His Secret Obsession is one of the most simplified relationship guide I've ever come across. The advice and suggestions in here are very easy to understand and follow. 


The guide is very practical and can be applied almost immediately. 


Although it's still affordable, the price can be a huge turn-off for those on a tight budget. 

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Read this first...

Let me tell you straight up that this is by far the most comprehensive and unbiased review you'll get on the internet because I personally reached out to James (the creator) and asked a couple of questions and also requested a free copy of his program to test and review.


...I was simply blown away by what I saw.

As you may already know, I don’t review products that I haven’t personally used and implemented so when I told you I was blown away, I meant it!

Keep reading and you’ll discover why I chose to review this powerful relationship guide...


  • How do you get your romantic dream guy to commit?
  • What’s the secret to gaining his love, attention, and devotion in the long-term?
  • Or, if you've gone through a break-up, how do you get your man to chase you again.

James BauerJames Bauer seems to have the answers to all these questions, and he’s written a really interesting and thought-provoking book to prove it.

Bauer has worked as a relationship coach for over a decade.

He’s spoken with thousands of women over that time.

By carefully studying their cases, the author claims to have discovered the secret to fulfilling, lasting relationships.

He’s learned how women can create a special love in a man for them, which leads to him sticking around for the long haul.

James Bauer’s book deals with issues that impact the happiness of millions of women around the world, including:

  • Why men lose interest in a promising relationship shortly after the excitement of the initial intimacy wears off.
  • Why a lot of men struggle to commit to a lasting and loving relationship.
  • Why some men suddenly stop communicating with their partners, whether it's a lack of conversation, no more sending texts and no chats over the phone.

This book is not for you if…

  • You already have a bought into this program
  • Not interested in getting into a SERIOUS relationship at the moment or anytime soon.
  • A lesbian
  • Looking for a cheap/free relationship program (freebiers)
  • Need an overnight success

If you’re none of the above, then keep reading…

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What I Dislike About His Secret Obsession Course

This is quite difficult for me because I couldn’t precisely pinpoint anything that I disliked about his program, but there is one little thing I’d like for James to improve on;


Although I find this course to be affordable by many, but if you're on a tight budget it could be on the high side. But I'll leave it to you though.

Truth is, if you can afford it, then go for it.

It’s well worth the price.

You’ll definitely be blown away by the tremendous value this course will bring into your life and relationship.

I believe, however, that in the near future James might hit the price down a little bit especially for those who are tight on budget.

My one cent though.

What I like About His Secret Obsession Course

Here comes the exciting part. 

There are so many things I like about this course.

So much that I don’t mind writing a 20 page book for it.

Having enrolled in the program, read the book cover to cover, and have already started applying what I learned in my relationship, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you’ll get a LOT of Bang for your buck (ONLY IF you apply what you learned).

So the following are a few things I liked;

1) The Major Secrets...

hero instinct

His Secret Obsession provides answers to questions that have baffled women since time began:

  • How do you get a man to see you in a completely different way and want you more?


  • How can you make your dream guy desire you in a way that is even beyond that initial physical attraction?

"His Secret Obsession" reveals an instinctive inner need that every man has without even knowing it.


This emotional need is far stronger than any sexual urge and, once triggered, creates a love connection that is near to impossible to break.

The secret, according to the author, is something he calls the “Hero Instinct".

Women who are successful in love know how to bring this instinct to the fore. 

Bauer explains that every man needs to feel irreplaceable—this is what drives him, and he’s drawn to any woman who makes him feel like that.