How to Get a Guy to Like and Want You? 21 Ways to Make Him Really Interested In You

How to get a guy to like you

Most of us know what it is to be in love; it’s a wonderful feeling that makes us view the world and things through rose-tinted glasses.

And the songwriter knew that full well when he wrote “Love, Love changes everything, how you live and how you die …….”

Often love starts a journey from just a simple catching of the eye – that feeling of instant attraction.

When that happens, you know instantly that you like that person; you are drawn to them; you could easily sit with them and talk to them, get to know them better.

But this doesn’t just happen on a daily basis; there are people that you meet every day that you simply know you could never have anything romantic between the two of you, let alone possibly like.

But that one that you did notice and like, and he was looking at you too ….. You just know ….

Sometimes a guy or a girl will meet someone they might believe is out of their league.

Or they believe that if they like someone that person will automatically like them back.

But that is also not always the case.

Sometimes you might be highly attracted to someone, longing for them to sit up and take notice of you.

But they don’t – they have their eye on someone else.

If you are a girl who longs to be noticed by a guy you like, we have some tips as to how you can get him to like you.

What Will I Learn?

Many times a guy is attracted to a girl just for her looks

That might be the starting point.

But if he discovers later along with your attractive looks, you are an empty, shallow, shell, he might move on very quickly – unless he is the same as you, of course.

It will be up to you, if a guy is interested in you, and you like him back, that you are much more than just a pretty face.

You will want to show him that you are a keeper; you are interesting to talk to, you are kind, compassionate, happy, confident, and more – attributes that make up you; that someone who wants to get to know you, will be unable to resist.

But first, some quick but very helpful advice

 If you want to date this guy, it is very important that you know who you are first.

When you know this very well, you might save yourself plenty of confusion and heartache later on.

And it will also help you to recognize your feelings for a guy whom you wish you could date.

You probably know very well, that if you don’t even know what you want in the first place, how will you know what to go for?

There is a big difference between liking someone and finding them highly attractive.

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How to Get a Guy to Like You More – 21 Ways Make Him Interested In You

Girl flirting with guy

Let’s see 21 things to do to get a guy to really like you 

1) Try smiling!

A woman’s mouth is something a guy notices straight away.

After all, that’s the part he loves to kiss; a great mouth, soft and moist, with beautiful teeth.

But he will notice something else very important and that is your smile – is it warm and inviting, friendly, communicable, with kind, compassionate words that flow from it?

It’s that smile that a guy will notice and act on.

Either warm, sexy, and inviting, or a smirk with a scowl that sends him on his way without even trying!

2) Your Laugh will attract a guy or turn him away

If a guy finds you lovely, usually you will have a lovely laugh too; musical sounds.

How you laugh will let him know that you are happy in his presence.

It will also show him if you are someone he wants to ask out.

If your laugh is sweet and musical and not loud, raucous, or screeching like you have flown into town on your broom; then he might well be drawn to you.

3) Your sense of humor

Guys love to make women laugh, but if you are able to make them laugh with your sense of humor and fun as well, not taking everything too seriously, then your guy is going to like you.

Whether it’s dry humor or something a bit more whacky, if it’s entertaining to him, you are going to tick boxes for him.

Bear in mind if he is looking at you with fascination as you throw back your beer, shouting and banging your fists on the table, it might not be because he likes you though!

4) He will have taken note of your friends and how you interact with others

Guys often judge a gal by the company she keeps.

They are usually blown away by the way a woman treats others, and not only their family and friends.

The physical attributes eventually fade, but a guy knows that this type of beauty never fades.

He knows that these warm attributes will carry a relationship far.

5) Your perfume and your unique scent linger…

…and that is very attractive and appealing to a guy.

It’s what he will always connect you with him, your perfume lingering on his clothes, or on his hand after you have gone.

It might make him start thinking of you more than he normally would; happy, sensuous memories of you making him like you and want to be with you again.

6) Your confidence is essential to a guy

No, not cockiness – but confidence.

When you have yourself altogether in a career and you are strong and sure of what you believe in, a guy finds that very attractive.

To put it in a nutshell, a guy loves a woman to want him, but not to need him.

Any person is highly attractive when they are secure in their own skin.

They usually are not overly sensitive, they aren’t jealous, and they are just comfortable to be with – there is always less toxicity in their company.

An independent, confident woman who embraces her femininity is very sexy to a guy.

7) He will love you if you can have adventures with him

When he is excited to try new things, he will love a woman who shares those passions with him.

If he finds that you are game and fun to be with during adventurous times, you are bound to find him eyeing you with admiration and ‘like’.

And all those adventures will make for many interesting conversations between you.

8) Guys don’t just like girls with sexy bodies, butts n boobs – they love it!

And they love looking at these assets, evaluating them, and talking about them amongst themselves.

If you are someone who takes care of your body, it makes no difference whether your boobs, butt, and body are shrouded in mystery or shown for their beauty.

If a guy can see that you take care of yourself in a healthy, fit body, he will be drawn to your confident care and allure – you will motivate him to care for his own body.

Guys don’t like girls who ‘let themselves go’ no matter how busy their lives are.

9) You are a girl who throws a few compliments around of your own to a guy you like.

If you are confident and sure enough of yourself to know that compliments can go a long way with a guy, see how warmly he responds.

10) Your eyes don’t move around shiftily and suspiciously

You know how to establish and hold eye contact with a guy when you are talking to him.

He feels comfortable with you because you come across as honest and direct with him.

Usually, it’s harder to trust a person that can’t look you in the eye when you are talking to them.

11) When he is around you, you let him see the absolute best in you

You are always positive and smiling – you encourage him, bringing out the best in him as well.

He will appreciate that so much from you and like you, seek out your company because you make him feel happy and confident in your presence – you are mindful.

12) Be intelligent

Your mind and brain are precious.

It is important to improve your mental capacity and your mental sharpness – it’s sexy to a guy.

Long ago, bookworms weren’t that popular because they were thought of as being too clever and not sexy enough, wearing thick glasses, and even being anti-social.

But today, independent bookworms who are beautiful and confident make for very interesting companions to intelligent guys – long, intelligent conversations are very appealing.

Usually, intelligence came with great passion, and when a guy sees your passion for the things you love; he will find it very sexy.

13) You’ve got your own life and you run it to your rules

Guys love a woman who runs her own life; who has her own interests and goals, i.e. she is not clingy and needy with him.

If you want a life with a quality guy, you need to see that your own life is a quality life.

If you date boring, uninteresting, dull people, that’s probably what you are like too, right?

You know the sayings, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

A study to find out if the way you perceive yourself related to the kind of people you date found that people do try and date those who have attributes that are the same as them.

Psychologist, Maria T. Cohen says that “people searching for mates should be encouraged to look for those similar to themselves, as this may lead to relationships that are both satisfying and stable.”

So if you want a guy who has his act together, make sure yours is like that too.

14) Remember to hold on to your dignity for a guy to like you

If you let guys walk all over you, they won’t have any respect for you.

You need to stand up and fight for your beliefs, not accept a guy to you can live your life through him.

He will always like you and respect you when you hold on to your dignity.

15) Don’t bring out your arrogance

It’s really important to be confident and all, but don’t overstep the mark and get on your high horse, becoming arrogant – the line is narrow between much confidence and arrogance.

When someone is arrogant, they usually appear selfish, self-absorbed, and narcissistic.

A guy won’t like you if you exhibit those characteristics.

He won’t want to bring that toxic energy into his life and into his family.

He will realize it can cause ructions.

16) If you think your bitchy type qualities are going to impress him, you’re mistaken

When you cross the line with a guy and bring out your bitchy qualities, being downright nasty to him or in front of him, he will quickly make a retreat.

A guy likes to show off his girl to his friends and family, someone to be proud of, someone that will get along with them.

He won’t want to have to leave a function or family visit because he couldn’t control your tongue or your actions.

He will think you’ll be bagging him to others before long too.

17) Are you lazy with no ambition?

You might have dated a guy yourself, who had no ambition, whom you thought was lazy and didn’t seem to care about anything.

Weren’t you frustrated?

Well, guess what?

It’s the same with men towards girls.

They are attracted to someone who has drive and purpose, not necessarily super super-ambitious, but at least passionate.

There’s nothing wrong with a dead-end job if you have the passion for it.

Passion is an attractive thing.

If you are in a relationship one day, it will important to find a partner to grow with together.

If one is left behind, it’s highly possible that the relationship will end.

18) Dishonesty will get you nowhere

Lying to impress will turn ‘like’ into dislike; certainly when you are found out.

Research even shows that dishonesty is a major turn-off for both men and women.

It’s wonderful, in fact, to be around some who accept themselves just for who they are, who don’t try to be someone they are not.

Be the real deal.

19) Unrealistic expectations

If you do find a guy that you want to grow together within a relationship, you need to be realistic about your expectations of each other.

When you are honest and set realistic expectations about what each of you wants.

Then nobody is disappointed when things happen that are out of your control.

20) Forget talking about the ex – he won’t like you anymore

You wouldn’t like him to be talking about his ex would you, it would make you feel that he is still into her, wouldn’t it?

Often people talk about their ex in the hope of making their partner jealous.

But that’s not going to make your relationship better.

It might succeed in making your new guy jealous, but you might also be successful in making him walk away.

21) Are you kind to animals and others less fortunate than yourself?

Compassion is always something that men find beautiful in a woman.

Put your compassion on display and you will be hugely admired and ‘loved’.

You need never be apologetic about your wonderful compassionate, rare gift.

This is part of who you are, and will bring in many likes to you from a guy.


Sometimes it’s possible that a guy dates a woman only to wait until someone better comes along.

Then there are other times when he is actually dating several women at a time, not even really invested in any.

Other times, he will become sincere about his pursuit of a certain woman if he likes her a bit more.

But when he finds someone that he really believes he has found his soul mate in, like you, showing you all the signs that he likes you; then he will probably start acting very differently around you.

You won’t miss it, so be prepared to be asked out on a date.

Because this guy is no longer just a pretender, but a contender!

He will be putting in more effort around you.

He will remember stuff you say and he will prioritize you.

He will ask you on a date and call you to make plans.

Then you just know that he really likes you.

It’s true that there are guys who will give you mixed messages and over-complicate stuff; chancers.

But for the guy you like and want to impress, if he does really like you, he will stop with the games and be more straightforward with you.

But in the meantime, we have given you 21 ways that will send a guy like a magnet in your direction, because sometimes…

“It’s funny how you can tell someone likes someone else, but you can’t tell when someone likes you!”

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