What to Do When You Hate Your Life

What to do when you hate your life

Almost everyone has been through that phase when you just want to scream – “I hate my life!”

You feel like nobody understands what you are going through.

It can be a very lonely experience but be rest assured that you are not alone and you can get past this stage.

The following are 21 life-changing things to do when you hate your life.

Are you ready?

If so, let’s get started.

What Will I Learn?

What to do When You Hate Your Life

1) Admit There’s a Problem

The first step is admitting that the way you feel is not healthy.

When you are in denial, you try to convince yourself that everything is fine and put up a false front before others.

Having that reality check that you have a problem opens up the avenue for solutions to follow.

Do not hide your feelings; it’s incredibly dangerous. It might lead to having suicidal thoughts, and that’s where you’d never want to channel your feelings.

I’ve seen it happen so many times and it almost always leads to severe injuries or ultimate death.

So tell yourself that there something is wrong with me and I must fix it!

2) Engage in Meditation


Practicing meditation helps to clear your mind of all the clogs and clutter that has been weighing you down.

It helps you to get to the roots of your emotions. It can also help uproot suppressed painful memories in your subconscious that is troubling you.

Meditation has helped so many people to overcome their worries, and it sure can help you do the same.

Make sure you meditate properly even though it takes time. But it always pays off handsomely well.

You can get these resources from a psychologist or just download them off the internet.

So start meditating today!

3) Improve Your Sleeping Pattern

When your sleep pattern is all over the place, your body reacts by reducing your mental focus, and over time you could get chronic illnesses that affect your mental and physical well-being.

You should ensure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep and some nap time during the day when you don’t sleep well at night.

There is a lot of healing process that goes on when we sleep and when you have an improved sleeping pattern, you’re making this process a blistering one.

This would improve the way you feel about yourself, and you’ll start thinking positively about your life and goal.

So get enough sleep and make yourself feel better.

4) Give Yourself New Targets

When you feel like ‘I hate life,’ you might just be bored with doing the same thing or having nothing to do at all.

If you have attained a particular goal recently, in time the thrill of that success would wear off.

That is the best time to get on track with new targets.

There are many, many hobbies or activities you can engage yourself in.

And I guarantee you that you’ll find some measure of relief and happiness from these activities.

So instead of pummelling yourself in a single target or activity, step out of your comfort zone and make life meaningful for yourself.

5) Go Out and Explore


You might be thinking of what to do when you hate your life and come up with no ideas.

The truth is, you do not have to look for out-of-the-world ideas to get out of the dumps.

You can explore places in your town or city that you have meant to go to but kept postponing it. You can also take a vacation outside your country or continent.

Just step out, meet new people, and see life differently and you’ll definitely be happy with yourself.

It has worked for so many people, and it’ll work for you too.

6) Change Your Career

According to some mental health researchers, job dissatisfaction is one of the significant triggers of depression.

If you feel like you are digging yourself into a hole in the sand, it might be the perfect time to leave your job and take a plunge for something new.

Instead of dying slowly in a dissatisfying, life-wrenching job, why not do something different?

Now is the best time to step out and do something you love. Something you really do have a passion for.

A famous quote that’s impacted my life a lot says; “Do something that you really love, and you’ll never have to work another day your life.”

Very true!

It always works, trust me.

Try it!

7) Reconnect With Family and Friends

Happy friends

When the whole world and your life seem bleak, and all you post on your social media handles are ‘I hate my life quotes,’ it is a good idea to turn to your family and friends.

Even if they don’t understand what you are going through, having their support would be comforting for you.

Family and friends are what we truly need, to turn a new leaf in our life.

My family members encouraged and strengthened me when I was going through terrible times.

Yours will definitely do the same for you. But you do have to take the first step. Meet up with them and pour out your feelings.

Pour out everything and hide nothing from them.

Tell them how you feel and see the miracle that comes from doing that.[/perfectpullquote]

They say; A problem shared is half solved and I couldn’t agree further.

8) Give Another Go at Your Failed Dreams

Just because your dreams did not work out the first time does not mean you cannot still achieve them.

When you give up on your dreams, it makes you feel like there is nothing to live for.

I know this may sound far-fetched, but it’s genuinely achievable ONLY if you believe you can.

It’s all about mindset!

Now what I want you to do is visualize in your mind’s eyes the kind of life you’ll live when you’ve achieved your dreams.

Do that frequently, and it’ll be a motivating factor to sour you up!

Thus, aiming for your dreams again will make you come alive.

9) Learn How to Grieve the Right Way

Losing a loved one can make you want to stop living. While it is reasonable to feel sorrow at the passing of a loved one, you should not allow it to take over your life.

It is best not to internalize the grief and express it to others around you.

That’s why I strongly admonish someone grieving to cry out their eyes. Pour out your tears like never before, and you’ll lift a whole lot of load off your shoulders.

It has proven to work, and it’s scientifically backed.

If you don’t agree, then research it and thank me later.

10) Avoid Being Alone for Extended Periods

Humans are by default social beings.

So, when you shut yourself indoors day in, and day out, you will start to feel blue.

Thoughts of how you hate your life will take over. Get out more and start to enjoy life again. Solitude is excellent when done in moderation.

But for over a long period, it almost always gets out of hand. In fact, it becomes perilous.

So break out of that deadly angle and do the needful.

Go out and socialize!

Seclusion breeds evil thoughts. And evil thoughts almost always result in grave sins!

Try it out today and be refreshed!

11) Don’t let the Opinion of Others Define You

Some people make it their goal to pull others down by their denigrating words.

If you let those mean words define you, you will start to feel down and out. You should define yourself and own your flaws. Never let anyone put you down.

Why would you in the first place?

Who gives a damn about you anyway apart from your very good friends, family, and ultimately God.

So why kill yourself because of what people (who don’t care about you) say about you? They have their mouths, and they can say what pleases them.

No one can provoke you. You are the only person to either provoke yourself or not. So stop saying ‘You provoked me,’ ‘They made me angry,’ ‘You made me annoyed.’

These are self-destructive statements and cannot help you in any way.

Instead, these statements can make you look like a robot or dummy that can be trampled on and dictated to.

Control and direct your heart and mind, and you’ll never have to worry about what people say about you.

12 ) Detoxify

Start the detoxification process from the inside.

Cut out processed foods and carbonated drinks from your diet for several days. Just feed on fresh ingredients, drink water, and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

This cleansing would help lift your mood.

13) Don’t Be Obsessed With Perfection

If you are always fixated on getting things done correctly, you will fall into frustration each time you fail to achieve the desired perfection.

Set reasonable goals and be easy on yourself if you do not get them done correctly. The most important thing is that you had it done.

It’s impossible to do things perfectly as an imperfect person. So why strive to make things perfect that cannot be perfected?

It’s like trying to convince a full-grown adult that food is terrible and will stunt his growth.

Or that he can stay up to 7 years without eating or drinking water.

That’s not going to work!

So why strive for perfection when you know it’s not going to work?

14) Come up with an Exercise Routine


Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve your blood flow and generate a general feeling of vibrancy in your body.

When you exercise regularly, you would be able to rid your mind of thoughts like ‘I hate myself.’ Exercise not only builds up your body but can clear your thoughts.

It can also give you a measure of happiness and relaxation of mind.

So make sure you come up with a good exercise routine.

15) Become one with Nature

Taking a nature walk while you gaze at the blooming flowers and listening to the chirping of birds can have a very calming effect on you.

If you are having difficulty answering some problematic life questions, you might find the answers right out there, at one with nature.

You see, nature teaches a lot of things that so many people in the world today don’t know.

Lessons you’ll derive from nature can help shape your life and give it the real boost it deserves.

16) Get Rid of Negative Triggers

You should pay attention to what tends to set you off to feeling ‘hate, hate, hate’ for yourself.

It could be people or things around you.

Avoid these triggers consciously, and you can have your life back under control.

17) Volunteer and Help Others

Sometimes, you can find purpose in helping others even as you carry the heavy weight of your problems.

You can volunteer with organizations that assist the less privileged and seeing their experience first-hand will make you appreciate your life.

18) Sing and Dance


Putting on an attitude of joy can get your mind out of the funk. The principle of ‘fake it, till you get it’ works very well here.

Sing aloud and burst some moves.

The ridiculousness of it all will crack you up and make you enjoy life again.

19) Confide in a Loved One

Don’t be scared to share the way you feel with a loved one.

Remember, a problem shared, is half-solved.

You may be surprised to learn that the person has also gone through the same and can offer you practical advice to take your life back.

20) Shut Off The Television

All the tragic news of people dying, terror attacks, and accidents around the world showing on TV can add to your feeling of hopelessness.

Turn off the television and shut out all that doom.

Instead, play relaxing music or watch a rib-cracking comedy flick.

21) Get Professional Help

Everyone would need a helping hand sometime in their life.

You should not be ashamed to admit that you need help.

At times, you may not be able to come out of the dark yourself, and getting professional help would be the best thing for you.

In Conclusion…

Henceforth, I want you to remove the ‘I hate my life’ syndrome from your mind and heart and start taking on a new path in your life.

I hope that these actionable tips will help you to stop hating your life and instead, give your life a whole new meaning and brand new episode.

Please do share your thoughts below.

I want to hear them!

So that’s all from me.

Go make yourself happy and never again say ‘I hate my life’!

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