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little people dating sites

Little people have dwarfism and an average height of around 4 feet 6 inches.

Such folks now have dedicated midget dating sites to find their true love.

There is a thriving online community for this.

Free dwarf dating is much in demand in this community, given the challenges they face in society.

Acceptance is difficult, and midget singles look for single women midget partners on such online platforms.

What Will I Learn?

10 Small People Dating Sites (Free & Paid)

There are several midget dating sites, which might be confusing to choose.

We have thus brought out a list of the best dating sites for this purpose.

There are some general dating sites and midget matchmaking sites in this list.

Read on to decide which would be the best dating site for you.

1) eHarmony


This is a general matchmaking website among the most popular online dating community sites.

You will find everyone here, Russian brides or little people.

That will not mean a little person will not find his or her love here.

Superior search engines and filters and a varied and huge subscriber base make eHarmony a popular dating media among midget women and men alike.

The filters here allow one to choose people with the same values. The large numbers of success stories on the site tell their own story.

2) Date A Little

This midget dating site has been around since 2003. It allows users to choose based on age, location, and sexual orientation.

It is dedicated to all concerns that little people might have.

This includes ways to approach a new date, health and pregnancy concerns, and self-esteem issues.

Besides love interests, many features involve little people across a spectrum of events.

Dwarfs are in every field, whether politics, literature, or sport.

Short people dating has become that much easier with this online dating midget platform.

3) Date A Dwarf

This free midget dating platform has become popular for little people dating.

There are multiple features on this site to connect.

Whether casual or serious relationships, there are many tools for users. Chats and messaging are some of the common tools that are available for everyone on the site.

Additionally, there is a section on safety that helps users keep their personal information safe when dating.

This is true for both online interactions as well as personal meetings.

Join this platform to meet attractive men and midget women here, and then you can decide to take it further.

4) Dwarf Dating

Dwarf Dating is an exclusive matchmaking site based in the UK.

It has been bringing little people together in a non-judgemental manner since 2013.

This platform allows users to share pictures and start dating for free.

Dwarf Dating provides safe spaces online to share personal information for other members to see and choose.

Online dating has often had safety and data security issues, which is very well addressed here.

5) Free Dwarf Dating

As the name suggests, a free signup process greets little people on this dating platform.

Meet dwarf singles here and check out photo profiles.

You could well be on your way to serious relationships right here.

Being a part of Online Connections helps your profile to be visible on all sister matchmaking platforms. You will be visible on other little people dating sites this way.

This free dwarf relationship site is finding many takers now.

6) Little People Match


One of the best little people dating portals, as per their claim, Little People Match is winning folks over.

Launched in 2004, this matchmaking forum has brought love and companionship to little people’s lives.

It offers free signup along with various features to create a strong connection. Foremost among midget dating is the feature to browse photo profiles. There is a huge amount of traffic here.

The website understands patterns by loading user behavior, thus providing great ambiance and results.

7) Little People Meet

As the name of the dating site suggests, this is where little people meet.

Online dating platforms are about finding true love based on common interests and finding members among other short people with similar likes. 

Free signup and profile creation make it easy to find your match here.

You may use flirts and other communication tools to carry on single-woman midget dating here.

8) Short People Dating


This dating site comes in the app and conventional forms to create new connections for its users.

This is a free midget platform that is for committed people.

There are different communication features on this dating platform for little people.

One may bond over family-friendly sports on such online dating sites.

Since other members are of similar average height, there is no case of being judgmental here.

Go ahead confidently and find your perfect partner based on age, gender, location, and interests.

9) Shorter Singles

Let height not become a drawback in finding the love of your life. 

Midget dating has a successful platform at Shorter Singles.

Signup is supremely easy here. Just take care to create a detailed profile.

This dating site provides icebreaking messages, too, in case one is hesitant to start.

This tool will help you get going on the free dwarf site. This and other features make it the best dating site among other platforms.

10) Short Passions


This midget dating website is a combination of matchmaking and social networking.

If you are a little person hesitant to get going on a dating site, this is just right for you.

Short Passions ease your activity on the matchmaking platform.

Most people are now on a social networking site, which acts as a starting point for matchmaking on this website.

This is a free midget dating that has multiple options for engaging interactions.

One may choose messaging, video chat, and photo sharing to meet singles and know them better.

All about little people online dating

Society still has a renegade view of people who do not fit into the preconceived ‘normal’.

This includes facets of appearance like height, weight, and color.

While there should not be any discrimination, ideally, that is not how things work.

In the face of ridicule, people who do not ascribe to set notions often face discrimination and difficulties.

In the case of short people, there is often a situation with terms like dwarf and midget thrown at them in a derogatory sense.

This works badly on their self-confidence and esteem.

Dedicated online platforms for midget dating are completely non-judgemental towards them.

This helps little people mingle freely and find true love and companionship on such websites.

Many online matchmaking sites for little people have special sections dedicated to health concerns and pregnancy issues.

This is a real problem faced by this community, and when two people find resonance and plan to become a couple, these concerns need to be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there good online dating sites for little people?

Little people dating is big with many popular dating sites on the rise. Crush Date is another popular site for little people dating along with those listed above. There is also a free millionaire match site that has little people in it.

Dating York UK is also a good website for speed dating.

What is little people dating?

Midget is often a term used in a derogatory sense for this community. This is one driving factor behind introducing dating sites for such folks. Dating platforms for little people is an attempt to bring such folks on a single forum with others who are in a similar position.

Is it easy to find members from little communities through online dating?

It is not always easy to find a person of your choice and liking if you are below average height. Online matchmaking forums make this quest much easier, increasing the scope of forming meaningful connections that much more.

What should one look for in a little people dating site?

Effective filters are essential to finding the right match. Matches based on height are very important to look for. A strong community is also important in such matches in order to boost confidence among little people.

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