Ginger Dating Sites – Top Places to Meet Redhead Singles

best redhead dating sites

“All the action-adventure girls have red hair”, goes an oft-quoted saying.

Redheads stand apart wherever you put them.

They are a class of their own with their flaming top. However, there are not that many of them the world over.

By a conservative estimate, all redheads of the world will not even be 2% of the world population.

That is truly a small number in the bigger picture.

For all those looking for redhead dating there are numbers of dedicated dating websites.

These sites help bring to the user single redhead girls in order to help make a selection.

A head of striking red hair is naturally attractive.

For anyone wondering about the chemistry of this color, there is a specific pigment at work.

Pheomelanin is the pigment responsible for this distinctive color.

There are various reactions that people with this hair color face.

Redheaded people have had the term ‘redhead’ thrown at them in not so complimentary sense.

And then there are so many who are awed by the different tones that this hair color can manifest as.

From ginger hair to fiery hair and many shades in between, redhead people certainly add color to the world palette.

Take a read to find out about the best dating portals for redheads.

Top 7 Red Head Dating Websites

As promised, we bring our readers the top dating sites that are used for dating redheads. Some of these are specific redhead dating websites.

Some others are general online dating sites.

Each of these listed below will surely fulfill your search for a perfect redhead match.

Listed below are some of the best sites dedicated exclusively to redhead dating. These are niche groups that attract redheads from all over.

1) eHarmony


Anyone who has looked at an online dating site will know about eHarmony.

It is the frontrunner of online dating for some time now.

What initially began as a site for Christian couples is now a thriving diverse dating network.

eHarmony might not technically be a redhead portal but it scores in other ways.

The first advantage of course is the huge database. Singles under any group are found here. It is a global place for all to come together.

Additionally, eHarmony has a great algorithm going which helps to effectively search for the right partner.

The search tool works efficiently in searching the entire database using effective filters.

This website offers free registration to users where they can avail of basic search facilities. All they need to do is create a profile and get started.

2) Elite Singles

elite singles

Another impactful website for online dating is Elite Singles. This is used widely by people and is right up there in popularity.

At Elite Singles, redhead singles have sought and found partners successfully.

What makes Elite Singles so popular?

They are not for people looking for just a casual fling. For those interested in a serious relationship, this is the place to be.

Right at the registration process, one gets to know the intent of the website. there is a detailed questionnaire to be filled.

Based upon this, the algorithm swings into action.

Once you sign up there are numerous filters and choices you can make to find just the right match. The right success rate speaks for the meticulousness of the website.

The signup process takes a bit of time here.

Become a member if you are looking for single redheads to match your preferences and build a life with.

Basic registration will give users access to basic search tools.

Premium features need up-gradation of membership.

Elite Singles has a special personality test based on Big Five traits, which helps to match as closely as possible.

Fact that Elite is a general dating site that also comes as a mobile app makes it easier to access and used by everyone.

One can look for matches in a secure environment here.

3) Redhead Dates



The name speaks volumes here, does it not?

Be ready to have all your searches covered.

After all, this is a site made exclusively for redheads.

Natural redheads across a spectrum of shades successfully find their partner of choice here. There are a large number of redheads of both genders to choose from.

This is a secure site and good for successfully dating redheads.

There is fast and free registration here on the site, which is a big plus in its favor. A redhead will hook up with a partner of choice among the many that come to this site.

Users find this site very friendly and easy to use. As per popular vote, it ranks right up there as a site for best redhead dating.

There are healthy living tips and blogs on the site that will appeal to the fitness-conscious redhead population from all over.

Users are encouraged to upload photos in order to connect more realistically with others in the community.

There are country-wise dating options on the site.

This makes it easier to zero in on potential matches within one’s country of residence.

4) Find a Ginger

Find a Ginger


Looking for the right ginger partner?

Dating redheads get more refined on this site.

This online dating place provides users to zero in on their chosen ginger people.

The site provides a friendly and comfortable environment for redheaded women to meet others with ginger hair and vice versa.

Their hair hues provide the first point of common bonding.

Dating websites nowadays are creating algorithms to fine-tune the search.

Users are more aware and decided about what they are searching for. It is not merely about redheaded women only.

There are lifestyle choices, hair color, natural or dyed, to choose from.

The best part of this website is that one need not necessarily be ginger in order to be part of this community.

Being a non-ginger will not bar anyone from registering here.

Sign up on this site is completely free and users can take it forward from there.

5) HotForGinger

The original Hot For Ginger has closed and is now redirected to the innovatively named Two Percent Club.

Everything here is about this exclusive 2% population that is known for their red hair.

One thing about this site transfer is that the original membership fees for additional services on Hot For Ginger no longer hold for the Two Percent Club.

Users need to pay afresh to avail certain services.

However, registration to this dating site is completely free for users.

This is a favorite site to look for ginger singles.

It is very easy to use this dating site. Creating a profile is the first step. There are various forums here where redheads can express themselves freely.

Gingerpreneurs explores the entrepreneur in redhead people.

Blogs that advise on raising redheads, as well as focus on health and beauty tips, are attractions on this site.

Each user can upload their photos and life choices here. In turn, they can view photo galleries of others.

6) Single Redhead Girls

single red head girls

This site is the best place to find single redhead girls to suit your requirements. It can be confusing to know which site would be good.

This is the site created specifically for those looking for single girls with red hair.

Basic membership is completely free.

It is when one wishes to use the advanced search and other premium features that they can opt for paid memberships.

A good thing about this site is that it is linked to other related sites on the dating network. This means your profile can be visible on related dating sites at no extra cost.

This site also allows webcam chats.

Users need not be concerned about the security of their personal data here, since the site takes this issue very seriously.

Another feature of this site is that it is restricted for use only by fellow redheads.

This eliminates any scope of discriminatory talk by non redheads while giving all freedom to redheads.

7) Ginger Singles 

ginger singles

This is a secure website to connect with eligible ginger people.

Looking for people with matching characteristics is not easy.

One cannot just go searching physically at clubs or pubs.

An online portal like Ginger Singles that is built specifically for this purpose helps do this.

One may prepare an impactful profile totally for free.

A good thing about this site is that one need not be a redhead to join. All redhead lovers can join here and look for companionship and dating options among similar-minded people.

There are customized interaction social media options here like Blog Ginger and Tweet Ginger to help know your prospective date better.

8) Match


Another diverse dating site is Match, which is popular also as one of the redhead relationship portals.

At Match, there are many natural redheads who join in to look for partners.

They are sure to find single redhead girls who are compatible with what they are looking for.

Match is a great diverse dating network that comes with the assurance of security.

It allows you to upload photos to the site for interested redhead members to have a look.

However, one may only upload 26 photos at a time.

You have the opportunity of meeting people from different backgrounds here.

Just because there are other redheads here, does not mean you cannot make friends with others. Many redheads like it that way

Sign up is completely free at this site.

With tools for visual connection using photos, other members can see who the person is behind the profile.

Dating sites – what value do they bring?

Anyone who has looked up a dating site at any point in time has found value.

And success!

This is true irrespective of whether they are looking for a casual fling or to pursue committed relationships.

It is no wonder that we see a profusion of such sites today where like-minded singles are finding love and companionship.

Some ways in which a dating site adds value to users:

1) Convenience of use.

Most dating sites have now created a website as well as app versions to allow for better ease of use.

For example, Redhead Dates is a redhead dating site that is available in app form as well as website form.

Users can use this and other similar sites in any form they find useful.

2) Meet other like-minded folks

Any good online dating site will allow for connection with other like-minded people.

This is one reason why sites cater to different lifestyle choices too – be it Goths, emos, elders, redheads, or any other.

3) Use at own time and place

Users who have registered on any site for online dating can use these services at any time of their convenience.

Taking a break from work, one may steal a quick glance and see if any new contacts have got in touch.

At home or while traveling, it is very easy to check out and follow up on people of similar interests.

4) Meet people with similar interests

The online world of dating portals is a huge space.

It is peopled by a global audience. Any good online dating site provides lots of common factors to help people bond over.

Whether it be music, fashion, or lifestyle, one may easily choose those with common interests and likes.

5) Does a lot of good for self-image

Meeting people on dating sites is an opportunity to not only flaunt one’s positive image but also get praised for the same.

After all, you will be meeting new people and want to impress them.

When you see someone praising or reaching out to you for these attributes, it is flattering and good for self-image and confidence.

Why would redheads need specific dating sites?

When we say dating sites for redheads some people might wonder why is there a need for redhead dating specifically.

This is because they are a community by themselves who identify with their uniqueness and thrive on it.

In their various hues of hair color, it is natural for them to seek others with red hair. Many people have faced problems finding matched redhead lovers.

While redheads are quite common in Northern and Western Europe, they are also common in Ireland and parts of Britain.

But how would one redhead find other redheads with ease and at the click of a button?

This need is taken care of by dating portals designed specifically for this.

It is on sites like this that people have found their redhead or ginger partner.

These sites enable common redhead passions to find expression in an easy manner.

They can join niche groups in their quest for the perfect partner.

How would one identify and classify redheads?

As for identification there really is no worry on that front.

One can identify them from their hair easily.

Most have naturally red hair in different shades that we will discuss more.

Others may also use hair dye to accentuate or highlight their tint.

Like we said before, this particular hair color owes its chemical reason to a substance called Pheomelanin.

The amount of this chemical present along with complexion and other attributes.

These are the predominant shades that one finds in natural redheads:

  • Deep burgundy.
  • Bright copper.
  • Auburn.
  • Burnt orange.
  • Red-orange.
  • Strawberry blonde.

Other physical characteristics in appearance include fair skin, often freckled, light or blue eyes, and increased ultraviolet light sensitivity.

While the term redhead can be used in appreciation or ridicule, there are many celebrities who help this cause.

People like Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Rihanna are certainly torchbearers in this community.

The science behind red hair

A redhead is part of a very small percentage of specially endowed people in the world.

This makes natural redheads a very small population compared to the global occurrence of other groups.

Red hair is such a draw that one of the most popular characters in the legendary Harry Potter series is Ron Weasley, characterized for his ‘proud ginger’ hair color.

What is the physiology and science behind naturally red hair that draws so much attention to this group worldwide?

Hair color is determined by the presence of melanin in the body.

In fact, this substance, melanin, determines skin tone as well as hair color.

There are two types of melanin in the body, pheomelanin, and eumelanin.

Pheomelanin is responsible for producing red hair and skin color in humans while eumelanin is responsible for brown and black tones.

Red hair color is caused by a genetic variant of melanin.

In the case of redheads, there is a genetic mutation that causes suppression of the MC1R (melanocortin 1 receptor) gene.

This was discovered in 1995 by Professor Jonathan Reese.

With suppression of MC1R, there is more production of pheomelanin in the body.

This gives a predominant red shade to redheads.

This is not where the genetic influence ends.

Different shades of red exist in redheads, from light auburn to fiery locks. Genetic traits depend upon whether one or both copies of MC1R are suppressed.

This factor is responsible for a variety of hair color shades in redheads.

A reason for people to love redheads is this very variety – strawberry blonde to auburn to dark red.

Different services that redhead dating sites may offer

When you sign up for a dating site driven by those who love redheads there are things to expect certain things.

To be noted here is that because a site is for redheads does not mean there is no space for non red heads.

  • There is free registration on most sites and they offer basic services of search. For more detailed search services one needs to pay for advanced services and premium features.
  • When you sign up for online redhead dating on popular sites, you may rest assured about the security and privacy of your information.
  • Some sites for best redhead dating have the wonderful option of access to sister sites for further contacts on dating. This opens up new vistas for meeting people with similar inclinations and characteristics.
  • Online interactions are convenient no doubt but there are limitations. This is why many offer webcam chats and audio chats to enhance the quality of interaction.
  • Discussion boards are also part of most dating sites these days that are part of the passions network. These forums are great places for getting tips about how to go about dating and what single women might be looking for.
  • These platforms also have options for sharing videos that people with red hair might be inclined to. This again allows for better connection among users who are seeking companionship and friendship.
  • Registered users look for better filters that will go to details like eye color and freckled singles. It is one of the redhead passions to look for freckles in women that is considered a very attractive feature.

In addition to these features specific to online dating, there are some general requirements that sites need to fulfill.

  • Users look for global outreach on dating websites. This applies to all categories of users, whether they are found everywhere in large numbers or in lesser populations. That is the very point of an online medium, to ease connect.
  • Users want a site that is easy to navigate. If the website is too complicated to use then a pleasant search for a red hair mate might turn out frustrating.
  • A site that loads fast and has a great algorithm will have more takers. This will lead more easily to partners of choice that one can relate better to.

These are some of the prominent features that any person looking for online dating. When someone visits a dating site these are among the features that are sought.

Where are redheads naturally located globally?

Like we have stated already, redheads are a community that is not common at all.

They are characterized by their distinctive red hair, inspiring different reactions from people. 

According to logistics and studies on this community, they are most commonly found in western and northern parts of Europe.

Maximum numbers are scattered around in Ireland, where it is very common to run into red hair folks while walking around. 

Countries like Italy and Russia also have redhead populations.

This is also true of Asian populations in a scattered manner.

This trait is so prominent and eye-catching that it has found its place in ancient arts and literature as well.

Scotland is believed to have the maximum percentage of naturally occurring redheads in the world.

The percentage stands at about 14% of the population.

This is by far the highest percentage of the population who sport red hair color.

Among communities, Jews have a high incidence of redheads.

This is especially true of the Ashkenazic Jews. It is believed that predominant inbreeding among this community is responsible for red hair among them.

Characteristics associated with redheads

Besides the obvious red hair which gives this community their name, there are certain characteristics that redheads possess.

  • None of these has to be a rule but is found in the majority of the community.
  • They are the result of genetic mutation leading to their distinctive hair attributes.
  • They are more likely to have freckles.
  • They gray relatively less compared to others.
  • Many redheads are lefties.
  • People with red hair are more likely to be cold-sensitive.
  • They are less endowed with a head of hair compared to other hair colors.
  • Medical studies establish that people with red hair tones cannot be anesthetized as easily and may need doses.
  • Interestingly redheads make vitamin D more easily although their skin tone is more vulnerable to the effects of the sun.
  • People in this community might have lower pain tolerance compared to others.
  • Fun fact about this community is that bees may be more attracted to them than non redheads.