How To Get a Guy’s Attention – Is Getting a Man’s Attention Hard?

How to get his attention

You might believe you have what it takes to make men attracted to you.

Surely young good-looking women attract men like bees to a honeypot, right?

That’s what women dream of anyway; they dream of men swooning over them; that they will always be the belle of the ball; a femme fatale!

Something you might have seen is that your bestie, who you believe is not even as pretty as you – well, she is the one that is being chased by the guys!

Her phone rings non-stop, but not yours!

You are basically being ignored.

  • Have you ever felt like that?
  • And have you ever wondered what you can do about it?

What Will I Learn?

You must have mused many a time over what drives a guy to a woman.

You thought you had what it takes, and yet it seems guys are passing you by.

Well, you have come to the right place, as many other women have.

You are not alone.

We are going to give you a guide as to how you can stand out and count when it comes to guys being interested in you…

…we’re gonna give you 17 surefire ways that you can start incorporating into your daily life, to let you at last start attracting the guys!

But first, before we get down to business though, do you know how men like to feel about the women they are drawn to in the first place?

Have you ever heard of the Hero Instinct before?

It’s what the author, James Bauer, terms in his best-selling book, His Secret Obsession.

That’s exactly how guys like to feel when they are with a woman – like they are the hero.

It’s just a naturally embedded, almost like a default personality trait that has been embedded in guys that they all seem to hold.

Once you know how to activate this in a guy, you are going to notice a lot of differences in the way he treats you.

There will be an emotional bond between you.

That’s the first clue that you need to be aware of if you are someone who is struggling to make an impact on men and to get them to notice you.

Trigger the Hero Instinct in him

Naturally, you will need to be noticed by a guy to trigger the Hero Instinct in him.

We will show you how to achieve this so that you can grab his attention.

OK, now that you know about the Hero Instinct, let’s see what you have to do for yourself to reel in the guys:

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How to Attract Guy’s Attention (Getting a Guy to Pay Attention to You)

Girl looking at guy

1) First love yourself

One of the first things you need to focus on and learn about is you.

Then you will know what kind of relationship you are looking for.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean putting your needs and wants first selfishly; it’s being sure of yourself as a person, knowing where you are going, what you want from love and life, and having confidence in yourself.

That means you will walk into a room with your head held high and with a smile on your face – who can resist that?

2) Your looks count if you want a guy to notice you

Most of us have something about our bodies we would like to change.

We stand in front of the mirror and think our bum is too small or our boobs droop too much or our legs look like sticks.

Our hair is always having a bad hair day lately.

You need to find the things that are fabulous, your best assets, and work on those.

Accept yourself with all your flaws, nobody is perfect, not even the celebrities.

As long as you look after them and do the best for them that you can, that is what will draw guys to you.

3) Are you fun to be with or are you a party pooper?

A guy will take notice of you if you are happy and enjoy having a good time.

It doesn’t matter what the activity is.

But whatever you are doing, do it with pleasure and with zest.

We are not talking about alcohol consumption here!

You also want to protect your health which is an attractive habit to pursue.

No one wants to be with a party pooper, because nobody wants those vibes to rub off on them.

It’s not about dancing on the tables to show you’re a fun person; it’s more about your attitude.

Whatever you do, do it with a positive attitude; be game.

Nobody wants to be with a bed blanket.

4) Are you needy, looking for attention all the time?

Some women, when they are threatened by beautiful women in their presence, suddenly become attention seekers in front of men, doing stuff and becoming loud and rambunctious to get their attention…

…sometimes even saying unkind and rude stuff to make their mark.

Instead of you trying this desperate behavior or acting needy, rather stay comfortable in line with your cheerful countenance while you chat with your friends around you.

Maybe if you catch ‘his’ eye, you could flash a smile to show that you are open and friendly, but not needy.

5) Strut your stuff past him, but just once

Ha-ha, not backward and forwards past him all the time, as if you are on the catwalk!

It needs to be just once, so he can ‘notice’ this gorgeous woman coming past him.

You could make it as if you are headed to the kitchen to get coffee or to the bar to get a drink.

Hold your head up high.

It would be nice if you were heading towards a friend because then you could put on your dazzling smile at the moment you pass him so that he is mesmerized!

6) He will notice you if you make eye contact

When you do make eye contact with the guy you like, it will be important that you hold it for just a moment longer than normal, a few seconds longer.

Don’t hold it for very long, otherwise, that could look a bit creepy. Just a few seconds will let him see the meaning that you ‘noticed’ him.

7) Make a good impression the first time around

Thing is, first impressions do really count.

You remember something about that person, and you often like them or dislike them based on that first impression.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your first impression is a good one.

So if you do catch a guy’s eye and walk up to you to start a conversation, remember to bring out a warm and friendly and flirty smile, not too strong because you don’t know him yet, but just a good representative of who you are.

Keep your conversation light and fun with not too much negativity thrown in – you don’t want to come across as a nagger!

8) Let your body language be flirtatious

Often a good way to get a guy’s attention is to have flirty body language.

If you show yourself as confident and ooze sexuality along with that, that will bring guys toward you.

Don’t try and be confident if you are really nervous.

So if your hands don’t know what to do with themselves and you are gesticulating a lot with your hands, you can always get yourself a drink from the bar.

And your hands will be around the goblet and you will be much more composed!

9) Get your flirting on as well

If you feel the connection between you and the guy you like, and there is a bit of a spark going on, then you can add in some flirty chatting and laughing to go with your flirty body language, once again don’t come on too strong.

He will recognize the flirty signs like you twirling your hair or the way you stand, etc., and respond to you.

10) Are you a bore or interesting?

Interesting people can hold a person’s attention for a long time, and usually, you want to find out more about those types of people.

You can show you are interesting too; by knowing the latest news, being passionate about your work; being humorous too.

If you have a playful and spontaneous demeanor, he will be interested in you and you will make him feel relaxed in your company.

11) Let him see the things that make you so special

It’s when you are different from the rest in a positive way that he will find you appealing.

Maybe you can tell him of some special stuff you have done that few others have done, like giving of your free time for volunteering for work that not many other people would be willing to do; showing your compassionate and caring side.

Showing independence, ambition, kindness, and compassion, you are bound to be noticed for your rare qualities.

12) Find something that you have in common with him

A great way to get a guy to notice you and he has something in common.

Maybe you both love the same band and music, or you talk about stuff that you both love, like animals and conservation, or you both love the gym.

Often a guy wonders what he will talk to you about when he first notices you, but you can initiate the conversation by finding common ground.

You will soon see if he is interested in you if he talks back interestedly or not.

13) Dress sexily

Guys love girls who dress sexily, period.

If the guy you like is at your place of work, naturally, you can’t pitch up in a tight bodycon dress.

But the stuff that accentuates your curves will go down well.

If you know he will be coming to the same bar as you tonight, this is the time to don that sexy dress; you are going to get his attention.

14) Smell amazing

If you smell beautiful with your scent wafting after you as you pass, that is a big turn-on.

It will grab his attention and he will remember you from your special scent, especially if he can smell it where you touched his arm or clothes!

And if you lean near him and he can smell your gorgeous hair, like flowers or herbs, be sure that if you have the personality and other attractions to match, he is going to notice you.

You become ‘Unforgettable’ – Remember that perfume?

15) Be at the right place at the right time

He can’t notice you if you are not in the right places, right?

Be at the places where he hangs out, not at places that you wouldn’t normally frequent though.

Then you might stand out like a sore thumb.

You could ‘bump’ into him at the gym, for example, or a movie, or maybe at his favorite restaurant.

16) Find a good excuse to start a convo with him

If you work in the same office, you could start a conversation with him, for instance, about the meeting you both attended.

If you really have failed to get his attention in all instances, you could be at the same bar he is.

If you look like a dream and smell like a dream, he won’t mind if you lean across him and ask for his help to attract the bartenders’ attention, especially with your flashing smile – you might be attracting more than the bartenders’ attention!

17) Don’t play hard to get

If you are interested in a guy and you want him to take notice of you, then you can’t play hard to get.

Then he might think you are too high maintenance, a prima donna, and then give up.

If he does pluck up the courage to come over and chat, then don’t play hard to get.


Once you do get a guy’s attention you are going to be more confident, even if it doesn’t work out when you do the same again in the future.

With the above armor in the form of 17 valuable ideas and tips, you are going to be fully equipped to attract men and probably without even trying to!

When you are successful, you become confident because you feel good about yourself.

Soon you will know exactly how to flirt, and touch and say the right stuff.

The guy you are interested in will be very aware of you from a romantic angle.

Remember, it will require effort to be successful in all of our 17 super tips; it’s not going to happen overnight.

But remember, too, you have to put in the effort if you want someone to notice you.

You have to do some things that will catch his attention and that can mean anything from smiling, or laughing, or starting a conversation; that je ne sais quoi’.

And if you have confidence and patience, even though your particular guy doesn’t work out, you will still be beautifully equipped to know exactly what you want and how to go about getting it.

If not, you will also exactly how to walk away with your head held high!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What things must I be wary of in trying to get a guy’s attention?

  • Don’t become a different person that you think he would prefer when he want to get his attention.
  • Don’t be desperate for his attention.
  • Don’t try to be like a ‘guy’ when you are not into beer, sports and other stuff guys love.
  • Don’t let him become the center of your life. If you’ve done everything to get him to notice you and he hasn’t walk away.
  • Don’t let him come between you and your girlfriends, especially when they are at the mad party as you and you ignore them in your efforts to get a guy.

What good questions can I ask a guy to keep him chatting and interested?

You can ask him about his childhood, holidays, his fave TV shows, and then see where the conversation goes. Remember to be a good listener, not just waiting for him to finish, so you can start chatting again.

How can you tell if a guy has good intentions or not?

If a guy has good intentions, he will talk about the future with you in it, or he will turn a short-term relationship into a long-term relationship with you.

How do you know if a guy is serious about courting you?

  • He'll be honest and open.
  • You will be on top of his priorities.
  • He will let you meet his close circle of friends and family.
  • He will listen and pay attention to you.
  • You will both talk about the future with each other.