I Miss My Ex Girlfriend So Much – What Should I Do?

I miss my Ex girlfriend so much

When you have a breakup or a separation, you just don’t wipe that person’s smile or the memories from your mind and life and just carry on.

Some people reminisce for ages over all the good times spent with their ‘bf’ or ‘gf’, trying to imagine what could have been.

Often in these times, you start feeling regret about some things you might have said or something you didn’t do – and you wish you could start again or take some of the words back.

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What Will I Learn?

You were probably taking your girlfriend for granted

When you miss your ex a lot, it is easy to believe you miss them so much; it must mean you should try and get her or him back again, right?

After all, if you miss them so badly, surely they must have been the one?

Often we take for granted the people we are in a relationship with; we get used to the relationship and we stop valuing them as we should.

But being in a relationship isn’t just a quick sprint to the end line; it’s a lot more.

It’s like a marathon with ups and downs.

The longer the marathon is, the longer it takes to add your bit to make it work.

Some people get so used to a relationship they think it no longer requires effort anymore.

It’s got to be ongoing input if you want it to work.

But anyway, no matter what caused you and your ex to break up, if you realize that you miss her more than you can handle, then read on for some advice and tips.

  • Why do you miss your ex so much, and has it affected you since you broke up?
  • How could you get her back if you still love her?

First of all, it is normal to miss your ex after a breakup

So don’t work yourself up!

There are going to be feelings of loss that you will go through.

Remember, it’s not only you who is suffering across the world!

When people get dumped by their ‘gf’ or ‘bf’, thousands become cut up and feel that things will never return to normal again.

In fact, some people go to pieces; they just can’t handle the harsh reality…

Everything they believed and dreamed of as a future together disappeared in the mist in just a few words, or literally overnight.[/wps_alert]

Some people will say that a breakup can be just as bad as a loved one dying – because they know the same kind of emptiness; that things will never be the same, and that can play havoc on a person’s psyche.

Don’t stress; this feeling of extreme despair needn’t be permanent

It can be just temporary.

You are not likely going to feel like this forever.

You can and will be able to bounce back.

It is even possible that you could win back the heart of the one you believe you still love, who now has brought you so much anguish.

If you search your heart for the right ways to get over this.

And then prove to the special person that you want them back and that you can make them happy in the long run; then you have conquered a hurdle already!

If you want your ex back, you have to make her want you back too!

Here are some good steps to help you along with that aim!

As mentioned above, we said that sometimes people couldn’t seem to recover from a breakup – some enter into some nasty depression because of it.

But you can’t afford to let yourself sink into depression if you have.

Because if you do, you have just added another negative thing to cope with, including dealing with the loss of your ex.

Allowing depression to enfold you prevents you from acting positively and winning her back.

You will be disabled to win her back, and if she has found someone new, she will run further away from you.

It might be sad, but it’s true – nobody wants to be around someone who is always down and under because they start to feel like that too!

Missing an ex-girlfriend means you think about them all the time

Man thinking deeply

Missing someone is still OK, but when you become depressed over it, it leads to more ‘bad’ things like…

  • Skipping college or work
  • Not being able to handle responsibilities and
  • Wanting to sleep for a good part of the day

It is possible, and highly advisable, if you want your ‘bae’ back, to snap out of this state of depression and to bounce back.

The best way to get going is to become as active as possible.

Force yourself to get out of bed, leave home, and involve yourself in your activities.

Start working out a positive plan for yourself

When you work out a positive plan to accomplish something bigger for yourself, it becomes easier to conquer the smaller goals along the way to the bigger goal waiting for you at the end – this pushes you to go the extra mile.

But first, you need the right mindset

The mind is a very powerful thing.

Your mindset can get you bouncing back to the one you love.

Or it can be losing her forever because you cannot bounce back.

Instead, you will allow all negative emotions to overwhelm you and impact your state of mind.

That will leave you easily defeated.

A defeated mind won’t allow you to turn things around and inspire yourself to press on to get the prize.

You need determination here because it is very important to eliminate all negative emotions and thoughts.

You can do this. Start focusing on the things you have going for you, which make you special and unique.

Speak to yourself positively during the day, reprograming your mind towards the positive.

That means to stop feeling sorry for yourself

You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and tell your loved ones how sad and depressed you feel.

Perhaps you don’t want to hear this, but it’s time to get back into the dating scene.

It can help you regain your self-confidence, proving to yourself that you are an attractive person.

You might be saying, no, I can’t get into the dating scene again, how can I when I miss my ex so much?

I just couldn’t be with anyone else.

But listen to yourself – your mindset is giving you problems again, telling you that you won’t ever find someone like your bae again.

Right now, you are putting her on a pedestal, telling yourself repeatedly that you are not good enough.

You will certainly convey this message to your ex if you repeatedly call her back in this mood! 

That’s a good way to push her away for good.

Rather, think back to how you first captivated her and attracted her to you; try to be that person you were at the beginning of your relationship.

Some fabulous and very useful tips to bring positivity back into your life

Don’t act desperate with your ex and chase her relentlessly, putting her on that pedestal we were talking about.

Sure, the toughest part can be not getting back together immediately again.

But then aren’t you going to start repeating the same mistakes repeatedly?

Rather let the breakup redefine who you are.

It is through adversity that we learn to better ourselves and grow.

1) Start a to-do list of activities you need to do as your first step

The best way to get out of depression is by activity.

Then you will see good things falling in line for you.

As soon as you work through a to-do list and accomplish the things you have to do, you are taking control of the breakup, getting your momentum back to turn the situation around.

2) Start immersing yourself in your hobbies

If you don’t have any, it’s time to start.

You will love it, the fulfillment it brings, and it’s a big positive way to recover from a broken relationship.

3) Reconnect with family

Another way to get some inner peace and happiness back is to reconnect with the family you lost touch with.

It is these people that showed you love and care in the past.

When you reconnect with them, you ignite a deep sense of fulfillment and peace again.

4) Regain your sense of self and be emotionally independent

In your relationship, if your girlfriend was happy, you were happy.

This all might have made you needy and even insecure.

You let her think that without her, you can’t be happy.

This is a dangerous state to be in, and you have to snap out of that belief quickly, particularly if you want your ex to start missing you again.

You will have to get some self-esteem back to win her back.

You don’t want her to be the one allowing her to choose whether she will get back together with you.

5) Release the negative energy after the breakup

To stop missing your ex, the time is now to put the focus back on you, rebuilding yourself so you can get back into the world with positivity and self-confidence.

Physical activity is a sure way to clear your mind and release negative energy.

Find a physical sport you love and where you can push yourself.

6) Go out and make new friends and interact with new people

Try out new restaurants and other places of interest.

It will bring change in your life and renew certain energies.

If you are still missing her days and even months after your breakup, you probably believe you are still in love with her

So why didn’t you just get back together with her?

No, you say, it’s not that simple; she doesn’t want you back.

But it is you who controls your destiny!

You are the one who can shape it through your actions and mindset.

As soon as you start carrying out your activities on your to-do list, connecting with family, and being physically active, you will soon discover that you are slowly but surely getting back to that person you once were, discovering your personality and sense of humor are returning.

Oh my, what to do now? – she has hooked up with someone else already!

We know it’s perfectly normal to miss your girlfriend even months after you have broken up.

But it gets more complicated, though, when she hooks up with someone else.

  • Now, what are you going to do to get her back?
  • Is it even possible?

But as we said, you need to focus on yourself, your goals, and your personal development.

Remember that whether you are looking to get back together or move on, you will need to focus on the things you can control; your attitude, your goals; the actions you undertake daily.

Remember, you can still get back with your ex-girlfriend even if she is in a new relationship, but it needs to be the new you, the real you, the one that bowled her off her feet at the beginning!

You need to become the man she always wanted to be with, the guy that seduced her at the beginning of your relationship.

Because something must have changed during your relationship

You need to realize that during your relationship, something must have changed to change the course of your relationship.

You made her realize she was no longer happy with you.

And now someone else has come who makes her feel special and understands her better.

You have to analyze your relationship and understand what the mistakes were to make her unhappy.

That means you will have to have a game plan.

You must prove to her that you have changed and developed into someone who is no longer overbearing and needy.

Begging and pleading for her to take you back will never work.

The only way to get her to love you again is to inspire her and surprise her, proving to her that you can be happy and fulfilled without her

So if you are asking if she still loves you, the answer is that she may or may not still have feelings for you.

It will depend on how long ago the breakup occurred.

Maybe if she no longer loved you, then it might not be worth you getting her back again in the first place.

If she did, you can build on that and even revive those feelings in her again, showcase the new you, and seduce her as you did before.

You also have to accept that sometimes it is better to move on if your ex is happy in her new relationship.

There will be times when it would be recommended that you move on quickly when your ex doesn’t have good intentions for the two of you – maybe she is hurtful and was even a bad influence in your life.

Maybe she isn’t the right one for you, and you know it in your heart – then you should move on.

Just because you are broken up about it and still have feelings doesn’t mean that it is a signal that you should try and save the relationship.

Sometimes people refuse to realize that the person they want to be in a relationship will never make them happy.

Ask yourself the right questions and make sure that the ex you want back stands for the same values as you do.

So at least she is someone you can relate to and be happy with long-term. 

Because if she accepts you back, she will also have to prove that she has thought long and hard about your relationship.

And is willing to change to make you happy too!


Remember, it is always focusing on your transformation, whether you want your ex back or not.

By being positive and not desperate, being prepared to put yourself out there and go the extra mile outside of your comfort zone, and acting like you are in control – well, wait and see what happens.

Then you have something going for you again, don’t you – and it might well be your old ex or a new bae.

There’s no denying that staying positive can be tough.

Positivity can even wane when you are bombarded with a succession of negative failures, like what you have gone through with a breakup – it can be heartbreaking!

But you have the tools and the strength to take your life back.

Become the person that once attracted your ex to you so much – but remember…

It can be done, but it starts with You!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you know your ex is over you?

Good signs are they want all their stuff back. They have also unfriended you on all the social media stations. They never contact you anymore.

They have literally and explicitly told you they no longer have feelings for you anymore.

Do couples generally break up or not?

Most relationships do experience one or more breakups before finding true love. Some couples never have problems, but these are in the minority and make up only about 5% of people in relationships.

What are warning signs that a breakup could happen?

No love and warmth are reciprocated. You have different values. You no longer long to be together or have physical contact with each other.

You battle to communicate. You feel unsupported. Your partner is more difficult to get hold of – amongst others.

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