The instructions in Power Efficiency Guide are really detailed but not that simple to understand. You have to be very good at following instructions to the tee and paying great attention even to the minutest detail


The guide is very practical and can be applied almost immediately but you've got to make sure that the materials fits the requirements listed on the guide. 

Many Mixed Feelings

Just like any product in the world, there're always going to be mixed feelings about the its actual result. Power Efficiency Guide is no different but some of the negative reviews are worth considering. I've listed some of those in this review. 

Overall rating :  4.0 / 5

We all know how frustrating it can be and how helpless we all feel when we face disastrous weather conditions where we rely heavily on our electricity connections.

After all, our warmth, health, and general wellbeing are at stake.

When we encounter blackouts and have a family to take care of, we become desperate, not knowing which way to turn for help, not knowing how long it will last...

How do we keep our family connected to the world?

It can make us feel at the end of our tether. We just want out of the situation – we’re left feeling angry even at the electrical company for leaving us in the lurch.

Later on, when the icy or boiling weather or whatever has us at its mercy, the bill arrives, and we reel at the amount we see there, furious at having to feel so vulnerable.

It truly is a sad state of affairs.

Someone seem to have found a solution...

But finally, someone has found the solution – and created a product that has already helped thousands to put an end to the high energy bills and to help them in desperate times of need.

This revolutionary discovery that can help you to lower your energy bills down to virtually zero!

He claims it’s such an amazing discovery that the electrical companies don’t want you ever to discover it!

He created an idea of how you can generate plenty of energy for you and your family and not get exorbitant energy bills anymore.

I know you are eagerly waiting to find out what it can possibly be.

I’m going to tell you about it now, and how you can end up with a simple small solution to help with a big problem that has been plaguing thousands for years on end.

There is this incredible why-didn’t-I-think-of-it solution that someone has discovered and this is it...

The Power Efficiency Guide...

So what is the special product?

Basically, it is the ability to produce your own electrical source.

It is said that you can reduce your electricity bills by as much as 55%. It is based on the same spinning principles that are used to power electric cars.

In the online Power Efficiency Guide, you will follow the exact steps so that you have energy flowing, and just by using a few simple materials.

The online guide will explain how you can solve all your electrical problems.

The guide is filled with plenty of diagrams and images that will help you create a mini power station of your own.

It will also provide you with a link where you will be able to buy the products.

When you buy the Power Efficiency Guide, though, you will get a few bonus programs for free

These programs will help you to promote the efficiency of the energy source you create.  

Get it now so you can benefit from the bonus programs.

They are...

  • Reducing energy waste: It will provide you with ways to reduce your energy wastage; to increase the efficiency of the energy produced.
  • Meyer magnet motor: It will help you as you build your free energy-producing magnetic motor, producing the electrical power via the terrestrial magnetic field.
  • Power from Smith generator: Teaches various ways as to how you can leverage the solar energy to power your home.
  • Lighting history: All the details about lighting.

The Guy Behind Power Efficiency Guide...

Mark edwards

Mark Edwards is the guy who thought this all up.

In desperate times he created it, and is now benefiting immensely from his product.

He’s a geography teacher, living in Tennessee, and like all of us, was dealing with huge energy bills, fed up about it, and wondering what he could think up to help himself and his family.

Why was the product created?

Then in the winter of 2015 during icy weather and flooding, he reached the last straw.

After facing blackouts from the river levels rising and power lines being ripped out, he and many others were without power.

He said was desperate and like many others, he also contacted the electric company and was told it would take 2-3 days before they would have power again.

He was not happy about that, as you can imagine.

 He decided then and there that he would, against all odds, create his own power source for him and his family.

After much research and testing of his idea, he came up with his solution and decided to share it with the world from within his online book, The Power Efficiency Guide.

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