When Your Ex Blocks You On Everything, Is it Over and What Does it Mean?

When your ex blocks you

Some of us might not have experienced this, yet, but if and when it does happen, it can be quite shocking, kind of like major rejection – like someone doesn’t want you anymore!

We’re talking about when someone like your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your ‘bff’ suddenly blocks you on all the social media platforms.

Sometimes you have no clue why and how that happened.

If you are new to this experience, you might not know how to deal with it.


But we are going to try and help you here and give you reasons why he or she did this and what you can do about it.

As for whether you are hoping for all of it to be just a big misunderstanding, and they will be back, well, you might have to prepare yourself that he or she is not going to come back…that you have been unceremoniously dumped.

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What Will I Learn?

Even so, blocking doesn’t necessarily mean it is the end

At least you are not unique in being blocked, or alone.

In fact, it has happened to many people, and some have even experienced it a few times!

OK, that’s not all that comforting to hear, but sometimes things become trendy like ‘blocking’ people seems to have become.

You look at your phone and suddenly realize, ‘He blocked me.’

You have probably no idea how and why it happened, let alone what to do about it. 

Well, today you’ll discover things you need to know the potential reasons why he or she blocked you, and what you can do about it!

There are actually a few reasons why your ‘bf’ or ‘gf’ blocks you and one very simple reason is that he feels he just needs space and time.

But isn’t blocking someone rather immature? 

Some people who have been blocked, like to pretend that the person who did the blocking is immature.

In earlier days, people would just put someone out of their minds and move on; no longer trying to think about that person.

But now in these hectic, high-tech modern times, I suppose that is not what blocking has become today.

So what does it actually mean when you get blocked? 

Man blocks girlfriend

Basically, bottom line, it’s an action of a boyfriend or girlfriend or someone who is ‘troubling you’ and you don’t want them in your space anymore – so you block them.

If it’s a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a ‘BFF,’ they are telling you that they are moving on.

But not every block means that – there are other reasons why your guy or gal would block you – mainly they want time and space.

In fact, you might be surprised how many hidden meanings are behind “blocking” a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Many times they are doing it by playing hard to get and actually hoping you will chase after them.

Sometimes guys who actually want their ex back will play that type of game, like blocking you in the hope that you will decide to chase after them.

But you also have to realize that it could well mean they are moving on and starting a whole new page.

But let’s see what other reasons could be:

1) It hurts him that you are still on his social media

He is having a bit of a hard time looking at your profile – he wants to move on and away.

Maybe he doesn’t want to wait and see if you put pictures on with another guy.

Or he doesn’t want to see that you are happy and moving on, while he is still suffering.

It’s easier for him just to block you.

He doesn’t like it that you still have a virtual presence in his world.

2) Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt you

Some men have difficulty dealing with their emotions, so they might well opt for the shortcut of blocking.

And sometimes instead of ending things verbally with you, because they are awkward or embarrassed, they take the shortcut route – they don’t want to do it in person; to see you all heartbroken.

He probably feels that blocking you is less painful than a complicated and difficult ‘convo’ or a whole lot of drama that would come if he were to tell you in person.

3) He knows that by blocking you he is hurting you

And then there are guys that will block you because they know it will hurt you – some of them even want revenge because it might have been something you said or did.

And sometimes they just do it because they are under the wrong ideas.

For instance, if you have cheated on him, which often can happen in long-distance relationships, you will know exactly why he has blocked you.

If you didn’t do anything like that of the sort, then it gets a bit more complicated.

Perhaps you can try asking his best friends or some FB friends whether they know anything about his behavior and if they know reasons why he decided to block you in the first place.

If you can’t find any reasons, then it is probably something he imagined or something that is misunderstood.

4) He wants to really delete you from his life

This one might hurt the most to hear, but still, the truth has to be heard.

Often when a guy decides that he wants to delete you from his life, he will use this method.

Sometimes it’s his way of moving on with someone else – then he blocks you to avoid drama.

This might not be the case with you, but it is one of the possibilities why a guy blocks a gal.

 5) Other reasons

He might be afraid of commitment; that’s another reason why a guy would block you.

Maybe he is emotionally unavailable to you.

But in this instance, you are better off without him!

Or maybe he hasn’t even met someone else but he is just bored and in a rut and he wants a break and a clean page.

Or maybe he was stringing you along all the time, and you didn’t really even realize it, and now he is ready to cut ties with you and move on.

In other words, he wants time and space.

And like we said above, it’s easier to block you than to tell you.

It’s trendy today to conclude WhatsApp messages with smiling emoji’s or hearts rather than answer with a long text – and so it is with blocking – it’s just a quick and short answer!

Sometimes though, you will find that you become ‘unblocked’ again three months down the line.

They have worked through their issues and kind of expect you to carry on like everything is still the same.


But that will up to you!

6) He blocked you for no reason

Don’t believe that if one of his friends tells you that is the reason.

There is a reason behind every action and usually, for every action, there is a reaction.

Just don’t beg him to come to you and explain why he did it.

We have given you many reasons why he or she has blocked you, and no doubt, the reason he blocked you is one of them.

If you haven’t figured out which one applies to you, read it again, because it is sure to be there.

The best way to deal with it is to accept it and understand it.

Don’t delude yourself that there isn’t a reason behind his actions because that is not the case – accept that there is a reason, no matter how difficult that might be.

If this is the first time he has blocked you, then try and think about the circumstances around the blocking, for instance…

a) Were you guys fighting over something or did you hurt each other’s feelings in some way?

Sometimes it is hard to think rationally when you are like this, and you do things irrationally, so he might have decided to block you to wipe out the negativity in his life so to speak.

b) Maybe his friends and family encouraged him to block you for their own reasons?

He might just have listened to them, even though it is important to realize that his family telling him what to do and controlling his life if he is an adult is not preferable.

And you don’t want to get into that one, and argue with his loved ones – you definitely don’t want all that drama in your life.

c) Maybe you were just too intrusive after you broke up?

You wouldn’t let him ‘go’, sitting next to the phone and calling him non-stop.

You constantly text, call, beg, stalk and finally you motivated him to block you.

d) Maybe he asked you to give him space and you didn’t

He might have specifically asked you to give him some space and you didn’t.

Then you have to realize why he might have blocked you.

Maybe he didn’t block you for good though.

So will he come back after blocking me?

This question will depend on the reason why he blocked you in the first place.

If he deliberately blocked you to hurt you or he wants you out of his life, then it’s not likely he will come back.

But for all the other reasons, yes, he might decide to unblock you at some point and time.

It will probably depend on what is going on in his head at that time, and how much time he takes to deal with it and sort it out.

It is possible.

But what should you do now? 

When someone blocks you, there are two things you can focus on to get the best outcome:

1) Decide never to reach out to him ever again

You decide you will play the same game and no longer waste your time on him.

You might be glad to do this, because, actually, never reaching out to him again is much more powerful than reaching out.

Desperately reaching out to him just makes things worse than they are already.

Let him see that blocking you is his loss and not yours.

And when he realizes that, he might figure that he made a mistake and unblock you and want you back.

It’s up to you, you can continue living your best life without him, or you can give him another chance to reunite.

2) Give him some time before reaching out

If you really want him back, then you can try giving him some time before you reach out to him.

But to be honest, even sometimes when you do give someone space, you will have to expect that there still might be no changes.

He might well not be interested in you reaching out or even explaining to you why he blocked you in the first place.

Reaching out to him can be risky and you have to realize that it might not bring the positive results you wanted.

Follow your heart and listen to your gut.

Will he or she come back, unblock you and reach out to you again? 

Here are some things that might encourage him or her to unblock you…

1) Post pictures of yourself having fun and enjoying life to the fullest…

Because there is nothing more powerful than seeing someone having the time of their life and enjoying every second of it.

He won’t be able to accept that you don’t seem to care that he blocked you and he’ll want to reach out to you in order to see if you still care about him.

2) Create mystery

Every now and then create some mystery by not posting anything.

Let him wonder about what you’re up to – that you are just going on with your life.

He will go wild wondering if you are doing exciting things without him – no time for social networking!

He might well reach out to you.

3) Meet new people

Don’t just do nothing – get out and meet new people that might become good friends…

…let him see you have moved one and let him be the anxious one worried that you will meet someone new who might just be better than him.

4) Surround yourself with people who love you

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts, wondering why he blocked you.

Surround yourself with those who love you, believe in positive things, and positive people who care about you.

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself.


Instead of only overthinking and focusing on the negative things you might have done that resulted in you saying, ‘He blocked me’, think about yourself and what you can do to make your life more meaningful and fulfilled.

Remember that it all starts with you.

Just because your boyfriend blocked you, it doesn’t mean that your life is over.

Keep living your best life and you will see things start falling into place sooner than you think.

Sure it can be sad and hurtful, but in some cases, you have to realize it’s over and move on, positively!

It is possible!

“Never let an old flame burn you twice.”

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is blocking like an immature move?

No, not at all, because once you break up, it is healthy to grieve, and then it’s time to move on. Sometimes blocking someone takes more courage than you realize.

When does it mean when the ex blocks and then unblocks me?

Blocking and then unblocking is very possible that he still has feelings for you; otherwise, he might keep you blocked.
So maybe something made him angry about you and this is how he has decided to deal with it. When he had worked his way through it, he might unblock you again.

Will my ex move on after blocking me?

Yes, probably, if he was serious about blocking you and no longer interested in you. But sometimes he does it for other reasons like we have mentioned in this article above.

It is possible that he will unblock you and come back to you.

Is blocking an ex a good idea?

Well, it’s a clear way for you to show them that having a relationship is no longer an option anymore, particularly if there is no decent communication between the two of you.

Does blocking your ex help you move on?

When you block your ex on social media after a particularly painful breakup, then blocking him can certainly help you to move on.

Is blocking someone a sign of weakness?

No, it is a useful tool that shows that you are strong enough to block anyone with whom you do not want to have anything to do with anymore for reasons of your own, and with whom you do not want to have useless exchanges with.

Why did my ex cut ties with me?

Some girlfriends or boyfriends believe you will never change and they just want to move on and cut off all contact. They just don’t want to deal with you anymore. Sad, but true in some cases.

What is better? Blocking someone or ignoring them?

Blocking is useful, but it definitely will depend on what the situation is. If someone just keeps on texting you, could just ignore their texts and not answer them.

They might get the message rather than you outright blocking them.

Sometimes it just becomes plain ordinary necessary to block someone.

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