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Do you have the desire to be the girl whom her boyfriend can’t live without?

Want to be someone whom her man can’t stop praising?

If your answer to the above questions is an emphatic YES!

Then you are in the right place as you’ll soon uncover 21 super effective ways on how to be the best girlfriend ever.

Truth is, no girl would want her man to flirt with other women or get involved in other relationships simultaneously.

You want to be the one and only in your boyfriend’s life and can go at any length to put a smile on his face.

Although it’s not easy to always please him, by following the tips given below, you can pretty well be on the path to be the girl of his dreams.

So, let’s get the ball rolling…

Shall we?

21 Easy Ways To Be a Good and Better Girlfriend

1) Be A Friend First

friends lauging

You must keep in mind that you are in a serious relationship and not just for fun.

You are not in this relationship to roll around in bed. There should be a deep connection between you two.

  • Try to find out when he is down and out.
  • Be beside him whenever he needs a friend.
  • Lend him your shoulder in times of crisis.

He needs to believe in you.

Without a strong belief, no connection is possible at all.

If he is not able to connect with you, there is no chance in hell that he would want to maintain the same closeness with you.

You need to be his companion.

Respect his views, since that’s necessary for a healthy relationship.

2) Give Him Space

Guy in cinema alone

Giving each other proper space is pretty much needed in a relationship. Guys never get attracted to clingy girlfriends.

For them, that’s a major turn-off.

If you keep on texting and calling him continuously, things are bound to go awry.

A good relationship can turn sour within a matter of days. Don’t beg for his attention. You may come across as desperate, and eventually, your boyfriend would want to break free.

You need to trust your man.

That’s the key to being a better girlfriend.

Show him that he has your trust. Live your life as you wish and allow him to lead his life the way he wants. If you try to stop him from doing things he likes, the future of your relationship is likely to be doomed.

3) Be Cordial To His Friends

Couple with friends

A good girlfriend would value her man and his friends as well.

She would never want to enter into a conflict with him or urge her man to choose between his friends and herself.

You need to understand one elementary fact that his friends were an integral part of his life way before you entered into the picture.

Respecting that is necessary if you want to take your relationship in the right direction. His friends might behave childish or foolish in certain situations.

You need to handle that maturely and show that you respect them. Now, you wouldn’t want your man to interfere between you and your friends, would you?

Things are similar when it comes to your boyfriend and his friends.

4) Impress His Friends

Girl with friend

This is a smart way to win over your man. Try to get his friends like you.

Be kind to them first and be rest assured they will be floored with your good behavior.

If you impress them at the first opportunity, there is no chance in hell that your boyfriend would ever want to leave you.

This is because the seal of approval from his buddies would make him proud. Proud to have you in his life. Proud to have you as his prospective life partner.

His friends’ opinion about you would matter to him a lot.

So, don’t disappoint him. If you love him with all your heart, this should be one of your priorities.

5) Cook For Him

couple cooking

There is an old saying – the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

That’s so true!

Of course, you can’t afford to stay in the kitchen all day long.

However, do drop by sometimes to prepare his favorite dish or whip up something yummy. It would hardly matter whether it’s a plain chicken sandwich or just pancakes.

You can also ask him to accompany you, and you two can have real fun while preparing each other’s favorite dishes.

Great times, indeed!

6) Never Make Him Jealous

boyfriend jealous

This is given.

A good girlfriend is an ever-faithful one, and that’s beyond doubt.

Irrespective of whether you are the hottest girl around or you make other men go down on their knees, you need to let your guy know that come what may, he can trust you blindly.

You need to give him the assurance that he is the only man in your life and will always be.

Give him all your attention and refrain from flirting with other men.

If he believes that he is the one for you, he would be loyal to you. Jealousy harms a relationship, and this fact has been proven many a time.

7) Put Your Trust In Him

trusting couple

As discussed before, you need to give ample space. You need to make him believe that you trust him.

If you start throwing questions at him and irritate him by trying to know his whereabouts all the time, you’ll only make him feel trapped.

Would that be good for your relationship?

Wouldn’t your guy want to step out of the cage he feels he is in?

Don’t end up being possessive. Caring about your boyfriend is fine and normal. However, when you overdo, it becomes detrimental to the relationship you two share.

A good girlfriend knows how to trust her man, but when that trust gets broken somehow, she knows how to set limitations wherever and whenever necessary. Period.

8) Try To Acquire A Pleasant Personality

Couple pleasing themselven

A pleasing personality is enough to attract someone towards you. A negative attitude doesn’t. Negativity is bound to create a distance between you and the person you love.

If you are asking how to be a great girlfriend, you are advised to keep a calm, serene, and pleasing demeanor.

That’s almost always going to work in your favor.

Your man will always want to be around you and spend some more time in your company.

Moreover, he would love to reciprocate and try to please you back. In the end, it’s your gain.

9) Don’t Nag

Lady Nagging

Yes, he can frustrate you with his kiddish behavior and can irritate you with his messy nature.

But, that doesn’t at all mean you have to be harsh at him all the time and get fired up at the drop of a hat. Even if you want to nag, there is a constructive way to do it.

Avoid raising your voice.

Choose to convey your point in a soft and sometimes, in a seductive tone.

That would definitely have a positive effect on him. Let your concern be known pleasantly and see him change in due course.

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10) Learn To Listen

Lady listening attentively

If your man has gone through a rough day and wants to go on and on, allow him to do so.

Realizing that he is going through a dangerous phase is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.

If you want to know how to be the best girlfriend, then remember that you need to be a good listener first.

Proper communication between partners is key. Know when to listen and when to put your points forward.

Your man might have a lot to say and share and he may expect you to listen attentively.

If you don’t have the patience to pay heed to how he is feeling, then the relationship is not worth it.

11) Don’t Fight At Every Instance

Couple fighting

Don’t argue and fight over trivial issues.

You surely wouldn’t want to ruin a good relationship by picking up fights on the small stuff. That would be a foolish thing to do.

You will be ending something nice with your own hands.

Realize your priorities and learn what’s worth fighting over.

With that being said, you also need to know when to stop.

That’s far more important. A small fight can escalate to higher levels and destroy everything you might have worked so hard for.

12) Physical Chemistry Means A Lot

Couples making out

Physical intimacy is essential for any relationship to succeed. It is an integral part. You need to ensure that he enjoys being in your arms.

Make him feel great in bed and see to it that he enjoys it as much as you do.

In case he is not able to satisfy you somehow, then don’t shy away from conveying it to him.

Communicating with each other in bed can lead to significant physical chemistry.

13) Appreciate Him

Lady being appreciative

If he does something special for you, never forget to appreciate him.

Seek out ways to show and let him know that you appreciate everything he has done for you in this relationship.

Aside from that, make him aware that you value him and love all the small gestures he makes in making you happy.

This small token of appreciation from you would instill more confidence in him and would really make him feel great.

14) Tell Him That He’s Special

Lady talking to her man

You need to make him feel special.

Simple things like texting him at the end of the day, spending quality time together on weekends, making an extra effort to see a smile on his face, can do the trick.

He would know that you love him truly and he means a lot to you.

Just as you’d always want him to spice up things in your life, he too has certain expectations from you.

Never fail to make him feel loved.

15) Try To Feed His Ego

Lady complimenting her man

It’s not a hidden fact that men do love women who stroke their egos.

That said, even though men have a rough and tough outer appearance, they all are a bit insecure from the inside.

If you boost his ego, he won’t get inclined to other women.

That’s the golden rule of how to be a better girlfriend.

Make sure that he feels attractive.

Compliment him from time to time. However, don’t sound fake.

16) Let Him Take Control Of The Relationship

Boyfriend taking the lead

Men love to have the steering in their own hands. That’s an inherent characteristic they possess.

If they want to be on the driver’s seat, allow him.

Make him feel important by asking for his suggestions and opinion about certain things concerning your relationship.

Be open to what he has to say. Try not to oppose every single time. If you let him take care of you, that indeed would be the icing on the cake.

17) Be Confident

Confident lady

Immense self-confidence is the best ornament that a woman can ever have. For men, that’s a turn on. Never allow your insecurities get the better of you.

That would be enough to attract your man towards you and make him proud of having you in his life.

Believe it or not, this is what makes a good girlfriend.

Men find self-confident women hot and there isn’t an inch of doubt about it.

18) Be Completely Honest With Him

Lady telling lies

Remember, a man hates a woman who tells lies.

If you lie to him on petty stuff, how would he trust that you wouldn’t lie to him on issues that are bigger and more serious?

Would you like to have a man in your life who would lie to you at every single opportunity?

Be that girl who wouldn’t allow her man’s trust to be broken at any cost.

Trust issues are detrimental to even the healthiest of relationships.

19) Don’t Take Him For Granted

Man taking for granted


Never do that. That’s probably the worst thing you can do to your relationship. You have no idea how bad a man feels when he is taken for granted.

You might think that’s normal and is going to happen every single time.


He’s likely to blow up any day, and you’ll be the only person to be blamed.

Before your relationship crumbles, make him realize his worth in your life.

Shower your love on him as much as you can.

20) Help Him Break His Limitations

Couple holding hands

Your man is surrounded by folks who discourage him from going beyond his limits and break free from the confusion he has experienced previously.

Cheer him up and inspire him to reach the pinnacle and even if that requires that he breaks some barriers, so be it.

Help him to realize his real potential. As a future life-partner, that’s your responsibility. This is a super fantastic way of being an even better girlfriend.

21) Refrain from Bringing Back Things From The Past

Couple in disagreement

Stop digging up things from the past and adding fuel to the fire.

When you are having an argument with your boyfriend, bringing back specific issues is very inappropriate.

If you really have the desire to make your relationship grow stronger, then let bygones be bygones.

The more you dwell on the past, the worse it will be. Being a good girlfriend is easy only if you have an honest desire to be one.

I have no doubt that these tips will help you become a great girlfriend and win your man’s heart ONLY if you follow them to a tee.

Do keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make things straight and make your boyfriend realize that you are the best girl he could ever have in his lifetime.

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