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hippy dating sites

Being a ‘hippie’ is more about adopting a certain lifestyle than anything else.

People do have preconceived notions about this community.

This makes it difficult for them to search for the right match. This role is fulfilled by online dating sites and apps.

Dating for hippies has never been better than now.

All over the world, hippies of any age can now find another person with similar interests and take this connection further.

We have brought forth a list of online dating sites and specific hippie dating websites to make this easier.

What Will I Learn?

11 Best Hippie Online Dating Websites (Free & Paid)

1) eHarmony


Why eHarmony for finding fellow hippies?

Yes, it is a general site for dating but not just that!

However, with their massive subscriber base and search filters, finding hippie interests is easy.

What helps this is its mobile app which is a preferred mode among many users. Going by age, usually, younger users tend to reach out for their mobiles. 

Talking about hippies, eHarmony is a platform that has a place for everyone.

Just key in the right criteria for search and voila! Just because your preference is hippie dates does not exclude you from the platform.

Once the user finds their own community, it is just like a normal hippie dating website.

Need to search on other hippy websites is okay, but eHarmony provides one of the biggest user numbers.

2) EliteSingles

elite singles

One of the serious online dating sites, Elite Singles has a place for robust hippie dating as well.

It has an amazing dating network that connects spiritual singles, green singles, and those with the hippie movement.

You are welcome here irrespective of sexual orientation.

This site is used by professionals and those looking for long-term associations. This is one of the top dating websites that are also available in mobile app form.

This helps its wide range of users to access at any place and time of their choice and convenience.

3) Hippie Dates


Definitely one of the top sites of dating for hippies, this is focused on the community. It has many free features including Take a Gamble.

This involves dating random people on the website.

Users may search for other sites but Hippie Dates has everything going for users.

It is one of the best sites for hippie dating. Since its inception in 2004, it has been a hippie online dating site of choice among users.

4) Dating for Hippies

One of the best dating portals by user reviews, it is popular among hippies for successful matches within the community.

It is a free site and a great place to meet your first date.

Cement your dating over jam bands or sexual orientations without being judged. Age is no bar on this site.

Find the best hippie dating experience with your hippie girl of choice on this, one of the most popular dating sites for hippie singles locally.

Testimonials on the website speak a lot about the matching algorithm and its success.

4) Hippies Date

Spirituality is inherent to many hippies. Seeking spiritual singles is the obvious outcome when Hippies Date is in the picture.

It was formed in 2008.

There are stages during sign-up that help users to find someone they will understand and bond with. The website describes the perfect match as a twin flame.

Hippies Date is free to use but a paid subscription will open up doors to more attractive features. This site is also available in mobile app form.

5) Hippie Now

This site stands apart from other sites by being part of the Online Connections network. Hippie dating takes on a new aspect on this site by imbibing a different way of life.

Being part of the Online Connections network allows your profile to be available on related sites as well. This helps connect with hippies on other dating sites. This hippie dating site is popular for its great connection and reach among spiritual singles too.

6) Spiritual Singles

This dating site is definitely hippie-centric. It is also for those hippies who value their inner spirituality and seek the same in their partner.

This site is also a great place for queers and varied communities in search of a conscious partner. Use this free site to find your perfect dating partner.

7) Match


Another site that is not exclusively for hippies, Match does provide a great match for hippies. Those looking for similar lifestyles will find this website useful.

Different sexual orientations are welcome here.

This website also comes in a mobile app form for better access and usage. It is free to use for all basic services.

This is one of the oldest dating websites that lives up to its name by providing the best matches to users.

Hippies bond over music and spirituality, and this website offers a huge window for all such people. 

10) Zoosk


Zoosk is yet another of the generalized dating site where hippie dates are facilitated. Hippie users will find like-minded people here who follow a hippie lifestyle.

Zoosk has a wonderful algorithm suited to dating all categories of users.

Presently there are over 40 million people on the search for dating a perfect match.

Keying in your preferences for hippie men and information on a gay-friendly outlook can be done.

Zoosk also comes in app form which immediately makes it more attractive.

11) Green Singles

Love can be in many forms. Environment activism brings many to this dating site including hippies. Online dating is big these days.

This online dating site is part of the Conscious Dating Network. Being part of Green Singles ensures you meet another conscious partner in any part of the world.

Join this online dating site for the best diverse experience.

Green Singles is great for casual dating. It is also the best place to find your match among persons with a love for the environment.

The dating network connection means that you have access to a global database of users with similar interests. 

It is little wonder that this site has been serving people irrespective of age since 2000. Users on the site have gone on to form lifelong bonds.

Hippie culture and features

Hippies are a subculture that found root in the United States as far back as the early 1960s.

There is a lot of religious and spiritual influence on this community, a large part of which is from the Eastern part of the world.

The East’s inherent mysticism and the Bohemian lifestyle of the European social milieu played a big role in firming up the beliefs of this culture. 

They moved out of the materialistic world and began looking for release in spiritualism.

That this was often associated with hallucinogenic drugs and a bohemian lifestyle did not go down well with many social norms.

They were termed the ‘flower children’.

Some features where they stand out:

  • Colorful and unconventional outfits in psychedelic colors.
  • Long hair in both genders and facial hair in men.
  • They were mostly in sandals with huge granny glasses.

User rating of online dating sites

Ever wondered on what basis a dating site is rated?

1) Based on user reviews

Rating of dating sites takes into account user reviews.

There are various forums where reviews are present. This is true for generalized dating sites as well as specific ones.

2) How seriously do they take security

Online dating involves sharing personal data and information.

Any security lapse can be extremely harmful. A secure dating site is always more trusted.

3) Special features on offer

Content matters! When the competition among popular dating sites is so high, it matters what is on offer.

Some are free, others offer great search facilities, some dating sites have great Online Connections dating networks, some promise no pop-up ads, and still, others focus on pop culture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating site for hippies?

There are a number of hippie dating sites that pop up on searches. The best places for successful hippie dating have been mentioned above. Hippie singles can find their matches in various other hippie dating sites as well. Some of these are Planet Earth Singles, Dating Factory, and Meet Mindful.

Simply visit websites for the best hippie dating.

Which hookup sites are completely free?

Those looking for casual hookups for free can try the dating network of RedditDityR4R. It is a totally free site for no strings attached flings and one-night stands.

Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

For serious relationships with fellow hippies or others, dating sites like eHarmony and Match are the best. These cater to a wide base of users across different communities and lifestyles.

Which dating site has the highest success rate?

On the basis of success rates too, eHarmony is the leading dating site worldwide. It has serious users who are looking for the perfect match. Charges are premium on this site and so are the results.


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