Truth or dare questions are usually used to play a game.

The truth and dare game is one of the most popular games most especially for those going for a societal or religious retreat, adventure campers or for sleepovers.

It is the best way to get to know your friends even more or when someone new enters into your friend’s circle.

Also, it is the ice breaker for a nice party with both old and new friends.

I’ve gone to great lengths in researching and compiling good truth or dares of all age groups for your ultimate satisfaction.

In a minute, you’ll get in your disposal, truth or dare questions for;

  • Kids
  • Newly Wedded
  • Married Couples
  • Adults (Dirty)
  • 18+ or College students

You can skip to a section that’s more appropriate for you.

But before delving into the topic of the day, I just wanted point out a few rules on how to play the truth or dares.

If you’re quite familiar with them, you can jump right into the questions.

But if you’re just starting out, then make sure you peruse and understand the rules.

How to Play Truth or Dare Questions


In the game of truth and dare questions, each and every person has a choice of his or her own to express their truth (feelings or thoughts) or to complete a challenge.

The person who chooses Dare has to complete the challenge they have been given.

And if they are unable to complete it, then they have to face a penalty, which will be decided by the other participants.

For instance, if a person fails to complete a challenge, then the group may decide that the person must pose as a hen or cock for the next 2 minutes and cannot stand up.

The person who chooses Truth has to answer the question truthfully.

Also, the group can also decide which player has limited or unlimited attempts for truth or dares.

There is no much fun or entertainment in the game of truth or dare questions.

It’s a serious but sometimes funny game.

Truth is, if every time a player picks up a truth and eventually tells a lie, the punishment or penalty can be brutal.

It is recommended that each player has a limit of 5 truth questions.

Come On!

Let’s play the game of truth and dare questions.

I’ve have already stated above that the game of truth or dare questions is suitable for all age groups and they can even enjoy the fun.

If you’re a parent, you must supervise your youngsters for this game.

But it is not always a requirement as these questions can be easily understood.

So let’s get started…

Good Truth and Dare Questions for New Couples

new couples packing in

So, we have the best questions for truth or dare game for our new couples out there.

These questions will prove to be the perfect ice breaker between the new couples and will help in building a strong connection.

Truth Questions

What is your biggest fear?

Can you tell us your funniest first date and how did you feel thereafter?

What is the biggest turn off with a partner?

What’s your weirdest habit?

What day was your perfect first day or first date and how did go?

Could you tell us your worst date or moment ever?

Do you have any embarrassing fact about yourself?

What you want in your life partner or how many kids you want?

Can you tell us your favorite food or a movie?

What’s your funniest childhood nickname?

What kiss was the worst ever?

What’s your favorite season or sport?

When did have your first kiss and at what age?

Can you remember the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Do you daydream? If yes, then about what?

Want any changes in your body? Which one and why?

What is your biggest weakness and have you tried to overcome it?


Imitate your favorite celebrity.

Send a text to a random person by closing your eyes.

Do the tango with the broom.

Breakdance or stand-up comedy.

Imitate as a monkey or gorilla pounding in the chest or scribbling over their body.

Give a body or foot massage.

Use your elbows to unbuckle your belt.

Ask for a banana from your neighbor.

Brush the teeth of a person sitting next to you.

Belly dance on a country anthem.

Give some expressions.

Using sign language for the next 10 minutes.

Use your toes for updating your Facebook status.

Use your teeth to paint your toenails.

Dirty and Sexy Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

adults playing truth or dares

If you really want to spice up your night, then these truth and dare questions will help you in learning the dirty minds of the participants.

This set of questions is only meant for adults.

Truth Questions

Have you ever tried being unfaithful to your partner?

What is your greatest asset?

What is your greatest pet peeve?

Any special talents you want to share?

What do you love most about your job?

Who is your girl/boy crush?

If there is anything you would want to change about how you look, what would it be?

Now that you’re an adult, who would you want to be?

What is the craziest thing you did with someone from the opposite sex?

Have you ever considered skinny dipping?

Did you ever have a one night stand? If yes, how many?

What’s the most insane idea do you have that you would want to be realized before you die?

Who do you want to give you a lap dance?

What do you find most attractive about a person?

Do you ever watch porno films?

When did you have your best s*xual experience and with whom?

How much longer you had given head?

Do you like group s*x?

What do you think about 3-some?

Would you like to watch your partner having s*x with someone else?

What are your maximum partners at one time?

Where is your favorite body part or place you want to be kissed again and again?

Have you ever had feelings of orgasms?

Would you ever like to give into her butt or want to get in yours?

What’s the longest time spent without s*x?

Slow or rough s*x? Bottom or top?

What is a favorite s*x position?

Want to have anal?

Ever had sex outside or with the same gender?

Ever paid or got paid for s*x?

Have you ever tried making your own s*x video?

Could you tell us your worst sexual experience?

Where is the strangest place where you had s*x?

Ever done role-playing or what is your role-playing fantasy?

Want to have a quiet background or music in the background during s*x?

Swallow or spit?


Do a striptease on the table.

Start riding on your partner with your clothes on.

Lick your partner all the way to their underwear.

Suck nipples of your partner for the next 2 minutes.

Use your teeth and take off your partner’s undergarments.

Keep your hands in the pants of your partner until the next round.

Kiss or bite the booty of your partner.

Start masturbating.

Strip off your clothes and stand outside for 5 minutes.

Tap your nude photo and send to your ex and your partner.

Kiss the person you first come across when you get out of the room.

Perform a dance with the person in the room whom the person chooses.

Wear your panty or brief outside of the pants and put on a cloak and run yelling, “I HAVE SUPERPOWERS!”

Drink all the mixed drinks or liquor.

Exchange a piece of clothing with someone in the room.

Convince someone outside to shout and proclaim that you two just got married.

Call an unknown number and tell them the person on the other line “I am dying. Help me”

Good Truth or Dare Questions for Married Couples

married couple

Do you think that you really well know your partner?

The questions in this section are the best truth and dare questions for all the married couples.

There is a chance that you might learn new things about your partner.

The game is considered one of the best games for the wedding anniversary celebration.

Truth Questions

What’s your spouse’s first impression on you?

Who is the most or least favorite in-law?

When was the ultimate moment when you realized that you are in love with your partner?

Have you ever thought of marrying someone else?

How many kids do you want to have?

Had any relationship before marriage? How many?

What is the most annoying habit of your spouse?

What is the sweetest thing about your spouse?

Where you would be if you had never met your spouse?

What’re the sexiest things about your spouse?

Which body part of your spouse you want to fix?

Any white lie to your partner?

What is the best night or moment with your spouse?

What is your favorite pass time hobbies or activities?

Can you tell us your favorite game that’s taken most of your time?


Do a lap dance with your spouse.

Sing the favorite song of your spouse.

Use your teeth and take your spouse shirt out.

Imitate the best funny habit of your spouse.

Without touching your spouse, turn him/her on.

For the next 15 minutes, act as your spouse’s slave.

Switch your underwear.

Bite the booty or bottom lip of your spouse.

Best Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

kids playing truth or dare

This section includes the questions for truth or dares for kids.

These questions help kids in having fun with each other as well as allow them to make new friends.

These are the best truth or dare questions for the kids birthday parties, summer camps or slumber parties.

Truth Questions

Tell us your favorite food?

What’s your favorite animal?

Who is your favorite teacher?

Could you tell us your most favorite subject?

Your favorite color?

Favorite place?

What is your favorite song?

Tell us about your favorite movie and why you like it?

Who is your favorite singer and where do he/she live?

Who’s your favorite cartoon character?

How about your favorite game?

What’s your favorite vegetable or fruit?

Do you like dancing or singing?

Can you speak in different languages?

What’s your favorite time-pass?

Are you scared of dogs, cats or monsters?

What you want to be when you grow up?

How many family members?


Do silliest singing or dancing.

You have 30 seconds, say the alphabets in backward order.

Imitate an old man or lady.

Do jumping jacks followed by pushups.

Do not blink for a minute.

Spin fast for 10 times and try to walk in straight line afterward.

For 10 seconds, hold your breath.

Do cartwheels or backbend.

Start licking your nose.

Imitate your favorite cartoon character.

Act like a dog or a monkey.

Make a cat or fish face.

Try your elbow.

Take a crayon and paint your toenails.

Truth or Dare Questions For 18+ or College Students?

college students having fun

The best phase of everyone’s life is college life because those nights are filled with drinking games and lots of fun with friends.

To get those nights started, the best game is the truth or dare questions to enjoy a good time with each other.

Truth Questions

Can you tell us your real GPA?

What’s your experience on the first night as your freshman year?

Ever had sex with any of your professors?

Ever blacked out because of drinking?

Craziest thing you have ever done?

Had sex on campus or with the same gender?

When did you start drinking or smoking?

Used a toy for sex?

Wanted to have an orgy?

Longest sex session?

How many times lied to your parents or partner?

What is the nastiest joke you played ever?

What is the worst gift you ever received?

Have you ever peed in a pool?


Keep wearing your clothes and take a shower.

Strip off your clothes and run down the street only in underwear.

Eat a soap or a toilet paper or a raw egg.

Slap the person next to you on their booty.

Lick the foot of a person next to you.

Click a nude photo and send to your ex.

Start licking the floor or the wall.

Spin the bottle and on whomsoever, it lands, you have to strip their clothes off using your teeth.

Raise your shirt/top up and play with your pinky dark nipples or lick them.

Do a cartwheel after taking 2 shots.


And that was it!

These truth or dare questions are also suitable for teens as well because in this modern era, we all now have an open mind and thinking about sex and life.

Although this game can become quite embarrassing, yet it is very interesting and filled with a lot of fun.

So, by and large, if you want to know your friends, partner, kids, and just about anyone in your family circle, then the truth or dare questions is the best game and it is even more interesting when you play it with your male or female friends.

This is because it helps in bringing you closer to them and also in identifying traits or behaviors you’ve never thought of about your friends, kids, or marriage partner.

So what I want you to do right now is first identify your group and pick the best questions to ask.

You can also ask all the questions in the age group you selected.

Also, try to come up with other truths or dares that is not listed here.

So, go out and have fun Today!

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