Rainbow kiss is a type of kiss and as you may already know, there are styles and practices of kissing that you could try with your partner.

We will look at what it is, and decide whether it is worth the risk and explore other meanings as well.

Meaning of Rainbow Kiss

“Rainbow kiss” is a type of kiss that that may be considered a fetishist sex act.

It is a kissing action that follows after a man performs oral sex on a woman’s vagina during her period, usually in an angle 69 position; with the woman simultaneously giving oral sex to the man.

The term “Rainbow Kiss” comes from the idea that mixing blood from the woman with semen after the man ejaculates do not readily mix with a homogeneous color.

There are speculations as to how this term originated, however, there is no objective observation or conclusion as to whether any chemical reaction as a result of “rainbow kissing” causes any extra coloration similar to the rainbow colors.

Other Meanings and Relationship with Rainbow Kiss

You would have guessed that rainbow kissing might be related to some type of adult homosexuals kissing, but you now know that that’s not the main meaning.

In the 90s and later, I used to perceive the ‘rainbow’ symbol to symbolize inclusion, and hope but now, the LGBT has adopted the symbol which also takes the idea of freedom and the desire to ensure that there is a culture against violence among people because of their sexual orientation.

There are other related sexual practices similar to the definitions of ‘rainbow kiss’ here but you might not be right to assume that those who might be courageous enough to try rainbow kissing their partner would do anything like those.

The biggest question and consideration is the safety of rainbow kissing.

Is Rainbow Kissing Safe?

Rainbow kissing might be harmless if your partner does not have any sexually transmissible diseases.

That said, the risk is very high because of the possibility of someone doing rainbow kissing ingesting pathogens into their belly.

In short, the climax of rainbow kissing is ingesting blood from a menstrual flow and swallowing semen, right?

This act must have some risks and rewards that you should bear in mind if you are into this type of sex action.

Ingesting semen is believed to have biological benefits bearing in mind the potential of cultural and personal adopted beliefs about the benefits.

But how about ingesting blood?

Just like the semen, our blood contains nutrients and alone, it could be harmless to ingest but there is the risk of blood-borne disease that could come to play.

While searching this, I found out about the condition where one can become addicted to blood as a part of a meal.

The main contention is that the doctor’s advice is that you should not ingest fluid from blood or semen because you’re not sure when the infectious agents can be found in the private region.

Objectively, you don’t want to run into the problem of bloodthirstiness or semen crave if you try rainbow kiss and eventually always want it.

Well, that may be the extreme case for someone who may be prone to going to extremes.


There could be unforeseen risks and obviously, there are well-known risks of rainbow kissing and something similar and it is best to mitigate the risk.

Whatever you choose to do, if you engage in oral sex it’s better not to swallow the fluids especially when you don’t know the health history of your partner.

Some doctors completely discourage oral sex, especially during menstruation.

It’s up to you to have sex the way you like with whoever you agree to.

But for men and women, knowing the risks and benefits should be considered before agreeing to do rainbow kissing or any type of sex for that matter.

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