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Getting to know a girl better can be hard especially when you don’t know the right questions to ask.

Instead of concluding that she is a pretentious person, you should update your list of questions to get get to know her.

1) Do you have a second name you prefer?

If she hates the name her parents gave her, she will be happy that you are thoughtful enough to ask that question.

2) What’s your favorite color?

This knowledge can help you make good gifts decisions for her.

3) Are you a morning or night person?

You will want to know the best time to call her to avoid a grumpy answer.

4) Beer or wine?

You should not just assume that she prefers cocktails and wines because she’s a girl. She might just want to slug down some beers with you.

5) If you could choose another nationality, what would it be?

It is fine if she’s patriotic to her country but her response could give you an opening to the kind of lifestyle she prefers.

6) What’s your love language?

Every girl perceives love in a different way. For some, it’s words of affirmation or gifts.

7) What would you like to know about me?

It’s also important for you to give her a chance to know more about you. So that she doesn’t feel like she’s under an interrogation.

8) If you could live in a fictional world, which one would it be?

This would give you a good view of her creative mind. Try not to laugh at her imagination.

9) Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

You can get to know a lot about her from hearing about her future projections.

10) How would you describe your childhood?

Hopefully, she would share funny stories that will amuse you.

On the downside, it can expose a scarred past.

Be ready to help her deal with it.

11) What one word would your family and friends use to describe you?

You can compare your description of her to those of her family and friends.

They have known her for longer and their opinion will be likely right.

12) Do you have a silly habit you can’t seem to get rid of?

This is a very personal question. It will help you have an idea about her weaknesses.

13) Would you rather be rich or healthy?

There’s really no right or wrong answers to this. But her answer will clearly show you her priorities.

14) What do you think about most every day?

What else can be more personal than entering into her thought! You might even find out you think about similar things.

15) Do you like chivalrous men?

This is an important question that will guide you in treating her in the way she wants.

The traditional chivalry might irritate her if she’s all for the modern independent girl status.

16) What is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?

Her answer will indicate if she’s a thoughtful person or one who disregards other people’s efforts towards her. To me, this is one of the best questions to ask a girl on here.

17) What’s your wildest fantasy?

You might just be able to bring to reality.

It helps you reach deep down into her mind.

18) What are you paranoid about?

Opening up her vulnerabilities will let you know her better.

You shouldn’t push if she isn’t ready to share.

19) What’s your favorite fragrance?

The easiest gift to get a girl is perfume. The way she likes to smell could also show you her wild or soft side.

20) Do you like fine dining?

You will get to know if she appreciates fine dining or would rather settle for burger/fries.

It could also be a pointer to shared interests.

Extra Questions

21) Which song can you sing by heart?

22) If you could redecorate your room, how would you go about it?

23) If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

24) Do you enjoy playing/watching any sports?

25) What has changed about your life in three years?

26) What’s your biggest inspiration?

27) How far have you ever travelled from home?

28) What’s your best TV show?

29) Will you like to be young forever or grow old faster?

30) What’s your best way to relax after a stressful day?

31) What’s the most touching incident you’ve ever witnessed?

32) Who is your role model?

33) What is your dream car?

34) Do you love pets?

35) What would you really like to get if you can afford it?

36) You can get to know her deepest desire and if possible, get it for her.

37) What annoys you the most in other people?

38) This would be a good pointer not to do what puts her off.

39) What are your biggest doubts in life?

40) What do you think makes up a good life?

41) What do you think is your best trait?

42) What are your worst insecurities?

43) Have you ever done volunteer work?

44) Can you tell me four interesting things about you?

45) If you were to die today, what would you like to be remembered for?

46) What’s the one special thing about your family?

47) Do you still do any childish things?

48) If you didn’t have to work to earn a living, will you bother about having a career?

49) This will ultimately show if the girl has a strong passion or is just passing through life.

50) Do you have lucky numbers?

51) Do you have personal rules that guide you through life?

52) How many trials would you give a new project before you give up on it?

53) Is there a place you won’t fit in?

54) If you could rewind your life, what are some things you would change?

55) If you won two million dollars at the lottery, can you donate it all to charity?

56) What are the five most important things you will like to achieve before you die?

57) Have you been involved in anything illegal?

58) Who is your best song artist?

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