garden

Another romantic thing to do with your partner.

Herb gardens are incredibly awesome and it’ll be fantastic when you guys do it together.

31) Learn about the different types of roses together


There are over 150 species of roses and it’ll be incredibly fantastic to learn a thing or two of the different types.

33) Play Twister

Lady playing twister

Twister is simply a fantastic game to play especially with your lover.

I can’t remember the last time I played it.

If you don’t know what twister is, then you can look it up here.

34) Buy a complete outfit for each other

Lady selecting good outfits

Who doesn’t love a nice outfit especially when it’s from their partner?

It’s really a fantastic romantic thing to do and it’s really going to change the atmosphere of the relationship completely.

35) Dress up and spend a night on the town with no plans

Couple enjoying

When last did you spend a night unplanned?

Never, right?

I don’t even remember the last time I did.

But it was fun.

Real fun!

So try it out this weekend.

35) Go on a day cruise together

Couple cruising town

Isn’t it fantastic to cruise around town with the love of your life?

Great, isn’t it?

So rock and roll with this as soon as possible.

36) Leave a romantic love token for your sweetheart every week

I do this all the time.

All the time!

Almost every day.

It’s going to be really exciting.

37) Share a bottle of champagne for no reason.

 Couple sharing a Champagne bottle


For no reason, I say.

I know you may say it’s going be the dumbest thing ever.

But what if I told you that the dumbest thing sometimes is the most exciting thing to do.

Yea and this is one of those.

So get it rolling.

38) Tell each other funny stories about your lives

So lovely a thing to do.

I’ve actually every bit of it.

Nothing gladdens your heart than when you get to hear some funny stories from your sweetheart.

It’ll definitely brighten up your mood and get you lit up all the time.

39) Send an e-card

 Lady holding e-card

Many couples hardly do this and I’m sure you haven’t thought of this too, or have you?

Truth is, a pleasant, lovely e-card may be all that is needed to cheer your lover up.

So why not give it a try.

40) Give your love a kitten or puppy

Guy gifting a puppy

I love puppies!

My girlfriend loves them too.

So if you haven’t done so, this is the right time.

So get up and go get your lover a nice kitten or puppy.

If you’ve already done so, then kudos to you!

But you can also get another for her too.

Don’t you think?

41) Spend the day in bed together

Couple on the bed

You’ll definitely love this one!

But most guys wouldn’t consent to this idea.

But I tell ya, it’s indeed a romantic one!

Just give it try and you’ll love it.

42) Use love coupons

 Love coupon

How many times have you actually done that?


But it one of the most amazing things to do with your partner.

43) Brush each other’s hair

 Lady brushing boyfriend's hair

A simple thing to do but very lovely and exciting.

I do this almost every day with my partner.

So if you’re not already doing so, then give it a try and see how lovely it is.

44) Give each other a shoulder massage

Lady shoulder massaging boyfriend

O how sweet.

Simply amazing!

Words cannot express how it feels when your sweetheart massages you.

It’s a cloud-nine feeling, I tell you.

45) Tell each other about your day

Couple discussing after work

We live in a very tough world and if care is not taken, we can get carried away by the swarms of distractions we encounter.

So when you discuss your day with your partner, it is not only going to calm your both hearts but will keep you guys going in this troubled world.


Aaaaand that was it!

If you want to strengthen the bond of friendship with your partner, then these 45 romantic ideas listed above, will definitely help you get started.

So go and rekindle the love in your relationship!

And thanks for reading this article in its entirety.

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