This guide contains detailed explanation on Destiny Tuning that's simple to understand and follow. The book uses simple language that allows readers even with basic English skills to understand the idea presented. 


The course is very practical and leads you by the hand. The author, Heather is a life coach so he makes sure everything is as practical and simple as it should be

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Magic Manifestation programs comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Which means if within 60 days you aren't satisfied with the product, you can always ask for a full refund - No questions asked!

  • How would you like to live a life with no regrets?
  • To reach the end of your years and look back in awe with everything you’ve accomplished?
  • What if you could turn every negative thing into a positive opportunity?

This is the promise of the “Law of Attraction”.

A life where you can attract all the great things you’ve always wanted by simply “imagining” and creating your own reality.

But anyone who has tried Law of Attraction will tell you how frustrating it can be if it doesn’t work.

The Law of Attraction is a shared belief that has been in our society for centuries.

Despite the law’s early emergence in history, most people don’t fully understand the concept or have a wrong understanding of the idea.

The Law of Attraction was recently popularized by the documentary movie “The Secret” in 2005 directed by Drew Heriot.

This book focuses on the missing ingredient to the process of making Law of Attraction work.

It talks about the key to successfully manifesting your dreams.

The author calls this secret ‘destiny tuning’. 

Destiny Tuning is the core concept behind the book.

The author claims that many people fail in using the Law of Attraction because they don’t know how to tune their destiny.

These are also the people who most usually fail and get disillusioned after some time.

According to the book, what actually happens is that they’re missing a very important step.

This crucial step is the key to making the whole program work. It’s what most people would say “the secret behind The Secret”.

Thousands of people who have mastered Destiny Tuning have made the Law of Attraction work in a short amount of time.

Destiny Tuning and The Manifestation Miracle 

Manifestation miracle

Each one of us has our own destiny in this world.

What our destiny will be is decided by how we react to situations, challenges, and opportunities that come into our life.


Destiny Tuning is a process that helps you find the right reaction to everything that comes into your life so that you can shape your destiny to the best possible version.

The science of Destiny Tuning is made for people who believe in their innate power to create their own reality.

 It’s also the primary focus of the program called Manifestation Miracle.

But first, let’s learn what the Manifestation Miracle program is all about.

First introduced by Heather Mathews, the program is focused on learning the language of the Universe called “energetic vibrations”

Heather is a life coach and the author of this book.

Heather Mathews

Being a life coach means she’s trained to deal with people and help them overcome their problems. 

Heather has been motivating people and sharing her experiences from her years of service

In this book, she shares the techniques to creating a happy, peaceful, and transformative life.

According to the concept, the universe is governed by energies and these energies are like magnets that attract each other.

Based on the points presented in the book, attracting abundance can be done by changing your body/mind’s vibrations.

Low vibration is influenced by a lot of things like the food you eat, the media and content you consume, your environment, and the people around you. 

If those things can’t be changed in an instant, you can raise the pitch of your energetic vibrations automatically by following the instructions in the Manifestation Miracle book.

It uses almost the same principles as 15 Minute Manifestation and Manifestation Magic

The book contains an eye-opening cheat sheet filled with techniques you can do to alter your negative state of mind into a positive one.

It will erase feelings of hurt, discontent, evil, and all low vibration things that hinder you from manifesting abundance.

Who The Product Is Not For?

Manifestation Miracle can help many people, but it’s clearly not for everyone.

Based on accounts from people who have tried manifesting for yours and from experts who claim they’ve mastered the technique...

Here’s a list of people who may not be able to benefit from the program:

1) People who have extremely low vibrations...

People who are truly evil and do nothing in life but put others in misery release and attract negative vibrations.

They can change but it will take them a very long time to see results if they try this program.

2) People who have no trust in their own ability and innate power...

If you’re someone who clearly doesn’t believe the law of attraction, then it most certainly will not happen to you. 

The law only applies to people who are eager, dedicated, and willing to see their own potential.

3) People who don’t like to read...

Manifestation Miracle is an in-depth book filled with techniques, instructions, and psychological tools you can learn by reading. 

It’s for people who are determined to change their life.

If you’re not willing to put a bit of effort into reading the material, it certainly won’t help you

4) People who have an extremely negative mindset...

If you’re someone who always sees the “bad” in people or the most horrendous parts of a situation, you’re not going to have success in this program.

If you are convinced you will never succeed in life, then no one can help you, not even the universe. 

What I Dislike About Manifestation Miracle - #MyExperience

In this part, I will share with you my negative experience with the magic manifestation digital program.

1) A Bit Rushed

Firstly, upon reading the material, it did feel a little bit rushed.

The explanation was great but it just seemed too short for everything being discussed in the book.

Wasn’t there enough ideas to explore?

I definitely wanted to learn more about the scientific evidence presented in the books.

2) Requires Too Much Time Investment

Second, I had issues with the amount of time you need to invest in this program.

If you’re a busy person, you’ll find it hard to create time to read and listen to the audios on a daily basis.

The book also creates a series of exercises that will last for 90 days before you see the miracles happening.

If you’re determined, you can do this with ease, if not, you may find yourself regretting even purchasing the product in the first place. 

You only get what you put in.

3) Too Receptive

Thirdly, I find that the material is rather repetitive. 

Throughout the program, you’ll hear the same concept being reiterated and simply discussed in various ways.

Some people think it’s a technique that will help you retain the information in your subconscious, but for me, it just seemed like a method to create a longer material.

These are just minor problems if you look at it but they can be off-putting for other people. 

Despite this, I applaud the support team of the product for their great service. 

People claim that you can contact the team if you experience problems and they will give you advice if needed.


Paul Hoffman

Success Creation Institute

“Manifestation Miracle is one of those once in a lifetime systems that will absolutely change your life. The information in this book is transforming, inspiring, powerful and uplifting.

Every page in this book takes you on a journey of awakening to the truth of who you truly are. Heather has created a map of the possibility for your life. This is one journey you don't want to miss.”

This review was made by Paul Hoffman of the Success Creation Institute.

According to Paul, the program was a “once in a lifetime system” reiterating the fact of how important the process is in the success of the law of Attraction. 

He also mentioned how transforming and powerful the book was to read.

So if you’re someone who gets easily bored when reading, you might want to give this book another chance.

Hoffman also says that the book “takes you on a journey of awakening to the truth of who you truly are” which for me means that it will be a huge eye-opener for many people. 

It will reveal so much about you as a person, not just teach you a valuable technique.

Lastly, he mentions that the book is a “map of the possibility for your life” which is a very comforting and hopeful word especially for someone already close to giving up.

 Hoffman is only one in the thousands of people who are positively reviewing the course and leaving comments on the product’s Facebook page.

What I Like About Manifestation Miracle

1) Easy to Understand

Manifestation Miracle is a detailed and helpful book that helps you understand the concept of Destiny Tuning.

The book uses simple language that allows readers even with basic English skills to understand the idea presented. 

It also comes in chapters with step-by0step instructions that introduce you to the techniques to increase your energy vibrations. 

You will really feel like you’re making progress as you go from chapter to chapter.

I’ve had my fair share of experiences reading self-help developmental books and I can say that most of them make progress slow and frustrating, this isn’t the case with the Manifestation Miracle books.

2) Designed for Everyone

The program is for all audiences.

Regardless of your status, gender, race, and religion this course can work for you. 

You will appreciate the points in each chapter as you’ll find them relatable to your current situation no matter what you’re going through.

Money Back Guarantee

3) 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t see the results in 60 days, you’re free to ask for a refund!

This isn’t a scam and they will give your money back— no questions asked

You don’t have anything to lose if you’re a bit skeptical and still unsure of the claims of the book.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can always ask for your money back.

4) Affordable

For just a few couple bucks you can own the program and learn the key to abundance.

It’s a great deal if you think about how much this book can really help you.

For just a small one-time fee you will get a:

  • Manual
  • Workbook..
  • Audio edition of the manual...
  • Recap videos and a...
  • Mind track

Insider Information: Eye-Opening Things I’ve Learned!

In this part, I’m going to share with you some exclusive information about the course which I have learned while doing the program.

1) The Universe Will Obey Your Command 

This is basically what the book promises and it sounds like a very impossible thing but if you open your mind to the possibility and see your potential, nothing is impossible

The modules presented in the books will explain how you can achieve things you’ve always desired in your life. 

It will teach you the best way to radiate your own “natural energy” to bring balance and positivity in certain areas of your being.

2) Destiny Tuning is The Key To Achieving All Your Dreams 

Working hard and putting all your money, soul, and energy into your job or career is not the way to succeed and have a happy content life.

According to the book, the secret to achieving your dreams is through destiny tuning. 

This approach is done by intentionally focusing your energy into the dream you want.

It’s the formula you need to actually manifest things. 

You can work tirelessly and still feel inadequate in life however, if you understand how to tune your destiny, you can enhance every aspect of your life while still feeling happy, fulfilled, and content.

3) Overcoming Brainwashing


You are in control of your destiny so stop acting like you’re not.

The reason most of us aren’t able to use the law of attraction is because we are all brainwashed

We live in the belief that we aren’t in control of our lives.

That we aren’t good enough. 

Or that we’re weak, poor, or sick— or that we don’t have a chance and way to change our lives. 

The first step to the process is through brain cleansing.

It’s about clearing your mind of all the media-imposed beliefs that you may have.

4) Changing Your Vibrations is Easy

Heather says each one of us are emitting energetic vibrations every second of the day.

Everything is made of these vibrations, every thought, feeling, emotion, and reality we imagine is emitting vibrations.

Thinking positive thoughts, doing things that bring you joy and always being grateful can shift your vibrations from low to high.

According to Heather, all we have to do is build our energy and focus on things that attract high vibration.

Vibrations are like doorways that allow you to cross the line from normal wishful thinking to powerful and transformative manifesting.

5) Nature is a Very Powerful Vibration Booster 

We are one with nature.

Spending time in nature is a great way to reprogram your brain and overcome brainwashing. 

Nature teaches us how it’s important to go with the flow. 

To never worry because all things are a cycle. You are part of nature and everything in the universe. 

Life doesn’t revolve around you but rather with you.

You mustn’t react negatively to things coming in your way.

When you resist, you will start to feel anxiousness, anger, or even loneliness. 

These feelings will pull down your vibration and undermine your potential power for manifesting.

The more you spend time with nature, the higher your vibrations will be and the more content and grateful you’ll feel.

Buying Advice...


This book is a big commitment.

You will need to invest time reading all the chapters so if you’re lazy or aren’t disciplined enough to want to achieve anything—you can skip this book.

It clearly isn’t for you. 

Retraining your brain and beliefs for manifestation will not happen overnight.

It will take several days, maybe even months to find the end result you’re looking for.

That said, manifesting is not all about sitting on your couch all day and waiting for the miracle to happen.

This book is simply a tool to help you unlock your potential.

To help you communicate with the universe.

You should apply what you’ve learned here to your everyday life.

If you’re still reading, good for you.

It means you truly care about your future and you’re serious about wanting to learn how to manifest great things in your life.

You can get the digital copy of the Manifestation Miracle on the official website

Simply scroll down below to find your cart details.

Are you interested in getting your own copy of Manifestation Miracle?

Here are more information about the product.

What You’ll Get

Manifestation Miracle is a personal development course designed to help you understand ‘the secret’ to creating powerful and effective manifestation strategies. 

The book is created from the author’s research as well as her personal and second-hand experience with her clients.

You will find several techniques and tips that worked for her and the people she met.

1) Manifestation Miracle Book Manual

Manifestation miracle

Upon purchase you will get a book guide with 159 pages of content split into five easy to read chapters. 

This first book is more like an introduction to the whole concept of destiny tuning and vibrations.

Without prior understanding of these concepts, you will not understand the whole idea

Therefore, it's very important not to skip reading the contents.

The chapters are named as follow:

  • ‘You Are Destined For Success’ 
  • ‘Getting in Tune With Your Personal Destiny
  • ‘Raising The Roof With Your Energetic Vibrations
  • ‘The Happiness Factor’
  • ‘The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

2) Audiobook version...

The guide also comes with its own audiobook form you can download as an MP3 file.

3) Bonus Contents...

The package includes several bonus content which target different areas of life such as your wealth, relationships, and happiness

The techniques shown in these bonus contents will help you tap into the power of the universe in order to unlock your manifesting potentials

Here’s an overview of the books:

I) ‘Abundance Success Workbook + Audio Tracks’

A guide on how to manifest abundance in less than 21 days.

It contains guided activities with fill in the blank pages which will guide you throughout the 21 day course of the program.

This book is more on getting rid of negative behaviors that are undermining your manifesting powers.

II) ‘Love and Happiness Audio Track’ 
Love and happiness audio track

This audio bonus track is created for people who want to manifest true love and happiness in their lives.

These tracks are aimed at helping the reader recognize new opportunities as they come into their lives.

III and IV) ‘The Powerhouse Guide For Health, Vitality, and Disease Reversal’ and ‘How To Reboot Your Metabolism’
How to Reboot Metabolism

Both these eBooks have available spiral bound book versions.

They focus on health and wellness—and how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest good health habits.

V) ‘The Money MindFlood System’

 This file includes a 2 hour long video about 20 skills possessed by millionaires.


This review is based on my personal experience. I know not everyone will have the same experience as we are all different in our own ways.

But here’s my honest take on the course:

After finishing the book, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Law of Attraction and the secret language of the Universe. 

It’s a very realistic take on a very sensitive and maybe even outlandish topic in this modern time.

As someone who trusts science almost all the time, it was surprising even to myself that I find this book very inspiring and motivating

Although there were parts of the book that were kind of repetitive and unhelpful, the overall idea and thought was delivered perfectly.

There are also goals mentioned that maybe unrealistic at first, but the more you read, the more you understand why the phrase “nothing is impossible” is really true. 

I highly applaud the author and the people behind this work.

You can see the effort that’s been done and it’s worth every dollar of its price, maybe even more.

So for those of you who want to experience a radical change in their life, those who believe they are worthy of great things, those who are tired of always losing, this book is perfect for you.

Invest in yourself now and don’t be afraid to try new things in life. 

Who knows?

This could be the miracle you’re looking for.

Ready to get started?

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