Long Distance Relationship Gifts – Perfect For Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Couples, Friends, Etc.

long distance relationship gifts

All relationships need attention to thrive, and long-distance relationships have their own unique set of challenges.

When being together in person isn’t possible, gifts can be a great way to show your loved one how much you miss them.

Whether or not you’re the type who likes to plan ahead, it’s not too soon to get started on your Christmas shopping.

As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, but if you’re struggling to come up with a creative gift worthy of your beloved, read on to discover 21 awesome gifts for a long-distance relationship.

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Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas & Presents

1) Jewelry

For a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because, nothing tells your sweetheart you love them and want your relationship to last like jewelry.

Pick something that suits their personality as well as your budget.

A unique offering like Tahitian pearls makes a statement without your having to come up with lengthy speeches.

Long distance-themed jewelry is another option.

Most are customizable and comes in a range of materials.

Personalize it with your names, special dates, or other unique-to-you details.

Other ideas include a charm bracelet, a coordinates necklace, an engraved ring, or a locket containing a secret message

2) Dual Time Zone Watch

Another timeless gift (pun intended) is a watch.

While phones tell the time, a watch says so much more about the person wearing it, and when offered as a gift, the giver as well.

Practical and thoughtful, a watch that displays both your time zone and theirs will serve as a reminder of your love.

It also saves brain space so your partner won’t have to constantly calculate whether or not now is a good time to call.

Style options run the gamut from classic leather or chain-link bands with a dial face to high-tech options.

Have it engraved for an extra-special offering.

3) Photo Book

Investing your time into creating a custom collection of images shows how much you care.

A personalized photo album is guaranteed to brighten your loved one’s day. Photo books are easy to make and to send, and customization options abound.

You can choose among different types of bindings, a myriad of layouts, along with other options including a hard or soft cover so you can make it just the way you want it.

The book can be images only, or it can include text and other design elements to tell a story.

The only limit is your imagination.

When you make a photo book online, you don’t have to have a single crafting bone in your body to create a treasure trove of special memories.

4) Personal Novel


The internet has made being apart easier in some ways, communication in particular.

Long-distance relationships usually mean a boatload of texts and emails.

If your messages could be a romance novel, why not turn them into one?

Preserve your witty convos forever on paper and you won’t have to worry about their being lost due to a lost, broken, or upgraded phone.

There are multiple programs out there that can transform your special communiqués into a wonderful keepsake. As they say at Keepster, if you mean it, keep it!

5) Care Package


Everyone loves to get a box full of cool stuff. Assemble a collection of all their faves: snacks, supplies, socks, whatever they miss most from home.

Include some snaps of yourself to make the gift extra sweet.

Alternatively, you can use one of the myriad care package services out there.

Themes run the gamut from gourmet foods and spa items to beard grooming and phone accessories.

Novels, puzzles, games, and adult coloring books are also popular picks for people in places with few options for entertainment. The brand Huneybox specializes in long-distance packages.


6) Loaded Picnic Basket

A spinoff of the care package, a picnic basket with all the fixins is sure to be appreciated by your long-distance love.

Pack it full of wine, cheese, and gourmet goodies like smoked salmon, as well as all the cutlery and a blanket so all they have to do is uncork open the bottle, and enjoy.

Harry and David is just one of many who offer delightful baskets full of meat, cheese, fruit, dessert, and wine.

Plan to share it when your honey get home, or if their journey is of long duration, order one for each of you, then make a date to meet up virtually and enjoy it ‘together.’

7) Countdown Timer

Simple and to the point, nothing says ‘I can’t wait to see you again’ like a countdown clock.

There are multiple design options for countdown timers from wooden blocks to digital so you can find one that suits your sense of style, and even have it personalized.

Purchase a physical one, or if space is at a premium, you can also choose an app.

A countdown clock on your beloved’s phone means easy to access any time either of you needs a boost of how you’re getting closer to your goal of being together again.

8) Love Letter

If you’re going for romance, nothing beats a handwritten love note.

We’re so used to electronic communication, the pleasure of writing and receiving paper letters has nearly been forgotten.

But being apart is the perfect time to revive this tradition.

Select your paper with care.

You might want to order some with a monogram or other personalization, and be sure to choose a quality pen.

It could be a Montblanc fountain pen but it doesn’t have to.

Any pen with ink that flows well will do, such as a Sharpie gel roller.

When you sit down to write, don’t rush. If you’re not sure what to say, read up on some of the greatest love letters ever written.

9) Personalized Body Pillow

Sending a body pillow is a cozy and cute way to remind your darling dearest of how much you miss them. Bonus points for getting your body screened onto it.

Not into using your own mug?

For a laugh, you can have a beloved pet scanned on instead.

Be sure to send a pic of you snuggled up the same day they receive the gift.

10) High Tech Bracelets

Go high-tech with your love.

No matter how far apart the two of you are, when you both wear Bond Touch bracelets, you will feel connected.

When you feel lonely, all you have to do with these bracelets is tap them.

Your beloved will vibrate and glow in the color of your choice. They’re waterproof and the battery is long-lasting.

The bracelets also come with an app so you can follow your partner’s status and be notified if you miss a touch.

You have a choice of accessory bands so you can change them to match your mood.

Even if you can’t hold each other, you can always be in touch.

11) Relationship Map

Your one and only will adore a personalized map that shows your location and theirs.

Custom options include whole planet maps, unique shapes like hearts or silhouettes, and puzzle-shaped designs.

Pick one with a love quote or simply stick to the facts.

Choose your colors and add in your personal details for a totally unique and memorable gift that doubles as a beautiful piece of art.

12) Message in a Bottle

For romance galore, send your sweetheart a message in a bottle.

This is another one you can create yourself, or use a service that specializes in bottled messages.

If you’re struggling with what to say, prompts and help are available to find just the right words.

Further customize with special fillers in the bottle.

The edges of the message can also be hand-burnt for an extra special touch.

To really drive home how much you care and miss them, go with the heart-shaped bottle option.

13) Matching Mugs

Just because you’re not waking up together doesn’t mean you can’t perform your usual rituals.

Get a pair of matching coffee mugs, spoons, wine glasses, beer steins, or whatever accouterments related to a simple activity you love to do together.

Items can be personalized with the location of each individual, names, custom wording, or other unique features. Then, set up a time to chat while you enjoy your shared custom

14) Personalized Luggage

Long-distance relationships almost always mean travel.

Show your loved one you can’t wait to see them again by offering a practical yet personal monogrammed bag.

A weekender is a popular pick, but whatever best suits your loved one is the way to go: rolling luggage, makeup case, tote bag, etc.

Quality luggage makes travel that much easier, and the commonplace chore of packing becomes an act of love

15) Passport Case

Another item that combines practicality with sentiment.

A quality passport cover will protect this travel essential, and the fact that you bought it will act as a reminder that you love them. Style options run the gamut from classic leather to fun and flirty florals.

Choose from a wallet worn on the waist, a clutch, or even a clear one to speed along the process at customs.

If you select a leather case such as one from Mark & Graham, you get to choose from a dozen colors. Monogramming is also available.

A timeless gift that will last a lifetime.

16) ‘Open When’ Letters

Distance can be hard on a relationship.

Technology has helped us keep in touch better, but like handwritten love letters, a physical note can sometimes be more meaningful than an electronic one.

‘Open whens’ are pre-delivered letters that can be a big help during transition times.

As with love letters, use a special pen and paper, and definitely include plenty of love quotes.

Your letters can be labeled for certain situations such as ‘open when you need a laugh’ or you can date them to be read on certain days.

You can also combine the message in a bottle with ‘open when’ by using capsule messages.

17) Custom Keychain

Personalized gifts don’t have to be pricey or showy to be meaningful.

Keychains represent the idea that you’re a team and on a journey together.

Cute and special, puzzle-piece keychains fit together — the perfect symbol for your relationship, and the happy reunion you both anticipate.

Other ideas include coordinates, two halves of a heart, state or country, monograms, and king and queen charms.

If you want to get really practical, pick the combo bottle opener/keychain option.

18) Singing Telegram

To lighten the mood of being apart and give your loved one an unforgettable way to know you’re thinking of them, nothing beats a singing telegram.

As for who (or what) to deliver your message, your options are extensive: choose a celebrity like Elvis, Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, or maybe go with a pink gorilla.

When you’ve got something important to say and you want to make a splash, a singing telegram is one way to make sure your sweetheart will hear it loud and clear.

19) Weighted Blanket

Nights can be long when you’re apart.

Make theirs a little less lonesome with a therapeutic weighted blanket that is designed to reduce stress and improve sleep. Weighted blankets range from 5 to 30 pounds.

Most people find a blanket that is roughly 10% of the person’s body weight to be the most comfortable.

Many are filled with plastic pellets, but if your sweetie pie tends to run hot, there are now knitted ones designed to be more breathable.

Your special someone is into ecology?

You’re in luck.

Many weighted blankets are made from organic or recycled materials.

20) Flowers

For long distance relationships, you can never go wrong with flowers.

They’re thoughtful, beautiful, and brighten everyone’s day.

You can pick flowers just because they’re pretty, or read up on flower and color meanings and choose accordingly.

FTD offers a wide selection and 1-800-Flowers is also great. For same-day service, try Telefora.

If you’re looking for long-lasting flowers, try Venus et Fleur.

This is an especially nice option if your time away will be lengthy. Eternity flowers are designed to last up to a year.

21) Ticket Home

There’s no better way to prove to your darling that you want to be together than to send them a ticket.

Sure, you probably already get together as often as you can, but a surprise visit will be extra delightful.

Use a consolidator like Travelocity or book direct because ‘I love you’ is always best said in person.

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but with the above suggestions, you’re sure to hit on something great that will make it clear to your sweetheart how much you love and appreciate them.