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It’s incredibly difficult to get over someone you love.

But the truth is, all good things must come to an end.

It applies to everything in life, including your relationship.

Even though some relationships do have a fruitful end, the majority don’t survive to see the light of the day.

Getting over someone you love with all your heart may seem like an uphill task that’s impossible to accomplish.

But it is possible.

In fact, nothing is impossible.

The following are 21 bulletproof tips will help get over someone you love.

If you apply these tips in your life today, you’ll find it a lot easier to stand on your feet again and move on with life.

How to Get Over Someone

1) Letting Go of Your Emotions

lady crying

Don’t stop yourself from letting go of your emotions.

If you want to cry, bawl your eyes out.

Grab a pillow, dig your face into it and scream as much as possible.

During this initial phase, feeling miserable is quite normal.

Don’t blame yourself for that.

Rather, try to acknowledge your feelings in order to move on.

Several studies have shown that heartaches can linger in the brain like actual pain.

The brain of a heartbroken individual is quite similar to that of a person who is on a cocaine withdrawal.

Discarding all emotions is probably the best way to overcome heartbreak.

Remember that denial would lead to nothing.

Ignoring your bad feelings doesn’t relieve you of any kind of bad feelings.

On the contrary, it stops you from getting over the person you love.

2) Don’t Turn Bad Emotions Into Anger

Lady very angry

It’s normal to be angry at someone who has hurt your feelings badly.

But don’t attempt to mask your pain with anger.

You might think that anger would make you feel immune and in control.

But that’s not the best way to get past your grief and pain.

Try to accept the situation you are in and allow yourself to realize the emotions that are lying beneath your anger.

In the majority of circumstances, you might feel disappointed, ignored, used, and rejected.

You feel vulnerable and hence tend to use your anger as a method of self-defense as well as self-soothing.

I know and I understand.

But you see, anger almost always leads to obsession.

Badmouthing the person you loved might give you peace for a moment, but you can never deny that you are still thinking about that person.

Therefore, anger binds you and stops you from getting over someone.

3) Indulge In Things You Love

Lady happy

Gift yourself a box of ice cream or chocolates.

If you can afford it, lay your hands on the most expensive gadget available in the market or that lovely designer handbag you’ve always wanted to have.

Pamper yourself in a spa and treat yourself with a delicious and mouth-watering dessert.

Spoiling yourself from time to time is important if you want to boost your mood and lift up your spirits.

That will make you sail through the tough times.

According to research, people crave for comfort foods when they are down and out.

Mindful indulgences don’t usually harm you as long as you are not overdoing them and letting your health suffer.

That’s why setting a limit for yourself is a must.

Don’t get drowned in debt or end up gaining 50 pounds while pampering yourself with all the goodies.

That would make you feel miserable, rather than making you feel good.

4) Listen To Music

Guy listening to music

Music, they say, is one of the best (if not the best) healers of emotional pains and sorrows.

Treat yourself to some good music and you would automatically start feeling good.

Many people are of the opinion that listening to sad music doesn’t work in times of heartbreak.

On the contrary, sad music and sad tunes actually make you feel good.

You feel that a third person is sharing the pain you are going through and lending you a shoulder to cry on.

You don’t feel alone.

Moreover, if you cry while singing, you are letting your emotions out in a healthy way.

After that, you would gradually realize that you are feeling better, if not awesome.

Music has therapeutic effects on the human soul and that’s a proven fact. It also helps in controlling your blood pressure and plays a huge role in discarding all kinds of anxieties and stress.

5) There is Always a Better Person

girl thinking

So, let me ask you.

How do you over someone fast when they have cheated on you?

The simple answer is: There is Always a Better Person.

You see, if a person has cheated on you, it should be crystal clear that they don’t realize your emotions or your worth.

You deserve someone better.

The right person is out there waiting for you, who would love you for the person you are and would be loyal to you come what may.

Each and every time the thought of that person crosses your mind, always remember that they have hurt you and have made you cry.

The wounds will surely heal with time.

6) Maintain a Safe Distance

Guy distancing himself

If you realize that the person whom you love has dumped you, just allow it to pass.

If they don’t wish to have you back in their lives, then just forget and move on.

Don’t waste your precious time on someone who doesn’t acknowledge or desire your presence in their lives.

They are simply not worthy of your love.

Maintain a safe distance from them and distract your mind by getting involved in other things.

You have better options in your kitty.

Give your life a new and positive direction.

7) Allow Yourself To Be Numb

Lady being sad

After crying your heart out, it’s normal to feel a bit numb from the inside.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about.

This, in fact, is a quite natural response.

In most of the cases, such numbness happens, owing to a lot of exhaustion that you are going through.

Crying your heart out can be exhausting, both physically and mentally.

After you are done with the cycle of emotion, it’s normal to get drained out and tired.

This is a natural process and there is absolutely no need to get tensed.

8) Discuss The Issues With Your Close Friends

Guy with close friends

A problem shared, they say, is half solved and I couldn’t agree more.

A close friend or a family member can prove to be valuable in such a situation.

Discussing your feelings with someone is a great way to discard all the negative emotions and feel better.

A close and trusted aide can direct you towards positivity and help you realize that your feelings are absolutely normal.

Spewing your frustrations out can be a great medicine that can heal your pain.

A friend can also give you some important advice on how to forget someone.

9) Maintain a Journal

Lady writing journal

In case you don’t want to share anything with your friends for the time being or you are feeling uncomfortable in discussing anything with anyone, you always have the option of penning down your feelings.

This practice has proved to be quite handy when you want to vent out your feelings that have been lying deep down inside your heart all the while.

Maintaining a journal have a lot of mental health benefits.

It helps you in understanding what you actually want, clarifying your thoughts, as well as minimizing the stress and solving all your problems that you have been seeking solutions to.

Journaling your feelings is one of the most effective ways if you can’t muster up courage in expressing your feelings to your friends and family.

10) Don’t Spend Your Entire Life ‘Crying’

Guy crying

Yes, you need to be sad when you are going through a heartbreak.

However, it’s imperative to understand that at a particular point, you really need to force yourself to move on.

Well, now you might ask how long does it take to get over someone.

You can mourn and vent out your feelings as long as you are not whiling away all the precious moments of your life.

If you are allowing your broken relationships to get the better of you and deter you from enjoying your life to the fullest, then it’s of course, not healthy.

You need to grow and for that, you need to limit the time of your grief.

Take your time, but keep in mind that you must not stop yourself from living your life to the full.

Always try to push yourself forward.

11) Avoid Contact

Girl relaxing

Avoiding needless contact implies that you should neither be calling, emailing nor bumping into the person, not even accidentally.

If you are looking out for ways regarding how to get over the love of your life, these are the basic things you seriously need to avoid.

You need to maintain ample distance from the individual if you are really interested in giving yourself a proper opportunity to heal.

Now, if the other person is a colleague at your workplace or studies in the same class, then the task becomes a bit tough.

In such circumstances, choose your circle and set a limit on the number of people you exchange your views with.

No need to exaggerate things and avoid the person concerned.

However, you must not intentionally rub your shoulders with him or her.

12) Stop Stalking The Person On Social Media

Guy stalking lady

Now, this is something damn important.

In case you are still checking out the individual’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account from time to time, STOP with immediate effect.

Why should you be at all concerned about what’s going on in his or her life?

Doing such a thing would only make life tougher for you and moving on would then be a distant dream.

If you are tempted to stalk the person’s social media accounts, while still being on his or her friend’s followers list, click the Unfollow or Unfriend button ASAP.

If you are having the person’s IDs and passwords, ask him or her to change them or better yet, trash them completely.

That would be effective in removing the deadly and ever-growing temptation of peeping into their accounts.

13) No Intimacy

Guy rejecting kiss

Intimacy on both emotional and physical levels is a strict no-no.

Spending time with the person might make you comfortable, but being emotionally attached to your former love is definitely a very bad idea.

If you go through a detachment yet again, you would find it impossible to get out of the quagmire.

Experiencing the same thing over and over again would leave you in the dumps and would have no one to blame, but yourself.

Being intimate with your ex might spell doom for you.

If you do ask people how to get over someone you like or love, the first thing they would advise you to do is never get involved with your ex, no matter how much desire you have within yourself.

It would never allow you to get the whole thing out of your system.

It’s that simple!

14) Discard Anything That Reminds You Of The Person

girl throwing trash

It has been seen many a time, that even if you cut all kinds of ties and stop communicating with the person you loved, you still would have their memories in your life which may not allow you to move on so damn easily.

Your room might be filled with all kinds of things that remind you of that individual day in and day out.

The best thing you can do is just grab all those and simply gather (or trash) them at a place that wouldn’t catch your attention until the time you realize that you have moved on completely.

The other option is to return them to the person instead of throwing them away or packing them up somewhere.

15) You Can Opt for a Reconciliation With Your Ex When You’re Ready

Girl reconciling

If you think it’s impossible to be friends with someone you have been in a relationship with, then you are wrong.

In fact, it is possible to stay on friendly terms with that person.

If it still seems a far-fetched idea to you, the next best thing you can do is to develop mutual respect for him or her, so that you two can co-exist in the same space, without having any hard feelings for each other.

However, don’t force yourself for a reconciliation.

In case you can’t forget all the things that have happened between you two, then you simply don’t need to try.

You can make this possible only if you have thought over it in a matured way and don’t have any romantic or emotional attachment to the individual concerned.

With that said, don’t overdo it.

16) Live Your Life Fully And Move On

Guy enjoying himself

Keep some time for yourself.

Sometimes, spending some time alone makes you feel better.

You can go on a vacation, either alone or with your close buddies.

Visit unexplored places and find out more about the unknown.

You will have to be mentally and physically active to get your life back on the road.

It’s normal for you to wish for another lazy day, lying around and showing pity to your self.

But, the sooner you get used to an active lifestyle, the better you become.

If you ask experts on how to get over the love of your life, they would certainly advise you to indulge in physical activities.

Engaging yourself in some activity would prove to be effective in the long run.

17) Spend Some Quality Time With Your Friends

Lady with her friends

I know I might have brushed over this a little before now, but I really do want to get this into your head.

Repetition for emphasis is what I’m about here.

Truth is, friendship is very crucial in such tough times.

Spending some great time with your close buddies or hanging out with them is surely an excellent way of getting over someone you loved.

Even if you start crying on their shoulders, they’d be the ones who’ll show you the right way to move on.

A night out with them can prove to be the right medicine that’s needed to heal your wounds.

Even if you have ignored them for a long time, you still would get them by your side, since true friends are for life.

However, don’t let them push you into a brand new relationship since you might not be ready for it.

You need time before you can even think of embarking on a new journey.

Enjoy the time you have and don’t think about anything else.

18) Meet New People

Guy meeting new people

In such a difficult phase of life, meeting new people can be something you haven’t contemplated.

However, this can have a great effect on how swiftly and comprehensively you recover.

By coming across new folks, you get to realize that there are a lot of people who admire you for what you are and appreciate you.

You might also realize that there is so much you are yet to discover.

New friends are indispensable when it comes to relieving the pressure and tension you’ve been going through.

19) Loving Yourself Is A Must

Guy loving up

Leaving everything aside, remember that loving yourself in the first place is an absolute must.

Realize that you deserve to be loved like everyone else.

It doesn’t matter what anyone might be thinking or feeling about you.

You can chalk out a list of all the characteristics you love and admire about yourself, be it your passion for music and books, your sense of humor, your wit, your smile or your eyes.

It might be anything.

Just ensure that you’re taking ample care of those whenever you make up your mind to set your foot into a new relationship.

Also, avoid putting all the blame on yourself.

You must realize that things don’t always work out the way you want.

20) Take As Much Time Off Dating As Possible

Guy saying no

Never try to push yourself into dating someone or entering a new relationship.

You will definitely know when you are ready.

Take each day as it comes.

If you are unsure of your readiness to share your time and life with someone else, then there is no need to try anything in haste.

The only person that you can trust at this juncture is yourself.

One night stands or getting involved with your ex is something that can wreak havoc later on.

You surely wouldn’t want to gift that intimacy to an individual who doesn’t deserve it or you are not quite fond of.

21) Breakups Are Inevitable

Not giving up

As discussed before, all good things must come to an end.

Relationships included.

Breakups are, in fact, inevitable.

That’s part and parcel of life.

Looking at the positive side, you would get to know new exciting people and who knows, your dream person is just waiting for you by the corner.

A better future is waiting to embrace you.

Don’t give up.

Be optimistic and keep your fingers crossed.


These are some bulletproof tips that would surely help you find the right path after a breakup.

Some people often think it’s impossible to survive without the person they had once loved with all their heart.

Yes, it’s surely tough, but not impossible.

So go out there and apply the points discussed and get it over with!