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Some people naturally have heaps of friends, and there are some who have a few.

You know those sayings like, “Birds of a feather flock together,” etc. but if we did only have friends that were just like us, we would be pretty bored.

It is true that your personality affects the friends you make – much research has been carried out about friendships

One conclusion claims that people who are more open to experiences are the ones more likely to have a diverse friendship group.

See what kind of a friend you are and where you think you fit in the friendship scheme of things here – it’s fascinating stuff.

There are times when friends might surround you, but there will be times when you find yourself without friends.

This can be due to many reasons.

But we are not talking about that now.

Today, we are talking about fabulous, fun and funky things to do when you have no friends around you.

Maybe, you love life flying ‘solo,’ you like the freedom it gives.

You love the independence and the in-control feelings it gives you, not being beholden to anyone else but yourself!

Whatever the case, here are 21 things that you will looooooove getting involved in, with or without friends.

21 Things to do When You Have no Friends

1) Try out a different, new workout class

Workout class

Whether it’s a cycling club, a running club, mountaineering, whatever, showing up solo still means you will work out with a group.

And it will have positive effects on you as you bond, learn tolerance and yet improve on your athletic performance.

2) Have a spa day Lady doing spa

Being on your own does not mean letting yourself go.

And there are simply heaps of delightful things to do to improve your health and attractiveness – people are drawn to bright, attractive, happy people and when you look good.

You feel good and ooze confidence, drawing people towards you.

Get a massage, get a new haircut, and lose weight…

So much to experience!

3) Get organized

Lady organizing her home

Bring organized and on top of things in your space eliminates stress, confusion, and wasted time.

Clean up and organize your life, your home, your workspace.

You will find how therapeutic it can be!

Proper organization is of the best way to kill loneliness.

You don’t even need friends to do this task.

Staying organized is one of the best things you can do to yourself.

4) Traveling solo

Lady solo traveling

Take a solo trip and who knows, you might even find the love of your life!

Like the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, your own journey will take you through your life-changing adventures and experiences you might never have dreamed possible!

So never think for a second that having no friends means boredom.

Solo traveling is indeed one the sweetest (if the not the cutest) things to do when you have no friends.

And trust, you’ll enjoy every bit of it!

5) A new passion or hobby will take you far

Man painting

Life is short, so now is the time to accomplish what you have always dreamed of.

It could be gardening, photography, or skydiving – see how accomplished, busy and entertained you will be.

Although taken on a new hobby or passion is not an exciting thing to do for many people, but when you’re alone, this is one of the best (if not the best) thing you can do.

6) Invite yourself to your own dinner

Man eating dinner alone

Eating by yourself in a restaurant of your choice might seem intimidating to some.

But if you are a confident and living-on-the-edge person, in control of your world, you will love eyeing what makes ‘the world’ tick by.

I’ve tried this myself, and it went fantastically well even though my cooking was terrible – LOL.

I’m not a good cook, but I know you are.

So try this out and let me know in the comment section how it went.

7) Go to the movies


Escaping the world on your own is fantastic.

Escaping into the theatres where you can get “lost” in a movie, maybe like the one mentioned above; inspiring you to discover new things.

There is always a new movie in the theatre, and you can easily get carried away in no time.

You can even re-watch exciting ever-green movies that always make you smile.

I remember going to the theatre whenever any of my favorite movies is on display.

It became a norm to the extent that it even caught the attention of a young lady who drops by almost all the time.

We became close friends eventually.

8) Read a book because it’s genuinely an excellent companion

Lady reading book

Being on your own with a good book that you love can take you away for hours, losing yourself in the pages…

And learning about how others have lived their lives.

Don’t just read a familiar book and call it a day.

Immerse yourself with new books that are entirely outside your comfort zone.

9) A home improvement project will make you feel grand

Man doing home improvement

What a thrill you will get when you notice that piece of upcycled furniture you worked on, that new chair you remodeled – the kitchen you decked out to bring out the chef in you!

This is one of the perfect things to do when you have no friend and believe you are going to love it!

If you are lost in ideas, you can look up some home improvement blogs on Google, and you’ll get great tips and ideas to implement.

10) Get lost lady driving

Please, this is not an insult.

What I mean is – Go on a drive!

This is really of the best fun activities for people with no friends.

Take a walk in magnificent nature, go to the planetarium, stopping to drink some coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

As you watch the world go by, dreaming and contemplating what you have done and still plan to do – you will feel wiser, stronger and so self-sufficient!

Getting out of your environment is a fascinating thing to do.

And it has helped a lot of people find meaning in life when they have no friends or are just bored.

11) Make something you love, and eat it

Guy cooking

Don’t go to the shop and buy what you usually love to have with your tea or coffee.

Make your own.

Maybe those special buttermilk rusks with your coffee in the morning

It might even get you on your road of taking control of your health and weight.

Many people especially youngsters frown at the thought of making something as opposed to buying them.

But if you genuinely want to get over boredom when you are alone with no friends, this is an absolute must.

12) Figure out what your mantra is

Lady thinking

Every guy and gal needs their own mantra.

That phrase that you say over and over to yourself when you need the courage to face the onslaughts of life.

Maybe it’s a special one that a friend gave you once.

How’s this one?

The world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going”.

James Allen

Or this one,

“If you want to improve your self-worth, stop giving other people the calculator”.

Tim Fargo

13) Take a hike

Guy reflecting

And by taking a hike I don’t mean go for a normal hiking activity.

Surround yourself by the wonders of nature – find a special tranquil place where you can be alone with your thoughts – it’s rejuvenating and inspiring.

You can go to the nearby park at a time you know it’s going to be lonely.

I especially love the seaside.

It makes the process incredibly fascinating.

14) Relax at home Guy relaxing at home

Being on your own at home might be a rare occurrence for you between your job, Life, and other activities.

But unwinding, unplugging; with a glass of wine, does wonders for your health and soul.

Turn your home into the place you ‘love to come home to,’ the place that restores and heals.

I know it may seem offbeat but trust me, you are going to enjoy every moment of it.

15) Treat yourself Lady feeling happy

Sometimes we get caught up in the business of work and family obligations that months, years, decades go by in a flash, and we realize we never had that particular experience we always dreamed of.

It might be that once-in-a-lifetime trip, a concert, an adrenalin-rush outdoor activity.

Make it a point to treat yourself to it, without anybody’s permission to do so – you’ve earned it!

It’s always good to unwind.

It helps you appreciate the gift of life and can also help you see life from a different perspective.

16) Act like a kid Man acting like a king

What fun to do something you haven’t done since you were a kid.

Maybe it’s merely sitting on the beach under an umbrella licking an ice-cream cone; it is perhaps rollerblading or going on a carefree swing at a carnival.

It may sound crazy, but it’s enjoyable.

Acting like a kid will make you remember your childhood memories and boy, that feeling is simply amazing.

17) Volunteer

Lady volunteering

Sometimes days, be they with or without friends, can feel as if you are up against the world, right?

If you are in a low place, it might be a surprise for you to learn many others are feeling the same

  • Closer to you than you think
  • Less fortunate than you
  • Fighting their own battles.

If you want real joy and fulfillment, feel what it does for your body and soul to give back something of yourself – volunteering.

It’s a great way to show people what you are made of, what makes a difference to you as you make a difference in the life of others.

Here’s another little mantra quote that is fantastic to add to your favorite quotes – doing good makes you feel good!

18) Create a piece of art

Piece of art

Everybody has a creative side and so do you.

So get experimenting!

What about making a piece of jewelry, maybe some pets furniture that cats will love to climb on or birds will love to sit on?

What about crafting something that inspired you, from Pinterest, for example?

Activities like these improve problem-solving skills; they motivate and give a sense of fulfillment when accomplishing them, never mind the confidence boost!

19) Continue your education

Guy learning new skill on the internet

It is never too late to learn something new or continue what you started years ago.

Today, you can just pick up an educational book, register for an online class, or listen to some podcasts.

When you learn a new skill, you realize just how capable and smart you are.

There are so many places on the internet you can go and learn new skills.

It could be digital or non-digital (physical skills).

Places like Lynda or Udemy are fantastic online repositories to immerse yourself with excellent courses.

20) Complete a random act of kindness

Lady displaying kindness

Hey you!

Did you know that you can make a massive impact on a stranger’s life, never mind your own?

Reach out to others at a homeless shelter, share your ‘thankfulness’ for all the good things you have, really, and just see the impact you make.

It is always good to be kind as there are huge rewards that result from being generous.

It will give you a real peace of mind knowing you’re putting smiles on people faces.

Nothing can beat that.

21) Be full of bright hope

Guy reaming big

Dream about the future – fill your mind with bright hope, contentment, and moving-forward dreams that will change your life!

You are in charge of your own destiny – ‘just do it’ – with or without friends.

It is time to set sail, captain of your ship, in control – and when you do, you will see just how many people and friends are drawn to you like a magnet!


So there you have it!

Not having friends can’t and shouldn’t stop you from having fun and doing the things you love.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to live your life.

Friends or no friends, you can get on with life just like everybody else.

I hope that these tips will go a long way in helping get rid of boredom when you are alone and have no friends to mingle with.