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After the initial getting to know each other, you will have to get personal if you want to take things further.

Identifying the right questions to ask could be the difference between you and the guys who keep getting friend-zoned.

1) Can you tell me your biggest secret?

Secrets have a way of coming up and ruining the best of relationships.

So, knowing her biggest secrets could keep any bad surprises away.

2) Do you have a best friend?

This is very important as her best friend’s opinion of you will matter. She could also be your rival.

3) Do you consider yourself a pessimistic or an optimistic person?

You should know if she sees the worst or best in all situations.

4) Do you have someone you tell everything about you?

She will be telling the person about you too. So, it’s only fair you know if you should be wary of her confidant or not.

5) What fun activity do you never get tired of?

This informs you of the repetitive activities you will have to endure with her.

6) If you had to choose between friendship and a romantic relationship, what will you go for?

If you are not yet in an exclusive relationship, her answer will let you know her expectations.

7) Do you like to host guests in your house?

You can compare your personality types and avoid any discomforts along the way.

8) What’s your perfect idea on how to spend a Saturday evening?

You will get to know if she likes to club all evening or curl up with you on the sofa to watch a movie.

9) Have you ever received a marriage proposal?

It is good to know if she has been in any serious relationship and the reason she accepted or turned down the proposal.

10) Do you have a close relationship with your mum?

A mummy’s girl is not really a bad thing.

But her mum may always be the third wheel in your relationship.

11) What’s the worst thing you dislike about dating?

This could be the answer that shows you, she would rather be alone.

12) Can you stick with me through thick and thin?

While she may not be honest in her response, you should be able to read between the lines.

13) Have you ever experienced substance abuse?

Try to ask this question without sounding judgemental.

It could help if you share your own personal experience first to get her to open up to you.

14) Do you believe in love at first sight?

This will make you understand why she is not taking you seriously yet or why she is already showing total commitment to you.

15) Do you think you can only have one soulmate in a lifetime?

With her answer, you should be able to decide if you are fighting a lost cause or there’s still hope for more.

16) Are you particular about being tidy?

This might seem like one of those irrelevant random questions to ask a girl but it could determine whether she would throw you out on your first visit to her place or not.

17) How many kids will you like to have?

You might be far from getting married or having kids but such a question helps you to know her family values and you can compare it with yours.

18) Do you think what we have is serious?

You shouldn’t just conclude that you are on the same page when it comes to relationships.

19) Are you pro-life or pro-abortion?

Having the answer to this question before a pregnancy happens, will save you both the difficulty of deciding what to do.

20) Do you think white lies are acceptable?

If telling lies of any kind is a deal breaker to you, her response will let you know the extent you should get involved with her.

21) Are you religious?

Though people with different religious orientations can be together, it can be a source of major conflicts.

So, it helps to know her stand on religion and how it will affect your own personal beliefs.

22) How did your first kiss feel?

You could get pointers on how she likes to be kissed.

23) Would you rather read a book or watch a movie on the same story?

You will be able to balance her preference with yours.

Extra Personal Questions To Ask

24) Do you think sex and love are mutually exclusive?

25) Do you see me in your life five years from now?

26) Have you ever lost a close friend or family member?

27) Do you have the greatest love of all times?

28) What is most important to you in a relationship, passion or romance?

29) Why did you break up with your last boyfriend?

30) Is cheating a deal breaker for you in relationships?

31) Will you date someone out of pity?

32) Have you ever practised revenge when your love was unrequited?

33) What do you like best about your city?

34) Do you watch news or documentary channels on TV?

35) Do you sometimes ignore your phone calls?

36) Do you practice what you are going to say before a date in front of the mirror?

37) Where is the most absurd place you’ve ever had sex?

38) If you were to save just one thing in a fire at your house, what would it be?

39) Can you show me your favourite photograph of yourself?

40) Who is your ideal man?

41) Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

42) If you had the chance, which celebrity would you like to switch life with?

43) How many languages do you speak?

44) What positive thought keeps you going when you are down?

45) Do you believe in the afterlife?

46) Do you maintain friendships with your ex-boyfriends?

47) What are you most passionate about?

48) Do you crave for fame?

49) If you could replace someone alive now with a dead person, who would they be?

50) Has someone changed a strong opinion you held before? Who was it?

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