101 Open When Letter Ideas For Best Friends

open when letters

By now, everybody has heard of the ‘open when’ letter phenomenon.

Open when letters have become a sensation among many, and are being used even for friendships, children from parents, and co-workers.

The true reason people use these letters, however, is for their friends or family members, especially when people partake in long-distance relationships.

If you are looking for a way to warm your partner’s heart, catch them off-guard (in a good way!), and give them something they will cherish forever, an ‘open when’ letter is the way to go.

These letters are free, come from the heart, and will be great brownie points in your relationship.

The following are the top 101 open-when letter ideas for you to use for your partner, friends, and close relatives.

What Will I Learn?

Open When Letter Rules

man opening letter

This sweet letter comes with a couple of rules, and for good reason; it gives your special someone something to look forward to.

1) No Peeking

The main rule of this letter is no peeking!

This spoils the surprise and can put a damper on the time and effort your partner put into your letter for you.

2) Keep it a Secret

The next most important rule is that you do not show your ‘open when’ letter to anyone else!

These letters are meant for you and your special someone; they are private, personal, and intimate.

3) Open When Appropriate

And lastly, you are only to open the letter when it applies; for example, if it says “open when you get home” or “open when you are visiting family”, you open your letter at that time.

If you open at any other time, it defeats the purpose of your letter.

What You Can Put in ‘Open When’ Letters

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Now let’s look at some things you can put in an ‘open when’ letter to make it sweet and awesome.

1) Add Interesting Things

You can add a multitude of things to your letter to your partner.

However, most people find that adding these things seems to make their letters more heartfelt, sweet, and interesting.

2) Small gifts

Some people have added small gifts, such as;

  • Money
  • A gift card
  • Keychain
  • Some type of gift that reminds them of a date
  • A moment they had
  • Etc.

It is entirely up to the writer of the letter what they add if anything.

3) Decorative envelopes

To make letters pop, people have decorated the envelopes of their letters.

[This gives your partner or a friend something to study and look at before opening their letter, and it makes them excited and feels loved upon seeing a decorative envelope rather than a plain envelope.

4) Instructions

These instructions can be to call or text your partner after opening, to make sure they have something to drink and a snack in case the letter is very long.

Or to get comfortable and make sure they are ready to read it.

5) Save x amount of letters/ open x amount per week

If you are writing more than one ‘open when’ letter and sending together, you can add a note to make sure your other mate only opens some letters per week.

This makes the letters last longer while you write new ones, or can last your partner until you can visit them.

6) Date mementos

Some people have added date mementos to their ‘open when’ letters.

Much like a small gift, these mementos can be sentimental and several things.

Some ideas being a ticket stub from your first date to the movies, a preserved flower from date number three, or your first photo together.

So now let’s dive right into the meat of this article.

Shall we?

101 Open When Ideas For Your Best Friends

lady happy after opening letter

So let’s roll the ball and begin right away.

1) Open When You Are Eating Dinner

For this ‘open when’ idea, you can include memories of dinner dates.

Others have also included photos from their first dinner dates, or stories from when they first made dinner for their friends or family members.

Also, you can even send them a recipe for dinner you’d like them to try one time.

2) Open When You Can’t Sleep

If you write an ‘open when’ later for when your beloved can’t sleep, you can include a playlist for them to listen to that can help lull them to sleep

Or add some book titles they can try that may help them sleep.

Others have simply left small trinkets for their loved ones to hold on to when they try to go to sleep that smells like them and helps comfort them when they are awake out of loneliness.

3) Open When You First Wake Up

This idea is great for couples to write when their other mate is not used to their loved ones not being beside them in the morning.

Typical points in the letter include things you would say when you first wake up, or what you would want to tell your spouse before they start their day.

Little things that make them feel loved and thought of.

4) Open When You Are Visiting Friends

Many couples tend to visit friends of theirs together, and it can be particularly lonely when you are without your best friends.

Writing an ‘open when’ letter that is specifically for times like this can be uplifting.

Adding things such as plans for your next meet-up with friends, or particular memories with said friends can be comforting and fill your mate with peace.

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5) Open When You Are on a Work Break

Working to come home to an empty house or apartment is rather depressing; having things to say or rehash but no one there can be depressing and bring people down.

Writing an ‘open when’ letter that touches on your day, or letting your spouse or best friend know how much they were missed can be very caring and make their night comforted and cozy.

6) Open When You Feel Grumpy

We all have bad days, and when your partner isn’t with you, those days can become darker.

Writing a letter for when a girlfriend or boyfriend is in a bad mood can lift them up and turn their entire day around.

Adding points such as funny memories, positive songs to listen to, or just a simple “I love you” and words of encouragement will make any letter tender and loving.

7) Open When You Are Anxious

We all get anxious, however, if you have a partner with anxiety, the simplest gestures can make their anxiety waves not as scary.

When writing an ‘open when’ during times of anxiety, add encouraging words, promises or cuddles, kisses, and love.

Or even suggesting movies to watch and self-care hobbies or activities can help your special someone when you physically are not there to do so.

8) Open When You Feel Distant From Me

Relationships often have times when couples feel like a wall is between them; an ‘open when’ letter in these times can be a great reassurance.

Reiterating promises you once made with your partner, as well as making future date plans, among fun memories, can be great points to add to your letter.

9) Open When You Are Visiting Your Parents

Father to Talking Teenage Son

Visiting our parents without our special someone can sometimes be lonely, especially if your parents were used to seeing your partner with you.

When writing this ‘open when’ letter, add things that will make the time spent with their parents less lonely.

And add a couple of funny anecdotes they could tell their mom and dad that will get the conversation off of you being gone.

You can always throw in a ‘hello’ or ‘miss them’ to his family as well.

10) Open When You Are Having a Boys/Girls Night

Having a night out with guys or girlfriends can be a great time, but very lonely when the topic of conversation comes to your friends or family members.

Having an ‘open when’ letter written specifically for this time can bring them comfort.

You can add encouraging words for them to have fun, to tell them how much they are loved, and to call you or text you when they are home safe!

11) Open When You Are Taking a Bath

If you were one of those couples who loved taking relaxing baths or showers together, an ‘open when’ letter can make your partner feel like you are still there.

Saying things you usually said during this intimate time, or plans for future fun baths and relaxing times can help them enjoy themselves.

It doesn’t hurt to surprise them with a gift card to their favorite spa, either.

12) Open When You Need a Reminder

Long-distance relationships are very trying and often heartbreaking; many can feel that the relationship will not last and be afraid their mate is out with someone new.

Letting them know how much you care and how much you love them is a great ‘open when’ letter during these times of worry and distress.

13) Open When You Need Reassurance

If you are dating or married to someone, who has been hurt in the past and feels like they are not worthy, an ‘open when’ letter for reassurance is the perfect letter for them.

Putting their fears to rest as well as letting them know they are the sun, moon, and stars in your sky can make them feel loved as well as comfortable while you are gone.

14) Open When You Miss My Voice

One of the hardest things in long-distance relationships according to friends or family members is not hearing their partner’s voice every day.

An ‘open when’ for times like these can be crucial and help them get through the quiet and long days and nights.

Upon adding how much you miss their voice, and cannot wait to talk their ear off, adding a small recording of your voice can make their day.

15) Open When You Thought Of Me

Often your partner can flash through your mind at random times.

And these thoughts can cause a wave of sadness when you are not there to be with them.

A small ‘open when’ letter just to tell them you are thinking of them as well can make those thoughts happy instead of sad.

16) Open When You Are Stressed

Another hard part of long-distance relationships is not having your spouse or best friend to come home to when work, or life in general, is stressing them out.

An ‘open when’ letter can cause their stress to momentarily melt away.

Letting them know you cannot wait to give them a massage or hear all about their troubles will make them feel like they are not alone in their stress.

17) Open When You Need to Know How Much I Love You

Sometimes hearing a simple “I love you” from your partner can make an insecure partner feel better.

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it isn’t always easy to let them know how much you love them just when they need to hear it; that’s why an ‘open when’ is perfect for these rough times.

Telling them exactly how you feel and assuring them your love is not wavering can make even the slightest worry of losing you go away.

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18) Open When You Miss My Jokes

If you are the comedian in the relationship, and you are now gone, it can make your partner feel the laughter and joy have been removed from their life.

Writing a simple ‘open when’ letter filled with;

  • Funny anecdotes
  • New jokes you’ve come up with or heard
  • Or suggesting a funny TV show or comedy routine to watch

Will make your partner feel the comedy is still there, even when you aren’t.

19) Open When You Miss My Singing

If you used to sing a lot, whether it was to your spouse or just for fun, it can be quiet when you are not there.

Writing an ‘open letter’ telling them you will put on a full concert for them, or to check out some of your favorite songs you always used to sing to can be a source of comfort.

Adding a little CD or MP3 with you singing songs can also be a bright spot in their day.

20) Open When We Have a Fight

Fighting is a normal part of any relationship; however, if your partner is used to people leaving them after fights, an ‘open when’ letter specifically for when you have fought can be comforting.

Let them know it was just a fight, and that you will still love them, and that it isn’t over because of one silly argument.

It will strengthen your relationship and make them feel good during this rocky time.

21) Open When You Miss My Hugs

lady at the desk opening letter

Touch and intimacy are a huge part of relationships, and it can be a huge thing your special person misses when you are gone.

Writing them an ‘open when’ letter detailing how you cannot wait to hold them or to spend a day curled up.

And watching your favorite movies will make them excited and feel you are still there — even if they cannot temporarily feel you with them.

22) Open When You Need a Kiss

Some couples can become addicted to their lover’s kisses, touch, or voice.

In times like these, they can miss your kiss the most and they can feel empty without you — and that’s where an ‘open when’ letter comes in.

Let them know you are missing their kiss, and leaving a little kiss print will help keep those blues away!

23) Open When You Need to Cuddle

If your partner has a hard day, feeling your arms around them brings them ultimate comfort; but this is an impossibility in long-distance relationships.

Let them know you miss their cuddles and that you have a whole date planned just for holding them when you return.

It will bring a smile to their face.

24) Open When You See Me A Week From Today

When you are a week away from seeing your partner, a cute ‘open when’ letter will get them more excited for the pending visit.

You can give them an idea of what you all will be doing, and let them know you are just as excited as they are.

And talk about what you would like to get accomplished with their visit to you or you to them.

25) Open When You Get A Pet

lady opens an envelope

When your partner gets a new pet, write them an ‘open when’ to make them feel you are welcoming their new pet into your life.

Send them ideas for pet names, talk about how you are excited to meet the new addition, and send them a gift card to a pet store to buy their new pet a toy.

26) Open When You Miss Dancing With Me

If you and your partner loved to dance, and it was a weekly (or nightly) occurrence, that aspect of your relationship can be missed.

Send them an ‘open when’ letter of ideas for your next dance marathon, give them ideas of dance movies to watch, and just let them know that your dancing lives aren’t ending; they are just on hold.

27) Open When You Get An Email From Me

In long-distance relationships, emails and text messages are something most rely on to keep the flame alive.

Send them an ‘open when’ detailing things you like about emailing them.

Let them know you care and will continue to keep this method of communicating going until they are home.

28) Open When You Are On Your Way To Visit Me

Another way to add excitement to your pending reunion is to write an ‘open when’ they are on their way to see you.

You can tell them how excited you are, that you are counting down the hours or days, and you can even hint at a surprise you want to give them upon arrival.

29) Open When You Are Headed Home From Visiting Me

Leaving to go back home after a visit can be incredibly emotional.

Writing your partner an ‘open when’ for the trip home can make them feel less heartbroken that you are no longer in reach.

Letting them know you loved the visit you had with them and that your next visit will be even better will make your upset partner feel a bit better about their trip home.

30) Open When You Feel Like Crying

Life can throw curveballs that can knock people on their behinds, and when this happens we all want to break down and cry.

Writing a letter for these moments can make them feel like you are still there, even if your physical presence is many miles away.

Uplifting them and telling them even the strongest people cry will make them feel less sad and embarrassed with their breakdown.

31) Open When You Need A Laugh

lady smiling after she opens an envelope

Tough days are bound to occur, and with their special someone gone, people in relationships often miss having their partners there to make them laugh.

Sending them an ‘open when’ letter that is full of funny stories and ideas for good movies to watch will bring them a smile and a laugh in their time of need.

32) Open When You Are Unpacking

If your loved one has just moved into a new place or has just gotten back from visiting you, an ‘open when’ will give them a chance to take a breather and feel like you are there helping them.

Writing and letting them know you cannot wait to see their home and that you cannot wait until you are living with them will make them feel this constant travel is worthwhile.

33) Open When It’s The Day Before We See Each Other

lady reading a letter

A special ‘open when’ can get them ready and excited to see you the day before you are set to see each other.

Sometimes nerves can make couples jittery, even if they have been together for many years.

Even the simplest “I love you” and you are awaiting the call they are outside will make your partner feel special.

34) Open When It’s Our Anniversary

Anniversaries apart can send even the strongest partner in a bout of depression.

Surprising them with a special ‘open when’ for your anniversary can make them feel they are thought of and you love them.

Treat it as an average anniversary; send them a small trinket with their letter and write down everything you would say if they were in front of you.

34) Open When It’s The Anniversary of Our First Date

If you and your partner are the type of couple to celebrate milestone anniversaries.

An ‘open when’ letter for your very first date can take them down memory lane and make their dreariest day a special one.

If you have special trinkets or physical things from your first date, it’s a great idea to send them with your letter and to take that stroll down memory lane with them.

35) Open When You Get Home From the Movies

woman reading letter

If your partner loves movies, a special ‘open when’ for when they get back from a movie can be sweet.

Let them know that you have a few movie suggestions they should see the next time they visit the theater.

Remind them of past dates to the movies (including old ticket stubs!).

Or tell them your next date should be a movie date.

36) Open When You Are Watching Our Favorite TV Show

a hand opening an envelope

If you and your partner loved watching shows together, write an ‘open when’ for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend for times they are watching the shows you used to watch together.

This will let them feel you are still there watching with them even if you are far away.

Let them know what you are watching.

Remind them of new seasons of your shows that are coming up, and promise them you will have a binge-watching Netflix marathon when you visit.

37) Open When Our Song Is On The Radio

Every couple has a song that is “their song”.

Write a special ‘open when’ for when they hear your song on the radio; write down the lyrics in case they don’t know them, and remind them why it is your favorite song.

And promise them that you will sing them that song soon when you are with them again.

38) Open When Your Life Feels Like It’s Crumbling

Tough times can happen at any moment; we can lose our jobs, get sick, or lose important people.

Write an ‘open when’ your partner’s life feels like it is in shambles.

Remind them tough times don’t last, that they are stronger than they think, and months from now this will be a distant memory and you will be there for the next tough challenge in their lives.

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39) Open When You Need Encouragement

We all need to hear from our partners that things are not as bad as they seem and that we aren’t alone in our battles.

Open when’ letters that are full of encouraging words, positive reminders, and tons of love can make anyone who is feeling low and unsure of themselves loved and assured of their place in your relationship, and in their own life.

40) Open When You’re Planning Our Next Visit

man opening an envelope

Visitations are a huge part of long-distance relationships.

Surprising your partner with an open when letter pertaining to your next visit can be fun and give them ideas.

Suggest places to go, let them know you have a whole day planned for the two of you, and tell them how much you have missed them.

41) Open Before You Call or Text Me

A short but sweet ‘open when’ can be before you have your partner call or text you.

This can be a surprise you add in your letter, a simple I love you or anything you may want to tell them in letter form.

42) Open When You’ve Booked Our Next Visit

Booking a visit to see your special partner is a very exciting time and can be made more exciting with a sweet ‘open when’ letter.

Your letter can include your own excitement, ask where your partner would like to go or what they would like to do, and to make sure they tell you all of the information so you can mark it in your planner or calendar.

43) Open When It’s The Anniversary of Our First Kiss

Anniversaries are exciting and most couples like to celebrate all of their firsts.

This ‘open when’ can be filled with the story of your first kiss so you and your partner can go down memory lane.

And you can include how much you would like to kiss them at the same place as your first kiss for your next anniversary.

44) Open When You Need Something Romantic

Romance is something deeply valued in relationships.

When your partner is needing that extra spark, you can surprise them with an ‘open when’, especially for this moment.

Add something spontaneous you would like to do, tell them you’ve planned a romantic getaway when you are both able to go or write an old-fashioned love letter.

45) Open When You Need Something Funny

Laughter is said to be the best medicine; so when your partner is in need of something humorous, write them an ‘open when letter’.

You can add funny quotes from comedians, write your own funny story just for them, or tell them a funny story from your past that they might not know about you.

46) Open When You Need Something Positive

Positivity is what keeps us going and can save us from losing our minds.

When your partner is having a particularly tough time, it may be time to write them an ‘open when’.

Fill it with positive quotes, and tell them exactly how they make a positive impact on you and your bit of the world.

And share inspiring and positive stories of some of their favorite celebrities.

47) Open When You’re Worried We Won’t Make It

Doubt can creep into the minds of some of the most steady couples, and that’s okay.

When these times hit, simply write an ‘open when’ for your sweetheart.

Let them know you aren’t going anywhere and that you will make time to talk about their worries and concerns.

48) Open When I’m Not Available to Talk

Sometimes we need to talk to our loved ones and they are not available, and this can be painful.

For these times, an ‘open when’ letter comes in handy.

Let your loved ones know that you love them.

Tell them you will be more than happy to clear some space to talk about what is bothering them

And make sure they know you we’re not ignoring them; something important was keeping you away at that moment in time.

49) Open When You Miss Holding My Hand

The simplest gestures, such as hand-holding, can be what your special friend needs.

However, when you live far away, it’s impossible to do; but an ‘open when’ letter can help comfort them on days they need a simple hug or to hold your hand.

Tell them that soon they will be able to hold your hand as much as they want, that you miss their hand in yours.

And remind them of a sweet story regarding when you last held hands.

50) Open When You Finished Watching Our Favorite Movie

Every couple has a “favorite movie” to watch together, and that movie may sometimes bring comfort when their special one isn’t with them.

Write your lover a sweet ‘open when’ to enjoy after the movie; this is when most couples like to sit down and talk whether it’s about life or the movie.

Tell them how you cannot wait to watch ‘your’ movie with them again and how you hope that movie always makes them think of you.

51) Open When Life is Becoming Too Much

Life has a way of draining people and making them feel they are being pushed to their limits, and when times like those hit, an ‘open when’ can remind them of how good life can be.

Jot down how strong they are, how they have made an impact on their community, and how beautiful life truly is.

Remind them you are always there and it’s you and your sweetheart against the world.

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52) Open When You Feel Happy

Giving your best friend an extra bit of happiness when they are already happy can make them feel blessed.

Send them an ‘open when’ and add in the letter what you love about them, how their happiness is infectious, and how you love how they make you happy.

It will brighten their day.

53) Open When You Feel Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is normal; whether you have taken on too much responsibility from work or you have other things are going on.

Letting your partner know you are there to ease the burden can be all they need; that’s where an ‘open when’ letter comes in.

Let them know you are up to helping them with any extra responsibility you can, even if you are far away.

And remind them they can handle anything they have in their life, especially with you by their side.

54) Open When You Need to Smell My Perfume/Cologne

Smelling your lover’s cologne or perfume can open their senses and make their mood go from low to high.

When you write them an ‘open when’ letter, you can spray a bit of your cologne or perfume on it (like couples did in the old days!)

And let them know you love them and wanted them to have a piece of you, even if it is a small piece.

55) Open When It’s The Anniversary of Our Engagement

If you wanted to do something special for your husband or wife, an ‘open when’ to celebrate the day you agreed to marry them is a sentimental and sweet gift.

Include in your letter what was going through your mind during the proposal

Let them know your love has only grown since that day.

And you cannot wait to celebrate your next anniversary with them.

56) Open When It’s Our Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating wedding anniversaries apart is one of the most heartbreaking things a couple can go through.

This is why an ‘open when’ letter for your wedding anniversary can make your wife or husband’s entire day.

Remind them of specific moments from your big day, let them know you are planning to make your next anniversary extra special, and always let them know how in love with them you are!

57) Open When It’s The Anniversary of Our First Cruise

Cruises are a big thing when you are dating or married, so sending your loved one an ‘open when’ to celebrate this milestone can be the bright spot in their day.

Rehash the cruise with them in the letter, let them know how excited you are for your next cruise, and ask them if they have any new destinations in mind.

58) Open When It’s The Anniversary of Our First Disney Trip

Disney World (or Disney Land) isn’t just for kids!

If you and your loved one have taken a Disney trip, send them an ‘open when’ on the anniversary of your trip.

Ask them what their favorite part of the trip was, surprise them with a new vacation to The Happiest Place on Earth, and tell them what you loved about the first trip to the theme park!

59) Open When You’ve Been Gone a Week

If you and your partner have recently started living apart, sending them an ‘open when’ can ease their pain.

Let them know how much you miss them, remind them it isn’t forever, and rehash the last week of your life living somewhere new.

60) Open When You’ve Been Gone a Month

If you and your loved one have gone a whole month without living together, send them an ‘open when’ on the anniversary of you being gone.

Tell them what the month without them has been like, suggest they come to visit as soon as they can, and tell them you will be with them again soon.

61) Open When Something Good Has Happened

If your lover has recently had something good happen to them, sending them an ‘open when’ can make that special time in their life much more special.

Let them know how proud you are of them, and tell them you want to hear all about the good news.

And someday soon you both will celebrate this great news together.

62) Open When You Need a Confidence Boost

lady opening an envelope at work

Our self-confidence can sometimes waver, and that’s a part of life.

For these times, writing your better half an ‘open when’ can start repairing their low self-confidence.

Tell them what you love about their appearance.

Tell them why you find them to be more attractive than any person they are comparing themselves to, and let them know you chose them for a reason, and no one can take their place.

63) Open When Something Bad Has Happened

When bad things happen, it feels as if our entire world has been tipped upside down.

Send your better half an ‘open when’ times of tragedy have struck to ease the blow.

Let them know how much you care and ask them if there is anything you can do.

Remind them of past tragedies they have gotten through and that with you in their life, they are not alone in this difficult time.

64) Open When You Need Comfort

Comfort is crucial in a relationship; sometimes when we are not there to physically provide comfort, it can cause your lover to become depressed.

Send your loved ones an ‘open when’ you know they are in need of comfort and add encouraging words, sweet sentiments, and comforting thoughts to them.

It could raise their spirits temporarily while you are gone.

65) Open When You Need to Tell Me Something Important

When your better half has important things to tell you and it cannot be done face to face, it can sadden them.

Send your partner an ‘open when’ for these times.

Tell them you will make time to do a FaceTime so you can see their face while they are telling you what is going on, and remind them that they will soon be by your side.

Let them know you hope what they need to tell you is something happy and they are okay.

66) Open When You’re Heading into Work

Heading to work is one of the dreary days in our lives. It can be boring, tedious, and can burden us.

Give your lover an ‘open when’ for workdays and let them know just how proud you are of them.

Remind them how far they have come in their place of work, and they can only go up from there.

67) Open When You’re Leaving Work

When leaving work, we can become impatient and cranky.

Write your partner an ‘open when’ for after work so they can take a moment for themselves to collect their thoughts and relax.

Let them know they will soon be home and they can enjoy what is left of their day, and surprise them with a visit or a nice meal.

68) Open When You’ve Heading to a Concert

Music is a big part of many people’s lives, and it brings many comforts into our lives.

Send your better half an ‘open when’ for them to peruse while they are headed to a concert or music festival.

Reminisce about past concerts you have gone to together.

And let them know the next time your favorite artist you both love goes on a tour you will be going with them to see together.

69) Open When You’re Feeling Naughty

We all have days where we feel amorous, and a bit naughty, but our partner cannot physically be there; that’s where an ‘open when’ letter comes in.

Send them a letter detailing what you miss about your time in the bedroom.

Surprise them with naughty photos or a naughty story.

And tell them their next rendezvous in the bedroom will be better than their last.

70) Open When You Are Feeling Unsure of Yourself

We all have times when we feel we are not the best in our jobs, and we feel we could be better.

If your loved one is going through a time they are unsure of their place in work, or life in general, an ‘open when’ can cheer them up.

Let them know how important they are in your life and how they are growing and getting better every day.

71) Open When You Are Outside My Door

A sweet ‘open when’ for when your loved one is waiting outside can give you a chance to make a grand entrance.

Let them know you have a surprise for when you open the door and tell them how long you have waited for this exact moment.

It will get their hearts racing and a huge smile on their face.

72) Open When You’re At Lunch

Lunchtime can be boring and sad, especially when topics of conversation end up in our relationships.

Send your partner an ‘open when’ for lunch days that are awkward and sad.

Let them know that soon they will have plenty of stories to tell their friends and colleagues.

And they will be bringing lunches that you will personally make for them.

73) Open When Your Schedule Is Hectic

Between work, school, and activities, our schedules can be very crazy.

Make sure in times like these your partner has an ‘open when’ letter to read.

Let them know you are doing this for them, and these experiences will be memories to tell your children and grandchildren one day.

A sweet I love you and promise for one day to be all theirs will get you some brownie points, too.

74) Open When You’re Afraid We Are Drifting Apart

We can all drift from a partner at some point; however, it doesn’t last forever.

Send an ‘open when’ they are drifting and let them know you will be here waiting for them.

Let them know you love them and you are going to grow with them, and you understand they may need space or time for themselves.

75) Open When We Haven’t Talked For Two Days

There are times in our relationships when we can’t talk every day.

Write your loved one an ‘open when’ for days you cannot talk but once or twice every couple of days.

Let them know you are going crazy not hearing their voice, you are excited about your next visit, and these times away from each other will end before you both know it.

76) Open When Life Is Coming Between Us

lady opening an envelope

Life can often kill more relationships than people can.

When life is getting crazy, send your best friends an ‘open when’ letter.

Let them know life will calm down soon and you guys will spend more time together.

Assure them you are working to make more time for them and nothing will take you away from them.

77) Open When Your Parents Bring Me Up

Parents love asking about their child’s love life. Write your partner an ‘open when’ when their mom and dad bring you up.

Let them know you miss their parents as much as you miss them.

Tell them a funny story about a time you spent alone with their parents, and plan a special get-together with your partner and their family when you are visiting.

78) Open When You Are Visiting Your Brothers/Sisters

Our siblings often become good friends with our better halves.

Writing them an ‘open when’ can make visits with siblings a better time, especially if their siblings are married and they feel like a third wheel.

Let them know you miss their brothers and sisters and soon they will be visiting them with you there, just as you may have done before.

79) Open When Your Friends Are Driving You Crazy

We all have ups and downs in our relationships; friendships included.

If your partner is going through a rough patch with their friends, write them an ‘open when’ and let them know these times will pass.

Remind them of happier times with their friends and work on communicating better with them.

80) Open When Your Boss Is Worrying You

Our work lives are where most of our stresses come from.

Leave your loved one an ‘open when’ letter when they tell you their boss has been acting weird, or if they feel they are close to losing their job.

Let them know you stand by them regardless of what happens and there are many jobs in the world; they don’t have to stay where they are being treated like dirt.

81) Open When You Feel Unsafe

Life can tear us down and make us feel unsafe, even in our own bodies.

For times like these, an ‘open when’ can make our partner feel safe; with us, within themselves, and in the world.

Let them know you will always protect them and if they are feeling this way contact you.

Let them know that once you are living together they will always remain safe with you near them.

82) Open When You Need to Feel Loved

We can all feel unloved at some point.

Letting your partner know how much they are loved with a long ‘open when’ letter can help chase those feelings away.

Write them a meaningful poem, treat them to a nice date of their choosing, and just explain how much you love them and can’t see life without them.

83) Open When You Need to Feel Appreciated

There are times even in great relationships when we feel we aren’t being loved right or appreciated, and that’s where a good ‘open when’ letter comes in.

Tell your partner why you appreciate them, let them know they make your life light, and promise you will find better ways to show them how appreciated and loved they truly are.

84) Open When You Feel Worthless

We all have mental health, and mental health can affect us even in the best of relationships.

If you have felt and seen your partner is going through a wave of worthlessness and depression, writing an ‘open when’ filled with positivity and love can make those clouds somewhat lift.

85) Open When You Feel I am not being a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend

We all have times in relationships where we take our partner for granted, and it sucks.

Write an ‘open when’ for these times you are being impossible, mean, and just neglectful.

Let them know how sorry you are, suggest ways to make it up to them, and even agree to counsel sessions if they have asked you to go with them in the past.

86) Open When You Lose Hope

When your partner is hurting, it hurts you — and their being away from you during times of depression can be unbearable.

Send a special ‘open when’ they are feeling dark and hope is lost.

Let them know you are their guiding light and you will get them through this time.

Include memories of past times they have felt this way and make sure they know how lost you are without them.

87) Open When You Need to See My Face

When loneliness becomes unbearable, special gifts (like an ‘open when’ letter) can put loneliness at ease.

Write them an ‘open when’ and include photos of you.

Let them know you are planning a Skype night date for the two of you, and have them FaceTime you immediately after opening.

88) Open When You Miss My Touch

Touch is a big part of relationships, and it can be greatly missed when your partner lives far away.

Sending them an ‘open when’ for these times can help.

Write to them and let them know you miss their hugs, include a special memory you have regarding their touch.

And remind them that soon you will be able to touch them again.

89) Open When You Had a Dream Of Me

If your partner awakes from a dream of you, waking up can often end in tears.

Send an ‘open when’ for times like these.

Let them know of any dreams you have recently had of them.

Let them know one day they will wake up and you will be beside them, and that sleeping alone will not last forever.

90) Open When You Remember Something Involving Our First Date

If a random thought comes across their mind of your first date, a sweet ‘open when’ letter can brighten their day.

If you have a date at a restaurant, send them something from there (the bill, a napkin, even a card from the restaurant).

Or you can write to them about what you especially loved about your first date wherever you went.

91) Open When I Am Sleeping And You Are Awake

If you are sleeping and your partner has insomnia, they can sometimes feel alone. Write them an ‘open when’ for these moments.

Let them know they can wake you up, and give them ideas to help them fall back asleep.

Or lead them to an area in the home that is set up for them be it with candles, soft music, and a relaxing ambiance to help them fall asleep there.

92) Open When You Miss My Cooking

If you were the cook in the relationship, your partner is probably not psyched for mealtime.

Send them an ‘open when’ letter when they are missing your cooking and don’t want to eat anything else.

Add ideas for future dinners you will make for them, and remind them that they too are a great cook.

And that you are just as excited to cook for them again as they are excited for you to cook for them.

93) Open When You Feel Lonely

Loneliness can take a toll on anyone, but it can be much worse when you are in a long-distance relationship.

Writing your partner an ‘open when’ for when they are lonely can cheer them up.

Include pictures you have accumulated of the two of you, and write things down you’ve wanted to say but have been afraid to.

And just let them know that soon enough you won’t leave without them.

94) Open When You Are On a Vacation With Family

Vacations with the family are always a fun time, but without your partner with you and your family, it can feel as if something is missing.

Writing an ‘open when’ for when your partner is enjoying a special time with their family can make their day.

Let them know you are already planning a trip to see them and their family and on the next vacation you all take, you will be with them.

95) Open When You Are Home on Your Day Off

Days off at home can be boring without your partner.

‘Open when’ letters for these days can make them a little more lively and less lonely.

Send your partner ideas of what to do at home, including a sweet poem or memories from past days off you all have spent at home.

And let them know one day you will be enjoying all of your days off together.

96) Open When You Are Singing My Favorite Song

If your partner was the singer in your relationship and they randomly start singing your favorite song, have them open a special ‘open when’ for moments like these.

You can include a new list of songs you love and a special recording of you singing your song, too.

It can be a way of singing a duet, which will make your partner feel you are with them while you are gone.

97) Open When You Buy Me A Gift

If your partner loves to buy you a gift, write them a special ‘open when’.

Include a special thank you, and also have their own gift you have purchased (if small enough)

Or money for them to spoil themselves until you are there to do it for them.

Always make sure to let them know you appreciate and love them.

98) Open When You Are At the Beach

If you and your partner love certain places, such as the beach, writing them a special ‘open when’ they are at the beach can add to the beauty of their day.

Let them know you will soon be there to enjoy the sun and fun, and remind them of past visits to the beach you have taken with them.

Including photos of past visits to the beach can make them smile, too.

99) Open When You Are Surrounded By Our Friends

If your partner lives where both your friends and their own friends are, it can be a lonely time.

Writing a special ‘open when’ they are at a gathering to read some words of encouragement.

And letting them know very soon you will be with them at a similar event will make them feel they are not enjoying life alone.

100) Open When I Feel Too Far Away

If you and your partner are going through separate things in your lives, one of you may feel that you are drifting.

Writing an ‘open when’ letter for these times can bring you closer and make that sparked pop again.

Let them know that these times will not last forever and they are not the cause of this distance; life is simply in the way but you will always be there, regardless of life’s obstacles.

How to Make Your Cards and Letters Extra Special

lady smiling as she opens envelope

The following are great tips that make your letters fantastically awesome and special.

Let’s get started on this;

1) Be yourself

Your letter or card doesn’t need to read like a Hallmark card.

Your loved one wants to hear your own thoughts and words.

2) Surprise them

If you know they are having a tough time, these open when letter topics can be a great surprise to send to your loved one.

It will brighten their day and get them excited for the next letter they get to open.

3) Add trinkets

It doesn’t have to be a gift you buy in a store.

Let it be something around the house or something handmade; a picture, a special photo, or a memento from your last date.

Anything that would be special to them.

4) Send in a care package

If your loved one is away and misses you, sending these ‘open when’ letters in a care package can be a great source of comfort.

You can;

  • Add a few home-cooked goodies
  • A piece of your clothing that smells like you
  • Or a photo you last took together
  • Anything that could make them feel at home.

5) Send when they need something good

Sending these ‘open when’ letters are great when they need something out of the ordinary in their life.

This will make your letters seem heartfelt, prove that you care about them and that you want to make them happy.

In conclusion…

These viral open when letter ideas are not a ‘cheesy’ thing the internet has come up with.

It actually is a sweet and loving thing to make the people in your life feel special.

You can write open when letters for a boyfriend, girlfriend, siblings, parents, best friends, etc.

These ‘open when’ letter topics can tide your loved one over until you can see them, as well as remind them of the times you have spent together.

Make sure you and your loved one follow the rules and make your ‘open when’ letters special with decoration, gifts, and putting thought and effort into each letter.

Your partner is sure to love these sweet letters and fall deeper in love with you.

Now that you know what to do, get started, and make your loved ones’ day a little more special!

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