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For those who are interested in rock music and find it easier to relate to people who enjoy it as well, it is understandable that they would prefer the metal dating scene and meet other rockers.

While the rocker movement really originated in the 1950s UK as a subculture of the biker group, today, a rocker is often a person who is passionate about listening to punk rock, metal music, and rock music primarily.

Luckily, today there are many online dating sites out of which many are exclusively for rock music lovers.

Those who enjoy and are interested in rock music can easily access these rocker dating websites to explore the goth scene freely and safely, find emo friends, meet other rock fans, and maybe even form serious relationships.

What Will I Learn?

10 Best Rocker Dating Sites – Meet Fellow Singles

Today there are many rocker dating platforms you can choose from.

There you can often create a free account and socialize with the metal community.

These apps and websites have made it simple for punk lovers to find similar people and make meaningful connections, and as a whole, such sites have helped find fellow rockers to chat with.

Some of these sites are completely free in nature.

Again, some others have both the options of completely free service and that of paid membership.

With some dating sites offering voice and video chat features along with messages, and some offering fun extra features like games, quizzes and blogs, there’s something out there for every rocker looking to date.

1) eHarmony


eHarmony is one of the dating websites that has established a good reputation for itself because of its admirably high success rate, with over two million people finding love on the site to date.

If you’re okay with going with a paid membership, then eHarmony might just be the perfect site for you, because the community is large and widespread.

You will at least find some like-minded people on the site, but you will also likely run into fellow rockers here because of how big the community is.

For eHarmony, the sign-up process is a little long, as you may have to fill a slightly lengthy questionnaire, but in the end, it’s well worth the effort, as you are quite likely to find a good match based on your profile!

2) Elite Singles

elite singles

Elite Singles is one of the dating websites with a super-easy signup process and is also a great online dating site if you are looking for serious relationships.

As far as dating sites go, this one is a great platform to meet people who are professionals in terms of career, are well settled, and between the ages of thirties and fifties.

This is a really good option for those who want to date, but only in certain circles.

Since this niche dating site has diverse kinds of people, you may even run into a fellow rocker or two here!

The site also offers a personality quiz you can take so that the algorithm can match you accurately with select profiles that seem suited to your interests and tastes.

Further, if you decide to meet for a date, the site offers free advice in the form of blogs and articles to help you have a good time on your first date.

Elite Singles is a great dating site for people who are seeking love and committed relationships, so if that’s what you’re into, you’ll probably find success on this site!

3) Match


Match is a good option for those seeking successful relationships via online dating forums.

On Match, you can create a free account but keep in mind that you can only access certain features via the free trial, which lasts for three days, and you are better off choosing one of the paid subscriptions if you want to have success dating.

Match boasts a high traffic rate of more than thirty million people each day, making it an even more popular site for people looking to date.

Match otherwise offers verified dating profiles out of which you’re sure to find some potential matches even if you are exclusively looking to find matches who are punk singles.

Match is definitely another site that has a good success rate and is reputable, so rest assured that you’ll meet lots of interesting people on this site.

4) Alt Scene

Alt is an adult dating website primarily catering to those rocker singles and alternative people who want to explore a bit and have some adventures with sexual play such as BDSM role-play and engage in other activities such as watching adult films and meeting new people in chat rooms.

Alt offers free dating options, but one must get a paid subscription for additional features.

Alt is not the site for you if you want serious relationships but it is great for those who are sexually curious and want to have a good time.

The site is also open to all sorts of people who live an alternative lifestyle, including emo people, rocker men, and women, goths, and everyone else who is interested in such a community is welcome here.

5) Metal Dating

Metal dating is a great option as a metalhead dating site for those who are metal fans primarily, but it is also a great dating platform for rocker singles and those who are into punk music.

Metal dating offers a fairly simple sign-up process, and this online dating site has a great algorithm that matches people with similar interests together, pretty well.

This makes it a fairly good site for metalheads who want to meet like-minded people and have some experience dating.

However, Metal dating does not have a mobile app currently, which can be a bummer for many who would have preferred searching for online dating choices via a mobile app.

Then again, there are many alternative dating sites to choose from for such users.

6) Emo Friends

Emo Friends is a great rocker dating website that offers the choice of free dating in case you want to just try out the dating algorithm and see how that goes.

With the free membership, you can create your profile and add up to 25 pictures to the photo albums.

There are also message boards where you can converse with other people on this dating site.

This dating site is similar to Alt in that there is a lot of sexual play going on in this community, so if you’re a rocker or emo who wants to explore sexually, this is the place for you.

This site is best for casual dating and hooking up.

7) EmoWire

Emo Wire is a free dating site for those who are into emo rock and wish to meet people they share a common interest with, via online dating.

One of the best things about Emo Wire is that it is completely free, and it is a very engaging platform because it allows members to post photos, videos, blogs and participate in fun activities like quizzes.

In that way, this site is more like a social media platform because of its highly interactive nature and all the features it provides.

Using Emo Wire is a really interesting and cool experience because of this friendly interface and all of the activity going on.

It is a really fun platform for those who like interactive experiences, and are interested in dating and chatting with other people in the alternative and emo community.

8) Goth Scene

Goth Scene is a great dating website for gothic singles, where it is completely free to sign up.

This dating website is really the one for those who are into goth music that is part of the much-beloved pop culture and is just the place for people who are interested in goth culture.

The interface is also really easy to use and has a lot of advanced search options you can use.

The chat rooms also have text, voice chat, and video chat options suited for whichever form of conversation you and the other person feel comfortable with.

Another cool aspect of this site is that it is available in seventeen languages, so you get more options and a more diverse community here.

Goth Scene doesn’t have a mobile app of its own. But it has a site that is mobile optimized.

9) Goth Passions


Goth Passions is another good online dating platform for those keen on goth culture and other elements such as goth literature.

Goth Passions has several forums where members can safely and happily talk about all things goth on the message boards.

The Goth passions network is well-filtered, where you will surely find like-minded goths to chat with.

This is also a really good starter site for people who are interested in the goth scene.

The great thing about this site is that you can easily login through other social media like Facebook. So, you do not always need to log in through the site.

10) Punk Dating Site

Punk Dating Site is one of the great niche dating sites for those who want to really try out dating other rockers, punk individuals, and perhaps people of the goth and emo community as well.

It is a free dating site as long as you’re okay with using basic services, otherwise, you can always opt for the paid service and gain access to all the features.

Signing up on this site is really easy and quick, and once your email is verified, you can go ahead and browse all the profiles to find your perfect match.

Browsing is also an easy and neat experience on this site, as you can filter by interests, category, and location.

Punk dating site is also a gay friendly dating site, so one doesn’t have to worry about their safety expressing their sexual preferences.

The Rise of Online Dating Sites For Rockers

These days, many people are seeking alternative dating sites, especially those who are into punk rock and metal music, since their dating preferences are specific.

Thus, dating websites that are particularly catering to metal dating preferences are a boon for those rock, metal, and emo enthusiasts who wish to engage in online dating.

Most people would also be happy to engage in dating online if the site or app is completely free, and luckily there are many such dating sites that offer free dating options.

Every rocker would love to find another rocker at heart with whom he or she can engage in conversation, discuss their favorite bands, bond over a good rock song, and discover more and more in common.

How Can One Choose a Dating Site?

There are several criteria you can evaluate to check if a certain portal is worth your time and worth a try, or not.

Often, these criteria are personal, based on what you want or don’t want, what you like, and what you don’t.

But here are some common criteria you can use to assess whether a dating portal is the one for you- 

1) Pricing

When you’re just starting out with a dating site, one factor that’s definitely on most people’s minds is what they’ll have to pay for the service.

It’s good to start a trial with a website or app that allows you to create a profile and access basic features for free, and then later you can always pay for the subscription if you liked what the website offers.

2) Privacy and security

Whenever we engage in any activity online, a prime concern is related to the safety of our details and data on various websites.

Dating sites, in particular, must be very prudent about how they are storing user data because a lot of it can be confidential.

You can only trust a dating site if you’re sure your data is protected and kept secure at all times using good cybersecurity measures.

3) Ease of access

No one likes interfaces that are too cluttered and confusing, particularly on relationship-building sites, where you expect at least some things to be made easier for you.

Users often pick dating apps and sites based on how easy it is to use and understand.

So, you’ll want to browse the app or site and check the interface for yourself, maybe even check some reviews to see what others are saying about the site.

Checking reviews is also a good and recommended way to verify the website’s legitimacy and see whether it is reliable enough.

3) What features are being provided

As a customer, of course, you’ll want to see what features the app or site is offering, for either the free service or for the subscription, or for both.

The better the features, such as complete profile verification, advanced search, smart algorithm, etc, the more the site will appeal to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating app for rockers?

There are actually plenty of dating sites for rockers out there to choose from. Those looking for the best rocker dating sites can pick from options such as Punk Dating Scene, Goth Scene, and more, but for a dating app, Rockifi is a great free mobile app that is considered the Tinder for rock fans. Another great option is Planet Rock Dating.

Is there a dating site for metalheads?

Metal dating is a great dating site that is popular in the online dating industry and is also popular for rocker dating. On this social network, metalheads can easily find matches with fellow enthusiasts to share their passions.

Where can I meet Alt people?

Alt Scene is an online dating platform where you can meet many members of the alternative community. However, keep in mind that this platform is oriented more towards those who wish to explore sexually.

For other options, you can always look at Punk Dating Scene, Emo Wire and even general dating websites like Match and eHarmony.

Is Alt scene legit?

While Alt scene has been known as a great dating platform for the sexually adventurous alternative people, as an alternative dating site, it has started to attract a small population of scammers and escorts as well, so it is better to be watchful when you proceed to find matches in this growing community. 

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