How to Get The Man You Want (and Make Him Fall For You)

How To Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Have you been searching for love for some time now, wondering if Mr. Love has been playing hide-and-seek with you; that ultimately it is going to pass you by?

You’ve seen a few guys who you know you could be attracted to, but the attraction is on your side, not on their side.

And now, there is someone that you wish would notice you, but you are scared you are going to lose him too.

That will be unless you can really turn things around and get him to be the one to fall in love with you and capture your heart.

But don’t worry – We are here to let you do just that, to know how to go about getting that special guy to fall for you.

You have to remember, though, that there are probably other girls that know some tricks as well to get the same guy you are interested in.

That means you have to be one step ahead of the crowd.

You’ve got to “work” a little bit harder to get somewhere with a guy.

But we’ve got 21 fabulous tips for you to capture his heart.

Test out some of them and see if they don’t help you to reel him in.

At least he will find the bait attractive.

If he bites a bit and then moves on, you would still have learned how to be a competitive contender – this time it just wasn’t meant to be.

Just bide your time.

Not all of these tips will make sense to you, but apply the ones that make sense to you – and good luck!

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What Will I Learn?

How to Get a Guy to Love You (Make Him Fall In Love With You)

Girl looking at guy

1) Make the guy you like feel needed, but don’t make yourself needy

Men are seeing that today’s women are becoming very independent leaders.

Gone are the days of them looking for men in armor to come and rescue them.

Nevertheless, even though men realize this and appreciate it, they still like to feel needed by the woman they love.

A man still wants to know that his babe needs and depends on him without her being needy around him.

He still likes to know that he counts big time.

Sometimes he would love to help you and feel wanted by you.

2) He must miss you when you are not around, not breathe a sigh of relief

He will miss you according to the person you are.

You don’t want to be texting him all the time, waiting all afternoon for him to come online so that he can chat with you.

And the moment he does chat with you, you answer in seconds, always the one to initiate texting.

Some men lose interest in women who are so readily available to them.

You want to make him miss your texts by reducing them.

Then he will start wondering where you are. He might then be the one who starts texting you more often.

Dating Metrics says that 15% of men get in touch with a date on the same night and 49% get in touch the next day.

It’s the waiting game, and men don’t want to show you that they miss you already, so they wait a day or two before getting in touch.

This should apply to you too.

Let your guy wait for you to respond before you text him straight away.

He will miss you more and that’s what you want.

Play the waiting game because sometimes it pays off. Don’t be too keen.

3) Don’t pretend to be someone else

When you are the real you, it makes a guy really interested in you – because then he falls in love with the real deal and he doesn’t get any surprises later on.

It is not worth trying to change yourself into your favorite celeb or someone you admire just because you think your guy might like you more.

The truth is, a guy will figure it out sooner or later; they are not dumb.

4) Be confident in yourself

Yeah-yeah, we know this is the one you hear over and over again, and it’s one of the common ones, but it’s true.


Because confidence is so attractive to a guy, it stops you from being needy around him.

Leave all your insecurities behind if you want a guy to love being around you.

5) Do you respect yourself?

Because if you don’t you will behave and say anything that you like.

If you don’t have respect for yourself, how can you have respect for anyone else?

If you make your standards known to him, he will be drawn to you and respect that.

It is your self-respect and the standards that will make you choose the guy you want for yourself in any case.

5) Kindness is a huge factor

(Should be at the top of the list because many other tips fall into place when you are kind)

When you show kindness, you impress, and you draw people to you.

You are humanly warm and compassionate.

It’s a rare quality today in this rushed, fast-paced ‘me-first’ world.

If you are kind to your guy, to other people, and to animals, you show very deeply the kind of person you really are.

Men find this hugely attractive.

Who wouldn’t?

7) Being capable is very pleasant, but it does not mean being bossy

There are some guys that like to be bossed around – they believe they are being needed.

But for other guys, bossiness wears thin very soon and makes a guy angry, longing for escape.

Someone who proves to be capable and trustworthy is very attractive, however.

She is someone that can be left in charge and keep things going while you are away because she has her head screwed on the right way.

8) You take very good care of your appearance and body

This isn’t saying that unless you look like Victoria’s Secret models, a guy is not going to be interested in you!

But what is important, is keeping yourself in shape, exercising, looking clean, and groomed with proper hygiene.

That’s what a guy will find attractive.

It means if you take care of yourself, you are an independent go-getter because you know to achieve all that; you have to be presentable in your face and body.

Your guy will notice those things, for sure.

9) Don’t try too hard to impress

You don’t want him to see that you are trying too hard with the compliments and the body language, like over-exaggerating it.

Otherwise, it can look like you are desperate or fake.

It has to be natural and subtle.

When you subtly use compliments and body language, he will think it is all part of your natural self that makes you so sexy and attractive to him.

10) Being open and honest is a big turn-on for a guy

No guy wants you to be secretive around him, holding things back and leaving him to find things out as your relationship progresses, if it does.

Being honest and open allows a guy to get to know the real you.

Here, we are not talking about spilling your guts to a guy and telling him your whole life story.

He might just end up stifling a yawn!

Tell him your hopes, dreams, and goals, not in long stories, where he doesn’t get a show in, but where he learns about you.

11) Be spontaneous

He will love it if you are perceptive and show up at his place carrying pizza, wings, and beer to cheer him up, or if he is super-busy, for example.

He will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Often, being very predictable where he would know that you wouldn’t pitch up at his place can start to get a bit boring.

When you continuously surprise him, it will keep him fascinated and on his toes.

12) Be busy

girl being too busy

Have your own life!

Men find a woman who is busy doing her own things very attractive.

In other words, you both give each other their space!

It means that you don’t need others around you to help you operate and function properly.

When you have your own hobbies, activities, and events, it means you like him for who is, not because you need a crutch to lean on.

13) Be supportive of his interests

No matter what his hobbies are, whether it is building a cardboard airplane and watching it fly off the nearest hill, he will love it if you are cheering by his side.

Men who feel supported and admired for their hobbies feel that they can conquer the world!

A scientific study showed that people enjoy people to asking questions, particularly follow-up questions.

Follow-up questions show that you listened and were interested.

Your guy will love that about you too, so ask questions about his interests and support him in his hobbies.

14) Make him feel manly

A man gets driven wild about a woman who makes him feel confident and good about himself – when she makes him feel like he is “the man” – he is wanted.

You might be wondering just do you make a guy feel manly, but it’s not as hard as you think.

The best ways are the easiest, like asking him for help with fixing something.

Or when you are at the supermarket and your bag is extra heavy, and he carries it for you.

Don’t forget to show him how you appreciate that strong manly help!

Yes, of course, a guy likes an independent woman, but when you show him how you need a hand sometimes, he will love it, like you are not someone who wears pants!

15) Now and then you should be unavailable to him

Some men hate it if a woman is unavailable to them.

They get suspicious, as do women, but it can work pretty well.

What you have to do is to have some times when you are not available to him.

That will confuse him a bit, as he had all your attention in the beginning.

But that can get boring for a guy, and occasionally being unavailable at times, like hanging out with your friends instead of with him will make him miss you and maybe get a bit jealous!

It also means you are not needy, that you have your own life that is important to you, and which are attractive qualities for a guy in a woman.

It makes him try harder to get you.

16) You’re a very hot number in bed and drive him wild!

It’s no secret and even research will tell you that a good sex life contributes to a better relationship.

Some studies show it contributes to good health too.

If you make your guy go crazy for you in bed, he will want to keep you.

It might sound logical because we know guys love sex, but to make him go crazy in bed is not every woman’s knack; it’s where many women feel insecure.

Want to know some good tips that turn guys on?

  • When you say his name
  • When you fulfill his fantasy to dominate you
  • When you are willing to try new things and are open-minded about it

Want to know some more exciting things?

Read this article to find out what really turns men on and what they often don’t tell a woman. 

17) Be unpredictable

Being predictable is nice to a certain extent because then you know where you stand, right?

But sometimes, for some, predictability can also start to cause frustration and boredom, something that no couple wants.

Every now and then, though, if you can interrupt the daily routine or the monthly routine and change things around a bit, you bring a bit of spice into the relationship.

Many men get scared that women will stop making any effort after they get married.

It’s good to shake things up every now and then to bring in some excitement and fun.

18) Do you really listen when he talks or are you thinking of the next thing to say?

These days, it is hard to find a good listener.

Everyone wants to have their say, and most people want to only talk about themselves.

  • When your guy is talking to you about his family for instance, do you really listen?
  • Are you able to answer him on what he has just said, or are you already thinking of something else to tell him about you?
  • Maybe you were only half-listening as you paint your nails or plan your week?

When you do put your energy into hearing and listening to a guy, he will truly appreciate that, it shows him you care.

19) Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, and him

Have you ever seen your girlfriend scowl at her boyfriend or husband when he tells a joke at a party?

Either she is embarrassed that people will look at her in pity if they don’t find it funny.

Or else she doesn’t like the attention he gets when it really should be on her!

Her boyfriend or husband looks crushed that she doesn’t find him funny.

You don’t have to fakely laugh at all his jokes but if he does say enjoyable funny stuff, support him and be proud of him – that will make him very drawn to you.

20) Do you have good chats with him that are sometimes serious and intellectual?

A smart woman is hot; one with an intellectual opinion on newsy topics.

You shouldn’t be shy about expressing an opinion, even if it is an opposing opinion.

If you are not like a puppet that says yes and no to being in the right camp, then you are much more interesting and fascinating.

Find topics that you and he can thrive on discussing, not arguing about.

21) Good morals are excellent

Good morals are a necessity if you want a guy’s love.

  • Who wants to get involved with someone whom you can’t trust?
  • And if a guy can’t trust you, how can you hope that he will fall in love with you?

Men like strong women who are not pushovers, who behave maturely and wisely towards them, as in respectful of him, just as you would expect the same from him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What am I to do if the guy I am interested in just ignores my text messages and me in general?

Either he is in a committed relationship already, or he is just not into you.

Don’t bother chasing after him or messaging him anymore if you don’t get responses.

There are other nice guys out there that will respond to you, even more so when you have read our 21 tips on ways to get a guy attracted to you.

A guy told me he loves me and I love him too, but although he says it, he is always with his friends. Does he really love me?

If you are very young, both of you, he might mean it but doesn’t have the confidence to walk away from his friends and be with a girl.

But if he is an older guy, there is no excuse if he says he loves you but spends all his time with his friends.

Don’t waste your time on such a selfish guy. It doesn’t look like he is willing to change for you. He might just be saying he “loves” you as a friend.

If he hasn’t texted me yet, is it OK for me to text him or call him?

In this modern-day and age, if you really like a guy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be the one to make the first contact.

It feels to me like we are in a relationship, doing everything couples do, and yet he says he doesn’t want a girlfriend, but still treats me like one. Should I stay with him?

It seems like he is just taking you for granted.

If you want your relationship to have a title, tell him you want a boyfriend.

If he won’t accept that, then you will have to decide whether you are going to find someone else, or be happy to accept that.


Capturing a guy’s attention and heart, and keeping it is not always the easiest of tasks.

There are so many distractions around, so many different ways to meet people, and so many attractive invitations – it’s not that easy anymore to meet and keep a guy’s attention on you!

Sometimes it’s difficult to even know what a guy wants and what holds his attention these days.

But although guys have many complex qualities, what they do find attractive in women are, of course, their appearances.

But that won’t cut it entirely with a guy at all!

When he finds out what qualities you have from the tips we have given you, he will stop right there in his tracks to find out more about you, you will have the qualities that draw a guy to a girl and he will want that in his life and in his future! 

That’s why we’ve given you these helpful tips to make a man do a double-take and want to get to know you more.

Maybe you were in a long-term relationship that came to an end.

Maybe you didn’t know about all these tips, and you realize now that you never appreciated your guy fully, never complimented him or supported him – maybe you were too needy.

But now you have a chance again to win over that guy you have your eye on and keep him holding on.

If he’s the right guy for you, you are going to get wonderful results, because –

“Somewhere between all your laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, and all your lame jokes … he fell in love ’’