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There are many people who believe that Goths are all about a particular kind of look or typical type of outfits and there is nothing more to it.

There can perhaps be nothing farther from the truth.

A dating site that understands this and can provide an alternative lifestyle, as well as suitable partners and online dating options, is much needed.

Even with the Goths being a big part of society worldwide, there are gaps in understanding their likes, their kind of outfits, and overall a dating site that would fulfill their needs.

Understanding this, there is now a reverse problem in the numerous virtual dating places.

What we mean here is the problem of choice to end with a good Goth dating site.

Connecting based on common likes and trends is very important for relationship-building sites.

The success of such a site depends upon fostering such connections.

This is especially important for being one of the best Goth dating sites.

We have included some of the most popular sites that serve the Goth fraternity and the best alternative dating sites.

For this, we have focused on Goth dating portals that are known for Goth dating and allow for emo friends.

Many such sites have a free online presence and scope for alternative people.

Let us have a look at some best Goth dating options…

What Will I Learn?

Top 10 Gothic Dating Sites

Listed below are the 10 best Gothic dating sites that our research has come up with.

All these online dating sites are designed to provide the best matches for like-minded people.

Some of these are general dating sites that also feature the Goth scene.

Others are specific to best Goth dating experiences while still others cater to alt scene and success stories.

Read on to know more:

1) eHarmony


eHarmony is among the biggest sites for online dating.

However, one does not normally think of it for Goth dating.

With its huge subscriber base and effective filters, it is also good as a Goth dating site.

There are subscribers with a global appeal on eHarmony.

One will find all range of users on this site, irrespective of gender preferences.

The users just have to choose their filters properly, and they will come across a well-populated Goth section.

eHarmony also comes in mobile app form for ease of usage.

Use its various features to engage in a meaningful relationship with people of choice.

It is a top choice as a free Goth dating site.

The sheer number of subscribers offers choices like never before to each one of its users.

Success rates in finding matching partners and satisfaction rates are high and there are several positive feedback on the site itself.

2) Elite Singles

elite singles

This is another online dating site that one would not be normally associated with Goth dating.

This site is the choice of place for people who are looking for a professional touch.

Maybe because of their professional approach, there are options for alternative lifestyle users as well.

In its quest to provide a rounded and wholesome dating experience, EliteSingles ventures into the Goth scene too.

It is a highly successful dating site in its own right.

At there are a host of security measures in place for users to make the best of this dating site.

A wonderful feature of EliteSingles is their personality-backed matching algorithm.

Any user can take a personality test that assesses their interests.

Be it Goth fashion or Goth tattoo show or punk rock, this personality test makes way for effective matching of interests.

3) Match


The name Match says it all for this site.

This again is not a typical Goth dating site.

Having said that, it has a huge subscriber base.

This has resulted in Match becoming an effective alternative dating site with great success.

The large Goth presence makes it one of the better dating websites for Goths.

Match works both on computers and in the form of a mobile app.

It is so designed as to fit in easily in both formats. This makes it a dating site with great ease of use.

After all who would not like the freedom of finding and looking for new friends while on the go, not having to limit oneself to the computer all the time.

4) Goth Passions


This site is completely free for finding the best Gothic match.

It is among the most popular portals in the Goth fraternity.

The algorithm is designed to allow for easy matches based upon interests ranging over various topics.

The dating site allows users to check amongst as many as 8 different groups to find common interests.

Online dating in this community is seeing a new buzz with this easy-to-use website.

Interests ranging from metal music to being part of a Gothic club or discussion on Goth fashion, it is all here.

The passions network fosters a great sense of belonging and trust among users.

As the title suggests, men and women with Goth leanings can explore their various passions through the safety of this website.

This secure website pulls in Goths from all across the globe, but there are not a very high number of people on it right now.

Goth Passions is not a very large community, and there are about 15,000 Goths here.

It is, however, a very close-knit community that allows discussions on various fronts like Goth literature or where to get a Gothic tattoo, for example.

5) GothScene

What better embodies the goings-on within the Goth community than a website called GothScene.

The name itself speaks for what it stands for and is a top Goth dating site with the pulse of the community.

Although there are many alternative dating sites that also cater to Gothic preferences via online dating, a dedicated website is always better.

The subscriber base knows what every other person on the site is about.

Like-minded people can exchange ideas here, share their love for fashion, exchange notes on a recent Goth fashion show, or simply mingle and connect.

There is a large global Goth fraternity on this website which creates avenues for better exchange of ideas. This complete free dating site has gained immense popularity within the community.

It is for no reason that this is one of the more popular portals within this community.

This Goth-only dating site enables users to meet Goth men and women globally, whatever the place. Europe for instance has a large and thriving Goth fraternity.

Such Goth dating sites go a long way in fostering strong bonds of friendship and relationships within the close-knit community.

6) Gothic Match

gothic match

Made to order for Goths, this is currently one of the top online dating sites.

Among users, it rates as one of the best Goth dating websites.

It has a facility called PinGothic which works much like Pinterest.

One may post photos unlimited on the forum to better connect and know more about others with matching interests.

This is among the best portals that are specifically targeted at Goths.

There is free sign-in for new users and many features are included for best search and results in creating a strong bond of friendship or a relationship.

The makers provide the best Goth dating service and discussion forums to enhance connections, dating, and marriage, helping script success stories across the community.

Gothic Match also has a customized search function that allows search by multiple criteria.

There are message boards where users can leave and read messages left by fellow users and connect on a different level.

Live wall posts are another feature that helps people to get closer.

7) Alt Scene



A Goth dating site need not be specific to Goths only.

An entire universe of punks, emos, and funky lovers is waiting.

Alt Scene is perhaps the best alternative dating site that also serves as a punk dating site. It is also billed as a free Goth dating site.

It has emerged as one of the best alternative dating sites among those looking to find a match to suit their tastes and likings.

This is definitely one place where one can flaunt their kinky lifestyle without being judged.

The name Alt Scene is made specifically to be one of the top alternative dating sites.

It welcomes in its folds people as above with varied interests.

Punk lovers to rock music fans, Goth singles, emo singles, they all find a place here.

Granted, this makes the site a bit limited compared to general dating portals; however, like-minded people are finding perfect matches and making a success of this.

8) Punk Dating Site

punk dating

THE Dating site for punks is definitely.

Among all sites for young people looking for a meaningful connection, be it just a virtual fling or more serious, Punk Dating Site is tailored for punks.

Punk rock is something that binds this community among many other factors.

The site allows users to make free profiles and many services are also free here.

Having said that, this is also as effective as one of the top Goth dating sites.

That is hardly surprising since the same beliefs overlap both these communities.

There are bound to be common interests and better bonding over lifestyles, musical interests, and fashion.

The Goth fashion show has often been a point of interest among the punks.

The facility of free members on this site is part of the attraction for every user.

9) EmoWire


The place for emo singles is at EmoWire, leading the way for emo people worldwide to connect.

Emo is actually rock music with the emphasis being on emotional expression.

Through their music, emo guys and emo girls find common ground.

Emo people often tend to be emotionally tending towards instability and their song lyrics border upon introversion and angst.

The people behind this group are also Goths, making it a place for many a successful Gothic match. In fact, historically it is believed that Emos have derived largely from Goths.

This draws a host of Goth singles here and punk singles are not to be left behind.

EmoWire is a free online platform that draws in alternative people as well.

It allows one to upload unlimited photos. There are also blogs and album upload facilities in what is essentially a close community of users.

10) Emo Friends

Emo people as stated above, are culturally linked to Goths and are considered a younger version of them.

Goth individuals might not be very easy to locate outside their community but with online dating portals, this has become easier. 

Invariably, emo friends share common interests with Goths like Gothic tattoo and music, attracting Gothic singles.

A particular feature of this site is that it has options for kinky lifestyle lovers.

A global user base also comes in due to the allowance for BDSM role choice, which can be an attraction for Gothic people as well.

Emo Friends is niche alright but it does have a huge Goth membership for these reasons.

What one looks for on a Goth dating site

  • People look for dating websites for the Goths that may also serve as portals for the best alternative dating. The alt scene is thriving and peopled by folks looking for connections with those who understand them. A dating site with a place for punks, emos, and Goths provides more variety to users.
  • Portals that allow users to send virtual gifts to loved ones. Once a connection moves beyond an acquaintance and into a more intimate zone, people wish to take it further by sharing gifts. A dating site that allows this will draw more subscribers.
  • Provision to become a gold member since gold members are entitled to many benefits. A lot of websites offer basic services with a free sign-up process. For more interesting search options and better results, one might need to opt for paid services or go for gold memberships.
  • Dating site with discussion on Goth music and the metal community in music. Music remains one of the bonding factors for Goths as well as the alternative community. This helps begin a connection. A dating site that ventures into more Goth interests like fashion and tattoo will automatically create more avenues for Goths to connect.
  • A dating site that helps connect with the emo community and bond with emo friends. Goth is a way of life and is not strictly restricted to themselves. The community embraces different people in its fold, emo being the most popular.
  • Sites that allow provisions for chatting. Having said that, it is true that the popularity of this feature is on the wane these days. There have been issues with security in the past that have made people wary. However, chat rooms do have a pull of their own among many a Goth dating website.
  • Dating site to exchange photo albums among friends. Knowing a person more is about seeing them, their pictures, how they dress, what they look like, what clothes they wear, what fashion they follow. A dating site that allows for unlimited photo exchange is going to be more popular.
  • Goth dating website will also have space for an alternative section. As mentioned, Goth culture is about a way of life and embraces entire groups of people in its fold. A website that caters to this will have more takers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I meet Goths?

Some top Goth dating websites are Gothic Match, GothScene, and Goth Passions. These are good places to look for Goths who share common interests.

Portals that serve general interests like eHarmony and Elite Singles also have filters in place where one can select their choice of partner and proceed to connect with Goths.

How do you get a Goth boyfriend?

Looking to connect with a Goth boyfriend has never been easier. There are multiple relationship-building sites particularly catering to this section of the community.

A good dating site can be a general one too but provide for Goths too. Such dating sites are the best places to look for a Goth boyfriend of choice.

Is there a dating app for Emos?

While there are dating sites galore for emos, many of them are also in the form of apps for ease of usage. Emo Scene is one such website that also provides its users the convenience of an app.

This is a good place to get in touch with an alternative community.

Do dating sites have chat rooms?

Some dating portals have provisions for chat rooms that help users interact with their choice of people. However, there have been concerns in the past regarding these on a dating site.

There are various other media where people may chat one on one and the significance of rooms for chatting on a dating site is lesser than before.