Preggophilia – All You Need to Know


“What in the world is Preggophilia?”

That’s the question a woman asked me in a banking hall while reading an article about pregnancy and sex.

I told her I got no damn clue.

So I decided to do detailed research about the topic when I got home and share it with you guys.

So let’s get right into it…

You see, humans have all sorts of sexual preferences that you may not already know about unless you dive deep into learning about them.

In rare cases, some people’s sexuality may be confusing and weird.

You may call the behaviors fetish but there is a fine line between sexual fetishes and illegal sexual behaviors that are also associated with the term paraphilia.

You may also have loads of unanswered questions about diverse sexual orientations and may wonder why people are turned on sexually in different ways.

We’re going to examine one of the many sexual orientations you may not be aware of- preggophilia.

What Will I Learn?

What is Preggophilia?

What is preggophilia

Preggophilia means sexual attraction to pregnant women.

This also extends to the idea of fantasies and sexual arousal from the presence of a pregnant woman.

Some men and even some women may be sexually aroused by different features and behaviors relating to pregnancy.

A related phrase to this is ‘pregnancy fetishism’, also known as maiesiophilia and some Internet urban dictionaries refer to persons who find pregnant women sexually stimulating as preggophiles.

If you are just learning of the word ‘preggophilia’ in 2020, you are not alone, it is not a popular term for most people.

It may not also be a concern for many people and even for persons who are attracted to pregnant women.

Preggophilia is a combination of the word Preggo and philia.

Preggo is a slang used to refer to pregnant women, which is often considered an offensive word to many people here in the United States and rightly so.

Philia usually appears as a suffix to some words which means fondness or an abnormal love for something.

Sometimes preggophi is used to refer to men who have philia for pregnant women.

History of Preggophilia: Etymology

The usage of the word preggophilia may not be as old as its synonymous term maiesiophilia which has a much older usage.

Not so much information about the etymology of both words exists online but it is important to note the information we have available.

From the days of old, thousands of years ago there have been images that idolize women and fertility.

We know that somewhere between the 1980s and early 1990s, the term maiesiophilia was used, although it may not have been popular in those days as it is today.

Around 2002 to 2006, wikis on maiesiophilia were present but it appeared to fade down because of misconceptions and negativities associated with it especially with pedophilia.

Reports also show a significant spike in the usage of the word preggophilia in 2014 with a close to 20% increase in the use in search according to p*rn keyword analysis.

How does Preggophilia Start?

In the mind anything is possible!

However, it is worth noting that even if several people may have a similar experience on the physical, you cannot say with absolute certainty that you will be able to reproduce these complex life experiences and get an exact expected result.

Perhaps a better way to look at this may be to consider how could one begin to develop their orientation as a preggophile or preggophi?

1) It all starts in the mind: nursing a thought can reinforce the idea

Whether good or bad, how we behave, and our actions towards others depend on how we view them in our minds.

It is not impossible to predict human behaviors in certain situations, but we may not be able to truly claim that certain exact thoughts would trigger the same type of experience for someone.

2) Naturally: It could start from a feeling

The preggophile may not be able to easily explain how they come to have a stronger attraction towards pregnant women.

They may just realize what it is later, but the feeling would have just been there for as long as they’d remember.

How one may develop a feeling of love and become attracted to a pregnant woman may be just like how they may develop the same feelings for any other person who may not be pregnant.

3) Social and Psychological Factors

Various social factors can shape a person’s sexual orientation and how they learn about it.

It may be from a unique experience that they might have had and they may not even remember it.

Some social factor that could encourage preggophilia include;

I) Peer Factors: Influence from peers, Peer Pressure

Normally if a lot of people forbid the idea of a particular sexual orientation, those who may belong to that group would likely try to suppress that behavior but if their friends support it, it would encourage the orientation.

So just when close friends accept an idea, their other friends may begin to see reasons to accept it, the same way preggophilia could be encouraged by friends.

II) Social and Cultural Backgrounds:

There are various ways that social backgrounds can shape how people perceive preggophilia in both men and women.

The media also plays a huge role in how some negative beliefs that people have about pregnancy generally as well as the extremes of fetishes.

4) Paying attention to where others may not care about

It is likely that some men may be having a closer bonding because they try their best in looking after their wives during pregnancy.

Men giving such attention and care could also translate into them giving enough attention to their duty in the inner room.

On the other hand, the majority of men who would not care as much could be missing out on that level of intimacy.

This kind of behavior could be because of the misconceptions people have of preggophilia or because of their beliefs about pregnancy.

It is not strange for some cultures to see sexual relations with pregnant women as a taboo, whereas other cultures would have no issues with it.

At another extreme, it is also the case that some men don’t like to spend time with their pregnant wives but instead stay away from home for a long time.

In normal cases, couples may have sex normally without having any fetishes as any preggophilia would.

But there is no much accurate data on men fetishizing their pregnant wives.

Other Factors that may encourage Preggophilia


Consider that preggophilia can be seen as more realistically as how men perceive pregnant women to be sexually attractive than as a condition that must make them have an uncontrollable sexual urge.

For this reason, there is the reason to put in some efforts in educating people on general knowledge in topics of human sexuality and sex education as well.

The factors below could help people to perceive preggophilia in a more positive light as well;

A better understanding of Human Sexuality

Having a better understanding of human sexuality generally can make a difference in how you view your sexual orientation and that of others.

If you choose to learn more about human sexuality, it can open new ways for you to better understand your own sexual orientation and that of your partner.

This knowledge will help you to know how to adjust your behavior to suit different situations in your relationship.

 Knowledge of Physiological Changes in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women may have an increased desire to engage in sex at some points during their pregnancy because of hormonal changes in their bodies.

So it makes sense from a physiological point that a kind of readiness on the part of the pregnant woman will certainly be there.

A man knowing that his pregnant partner may really need sex may have a sense of greater satisfaction in seeing to it that they are there at these points of intense desire.

With this sort of understanding, there could be more leaning towards the whole idea of preggophilia.

Mind you, there may be decreased interest in sexual activities as well during some stages in pregnancy so it is no excuse to avoid consent.

For some normal reasons, pregnant women may not feel okay to have sex and so because of the pains from it.

Symptoms of Preggophilia: How does someone know they have Pregophilia?

Some people may have gone through some experience and may even secretly ask themselves the question, “am I a preggophile?”

The following checklist provides some useful information on how to know if someone could have a condition that relates to preggophilia.

In rare cases, a sexual condition could be reported and it would need some attention from medical practitioners.

The following symptoms below are possible and can be looked up at diagnosis information portals as well.

  • Do you discover that you spend a significantly large amount of time thinking about pregnant women?
  • Do you feel the need to have sex when you see pregnant women?
  • Do you have intense sexual fantasies about pregnant women from time to time?
  • Do you hardly have sexual gratification unless there is a role play involving your partner appearing pregnant?
  • Have you noticed that you find yourself visiting preggophilliac websites too often?

Normally, even with these signs, it is possible to retrace steps from an excessive obsession unless of course there is a need for psychiatrist assistance.

What causes Preggophilia

Although there are more researches to be done in this area, from what we know, the causes of preggophilia could be classified into the following categories;

Other sexual conditions, psychological reasons, mental health conditions and natural association of leading to a philia.

1) The Sexual Imprinting Hypothesis

This hypothesis states that exposing a child to a specific stimulus early in life would cause a sexual preference in adulthood with the same stimulus.

One of the most important research findings that explain possible cause of preggophilia is a 2010 study by Enquist et al, published in the International Society for Sexual Medicine 2011.

The study found that older siblings are more likely to develop an attraction to pregnant women than those who never witnessed the birth of any younger siblings.

2) Sexual Conditions Leading to Preggophilia

It is always good when you have an all-round perfect state of health.

However, it is also possible to have situations where unknown sexual conditions that are unique to an individual could lead them to philias for pregnant women.

Although it is not easy to establish a clear cut relationship, more studies into this in the future could help provide insight into the possibility that one pre-existing sexual conditions could lead to a preggophilia case.

3) Effects of Testosterone in men

Our hormones shape actions and human sexual behaviors but the presence of pregnant women could trigger its activity as it is explained from studies.

In Aaron’s book, Modern Sexuality, he explains that testosterone has been shown to influence a predisposition to fetishist interests.

It is no surprise that males make up a larger portion of the pregnancy fetish community.

Object-Oriented Fetishism means being aroused by objects or visuals and the fact that it is in men than women is worth looking at.

Also this fact that it is more predominantly common because of testosterone in men has gained some focus in studies.

4) Mental Health Condition

Technically, preggophilia fetishism may fall into the case of a sexual condition if it becomes extreme.

Also, if it causes so much trouble to the patient that they become a mental health concern, there could be an established relationship between the conditions.

For instance, a paraphilic person may exhibit some of the same behaviors as a preggophili.

However, it is important to be aware that people who find their pregnant partners adorable and treats them right sexually should not be slated for having a mental health condition.

5) Passive or Active Association by the brain

Don’t take it for granted that with visuals, some people could imagine more than they would have ordinarily.

There may be a causal relationship for some people when they see some related pictures of pregnant models on the media.

From the point of seeing some images online, they may develop ideas that may not be controllable by the original owner of these types of contents.

There may be debates about whether this type of association could be innocent or not.

Arguments could go as far as blaming the preggophiles, the pregnant woman in the images or the media managers that put them up.

However, it is important to maintain responsible behavior with regards to various issues about people’s private lives and their sexual orientations.

Should You be Worried about Preggophilia?

Preggophilia concern

Generally, there should be no cause to worry about preggophilia as people can now have access to correct information about safe sex during pregnancy.

However, what could be disturbing about the trend is the various related abuses that are associated with it.

1) Infidelity

Issues around infidelity with preggophiles targeting pregnant women should be discouraged.

If there is no sort of caution, more people could experience some negative impacts of Preggophilia.

Something like emotional distress from inappropriate photos to having to worry about paying for related problems.

2) Social impact on individuals

You can imagine the distress that one would go through if their private pictures were being shared inappropriately.

Obviously pregnant women and their partners should be worried about people on the dark side of the web stealing their photos.

Public criticisms about why these types of images are shared in the first place can be overwhelming on the owners.

Whereas pregnant women should feel the safest as well as women after childbirth (postpartum women), there should be more concern when their images are abused.

What about the future?

Imagine a rising trend in preggophilia leading to a more serious sexual or mental condition.

In an unlikely event of a scenario like this, the government would need to check it to some extent.

In the end, if it gets worse, someone will have to pay for it.

Precautions: How to avoid the problems associated with Preggophilia

1) Career: Don’t be a gynecologist if you cannot control yourself with pregnant women.

Well, this may not be the best advice ever but you can imagine that some people’s careers may expose them to pregnant women more than others.

For those who may have the temptation from their jobs, it is best to seek advice and take necessary precautions.

A precaution, for example, would be attending to patients alongside another practitioner.

2) Seek professional help if you feel concerned about the condition

Even medical practitioners may need help with some conditions too.

So whatever the case may be, if you feel you cannot help yourself, I think seeking help earlier than not could be the best decision to take.

3) Beware of posting your pregnancy picture if you cannot bear the possible consequences

Remember the consequence that there are really bad people who could steal pregnancy photos and even share them on porn websites.

After Meg’s belly bump photos went viral, she had some heartfelt advice to share with other women.

The takeaway from her experience is to be careful of posting your pregnancy photos online.

Even though the majority of people think that women should never have to worry about sharing their photos in private groups…

…we cannot control what some deviant people would do.

4) Avoid spending a long time alone on Preggophilia P*rnographic websites

Studies exist on various impacts of porn on the mind.

One such study by researchers at Cambridge University in 2015 found that p*rn has similar effects in sex addicts as drugs have on the brain.

Excessive consumption of preggophilia p*rn can cause loss of value, erectile dysfunction, isolation, and lack of confidence among other possible negative side effects it can have.

One of the implications of p*rn websites as could promote preggophilia in a negative light.

Spending plenty of time on this type of website can lead to one falling deep into the fetish and may not enjoy normal sex again.

Preggophilia is not one of the best things to be addicted to really.

Instead of wasting all those priceless time on preggophilia p*rn websites which may lead to an addiction, other interesting things could be done to replace those gratifications.

5) Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife

The fact that pregnant women have a softness and glow that makes them attractive, is not a reason to commit adultery with them.

They may also seek attention too but this should not be an excuse to fall into the temptation of preggophelia adultery or the evil of rape.

Remember the biblical law, “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife,…”

…I guess adultery is not something to be proud of in many cultures.

Even though p*rn websites would sell wild ideas as it feeds the lustful demands in the industry, the real world is real.

No matter the religious inclination of most men, they will not take adultery lightly, especially with their pregnant wives.

They may not be forgiving if they discover a case of preggophilia infidelity.

Again, how about doing to others what you would not mind others do to you?

6) Avoid online forums where users glamourize disturbing or violent sexual behaviors

You may have heard of sections of the Internet called ‘the dark web’, where people are allowed to be crazy.

With just a few clicks on computers connected to the Internet, you may find yourself in this dark territory of the web.

Immediately you feel that some groups or forums are not as decent enough as they should be, try to report them if you can and get out of there.

The best gift to give to your mind is to not feed it with some filthy thoughts but positive ideas instead.

Mind the way you comment on related issues: Think twice about commenting on certain multimedia to avoid possible profiling.

You may wonder if ‘profiling’ should be a concern in a preggophili discussion but these days, nothing is impossible.

7) Avoid all P*rnography altogether

One fetish could easily be developed from exposure to p*rnographic content.

It has been found out that from an addiction to one type of p*rn, people generally crave for more and extreme ones.

You can see why staying away from p*rn content makes sense.

On the whole, it makes sense because one can avoid problems that connect to preggophilia if they are not negatively influenced by p*rnography.

In fact, preggophilia to a large extent would not be the culprit in criminal cases but related abuse.

8) Try to deal with a Preggophilia Addiction

Some people may crave for new photos of pregnancy fetishes on preggophilia porn sites because of an addiction to it.

If that is the case, it would be necessary to seek help.

Most people will not directly go to the psychiatrist for help but they may try to help themselves.

A useful idea on how to have self-help therapy might be for the individual to engage in activities that will occupy them in different ways by way of distraction from the thoughts of preggophilia.

Where self-help does not work, psychotherapy is the way to go for those who may have a preggophilia fetish.

9) Don’t steal other peoples photos

If the owners of a picture are able to prove that a particular person stole their photo, that could be serious trouble.

With forensics technologies available these days, sooner, it will be easier to track media contents that are illegally acquired.

10) Beware of the type of media you share via social media

It could be easy to interact with social media contents online, sometimes without being very critical about them.

In this social media age, it is good to think twice about giving a favorite, love, like, wow, sad, or angry to social media posts.

Also how you share posts or comments can make people make judgments about you that may not be fair.

Again, how media generally impacts the ideas and issues of preggophilia is worth a little more focus.

Impacts of Media on Preggophilia Reporting and Conversations

Media, no doubt, impacts various spheres of our lives but what are the overarching views of various media about preggophilia and related issues?

Generally, the mainstream media have reasonable coverage of sexually related matters and are very objective about the issues around it.

On the other hand, social media is where there are broad conversations about this and related issues are seen easily.

Social media may be freer but it also has limited controls or censorship.

1) Monitoring the growing trend of Preggophilia

Available media gives insight into how the term has become more popular than before.

The general trend like an increase in the search volume of the word and synonymous related key terms is very significant.

It shows that there is increasingly more concern about the matters around preggophilia which suggests that it should be given more attention.

2) Shedding lights on the good and bad

It appears that mainstream media tend to highlight more of the issues only when they become a public stir.

I think educational content on the matter of sexual orientation generally should be given better priority by the media.

Concerning providing educational content on preggophilia, more information has been found on authority blogs and professionals in health, medical and human sexuality journals and articles.

3) Body Images Perception in Pregnant Women

While it was initially thought that media images on the internet might be promoting a positive outlook, there is a difference between how media images are perceived and critiques of the overall reporting on issues around it.

I think this also makes a case for the potential of media educating people better on social issues.

People criticize magazines and publications every time but there should be good intent in showing images in a positive light.

An experimental study to determine the impact of media on pregnant and postpartum women shows interesting results between the control group and the test group.

This work has an important role in determining how conversations could be better conducted.

The test group of women shown glamourized magazine images of pregnant or postpartum women reportedly had a lower body image after only five minutes of exposure.

4) Setting standards for Overall ethical Engagements

Censorship provided by the mainstream media and is needed for setting the tone for overall conversations.

Actually, there is a level of decency that media people who provide information about preggophilia and the related issues bring to society.

In the end, within ourselves, we see how general opinion can be shaped by public media.

Impacts on Preggophilia on Family Life

In general, we know that the majority of issues around preggophilia revolve around the family.

But how does this affect the whole unit that make up the family?

We look at some of the concerns that would be related to the family.

1) Preggophilia and Kids

It is generally agreed that pedophilia is unrelated to men having a sexual attraction to women.

Kids should be safe even if their parents have fetishistic practices unless there is a direct established relationship to children being exposed to such practice early on.

Studies may have been done to find out if first children exposed to their mums having new babies reinforced preggophilia, but there is no bad influence from that on children.

Unborn babies will not be significantly affected by safe pregnancy sex by mothers either unless there is a complication.

The description of how the muscles in the mother’s womb protect the baby, how amniotic fluid provides cushion, plus protection from the cervix is quite amazing.

You can imagine that normally the unborn baby would be safe during pregnancy sex.

For many people who are afraid that intercourse or orgasm can destroy the baby, cause a miscarriage or preterm labor, the experts at medical news today would say there is nothing to worry about in the case of a healthy pregnancy.

2) Preggophilia Sex and Expectant Mothers

It is good for pregnant women to have relief from being able to have safe sex.

However, there are some points to take note of;

Is Sex During Pregnancy really Safe?

Both women and partners may be concerned about safe sex during pregnancy.

Taboos and subjective beliefs aside, professional advice should be followed regarding engaging in sex during pregnancy.

From what the medical professionals say about sexual intercourse;

The answer is YES in normal conditions but NO in cases where there are medical reasons to abstain.

A good place to check for reasons the doctor might say no to sex is which should have reliable information.

Good positions, warning on oral and anal sex

It is clear that intercourse or sex is safe except for the case of complications in pregnancy but there are obvious reasons you have to make adjustments while engaging in sexual activity in normal cases.

The most common case when it might be a bad idea to have sex while pregnant is if there is any bleeding noticed.

If this happens or there is abnormal fluid flow, the couples should see their doctors immediately.

It is advised to choose good positions that will not put pressure on the belly while having pregnant sex.

Positions where the pregnant woman can control the pace by being on top is best or the man lay side by side behind the woman.

For oral sex, caution should be taken to avoid air blown inside the vagina to avoid an air embolism which is air blocking a blood vessel.

If this happens, it can be unsafe for a pregnant woman and the unborn baby.

To avoid air being blown in during oral sex, other forms of oral sex rather than sticking the tongue in the vagina are advised as seen in BabyCenter’s blog.

Anal sex should be generally safe if vaginal sex does not follow immediately after it.

An anal penetration followed by vaginal intercourse could lead to bacterial infection inside the vagina.

3) Men and Preggophilia

Men may not bear the direct physical impact of pregnancy but will bear the emotional responsibility of feeling for their partner.

Normally this may be of benefit if it creates a more intimate bond between man and wife in the family during pregnancy.

More areas of Research and Inquiry Relating to Preggophilia

  • Will preggophiles want to make more babies?
  • Is there a correlation between having many children and having fetishes for pregnant women?

My guess, one might think that because preggophiles love pregnant women so much, they would always get their women pregnant.

There is no study found on this yet and there may be ethically quite difficult to carry out studies to discover this fact.

It doesn’t least likely seem to be the case generally though and may be so because there are no reports of this yet.


Preggophilia has become a rising trend in the world today and various media has helped to shed light on it.

It will become much more frequent in topics of sexuality in humans and psychology too.

Among the concerns for preggophilia or maiesiophilia, is a possible trend of people degenerating into having sexual related disorders.

Also, there is a tendency of people judging the idea of men having an attraction for pregnant women.

In this article, it was established that preggophilia is not wrong, however, there are good, bad and ugly sides associated with it.

It is not wrong for people to idolize pregnant women but when there may be a very strong urge to have unsafe sex with any pregnant women, it should be an obvious cause to worry.

For obvious reasons around the ethical implications, there are limited studies done around the subject of preggophilia.

However, in the future, there will be more information and a better understanding of the philia.

The possibility of preggophiles within the secret crime circle involved in the baby factory operation is one of the areas that could be investigated soon.

By and large, it is important to have a sound education about what preggophilia is and what it is not.

The role of the media in creating awareness on this topic cannot be overemphasized.

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