111 Newlywed Game Questions For Friends

newlywed game questions

  • Are you about to tie the knot and are searching for games that’ll make your wedding an interesting and memorable one?
  • Are you a friend of the bride or groom OR an MC of the wedding looking for games that will light up the wedding and give it the spark it richly deserves?

Then you’re in the right place!

Newlywed Game Questions are inspired by the wildly relatable and popular TV Game Show; ‘The Newlywed Game.

Although the questions may be for the lovely couple(s) who are about to tie the knot, the hilarity and sweetness of these questions would surely make a great impression on everyone’s mind.

That’s why I spent a ton of hours researching and brainstorming the best-newlywed game questions and have grouped them into categories.

So without boring you with a long intro, let’s get right into it…

What Will I Learn?

29 Best Newlywed Game Questions for Everyone to Enjoy

couple playing game question

These fun questions are the ‘cream of the crop,’ and are ‘perfect’ for any couple out there.

The best part is the unpredictability of the responses received, and all the natural back-and-forth that usually follows.

But be assured that these are guaranteed to entertain everyone at the wedding, and you can even spice them up with further direct questions.

Where did you two first meet?

An excellent question and something you’d find a couple relating to multiple times before.

But for those guests who are not close to the bride and groom, this opening can give a sense of inclusiveness and relatability.

What was the first impression you had when you first met your spouse?

Not all lovebirds fall in love when they first meet, and even the most commonplace responses can impress upon the audience as an overture of romantic feelings.

These feelings tend to pervade throughout the wedding, but you can be sure to expect something unexpected and hilarious if the couple is receptive.

When and where did you both first kiss?

According to Melissa of Reader’s Digest, kissing naturally relaxes you and I can’t agree more.

Of course, when a couple had their first kiss, the situation can most definitely be something wholly entertaining, and you don’t need to pull any punches if you see the couple being receptive.

What do you think of that kiss?

This is a natural extension of the previous inquiry, and you can add several parameters to make it seem even more entertaining and engaging.

You may want the response to be of a single word or even two.

How and when did you two end up on a date?

[You may think that this is a familiar slice-of-life-themed question, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response you’re going to get.

Again, questions like these will almost always keep balance with the ones that could have more contentious consequences.

What was the worst date that you had to go with your spouse?

It might result in some entertaining banter for everyone involved.

What would be the ideal date for both of you?

Although it’s a follow-up, the effect can be the opposite.

After all, learning what the ideal date is can reveal something truly sweet or something that both individuals getting married can revel in.

Of course, you need to time your question appropriately.

Otherwise, it won’t generate the desired results.

What was the last date that both of you went together?

The questions about dates can be easily bookended by this one.

What is the best food that your spouse cooked? Why?

There is some real and impressionable exchange going on in this case and make sure you capture that feeling.

What will your spouse say that he/she loves the most?

You know it’ll be interesting since both of them love each other.

But the interesting part is when the couple relates their actual impressions by living with the one they truly love.

Certainly, everyone at the wedding will be rolling in laughter when the banter eventually comes to a close.

Which one of you is most likely to fall asleep first in bed?

Another interesting question that is also quite private, and may very well cause some entertaining arguments.

With a single word, how would you describe your spouse’s family?

The reaction of the family concerned would be something that you’d not want to miss out on.

What is the thing you expect your spouse to absolutely support?

If you’re an MC who is trying to make this part of the wedding a true success, there can’t be anything better than what this question might bring to mind.

What is the one thing that you’re sure that your spouse will never support?

Okay, after you’ve turned a positive-seeking question into something confrontational, now it’s time to do the exact opposite.

Revel in the showcasing of affection that they show for one another with such a direct inquiry with seemingly negative implications.

Who is the most unusual person you’ve met at this wedding?

Try to make the rapid-fire questions even more interesting by involving the audience.

They’d be flabbergasted but would feel quite good for making an impression.

It can be anybody- even you!

What would you say frightens your spouse the most?

Go all out with insecurities and phobias on a special day, and it’ll give a special kind of insights and relatability at an event that’s all about perfection and tradition.

But it’s certainly more interesting to get into the underlying fears of humankind and bring out the sides-hurting episodes from each of the spouse’s life.

What is one single thing about your spouse that you can’t help but feel irritated about?

No one’s perfect, even someone with whom you’ve decided to spend most of your life.

So, it’s better to come out with it on the wedding day and create a true moment, which can help avoid future cases of something unsolicited later during married life.

What is the one word you’d use to depict your spouse’s artistic disposition?

The subjective nature of art can create hours of tireless debates, fights, and truly constructive theorizing.

Don’t expect the latter in this case, but it’s certainly great to of making your audience gasp with differing views that one might think to be commonplace.

What is the most hilarious and most unusual thing you’ve seen your spouse complaining about?

As humans, we all have our own viewpoints on some things around us.

Ask the question, and you’ll be amazed at the response you get!

What is the strangest thing you’ve seen your spouse buying for you?

Truly, the perception of a ‘perfect gift’ can differ from person to person.

And, your spouse is certainly the one you’d want to let all your inhibitions down.

Certainly, the couple can see the complex feelings at play, and it’ll even endear them to the people present to an even greater degree.

What is the one piece of clothing you’d want to wear for yourself that belongs to your spouse?

Now, this is a question that might not have crossed anyone’s mind.

But it’s certainly an entertaining one, and your audience would fall out of their seats with laughter if the answer should end with the wedding clothes that the couple is putting on right at the wedding.

Who is the one that makes the other wait?

The bride would definitely love this one.

What is something that your spouse is completely clueless about?

Limitations and inconsistencies are what make us human, and it’s better to be aware of and accept such an inevitable downside.

How would you describe your day so far?

Anything outside ‘perfect’ or ‘great’ isn’t good.

What is the most absurd and embarrassing thing you’ve done with your spouse?

The answer would be truly interesting.

What would you say about your spouse’s sense of responsibility?

Asking this particular question will most certainly give a pretty good idea about the dynamics of the relationship.

Keeping it under control can result in some pretty nice moments of the day.

What are your thoughts about your spouse’s ex-partner?

Be prepared for the answer.

The answer would most likely be a negative one.

25 “Most Likely To” Newlywed Game Questions

newlywed couple

This particular batch of questions is all about relativity, and I’m not talking about Einstein.

Who is most likely to act out in public?

The audience will most likely guess who is more dramatic, and this question can either confirm their suspicion or completely upends them.

Who is most likely to get in a fight?

Yes, this may appear similar to the question mentioned above, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised many times when I heard couples answer it.

Who is most likely to find something funny that most might consider being serious and grave?

It’ll reveal so much about the couple.

Who is most likely to throw a tantrum if plans don’t work out?

Nobody likes when plans get canceled, but it’s one of those actualities no one is immune to.

You’ll surely come to know who adheres to plans and schedules, and who is more adaptive to circumstances.

Who is most likely to be found in a shady bar in the dead of night?

Despite people’s dispositions toward decorum and formality, there is something about the dark side of life that no one can ignore.

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Who is most likely to make the other listen to their arranged mixtape on a long journey?

Tastes are never similar, but you’ll mostly get answers that speak about their love for the other to such an extent that they’re willing to tolerate their horrible music tastes.

Who is most likely to get up and see if there is a knock on the door at 3 a.m. in the night?

This question straightforwardly answers who has more courage or has the disposition to never keep their curiosity at check.

Who is most likely to forget the other one’s birthday or the anniversary of their marriage?

Alright, I can see your eyebrows raising.

But the question can certainly lead to a protracted challenge.

Who is most likely to pass out when both of you are drinking?

You can even call them up to prove it, although this might bring the wedding to a brutal close.

Who is most likely to try making amends if both of you get into a fight?

Fights are common in any relationship and when it comes to resolving them, some couples allow pride and ego to take hold.

By asking this question, you’ll know which one of them has a greater realization about this.

Who is most likely to forget paying after both of you’ve eaten a restaurant?

It might not even be concerned with the presence of mind and forgetfulness.

You’ll expose the one who has a greater inclination to appear frugal.

Who is most likely to ask the other about what gift to get them?

I know that gifts should carry with them surprises, but not everyone can be an expert at getting gifts.

Who is most likely to fall when walking together?

You’ll get to know who is the sloppier of the two.

Who is most likely to ravage the refrigerator in the middle of the night?

Nighttime snacks can be a special thing for many, and you’ll also come to know who’s a bigger glutton among the two.

Who is most likely to bring a month’s worth of stuff when they say that they’re going out for milk?

Some of us like to spend more, and if you’re pretty sure that the wives always do this, you’ll be surprised to find out that’s not always the case.

Who is most likely to get an embarrassing tattoo?

A couple can be outgoing, but in the heat of the moment, only some people go out on a limb to get a full tattoo they’ll surely regret afterward.

Who is most likely to be wanting to visit a casino when they visit one?

You can use this alternative to the previous question.

Who is most likely to break a traffic light?

Sometimes, rule-breaking can be a lot of fun, or it might land you in jail.

But this question is a better indicator of who should be the family’s driver.

Who is most likely to care for a puppy in need?

I’ve seen couples get into fights regarding puppies.

So be careful.

Who is most likely to suggest moving to a completely different location almost all the time?

This is an interesting question that will appeal both to the audience and the couple.

Who is most likely to lose their way while coming home?

Some people are just not cut out to follow directions.

At least, their spouses would not have a legitimate reason to suspect any kind of infidelity with such a lame answer.

Who is most likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

Traffic-related mishaps can certainly happen.

It might even be the case when one breaks the law, and the other needs to talk smoothly and with a talent to extricate themselves out of the situation.

Who is most likely to steal candy from a baby?

Not everyone is all that stoked about getting a baby right after they get married.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong but this question possesses an innate bit of comedy.

Who is most likely to give up a great chance in their career for their spouse’s sake?

Life is all about making the hard choices, and marriage only makes it more complex.

But the couple ready to sacrifice their opportunities reflect the true strength of their love.

Who is most likely to read a story to their spouse in bed?

You’d be hearing the moans of perceived cuteness as soon as you read aloud the question.

Certainly, there isn’t any doubt that despite all the things that could go wrong, the wedding day would be filled with smiles and roses.

29 Newlywed Shoe Game Questions for Priceless Moments

shoe game questions

The ‘shoe game’ is a variation of the game, and it’s done by making the couple exchange a single piece of their footwear.

When you ask the questions, both the bride and groom need to hold up a shoe, one’s own or the other, to indicate an answer favorable to the original owner of the shoe.

People from the audience can also present their own questions, and everyone can enjoy themselves in the process.

There are many specific questions you might ask and I’ve tried my best to come up with some fantastic ones for you.

Who will be the first to suggest visiting a marriage counselor?

Serious questions under the proper circumstances can become ridiculous. Shock the crowd and the couple if you want to truly do it.

Who looks better in their respective outfits today?

Instead of demarcating genders about clothing, comparing the bride and groom can result in some very fun and good-natured arguments.

It can also be something really sweet.

Who has the edge on the content of jokes being funnier?

This may come out if you’re friends or related to the bride or groom.

But, you can also challenge them to a round of jokes to confirm, being proved completely wrong in the process.

Who has a better voice for a song?

Songs can truly uplift the hearts, or plunge them into the void.

Who will be the first to run out of the room after seeing a large cockroach?

Questions about courage can be presented in so many ways.

Explore different avenues to correctly analyze what each might be possibly scared of.

Who has a greater chance of burning down the house completely if left with their own devices?

Of course, no one is intentionally going to burn down their house.

But you can predict which one has a greater sense of responsibility by presenting this question.

Who is more likely to suggest to the other that both should ‘Netflix and chill’?

A really lovely question to ask.

It can be any one of them, or it might be both.

Who takes up the majority portion of the bed while sleeping?

Most couples let their inhibitions slide down when in the bedroom.

But exploring their sleeping habits is certainly entertaining and funny.

Who flirts better with the other?

Okay, some couples don’t need to flirt at all.

But circumstances for flirting can pretty much present themselves, especially in the case when one is not happy with the other.

Who is more likely to drive a sports car?

You’d think boys are more inclined towards cars, but that’s not always true.

Find out who exactly wants a high-value car as one of the major goals of their marital life.

Who corrects the other more?

Correction not just reveals the extent of knowledge, but also reflects an outlook on how to exactly treat others.

Who will be the first one to suggest a drink when going out for a cruise?

Going on a little cruise as a couple would be a lot of fun.

Moderate intake of drinks is okay but excessive intake of it is where you start calling for trouble.

Who will bring a topic of politics when just talking normally?

Discussing politics can often lead to some very interesting back-and-forth, but it also reflects who takes beliefs and values more seriously.

Who will be the first one to pass out while watching a movie?

Making sure to indicate the exact kind of movie is also important, and if you find both of them fall asleep watching the same movie, then they’re perfect for each other.

Who finds a trip to an amusement park more enjoyable?

There it is again!

The child in everyone never comes out more than when they are at the amusement park, and inclinations can even change by just a single experience.

Who spends more time on social media?

This applies to everyone, but you’re asking the question so a good-natured argument can begin without any possible doubt.

Who is more likely to kick start an argument?

As mentioned earlier, marriage can be filled with viewpoints.

Every couple will state the other starts the argument first most of the time, but all that matters is that it must end.

Who has the better choice for selecting any interior design?

There are several questions as to what the home would look like.

More often than not, the wife most times has the final say when it comes to interior decoration.

Who has the better choice for picking a movie?

Picking a movie is also a matter of taste, and there is a great possibility of a hilarious argument if the couple gets into a discussion about what makes a movie better.

Who is likely to eat the other in case both of you are stranded on a deserted island?

You can incur upon the darker needs for consideration, but there is something very ludicrous about deciding who will eat whom.

Who will be the first to start dancing when the opportunity presents itself?

It’ll most likely be the wife.

Men love dancing too but women are mostly stirred up by it.

Who is more likely to get an outrageous hairdo?

When you’re asking this question, the revelation of who is more in touch with their self-identity can be a matter of significant interest and surprise.

Who will be the first to suggest a vacation to an exotic location?

Every couple has its goals.

The purpose of the question is to table the possibility of who among them would present the suggestion first.

Who will be the first to bring the question of a kid?

Few individuals are scared, while others are excited about the prospect of being a parent.

Surely, your question would reveal who is what.

Who is more likely to act like a baby when sick?

The bride’s shoe would most likely be lifted up as an answer.

Who is better qualified to resolve conscientious scenarios?

Situations of contention can arise seemingly out of nowhere for any reason whatsoever, but there must be a cool-headed one to take charge of resolving it.

Who has a better gift in mind if it is to be given to his/her spouse?

This question can reveal some pretty lovable and heartwarming answers, and you cannot go wrong with it.

Who has a better plan for a ‘couple’ themed costume during Halloween?

Couples usually play with the idea of selecting costumes that present a ‘duo’ from anywhere.

Your question identifies the one who has a unique plan that is going to fill people up with laughter and appreciation.

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28 Interesting Never Have I Ever Newlywed Game Questions

newlyweds reading questions

The “Never have I ever” format has existed among party games for a long time.

Its continued popularity is a clear indication of how interesting the game is.

So the following are 28 great Never Have I Ever questions for Newlyweds.

Never have I ever looked through my spouse or significant other’s phone under suspicion.

Checking phones today are seemingly equivalent to setting a private investigator for tailing someone.

But you can easily check who is insecure in the truest sense.

Never have I ever been arrested for drunkenness in public.

We all have that particular time when things might have gotten a little extreme.

So extreme in fact that the law had to take care of us before doing something foolish.

Never have I tried flirting with someone in a cheesy and embarrassing way.

Attraction makes some people do really stupid things.

Never have I ever received a pickup line so cheesy that I thought it was impressive.

This is going to be really interesting

Never have I ever found myself playing video games at home instead of going to work.

Everyone needs a break from their work-life once in a while.

Never have I ever made a really outrageous video professing my love for someone.

Teenagers do this mostly,

Never have I ever sent a very inappropriate message to any of my parents or relatives that was originally intended for my spouse

Most people have done this including me.

Never have I ever gotten in contact with an old friend to just leave him/her cold in the open afterward.

It’s quite true that we might remember someone from the past, and try getting into contact.

It’s also true that the entire thing might seem just like something too embarrassing or useless after giving it much thought.

Never have I ever intentionally gave someone the wrong number just to get them off my back.

I did this once and felt bad. This would really be an interesting one.

Never have I ever tried out freaky stuff in the bathroom, which could have easily made someone scared or perplexed.

The bathroom is an extremely private place, and almost all of us tend to shed our inhibitions down regularly.

Never have I ever received a gift that I don’t like.

LOL. To many, this may seem a bit untrue.

Never have I ever tried to argue with someone on an issue I had no idea about whatsoever.

I see this as a stupendous thing to do.

Never have I ever gone intimate with someone at a wild party, and forgot about it completely afterward.

Parties can be great, but sometimes we go overboard with the things we do right at the party.

Never have I ever been in an open relationship with someone.

Shedding light on this can certainly become pretty interesting.

Never have I got into a fight just for the thrill of it.

It’s like the movie ‘Fight Club’


  • Never have I ever tried to rock a Mohawk as a hairstyle choice.
  • Never have I ever tried camping in the wilderness.
  • Never have I ever tried writing exams completely drunk or high.
  • Never have I ever went on a ‘blind’ date only to somehow escape with some guile and end up hoodwinking the person in the process.
  • Never have I ever tried to re-enact a movie scene as an adult.
  • Never have I ever kept any unusual hobby like storing fingernails.
  • Never have I ever attended a sporting event.
  • Never have I ever tried wrestling moves when I was a kid.
  • Never have I ever imagined myself getting married to the person sitting next to me.
  • Never have I ever thought that social media would become so big.
  • Never have I ever tried shoplifting.
  • Never have I ever tried racing with someone while driving.
  • Never have I ever intentionally got in the way of success for something I hate.


In Conclusion…

A wedding day is a day of joy and happiness, especially for the bride and groom.

These 111 newlywed game questions would really go a long way in making the day a memorable one.

So go make it happen and if possible, tweak the questions a little bit to make them stand out and make sure you infuse some spices into them.

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