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Creating that spark in a conversation with a girl you’re just getting to know can be tedious.

The best way to keep things natural and flowing is having some random questions to ask a girl at the back of your mind.

These questions have to sound funny and interesting.

1) How complex is your family history?

She might not know a lot about her family history and your question could push her to fill the empty spaces.

2) What can you do so well even with your eyes closed?

It will be fun to actually watch her do it and judge for yourself how good she is at it.

3) Was there a special event or circumstance around your name?

Many people are given names that represent something significant.

It will be interesting to find out the story behind her name.

4) What word comes into your mind when you look at my face?

You should have a thick skin before asking this as the word may not be so flattering.

5) Do you think you will be a helicopter mom?

She’ll most probably go for being a fun mom.

Just smile like you don’t know how that wish quickly goes out of the window when the kids start coming.

6) What is the biggest recipe disaster you have had in the kitchen?

Her answer will let you know if you should flee from any offer of a cooking date.

7) How much money do you think you’ll need to live a good life?

She may have a very high taste.

As long as she is not hoping to get it all off you, it’s all good.

8) Do you always have a Plan B?

You will discover if you will be expected to save the situation when her only plan hits the rocks.

9) What is that one thing you need that you think will complete you?

How nice it will be if she says you are that thing that completes her.

Be ready to hear some unrealistic thoughts too.

10) Which do you always listen to, your heart or mind?

She can be all about logic or sentiment.

11) What’s the biggest prank you have played on a friend?

Be prepared to deal with her naughty side.

Don’t let her ideas of a prank shock you.

12) Would you take a brain transplant from a robot?

She might think you are nuts at first.

But it’s okay to ask a question that doesn’t make much sense but still comes across as interesting.

13) Who do you tend to take sides within a movie, the hero or villain?

She might have a dark side that makes her side with the villain or she might fantasize about being swept off her feet by a superhero.

14) What popular trend do you find annoying?

You can have an interesting time discussing the trend and what makes it annoying.

15) What food will you never eat even when starving?

It is a great question to ask so you never offer her that food.

16) If you could paint a picture of heaven, what will it look like?

Her personal picture of heaven might be so different from the common view and get you thinking of new possibilities.

17) Can you tell me five things at the top of your bucket list?

You can work together to achieve some of the things she mentions.

18) Would you give up your job to follow your true dream?

You can determine if she is the impulsive type that can start anew anytime or a deliberate kind of person who weighs their decisions more seriously.

19) Who was the last person that saw you cry?

This question will help you discover how willing she is to be vulnerable in front of other people.

20) Can you tell me about the most annoying person in your workplace?

This is a great way to learn of her pet peeves and have a good laugh.

21) Do you follow health fads or diets?

You will know not to offer her sizzling bacon when she is a vegan.

22) Would you rather live in ignorance about your loved ones’ vices or you will like to know?

Ignorance might be bliss for her or not.

You will be able to decide what to do if you find yourself armed with information that may hurt her.

23) Have you ever been forced to perform a task and ended up enjoying it after?

It will be interesting to discuss the reasons behind her initial reluctance.

Extra Interesting Questions to Ask A Girl

24) What do you think is the biggest threat to your success in life?

25) Do you own anything cheap that has an added sentimental value?

26) Does your family work with written or unwritten rules?

27) Can you tell me five traits you think we have in common?

28) Do you like surprises?

29) If you could change three things about yourself, what will they be?

30) Do you have a safe house you could run to if you get in trouble with the law?

31) Do you have a favourite saying?

32) Is there something you will never do even if you were offered a billion dollars?

33) What are the things you would do to cheer a sad friend up?

34) Would you marry your father if he wasn’t your parent?

35) How many minutes does it take you to dress up for an outing?

36) Is there something that your parents don’t know about you?

37) Do you find older men more attractive?

38) Are you the weepy type when watching romantic movies?

39) Have you ever been so excited that you couldn’t sleep?

40) What brand was your first phone?

41) Have you ever dated someone you met on social media?

42) What’s the spookiest message you have received online?

43) What TV show are you still angry about its cancellation?

44) If you could choose between having a road and an air trip, which would it be?

45) Have you ever taken back a favour or gift?

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