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The article will guide you on how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

It will also answer the following questions that are on your mind:

  • What are the signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it?
  • How to tell if a guy is trying to get your attention?
  • How do guys act when they like you?

You see, all girls have at one time wondered whether their crushes like them back.

You perhaps want something more than friendship, and you want to know if the guy feels the same way.

Fortunately, men are not as complicated as you may think. All you have to do is to learn the major signs to watch out for in a guy to determine if he likes you.

Below is the most comprehensive guide on how to tell if that guy likes you but is hiding it.

So, if you have been frustrated about whether a guy is attracted to you, then you are in the right place.

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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It –  23 Signs He Is Into You

1) Smiling a Lot

Guy smiling to a girl

Smiling is considered to be a very strong expression.

Studies show fleeting smiles can cause positive emotional changes in other people due to their amazingly contagious effect.

Hence, if a guy starts smiling a lot around you or at you, then it could clearly indicate that he’s interested in you.

Besides that, smiling is among the top ways of not only communicating friendliness but physical attraction as well.

Shy guys will especially smile whenever they see someone that they like.

The smile does not mean offense, but it just offers hints that he’s attracted to you.

Figuring Out What the Smiles Mean

Did you know that a smile is different based on sexual attraction and true love?

Extensive work by social psychologists has discovered that true love and sexual attraction typically bring about different forms of smiles.

When you develop that love and grow stronger in your relationship, you will likely experience more genuine smiles.

Conversely, those experiencing that initial high sexual attraction experience fewer smiles, but more of other mouth and lip actions like licks and lips bites.

Research also shows that women tend to smile more often compared to men, especially from late teens to young adult age.

It goes to show that when a guy is smiling to you, then he’s truly interested in you.

Tips to Understand What His Smile Means

  • Duration – Smiles based on interest will typically last longer for a few seconds.
  • Reason – He’ll smile whether or not you say anything interesting or funny.
  • Frequency – When he’s attracted to you, then he’ll likely be smiling at you more often.

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2) Mixed Signals

Is the guy treating you so nicely one time and then completely ignoring you the next day?

Then there’s a big chance that he really likes you. Most guys do this as a way to avoid exposing their interest so early.

The result is a frustrating backward and forward movement, especially when the guy is very shy.

The key here is being patient and finding out the reason behind the mixed signals.

The reasons could vary from being shy and clueless about dealing with personal issues among many others.

Tips for dealing with mixed signals;

Be Empathetic

There could be other things that your crush is dealing with in his life that are causing him to send you mixed signals.

For instance, he may be stressed at work or trying to recover from a past marriage or relationship.

So, if you do discover that this guy who likes you is hot and then cold, then be empathetic.

As you take time and know each other better, you may find that he opens up to you. He may tell you what is preventing him from becoming a better partner or communicator.

Have an In-Person Conversation

Mixed signals are quite frustrating to deal with anytime.

The surest method of clearing the air is having a conversation in person.

Avoid texting as you may misunderstand the tone he uses or read too much meaning into what he says.

While face to face conversations can leave you feeling vulnerable, it’s an excellent method of communication.

If the guy likes you and you think there’s a potential for something great, then it is good to have that conversation about his mixed signals.

3) Eye Contact

Guy making eye contact

People will often look at a person they like while avoiding those they do not like. If the guy you are talking to maintains consistent eye contact, then they probably like you.

However, remember that there is a thin line between staring and enhanced eye contact.

So, ensure that eye contact is mutual and not impolite.

Interpreting Different Types of Eye Contact

How a guy is looking at your eyes indicates his feelings for you. Below are a few descriptions of what various looks mean:

  • Intentional glance – The man is genuinely interested, and his eyes will always be on you.
  • Fleeting glance – It could be that he’s shy or that the eye contact was made coincidentally. You can ignore this one as it probably wasn’t intentional.
  • Long glance – This is often a subtle glance. While the intentional glance may last for two seconds, the long glance lasts far longer. Guys will typically stop eye contact after a while, so if he’s still looking at you, then he finds you attractive.
  • Glancing twice – If the first eye contact weren’t received well, a person who’s interested in you would gaze at you once more. It is certainly a powerful signal of interest.
  • The unending gaze – This gaze seems to last eternally, but it’s typically around five seconds or more. It is a crystal-clear indication of attraction. He’s likely trying to show you that he’s interested. What makes it even more blatant is when he’s gazing at you and he’s also smiling.

5) Asking Multiple Questions

Are you getting a barrage of questions from your crush?

He’s likely interested in you and is looking to have a long conversation or merely wants to learn more about you.

The guy here will ask the lady about her life. That includes her past, her family, her likes, her goals, her dreams, or even how her day is going.

Furthermore, look at his behavior as he asks you those questions.

Figure out whether he’s asking as a friend or one who has taken more interest in knowing you on a much deeper level.

Examples of questions that a guy will ask you:

  • What is your favorite song?
  • Are you single?
  • What are your thoughts on dating?
  • Do you think love is real?
  • How’s your family?
  • Do you work out nowadays?

The questions will vary based on how well you know each other.

The guy may start by asking questions that aren’t too personal.

Those initial questions help to establish interest without being too creepy, and it doesn’t mean that he does not like you.

So, give it time before he can be comfortable about asking more personal, inquisitive questions.

The main point here is to ensure you answer his questions thoughtfully.

That way, you will encourage him to continue the conversation and show him that he’s a person you are comfortable opening up to.

However, do not think that every man that asks girls random questions necessarily likes her. Rather, it’s all in the attitude and frequency of questions.

Someone who isn’t interested in you wouldn’t put in that much effort into quizzing you.

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5) He Follows Your Various Social Media Profiles

Many dating experts usually recommend watching body language, voice tone, eye contact, and various other cues to let you know if a guy is crushing on you.

However, since most people spend their time online nowadays, it is also necessary to identify signals that someone likes you online on social media.

You may ask; Is he trying to get my attention on Facebook and if so, how do know the cues?

Guys will often try communicating with you through tagging, direct messages or tweeting, rather than phone calls or texting.

They can show support with re-sharing, likes, and commenting.

Here are other signs that he likes you based on what he does on social media:

  • Supports your pages – Whether you’re promoting a worthy cause online or running a business page, someone who’s interested in you will support you through liking, sharing, and commenting.
  • Responds to your stories – He always responds every time you post an IG story, which could show he’s looking for any excuse to ask you some funny questions.
  • Frequent direct messages – Sending many direct messages is a great alternative to texting, especially if you haven’t yet given him your number.
  • Constant tagging – Tagging is a subtle indication that he likes you, particularly if he tags you specifically in things that only apply to you.
  • Liking your pictures – He likes all your photos, including those from ages ago. It means he scrolled quite far back to look at your photos.
  • Commenting on your status – He can even comment on your status when they don’t necessarily involve him.

The fact that they looked for your details and added you on their social media shows interest. It shows a fantastic first step towards getting acquainted with someone.

6) He’s Teasing You

Playful and lighthearted teasing are excellent indications that a man is interested in you.

Most men would never try teasing a lady if he didn’t like her or isn’t a close friend.

Teasing usually helps to alleviate that initial romantic anxiety. A relationship is a lot scarier than most people admit.

Cracking a few jokes and teasing helps guys calm down when approaching someone they are interested in pursuing.

Do you remember how little boys you used to like pulling your hair in kindergarten?

Well, they were doing that to try getting your attention.

That’s how long guys have been teasing girls.

A study on social teasing found that it might be a way of indirectly showing closeness and affection.

Participants in that survey said that they teased their friends as a way of showing how much they appreciated them and felt safe being around them.

How Guys Tease Girls They Like

  • He’s mocking you – He lightheartedly mimics you or mocks you to get you to laugh
  • He’s always disagreeing – He loves joking around and seeing you become passionate once he disagrees with what you’re trying to say.
  • He gives you a funny nickname – He playfully gives you an amusing nickname
  • Likes to tickle you – In some cases, teasing can become physical. He may try tickling or poking you, which is fundamentally a way of touching you.
  • Makes some accusations – He may accuse you about liking another guy that he saw you having a conversation. He teases you so that you can deny and he can be sure that he’s only the one you like.

7) He Wants you To Give Him Your Number

Guy asking girl for her number

One transparent and obvious sign that he’s into you is asking for your contact details.

He wants to call you later and possibly go out sometime.

Nevertheless, here you want to be wary of those players who like getting numbers.

To such guys, getting a girl to give them their numbers is more of a game, rather than an honest interest.

With players, they only text afterward when the time suits them, like late on Friday nights. You want always to keep away from these guys.

Check if they have been collecting numbers from other girls that day to avoid giving your number to a playboy.

Nowadays, calling seems to have taken a backseat compared to texting. Hence, it may seem strange to text someone you just met.

So, stick to text messages until you build a strong rapport to handle a phone conversation.

Also, if the guy doesn’t call or text after getting your number, then he likely isn’t the man you want.

A study showed that when men initiate contact based on booty calls, then they’re not invested or keen about creating a lasting, meaningful relationship.

Likewise, take note of the amount of time he takes to respond to your texts. Relationship experts say that fast response time signifies attraction.

Remember that the goal of giving out your number is a possible date in the future. The guy could ask you to meet up again.

So, you should ensure you’re giving out your number to someone you like and wouldn’t mind going on a date.

8) He Doesn’t Forget What You Told Him

It is easy to recite the basic things about the girl you’re interested in, including their work, home town, college, or even list acquaintances.

However, when a boy remembers everything a lady mentions, then it shows a deeper interest.

For instance, when he remembers your favorite artist and sends you links to their new songs.

When he knows that you prefer roses to carnations and he sends them through.

It’s in remembering those little things that you talk about that showcases that he likes you. It is his way of showing you that he will never ignore things that you consider to be important.

Not every guy will remember every little detail about you, not until you are closer to them.

So, if he’s not only being attentive but also doing activities or hobbies that are significant to you, then he is a keeper.

Feeling like a boy is attentively and genuinely listening is fantastic.

A guy that likes you will listen actively and keep asking more relevant questions to probe the topic you are discussing deeply.

He will smile and nod at appropriate times within the conversation.

Regardless of what you say in passing, you will certainly feel that he cares about what you’re saying.

He’ll keep everything in mind and be attentive when you talk.

You could be discussing something random or your goals, but he’ll always be genuinely interested.

9) Difficulty Saying Goodbye

When you are only a friend, then he’ll not have any difficulty saying goodbye.

However, if he can’t seem to say goodbye once your conversation ends, then you’re likely in his mind and heart already.

That extra minute is so precious to spend conversing with someone who likes you.

That stage of asking each other to hang up the phone first is usually quite lovely.

It is something that will make you feel deeply appreciated, particularly when it’s genuine and from a guy you want.

The guy is trying to show you how much he likes you. He wants to keep the discussion going, even if you’re feeling sleepy.

He’ll always let you hang up the phone first, which is not online respectful and kind, but also sweet.

Also, pay attention to how he wants to end the conversation. Usually, if you’re talking face to face, he’ll want to hug you.

He’ll want a hug both before and after you talk.

Hugs are sweet and innocent, especially if you are already good friends.

Nevertheless, when he likes you, then the hugs become more important, and they prove that he certainly wants you.

The significance of not saying goodbye hurriedly is that he isn’t cutting down the communication line before either of you has an opportunity to say something you thought about the last minute.

It also means he isn’t dying to leave that conversation and is honestly sad to say goodbye. All these are great signs that he wants you.

10) He Initiates Things

This is one of the clearest signs he is trying to impress you.

Smart women have learned the importance of taking the initiative within their professional lives.

That includes facilitating and leading team members, managing several priorities and other tasks to ensure quick project completion.

However, when it comes to finding out whether he likes you for romantic relationships or dating, then that initiative should first come from the boy.

For instance, someone who doesn’t like you will not try to start up a conversion repeatedly.

If he wants you, he’ll always look for ways to discuss something with you.

He may say that he has a pressing matter to discuss or just sharing an interesting article online with you.

Irrespective of the method he chooses to use, reaching out and initiating anything first is a clear indication that he is itching to converse with you.

He’ll likely text and call between dates while making plans ahead of time to go on dates with you.

Tips for Responding Correctly

As a lady, you must master the art of responding rather than initiating. Here are the reasons why responding is empowering:

  • You see things a lot more clearly
  • Get to learn the true intentions of the guy
  • Experience your romance journey more easily without having to sound too pushy

Here are the tips for responding correctly:

  • Allow him to woo you and ensure that there’s a good body, soul and mind connection.
  • Be clear about what you want by responding from the point of clarity.
  • When responding, trust that you’ve made the right decision and give yourself room to love and be loved.

11) Asking About Your Relationship Status

Finding out the availability of a person is among the major indications of interest.

If he truly likes you, then he’ll want to know your availability before he takes the next step.

There are several methods that the guy will use to ask this question. He may do it outrightly and ask if you’re seeing anyone.

Alternatively, he may ask the question indirectly, especially if he’s worried about being too eager.

He may even ask other relationship-related questions like about your favorite type of boy. Also, if he’s interested in you, he may showcase the following signs:

  • Fine-tuning his overall appearance every time he’s in your presence
  • Glancing and holding eye contact for a long time
  • Getting defensive around other men when you are with him
  • Getting anxious when speaking with you alone
  • Finding excuses to touch you

Being asked whether you’re dating is an excellent chance for being vulnerable and connecting with the guy who’s asking, especially if you like him too.

Allow yourself the opportunity to open up about your feelings regarding your current relationship status.

If it has been challenging meeting a good guy, you should feel free and share that information. You may be surprised that he also shares similar experiences.

Lastly, ensure you’re truthful and honest when answering this question. At least now you know he is into you.

12) Plenty of “Accidental” Touches

A significant clue that you have an admirer is when he keeps on playfully and decently touching you.

It could be the slightest touch like those thumb wrestling games or anything else that helps him feel you.

He may gently stroke or hit your arm every time you say something funny. He could lean over to get to something and again, accidentally touch you.

For men, touching is one of the ways of making deep connections.

Touch is a highly profound language that has a more immediate impact compared to words.

According to research, touch results in a positive chain of chemical and bioelectric changes that essentially relax your nervous system.

Every touch that you have with others, whether a hug or handshake, promotes the production of oxytocin within your brain.

Oxytocin is that happy neurotransmitter that helps you create a connection, trust, or essentially, like someone.

It means that physical contact is a critical sign of interest. It starts with the initial handshake, which is followed by short and light touches in non-erogenous zones, like the shoulder or elbow.

Summary of possible touch zones

Here are some of the areas where he may accidentally touch you:

  • Hand
  • Upper arm
  • Elbow
  • Lower back
  • Upper back
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Knee
  • Shoulder

Remember that the touches should come naturally while you talk and should not last for too long.

That way, it isn’t uncomfortable for the lady.

Also, the touches shouldn’t be in erogenous areas, as that would look like the person is creepy and desperate.

Meanwhile, if there is just friendly talk without getting touchy or flirty, then that person is likely destined to be a friend.

13) He’s Ignoring You

Even though this sounds complicated, most guys will ignore girls that they are interested in for several reasons.

For most of them, it’s either about being extra nervous around girls or the anxiety of not knowing whether the girl likes them back.

So, if he suddenly starts ignoring and avoiding you, then it is likely that he is adoringly interested in you.

Most guys will also use this concept of ignoring a girl as a way of acting unobtainable. They hope that it will make the girl interested in seeking them out.

Hence, you should decide whether you like them enough to reach out and initiate a funny conversation.

What to Do When He Ignores You

Always remember that you are not accountable if the two of you aren’t a great match from the onset.

If a man doesn’t like you, then there is little you can do to change his mind.

If you think that the reason he avoids or ignores is for this reason, then just give him time and space to evaluate his feelings.

You should not try to frantically cling to his side, as that will likely push him away.

The best approach is to talk to him, especially if he seems overly shy. You should try and create a comfortable speaking environment where he can talk to you.

If he starts smiling, then he is undoubtedly interested.

However, it is also possible that he’s not entirely interested in pursuing you romantically.

You can ask your colleagues or friends to help you in finding out how he feels about you and then you’ll know how to move forward.

14) Showing Signs of Jealousy

Have you detected signs of jealousy in him when you talk about other men?

If he suspiciously looks over when you talk to another guy, then it’s a positive indication that he’s interested.

Here are some of the signs that he is jealous of you:

  • He becomes visibly uncomfortable and unhappy every time you talk to the opposite gender
  • Gets more possessive about you and insists on always knowing where you are
  • He doesn’t necessarily like that you have photos of your former friends around
  • Gets upset when other men find you appealing
  • Unexplained mood swings may also indicate jealousy
  • He pretends not to care when you talk to another guy

How to Deal with His Jealousy

Although a bit of jealousy never hurts and shows that you both like each other, it may even choke your new relationship if it’s too much.

Here are tips to effectively deal with jealousy:

  • Tell him you like him and make it clear that you aren’t interested in anyone else
  • Give him a lot more attention when he’s around your male friends
  • Always included him in a positive light in your conversations with others
  • Involve him when doing most of your social functions
  • Show him off and even consider holding hands when with other people
  • Call him regularly when you are out with your friends

Remember that guys get jealous when they feel insecure or assume that you don’t deeply like them.

It is essentially a cry for help, rather than showing domination.

Hence, if you happen to find him in a sulky mode, don’t get angry or upset with him.

Rather, reassure him that he’s the only one you want and you’ll soon see a big smile popping on his face.

15) He Isn’t Interested in Checking Out Other Girls

No need to deny it!

Every other guy frequently checks out girls.

So, why would he be the exception?

Make an inquiry, and if you’re just a friend, he will have no problem telling you how hot that girl at the bus stop looks.

But if he brushes away that line of thought, you can start believing that there’s another side to the story.

The truth is, your friendship could be existing because of a simmering attraction between the two of you.

If time and circumstances allow, you both know that it will ultimately prove difficult for him to conceal the underlying attraction.

It’s with this in mind that you might find he enjoys spending time with you.

And for all the right reasons, talking or texting you may seem more exciting for him. Test the waters, and ask him if he’s interested in anyone.

From there, you should comfortably be in a position to draw your conclusion.

But, if he’s been spending more time with you than he spends with other guys, there could be more than meets the eye with your “friendship.”

Trust your gut.

Caught him looking at you or staring back when as you pass each other?

Sometimes, it might not be a wise thing if you’re to ask why he’s always staring at you—it may make them withdraw.

Otherwise, you can’t miss the tell-tale signs that he may be more open with you than he is with other girls.

In case you share classes, or you’ve known him for longer, it will be easier for him to open up and be more engaging in your talks.

Either way, he will always give you that easy feeling that you have his full attention and will hang onto your every word.

16) He’s Eager to Assist You

If you notice that each time you need his assistance, he goes to great lengths to make sure that he has found a solution to your concerns—more than a friend would entertain, then he like you.

In fact, he will not mind helping you with the most tedious or boring work as long as it leaves you with a smile.

Then, you’re more than a friend to him.

Otherwise, who spends so much time with you while not complaining about your troubles, and doesn’t have a liking for you?

Of course, he does!

It doesn’t take much to figure out that sometimes he tends to know things about you without you having to tell him.

This awareness is a classic sign that he has done his homework about you.

For what other reason would he want to accumulate such information?

Chances are he may have gathered the info from your friends. Otherwise, he must be stalking your social media.

Or better still, you might have been in the dark about his attraction to you for a long, long, long time before realizing that he has a crush on you.

If that is the case, you have to appreciate the interest, the effort, the time is taken, and the restraint in getting to know you.

Other times, your crush will find an excuse to help you with something just to be close to you even if you did not raise the alarm.

Is your friend calling you all the time trying to find out how you’re doing?

If you’re getting such signals, probably, he’s only looking for an opening to talk to you—this is particularly true if he’s already aware that you’re fine.

On the other hand, if he stays longer on the phone whenever he calls you, then you’re golden. 

17) He Always Compliments You

What’s a better way to know someone has a crush on you rather than through compliments?

If a guy likes you, he’ll waste no opportunity to acknowledge your looks, personality, dress code, anything else you can possibly think of!

It’s an excellent way to send you the right signals.

And it does not necessarily matter what you might have done to earn the compliments.

If that happens; He likes you, period.

And while at it, you might also keenly note how he does it; is he leaning towards you when passing the endearments?

Certainly, he is!

All in all, that subtle subconscious movement towards you is a natural inclination that betrays his interest in you and the eagerness to hear what you have to say back.

For all purposes, it serves to bring the two of you closer while at the same time signifying how invested your crush is in the conversation.

From here, you should take note of what he does next!

  • Does he lower his head when you give him feedback?
  • Or does he shift his body towards you without necessarily realizing it?

Undoubtedly, you should easily be able to pick on these signs.

In addition, your “friend” might not even conceal the amount of effort he has to make to get your attention or be with you.

Conversely, you might have to count the number of times that he “accidentally” bumps into you in strange places.

If not, he might be showing up to some of your unusual hangouts. Anyway, nothing will seem to stop him from interacting with you.

Not even his buddies.

And that should be a sure marker that he likes you.

18) Unending Chats

Guy chatting with girl

How long does it take him to message you once you’re online?

Soon enough?

Then he must like you.

Regardless, you should be more certain if you check how he interacts with you and how long he can hold a conversation with you.

More so, what direction does the discourse take?

Does it become flirtatious?

If it does, there is no denying that you’re more than a friend.


Enough of hunting for clues. Now, you have to draw a line where you stand with the circumstances.

Does he promptly respond to your messages?

That proclaims interest. Instant response to the message only suggests that he doesn’t take you for granted.

Moreover, you might find that your crush is always looking for ways to initiate a conversation and hence may text back immediately.

Nevertheless, you should have no doubts that he likes talking to you, and that is the reason behind the prolonged conversations.

It’s his way of telling you that he wants to know you better.

In turn, if you have to wait for long periods for him to reply to your messages, that may indicate they’re not into you.

Subsequently, if you don’t get a response, you should not fail to get the implied message.

In fact, it doesn’t take much to figure out that if someone likes you, he will go to great lengths to get as close to you as is earthly possible.

It could be at a party, and he devises a way to approach you.

And that’s not all; he may opt to stick around for longer.

Alternatively, he may make calculated steps not to approach you, but will nevertheless hang around nearby.

19) You’ve Met His Buddies

Let’s agree on this; there’s no chance that he’d introduce you to his buddies if he doesn’t like you.

Undeniably, this must mean something.

For all you know, his friends might be privy to this development, but at the same time resist the urge to let you in on their little secret.

Often, you may find yourself invited for a get together with his close relations. And that’s supposed to mean he likes you.

Have you noticed the way his friends tend to act when you’re together? Do you find their actions a touch weird?

Most friends find it strange to be around two people who’re attracted to each other and will intuitively pick up on the emotions.

In some instances, you might both become a target of their teasing. Perhaps, they’re only trying to give you a hint.

Not to mention, it might be because he has alerted them of the development, but is not yet ready to tell you.

Or rather, he may ask you out for a dance.

No matter how things turn out, your crush will always seem to be within touching distance—no doubt with the sole purpose of being close to you.

Without having to second guess his intentions, if you find yourself in a situation where your crush is ever close to you, then he most probably likes you.

Now, should he step up his efforts by flaunting you around at every possible chance or seems to have a knack of finding ways to be with you, that could be the tipping point of your friendship turning into an intimate one.

Though, don’t rush to make assumptions.

Take time to know him first and see to it that you’re on the same page.

20) He Stops Using His Phone Around You

Phones are quite addictive, and that is part of their inherent design.

Although there are multiple benefits of using smartphones, a huge limitation is that they can affect interpersonal relationships.

When a person is too plugged into their devices, then it means they are not entirely present at that moment.

So, it’s a pretty massive sign that he likes you if he stops checking his phone every time you’re around.

It means that he’s now giving you undivided attention.

He’ll even use some of the information you shared during the conversations when asking to follow up questions.

Most people nowadays tend to emphasize on maintaining digital relationships through social networks rather than physical connections.

If he values you more than the digital world on his phone, then he clearly likes you.

He never browses social media when talking to you as he is fully engaged in that conversation.

Any person that becomes easily distracted by their phone when having a conversation doesn’t want to have that discussion.

Research even shows that men who communicated attraction through focused attention to their partners were less fidgety during their interactions.

That means all his attention and eyes will be directly on you and nothing else.

You will realize that you feel special and important around him. He will always try and leave you feeling important or noticed.

He’ll not be looking at his phone every time he receives a notification.

The only time you’ll want that quick response is when he’s answering your texts.

If he didn’t like you, then he wouldn’t be putting in that much effort.  So, if he’s more attentive to you rather than his phone, then that is an indication he truly likes you.

23) He Discusses His Future Plans

This is one of the most obvious signs that a guy likes you.

A huge sign that a man wants to get serious and he deeply likes you is that he initiates conversations about his plans with you in mind.

For example, he can subtly talk about a future trip together, celebrating events and holidays that are far off or even imagining how it’ll be like when you spend your life together.

He is forthright and open regarding his wishes to have a long-term future with you.

Many men don’t like such conversations, and will typically avoid or put off those discussions.

That will happen when there is no interest, uncertain feelings, or being anxious about committing to a relationship.

He’ll be making those mutual future plans as you are both comfortable integrating into each other’s lives.

That is when he fills you in regularly about how his day went and also talking about their feelings and thoughts regarding specific parts of the day.

He’ll even share personal things about himself to allow you to comprehend him better.

The future plans will come lovingly and naturally.

You’ll feel comfortable together, and you can always be yourself around him without any fear of criticism or rejection.

In making those plans, he’s essentially saying that all aspects of his life are open to you.

For any relationship to honestly survive over the long-term period, there must be respect and trust between the couple.

Does he ask for your advice or suggestions on important plans in his life? That is also an excellent sign that shows he wants you.

It will be clear what kind of future he wants for both of you by the way he speaks and acts.

22) He Uses A More Masculine Body Language Around You

A guy that likes you will often try to show you that he’s an alpha male. He’ll want you to know that he is a leader and that he can easily cater to all your needs.

This is one of the weird things guys do if they are interested in you especially alpha males.

Alpha males are considered to be assertive, protectors, curious, physically strong, dominant, and courageous.

The alpha male usually:

  • Moves with purpose
  • Holds a strong and confident eye contact in all his interactions
  • Has a spread-out and relaxed posture
  • Sits and walks with a confident posture

Soon you’ll discover that you’re mirroring their movements.

It will develop over time, but you’ll be subconsciously mimicking their movements due to your closeness.

Since alpha males live for themselves, they don’t experience feelings of dependency and neediness in their relationships.

It means that he knows his worth, and he has a strong social life.

He takes care of his needs first, and that enables him to act with you more genuinely and honestly if he likes you.

How to deal with an alpha male;

  • Never chase since if he’s interested, he will do his best to reach out to you
  • Always let him take the first initiative as alpha guys like taking the lead across all areas of their lives
  • Keep him eager and wanting more to ensure he always remembers you
  • Respond with enthusiasm or act impressed once he contacts you
  • Genuinely praise him
  • Dress well as he’ll also likely be very well dressed

Recent surveys have shown that alpha males like independent women that aren’t too dominating.

So, be ready to bring out your feminine side as well if you want to attract those super masculine guys.

23) He’s Always Starting Contact

Finally, the last telltale signs he’s completely interested in you is when he’s always initiating contact.

For example, he’ll send you texts, invite you to dinner or just walk with you during the lunch break or after class.

Whatever the reason, he’ll always try to be the first to communicate with you. In the current modern era, the preferred communication medium is text messaging.

For nervous guys trying to communicate with their crushes, texts are perfect.

They can ask to send texts asking about things that they don’t necessarily have the confidence to speaking about in person.

That way you can have conversations and interesting stories that otherwise would not happen.

Most men will feel more courageous after having a couple of drinks.

Even though these situations may be ill-mannered, they are often genuine signs of interest and require lots of guts.

So, now you know why he keeps texting you spontaneously. Perhaps he is sharing a funny joke, or he saw an item that reminds him of you.

Regardless, those random messages or requests show that you’re on his mind.

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In Conclusion…

So, if you notice any of the above signs, then that guy certainly likes you.

You can then choose to nudge him towards you by showing your interest more clearly, especially when dealing with shy guys.

The thing to consider when evaluating a guy likes you is to avoid waiting for those huge, grand gestures.

Don’t allow those romantic comedies and pop culture to confuse you.

Remember that guys seldom make such huge romantic efforts, especially in the initial stages of courtship.

So, you’re better off using this comprehensive and practical post as your guideline.

That way, you will easily know if any guy likes you based on the information above and you can respond accordingly if you also like him.

I hope this guide on how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it has opened your eyes and mind and will help you put the pieces together the next time you see him.

So get out and use it!

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