Are you looking for good questions to ask a girl or maybe a few funny first date questions?

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If the answer to the questions above is an emphatic YES!, then keep on reading.

In this article, you are going to discover some fascinating  and interesting questions to ask a girl or your girlfriend.

To that end, I have come up with a list of 21 good questions to ask a girl (plus two bonus ones).

I divided the questions into four different sections;

  1. Typical questions to ask a girl.
  2. Questions to get to know a girl better.
  3. Questions to bring out the comedian in a girl.
  4. Other interesting questions to ask a girl.

Even if they may seem offbeat at first sight, most of the questions require mind work and their answers would reveal a great deal about her.

relationship questions

The skills of conversation are sometimes inborn in some people but most of us need to develop these skills, and with practice, we’ll become good at it.T

One thing that is of primary importance is to listen attentively to the girl’s answer and then come up with follow up questions. In no time, you will be having an avid conversation with her as time will seem to fly away.

After all, that is one of the reasons for having a conversation with her in the first place, isn’t it?

To pass the time.

So, let’s dive right in.

First, let’s start off with common questions you can ask a girl.

What Will You Learn

Common Questions you can Ask a Girl

1) What is your favorite book?



The good old favorite question!

You can’t go wrong with this.

Talk about the books she read growing up and which ones influenced her the most.

Ask her if she has any favorites.

Why does she like a book?

You can follow up with her favorite characters from books she most identifies with.

Answers to these questions will reveal a whole lot about the girl.

2) What are your favorite movies?


Movies tell us stories we otherwise would not have heard, it shows us characters we dream to be and take us to places we can only imagine in our dreams.

As with books, a person’s choice of movies and the characters she identifies with the most reveals a lot about her personality.

3) Who is your favorite artist? What are your favorite songs? What is your favorite band?

You can see where I am going with this.

The point of such questions as mentioned above is to understand her disposition and moral fabric.

You can understand her views and how she sees the world.

4) Do you have any hobbies?

Most of us do.

You may even find something in common with the girl.

A girl who is passionate about her hobbies is strong-willed, determined and patience to say the least.

To keep the conversation rolling, ask her more questions regarding her hobby.

Do not feign interest.

If you do not have any idea about what she does then let her know and ask her to teach you.

5) What is the last place you visited, what was it like and what other places are on your travel list?


Traveling is fun and also essential to get your bearings together in between the chaos of daily life.

Talking about foreign countries and exotic places fills us with wanderlust and is an excellent topic for conversation.

Share with her your travel plans for the future and see if the two of you have any places in common.

If you do, you can plan a vacation together.

6) What’s your favorite food?


Yes, this is the tertiary need of every living thing after air and water.

Ask her about her favorite dish, her favorite places to eat out, the cuisines she likes and if she loves cooking.

This one of the most interesting questions to ask girls.

To get a conversation to flow naturally, do not over think. Speak your mind and listen carefully when the girl speaks.

You can even ask her if she is allergic to any food, or if she finds a specific dish unpalatable.

These exciting tidbits offer us a peek into another person’s life and her likes as well as her dislikes.

7) Who is your best friend from childhood? How did you meet? Are you still in touch?


It is often said that friends are for life.

While that is not quite the reality, there are, however, few friends who remain with us through our lifetime.

Best friends are such rare gems who will always be a part of our life and who have influenced us a lot.

It is a special relationship, and we share some special moments with them.

Getting her to share those special memories with you is the best you can do.

Although talking about her best friend is a great idea unless she is touchy about it. If she doesn’t want to answer it now, let her be.

She will come around once she wants to confide in you and trusts you.

8) Do you play any sport? Do you follow any sport?


Contrary to popular belief, girls are also interested in sports and can play quite well.

Women around the world have been widely taking to sports and excelling too.

Many girls enjoy sports and adventure as much as we boys do. So try to find out if she likes a particular game or if she plays any, during her free time.

If it is a sport you both enjoy, then you can bond over it very quickly.

So these are some general questions to ask to get to know a girl. You can try to come up with some of your own.

The idea is to get her to open up to you and share the moments and memories that she holds near and dear.

Questions to Get to Know a Girl Better

Now here are some more questions to ask girls to get to know them even better.

9) What is the best and worst thing about being a girl?

It is a significant question and asked for well thought out answers instead of the generic statements based on gender.

This will give her a chance to really give it a thought if she has not already done so and will help her learn more about herself too.

On the other hand, you get to know what she treasures.

10) Do you have any special skills no one knows about?


This is an interesting question which brings out the best in a girl.

Many of us have certain unique talents that we keep to ourselves hidden away from the rest of the world.

She may have some unusual talents as well. Prod her about any weird skill she might have picked up over the years.

More often than no we shy away from showing such unconventional skills, but given the right opportunity we let ourselves out.

You too like that give her an opportunity to show you how special she is.

11) Can you tell me about an embarrassing moment you had?

embarassing moment

Even though some girls may not want to answer such questions, the majority will find it amusing and will often tell you about an embarrassing situation.

We all have faced such situations, and we have promptly moved on by leaving such incidents behind us.

It is a great way to remember such an incident after a long time and share some casual laughs.

12) Do you have any unnatural fears?

Talking about unnatural fears may not be the best idea, however, if a girl shares her fears with you openly, then it only shows her courage.

Upon knowing her fear, you can help her face it and overcome it.

Sometimes we need a guiding hand to help us cross a wobbly bridge. Be that guiding hand and don’t let go.

Also, assure her you are not going to play a prank on her once you know about her fear.

13) What are some of your strengths? What aspects of your personality do you think needs improvement?

These are deep questions, and it requires a great deal of courage and honesty to answer them.

Talking with each other about your strengths helps you to understand each other better.

You can now decide if she is the girl for you. She too can determine if you are the kind of guy she is looking for.

When talking about her weaknesses, try to be compassionate and helpful towards her instead of judging her.

Words of kindness and encouragement can help her overcome her shortcomings, and you too can gain the same way.

14) Is there a particular memory that you keep going back to? Why?

This question is an even more personal question and delves deep into her psyche.

Every one of us holds our memories very dear and near.

There are specific memories however which we hold closer and dearer than the rest.

Getting a girl to talk about a memory she keeps remembering is asking a lot from her.

But she will be willing to open up if your approach is encouraging and shows genuine care rather than pure curiosity.

Share your memories too and hours will pass you by without your notice.

15) What part of your culture are you proud of? And what part of it do you detest?


Personal questions seem to be the norm of this article, one might say. When you are trying to get to know a girl better, personal questions are the best way to go.

Not only are you asking questions about her culture but also about her opinion on it.

In this way, you get to know where the girl comes from and what her people are like. ‘

The social festivities she takes part in, the religion she follows and the customs she follows.

Once you get to know the initial details delve deeper and ask for her opinion on the customs of her culture.

Such debates on social and cultural issues provide food for thought and also reveal how a person thinks.

16) If you were the head of the Government of your country then what steps will you take for the betterment of your citizen’s standard of living and the well-being of the international community?

At this point, you may be thinking if this is an interview question rather than an easy idea to pick up girls.

If the girl you want to know more about is socially aware and keeps track of current events in her country as well as around the world, then she will find this question appropriate and finding it worthy of her time will give it some thought.

Questions like this will give you a clear idea of what she is like and if global or national affairs interest her at all.

On a lighter note let’s take a look at some funny questions to ask a girl.

A sense of humor is a widely sought-after quality in men, but what many may not know is that men find humor in a woman equally attractive.

Questions to Bring out the Comedian in a Girl

Here are a few questions to bring out the comedian in her.

17) Could you please narrate a funny incident which still brings a smile to your face?

Going down memory lane is a tricky business as one never knows what one might stumble upon.

Funny memories though, hold a special place in our heart. Ask her to narrate the incident vividly and listen intently.

Such incidents are a source of laughter many years later and also lets her re-live the moment again.

As the question subtly points out the incident will bring a smile on her face and yours too hopefully.

Remembering funny incidents will lighten up the mood of the conversation.

18) Who was the worst guest you ever had at your house? What was so worse about them?

We all have some bad experiences with certain guests at our house.

While such incidents might not have been funny when it happened, they are hilarious when recounted after several years after we have moved on.

It is a good thing to look back at your past and extract some comedy out of it.

19) If you could replace ‘Hello’ as a greeting while answering the phone then what word would you suggest?

lady answering call

Questions like this get your creative juices flowing and turn a boring conversation on its head.

Watch her as she scratches her head to come up with words to replace ‘Hello’.

As creatures of habit, we are often unable to shed conventional practices in lieu of unconventional ones.

Have fun watching her try her best to find the right word for the situation.

The results are sure to be hilarious.

20) What annoys you most?

lady annoyed

This question is a goldmine!

All of us are easily annoyed by a lot of little things in our day to day lives.

Sharing such details with another person can result in comic outcomes.

Be amazed by the little things that get on her nerve.

This topic provides for loads of fun later on and if you have known her for quite some time now then use the knowledge to the best of your ability to really get to know her when the occasion presents itself.

Do not however cross the line!

Other Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Finally, a few interesting questions to ask a girl you like.

As mentioned before these are not your run of the mill questions.

These questions require a bit more brain work and structure of thought.

Here they are:

21) Name a few changes that you think should be made to your country’s education system?

education system

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the running of a country among them perhaps none is as widely talked about as the country’s education system.

Get her opinion on the current education system, what she think is not working, and how it can be improved.

These are basic social things we should be aware of as citizens and debating on such issues is great to keep a conversation running.

22) Which period in history had the best fashion?


Girls are naturally towards anything associated with fashion.

Most girls do indeed have a keen eye for fashion.

Fashion has undergone dynamic changes throughout history, and there are few things as exciting as getting a girl’s take on the history of fashion.

While she talks about fashion be sure to make out her likes and dislikes.

After all, that is the essence of asking these questions.

23) What superpower would you like to have? How are you going to use it?

Super power

I am going to sum it up by going fictional. Superpowers are what everyone wants.

It will be interesting to know what power she would like.

Much more fascinating to know will be how she will put it to use for the greater good, or will she?


These are some of the best questions to ask a girl.

Note: These questions are not meant to be kinda job interview. It’s highly recommended not to ask all the questions in a single day.

Take it slowly. One at a time. Day by day.

As you get to know the girl better, the deeper your questions will be.

But in all that you do, make sure that you ask questions that will lead to a successful relationship.

One thing I’ll strongly recommend you do is to make sure you continue the conversation by asking follow-up questions and participating too.

These are just ‘beginning’ questions to ask a girl.

I want you to get to a point where you’d no longer seek for questions to ask the girl you like/love.

You should know by then the questions that will interest her and bubble her heart and the ones that would be condescending downright rude.

Now it’s your turn.

Comment below the most interesting question you’d like to ask a girl or as a girl, comment the question(s) you’d like a guy to ask you.