151 Funny Conversation Starters

Funny Conversation Starters

Do you draw a blank whenever you think of striking up a conversation with someone?

Yes, sometimes it might seem like an uphill task to kick off a discussion with an acquaintance or even someone you know.

The art of initiating a meaningful conversation is unknown to many and has a significant contribution to any kind of relationship.

A consequential discussion is the root of any successful relationship.

To this end, I’ve come up with 151 funny conversation starters and some worthwhile tips on how to start a good conversation.

So are you ready to get super pumped?

If so, let’s get started right away…

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What Will I Learn?

151 Funny Questions to Start a Conversation

guy girl having conversation

I’ve grouped the conversation starters into 8 different categories so it’ll be easier for you to slide through and get the most value out of them.

So let’s get started with the first one…

1) What’s the one thing you enjoy doing the most with your friends?

This particular question can bring any individual into the right frame of mind and can make his or her mood upbeat.

Who doesn’t want to have a whale of a time with people who are close to their hearts?

Just give them a feeling that you are too keen to know their favorite pastime.

This will surely give them a positive feeling and bring them into their comfort zone.

Responding to your question will be a cakewalk for them.

This is indeed one of the best conversation starters.

2) What is the name of the movie you loved to watch as a kid?

Childhood is undoubtedly the best part of an individual’s life. Some incidents from childhood fill you with nostalgia.

For example, there must be that one special movie you loved to watch over and over again when you were a kid.

Getting your hands on that old DVD and watching it whenever possible is bound to give you goosebumps and take you down memory lane.

Such a question would give the other individual a fantastic opportunity to discuss something which they are very fond of.

3) What’s your take on the internet?

The Internet has a massive impact on an individual’s day-to-day life, and there is no second opinion about it.

While the internet has a lot of advantages, there is a negative side too.

Asking someone about his or her opinion of the internet is a witty way to kick off a conversation.

A person’s take on this would help you picture his or her thought process.

5) How do you spend your time when you are not working?

What individuals love to do in their leisure time speaks volumes about their character.

This is definitely one of the good conversation starters since this works really well for everyone.

It is an easy topic to talk about and will help in easing out any kind of discomfort between you two that might be persisting.

So, try this one out today!

6) If you have the option for an all-expenses-paid trip and wish to visit any famous world monument, which would it be?

Would they wish to travel locally or go global?

There are a lot of landmarks and monuments within the country as well as beyond the borders.

Their preferences would tell you a lot about where their interests lie and of course, what kind of individual he or she is.

This is indeed one of the best conversation starters which are widely acclaimed.

7) Apart from reading and watching tv, what indoor activity do you fancy?

What do they love doing on a day when no one else is around?

How would they love to spend a rainy day?

The answers will give you a clear knowledge about what kind of person you are talking to.

Moreover, you might derive inspiration as well to choose a new hobby for yourself.

Quite exciting, isn’t it?

8) Fashionable or comfortable clothing, what would be your choice?

This is actually a pretty straightforward question and the person shouldn’t have any difficulty answering it.

You would gain a good amount of knowledge about an individual’s priorities.

What is more essential – feeling fabulous or looking fabulous?

That’s an important step towards knowing a person closely.

9) If there is only one restaurant that you can eat from for the rest of your life, which one would that be?

Food is a fantastic topic when you need to strike up a conversation.

You guys can have a great time discussing the eaters available in your locality and who knows, you might discover a new one you previously weren’t aware of.

Also, you two can even go ahead and try out some great cuisine there.

This is one of the great conversation starters.

10) If you want people to call you by a certain nickname for the remaining part of your life, what would it be?

An individual’s nickname or title is enough to change what the world thinks about him or her.

People’s perceptions play a key role in their lives and might some of the time, shape or change their destinies as well.

Nickname preference reflects an individual’s humorous or serious side of his or character.

These are indeed funny conversation starters.

11) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Does the person believe in that or just prefer to hit the bed late and believe in enjoying the nightlife?

This too would give you an insight into their daily routine and make you aware of their priorities.

12) If you wish to go on a cross-country trip with an eminent personality, dead or alive, who would that be?

This is one of the great conversation starters.

You guys can simply go on and on.

You can discuss what makes them choose that individual, what they did in their career or lifetime, what they learned from them, and how they get inspired by such personalities.

A cool way to know each other.

13) In your opinion, what’s the world’s most incredible job?

This is a very witty question and one of the best questions to start a conversation.

You would get to know whether their world revolves around money or they get motivated by helping others in need.

Do they love raking in money for their hobbies, or keep they would prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate?

14) What is the most annoying job, in your opinion?

Tough jobs are aplenty, but still, you ought to do them at any cost.

Answers to this question can help you realize what kind of job they hate doing from the heart.

It can also give you two concrete perspectives about each other, society, and your surroundings as a whole.

15) What is that activity that doesn’t seem cool to you?

There are a lot of activities that don’t seem to catch the fancy of many and different individuals have different tastes.

Knowing about their dislikes will tell you what kind of person you are interacting with.

Plus, you would be able to avoid things that annoy them.

16) If you ever travel back 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything, will you be able to prove that you belong to the future?

This question requires a creative answer and can really bring forth the creative side of the individual.

Of course, everyone will require some amount of wit as well.

Surely, one of the fun conversation starters.

17) If animals were as witty as human beings, which animal would be uniquely eligible for which job?

Imagining animals as an integral part of our lives is rather hilarious.

Moreover, assigning them a particular job and visualizing them doing it will leave you guys in splits.

Try this out!

After all, there are very fewer topics on the planet that people can bond on, and this one is surely one of them.

18) If you want to have your name after a city, state, or country, which one would you desire to have?


This is a witty one.

The person might have to ponder on it for a while before coming up with an answer.

The reply can be quite interesting since that could lead to you guys having a brand new nickname which may sound either cool or funny.

Want to try?

19) Which is the strongest country in the world and why?

The world is a unique place and each and every country on this planet fascinates people in one way or the other.

It’s tough to point out any single country here, but there will be a lot of thinking to do.

Give the person some time to figure this one out and answer which culture seems a bit bizarre.

Intriguing stuff!

20) Fire or water? Which one would be able to control?

This is tricky.

You can continue with this conversation by taking part in it and volunteering to control either of the elements.

Find out what the other person thinks about it?

A reply would make you aware of whether the individual is hot-headed or have a cool mentality.

You could also argue about who would emerge as the winner in the battle of the two.

21) Time, space, spacetime?

This is not a regular question.

However, the answers can be really intriguing as well as overwhelming.

It is absolutely, one of the deep conversation starters that one can come across.

22) What’s that cheesy pick-up line that you really love?

Cheesy pick-up lines are many and a few of them can really freak you out.

They can sound terrible but can make you laugh like hell.

Ask the person about the one that really catches his fancy.

A laugh riot might be in the offing.

23) Who, in your opinion, is the worst person to get stuck within an elevator?

This one doesn’t necessarily need to involve only a person who is alive.

You can expand the discussion by including someone who is dead too.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to bring dead people back to life just for the sake of entering an elevator?

Ok, maybe not funny, but just for the discussion, you can try this.

24) If you had the ability to break a world record what would it be?

World records are aplenty and choosing any one of them is not a cakewalk.

Well, as you might have heard from the elders that nothing is impossible in this world if you believe in yourself.

Ask the person which is that one world record that he or she thinks they are potent enough to break.

You too can join in the conversation and make the discussion all the more interesting.

25) If one day you are asked to serve as the mayor of your city, would you accept the offer?

The individual needs to contemplate a lot before answering this. With great power, comes greater responsibility.

This is not just a statement.

Ask whether he or she is ready to handle whatever responsibilities come their way and handle them with elan.

A reply in the affirmative would tell you how responsible they are as human beings.

15 Hilarious Conversation Starters With A Girl

Guy conversing with a girl

The following are some of the best questions to ask a girl to kickstart a wonderful conversation.

1) What’s your favorite activity on a rainy day?

A rainy day has its own charm and you guys surely have an activity up your sleeve that you love doing the most when it’s raining.

Some people love to find their own space with a book in hand while some love to have a hot piping cuppa while looking out of their windows.

Find out what she loves to and you would easily get to know where her tastes lie.

2) Coffee or tea?

What does she like more?

Or is there any other beverage that she loves?

Either way, you get to know where should you head when you guys are out on a date.

This is one of the fun conversation starters.

3) Is fashion important?

Some people have a tremendous affinity towards fashion, while for some it’s nothing more than a hassle.

Does the girl love trying new and trendy outfits or does she hate dressing up? It is one of the initial steps you take when you are out to know the person you are interacting with.

4) If you were eligible for a full scholarship to an esteemed university, what course would you study?

Different people have different passions and some are very particular about their studies.

This is definitely a good way to start a conversation.

You would be able to realize where her true passions lie.

Aside from that, you would also get to know how much interested she is in education.

5) If you are given a choice to escape, which is that place that would make you happy?

This question can improve the bond you two share.

There must be a reason why she would choose a particular place.

Who knows, you guys might have the same preference.

What could be better than spending a few good moments there together?

Even if your choices don’t match, you might add it to the list for your own escapades.

6) What animal resembles your spirit?

It might be a silly question to ask, but the answer might be quite intriguing and you could very well get an idea of what opinion does the girl to have about herself.

In fact, there is a heaven and hell of a difference between a snake and a lion, isn’t it?

Plus, it seems to be an appropriate question to kick off a conversation.

7) Do you think age plays a huge role in a relationship, or it’s nothing but a number?

Of course, there is a limit to the age difference between two people in a relationship.

But find out what limits has she set for herself. Is she interested in dating an individual who is young or a bit older?

A smart way to understand what she wants in life.

You can keep your points on the table to make the conversation more interesting.

8) How important is a family?

The relationship an individual has with their family speaks volumes about their character.

Having said that, don’t judge anyone in haste.

If she is not having a strong connection with her family, there can be some valid reasons behind that. [/perfectpullquote]

If possible, find out the reason.

But, if she is not too keen on discussing it, just let it be.

There is no need to pester her.

9) What’s that activity that soothes you down?

There are a hell lot of activities that can prove to be a calming factor in your life. Find out what she has resorted to.

She might find peace in knitting, singing, dancing, reading, doing yoga, or something else.

You could also join in and give her company from time to time.

That way, you would also get to learn something new and utilize your own time.

10) Who you are you closer to; mom or dad?

This invariably is one of the random conversation starters and an excellent way to know more about the girl’s family.

However, if in any case, she has lost one of them, try not to get much deeper.

Pacify her if needed.

11) What’s that childhood memory you still are fond of?

This question is bound to give her all the warmth she requires.

Childhood is the best phase of someone’s life and recalling some good moments from that phase of your life is actually heart-warming.

Asking her about her childhood would take her on a trip down memory lane and she would automatically become more comfortable conversing with you.

12) Have you ever been on a blind date?

The reply to this can be hilarious as well as a bit traumatic.

Get to know who the person is and what was her date like.

In addition to that, you would also get some idea about what to do and what not to do on a blind date if you ever go for one.

13) Did your first date turn out to be a nightmare? Why?

Get ready for a laugh riot or a horror story.

That would be a learning experience for you and you would know how to avoid the same mistakes.

Try not to tread on the same path.

This is one of the greatest questions to start a conversation.

14) What’s the best dessert in your opinion?

This seems to be a ‘tasty’ question, isn’t it?

Get to know her taste buds and which post-dinner sweet dish she fancies.

Is that a dessert you have never tried and now wish to pamper yourself with it?

Well, a nice way to bond with each other.

15) What’s your pastime activity when you are unwell?

Note each and every point religiously.

Pay heed to what she likes and dislikes when she has a high fever or any other kind of sickness.

In order to win some brownie points in this case, take into count all the stuff you need to do to perk her up instantly.

Be attentive.

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15 Fun Conversation Starters With A Guy

Guy talking to girl

1) Which personality in history do you adore and respect the most?

This is a fascinating conversation starter.

Asking this question to a guy will let you know whether he has an inclination towards a war general or an activist.

All in all, his reply would reflect his taste in history.

Of course, the guy has to have a thorough knowledge of historical personalities.

Don’t be quick to judge him as he might have his own reasons.

2) What movie universe would you like to live in?


Now, there are a hell lot of settings to opt from.

A matrix-style simulation or an intergalactic space colony?

Ask him what does he prefer more?

Irrespective of whether you are aware or not, his tastes here would matter a lot.

3) What’s your dream car?

This is one of the best conversation starters that you can come up with. Guys have a thing or two for cars, especially sports cars.

Ask them about their dream ride and they would come up with a list that might overwhelm you.

Adjust and get to know what their preferences are.

Good luck!

4) Scotch or beer?

Here you are at it again!

Guys can’t resist answering these questions and you can be sure of having the best answers.

Alcohol is surely the stuff that men have great times with and once you come to know about what they prefer, you know how to impress them in the toughest of situations.

Just hold on and listen to what they have to say.

5) What’s your favorite sport?

This is definitely among the great conversation starters. Sports is one topic that is close to any man’s heart.

The conversation can also lead to a massive debate.

However, there is probably no better topic if you want to hit it off from the word go.

6) Dc or marvel?

You have touched the right string yet again!

The roots lie in their childhood.

In case you two have contrasting views, you can stretch the topic further by incorporating your points and also have a healthy debate on the topic.

7) If you have the option of being immortal, would you take it?

Living on this planet for eternity is no good and has its loopholes.

If you never die, there is a high chance that you might get stuck in a place for an infinite time.

Aside from an endless life, you wouldn’t possess any other superpower.

So, let him think deeply and then reply to this.

8) Which movie character is your favorite and why?

Everyone has one movie character which they adore and idolize.

It’s Superman, Batman, or Spiderman for many.

What’s his pick?

Quite a fascinating topic to discuss on.

9) What has been the most precarious situation he has ever been in?

This discussion is bound to be intriguing and long.

When did he feel vulnerable and insecure?

What did he do to get himself out of that situation?

You, too, can get an idea about what to do if you ever find yourself entangled in similar circumstances.

10) If you are asked to talk impromptu on a topic, what topic would it be?

Is speaking on random topics his expertise?

Or would he be shy enough to back out?

Does he have great oratory skills?

You can find that out.

Give him a topic and ask him to deliver something on it impromptu.

Discuss what you would have done in that identical situation.

It’s gonna be fun.

11) If you could be a master of a particular skill, what would that be?

The possibilities here are infinite.

You can also add some more charm to the discussion by adding superhuman skills.

It is one of the fun conversation starters that you can come up with while trying to initiate a discussion with a guy.

12) Do you have any collections?

A number of people love to collect something or the other. It’s a passion for many.

An individual’s collections speak volumes about their choices and interests and reveal a lot about what they actually prefer in their lives.

It’s surely going to be a great topic to discuss on.

13) Do you believe in anything paranormal?

Have You Experienced Any?

Paranormal experiences are really scary, aren’t they?

Ask him if he ever had an experience so scary that he has been unable to explain.

Tell him to be honest and relate whatever he had gone through. It would give you an eerie feeling, but who cares?

After all how many topics on this earth are as conjuring and tantalizing as a spooky story?

14) Star wars or star trek?

Ask him about his favorite space franchise.

Arguments may heat up the conversation, but it’s absolutely worth if you want to know the guy from close.

Don’t be impatient.

15) Who is your favorite sportsperson?

As discussed before, guys are avid sports lovers.

Be it soccer, basketball, or baseball, they have always been inspired by individuals who have attained many a feat in their sports careers.

The discussion on this particular topic might go on and on.

Here is also a full list of good questions to ask a guy to spark up a great conversation.

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13 Funny Conversation Starters For Couples

Couple having conversation

1) Do you dream?

Dreams are sometimes bewitching, sometimes frightening.

They can reveal what actually goes in a person’s mind.

Discussing dreams might lead to other conversations regarding what your partner has been thinking.

A great way to know each other more deeply.

2) What was your last dream?

As a follow-up to the previous question, this one is really effective.

You can also fathom whether your partner’s mind is generally ruled by positive or negative factors.

3) What actually goes on in your mind when you return home from work?

A relationship is all about caring for each other.

If you ask your woman what goes on in her mind while returning home from her workplace, she would realize how much you care about her.

This will, of course, bring you two close to each other.

4) What accomplishments make you swell with pride?

Who doesn’t love to beat their own drums?

Don’t say you don’t.

Just provide her with a platform and an opportunity to talk proudly about her achievements.

That would surely bring a smile to her face and make her happy.

5) What is your greatest hope?

A few people are comfortable discussing their dreams and hopes, and if your partner has no qualms about sharing them with you, do know that she considers you special.

Moreover, if you show interest in their dreams and hopes, they would realize that you are really serious about your relationship.

6) What’s the best thing that your boyfriend can do to make you feel Important And Special?

Though it might seem a pretty simple question, in reality, it’s not.

As a fact, this one can prove to be the stepping stone towards having a great relationship.

Just be attentive and note down everything she has said.

Without wasting much time, start applying them if you want to win her heart.

7) What kind of physical affection do you prefer?

You must know this in order to get really close to her. Don’t take the wrong step.

Otherwise, everything might go topsy-turvy.

So, without guessing much or relying on other sources, listen from the horse’s mouth.

8) Do you know which is the one quality in that attracts me the most?

This is one good conversation starter.

She will be glad to know that you find her attractive and would work in your favor.

If she gives the right answer, it’s fabulous.

In case she is wrong, let her know what attracts you to her the most.

In either case, you are going to lose nothing.

9) If you could pass one talent on to your children, which one would it be?

Parents do tend to pin their hopes and dreams on their kids.

Ask your partner what kind of dreams and hopes she wish her children would fulfill.

Also, she must have set some goals for herself as well. Find that out.

10) What’s that one word you would love to use to describe the first kiss we shared?

You can surely hope for ‘enchanting,’ ‘captivating,’ ‘magical,’ ‘tempting,’ ‘enticing,’ and words like that.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to hear something along the lines of ‘horrifying’, would you?

11) What’s the earliest memory in your life that’s still fresh in your mind?

As you grow up, memories from childhood and adolescence become hazy.

But, it’s always great if you remember that one incident that still brings a smile to your face whenever you recall it.[/perfectpullquote]

Try to find out what’s the earliest incident that she remembers fondly today.

A fantastic way to strengthen your bond.

12) What’s that one factor in our relationship that makes it better than other relationships?

A relationship becomes strong owing to several factors.

Let her point those out that have the two of you going steady.

If they match with yours, you two have the perfect compatibility.

Check it out for yourself.

13) Out of Stability or Spontaneity, which one would you pick?

Her reply is bound to reveal plenty about her, her character, her motivations, her goals, and her future objectives too.

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16 Fun Conversation Starters for Teens

Teens conversing

1) If your clones fill up the world, what would it be like?

Do you want to see yourself in large numbers, or would you get bored and sick of seeing the same old you just after the fourth or fifth clone?

You can get to know if he or she is too obsessed with himself or herself.

Which is cooler?

Being a toddler or a teenager?

Returning to my childhood days and recalling the fond memories would bring in a lot of nostalgia.

Being a kid was always fun as you didn’t have to shoulder any responsibilities or worry about the future.

To many, though, being a teenager is better with those flannel shirts, washed jeans, and of course, those cool shades.

2) If you had the option of having your own reality show on television, what would that be all about?

This is indeed one of the great conversation starters and a damn good opportunity to showcase creativity.

You can pick out a few hilarious points from several popular reality shows and shape up your own.

Just try to imagine how things will fall into place. Funny, isn’t it?

3) If you get involved in a witness protection program, what do you think your new name would be?

The options here are beyond limits and of course entertaining.

There is also a good chance of imagining the place of your dreams where you can settle down for a perfect life and start everything all over again.

4) Which one of the seven dwarfs do you resemble the most?

Are you always feeling sleepy, hungry, sad, or happy?

Choose a dwarf with whom you can identify yourself the most.

This is quite a good one among the funny conversation starters.

5) What’s the best wi-fi name you have seen in recent times?

This one is on the lines of the witness protection program, but this one is not about your imagination.

Rather, your reply will be based on your real-life experience.

Many of you keep a weird, cool, or amusing name for your wi-fi.

You can also reach a crowded area and try to find out which wi-fi name comes up as the best.

6) If you were a candy bar, which one would you prefer to be?

Are you sweet as caramel, nutty like Smackers, or somewhat crispy like Kit-Kat?

You are surely going to get some really hilarious answers.

A perfect conversation starter with teenagers.

Try this out.

It works!

7) How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Almost everyone loves to imagine they are the last surviving person in zombie movies.

But how long do you think you would survive?

This discussion can lead to a debate of sorts, and you may form groups to reach a mutual consensus on who would survive for the longest time.

This is truly one of the fun conversation starters.

8) Which weapon is your favorite?

How would you shield yourself if the zombies were slowly progressing toward you?

The majority of people would like to choose grenade launchers or semi-automatics for defense.

But wouldn’t you love imagining yourself as a knight in shining armor with a majestic sword to wield?

9) What do you prefer more; social media sites/apps or a movie/tv show?

Social Media is a phenomenon and has brought several changes in people’s lives.

People nowadays are glued to various social media sites and apps.

But what would your teenage conversation partner prefer?

Surfing through social media or catching their favorite television show or movie?

Expect some interesting answers.

10) If you wish to have dinner with any person, currently alive, who would it be?

Of course, this is a bit personal and might seem a little intrusive, but this is a fun way to interact with teenagers.

Expect some interesting answers.

You will get to know who, according to them, is the most interesting and charming person alive.

11) If you had an extra $1000, how would you love to spend it on yourself?

Who wouldn’t love to have an extra $1000 in his kitty?

The replies to this can be quite intriguing and can range from being genuine to hilarious.

Find out whether they would pay their debts, buy a new book, or lay their hands on a new gaming system.

12) Would you live in a magical world?

The world is a really beautiful place.

However, have you ever thought of how things would be like if there is magic in it?

Here is the opportunity for every teenager to imagine themselves in their favorite fantasy show or book.

It will be really fun, considering the consequences.

13) If you could lay your hands on one thousand acres of land, what would you do with it?

Have you ever dreamt of being a cowboy?

Or a farmer?

Or having a top-secret base built for your secret intentions?

Whatever might be the case, having one thousand acres of land under your belt is more than just awesome!

14) If you can hack into one system, whose computer would it be?

Who is that guy whose secrets you wish you knew?

The teenager might choose the most powerful people in his opinion, like some well-known politicians or diplomats.

The probability of them wishing to hack into their ex’s system is also quite high.

In either case, the replies are ought to be quite entertaining.

15) If you had the option to stick to a certain age, what age would it be?

Would you like to be a teenager for your whole life?

This will surely lead to an interesting discussion as you might get to explore various possibilities and benefits of a certain age group.

You can also discuss old memories that can perk you up.

16) What would you choose? A dream house in an average location? Or an average house in a dream location?

Selecting a place to reside is not an easy job at all.

But teenage people do have certain dreams to fulfill when they grow up, and a dream house is one of them.

Different people have different priorities in life, and many imagine themselves living a peaceful life in their dream location.

For instance, what could get better than having a small and cozy nest amidst the serenity of the majestic?

The Himalayas or the mighty Alps.

It all depends on your thought process.

Find out what the guy has to say.

14 Deep Conversation Starters

Deep conversation

1) Which skill do you think people should take more time to learn?

Which is that skill that can benefit you and is quite rewarding?

Taking the conversation deeper, you can ask, which skill, in your opinion, would benefit society and contribute something to it?

This can truly be one of the best deep conversation starters that one can start with.

2) What, according to you, is a complete waste of time?

You all do certain things that never benefit you in any way.

To rephrase it, most of your daily activities aren’t productive.

However, if you derive pleasure from doing them, is it harmful or bad?

A debate might be in the offing as you and your conversation partner can bring forth some valid points in support of it or against it.

3) Which is the thing you think should always be free in life?

What is that primary and essential thing in life that should come free of cost?

Is it Food, Water, or Shelter?

This question demands an in-depth discussion about the ways of society.

Aside from that, you guys can also discuss the various aspects of being a part of the human race.

This can prove to be one of the best questions to start a conversation.

4) What is that thing which can never be taught and can only be learned?

Some things in life come with the experience that you go through.

They can never be taught unless and until you go through it at least once in your lifetime.

A deep conversation can open new doors and help garner a different perspective on life.

You can also discuss your experiences and learn a few things about the other person’s first-hand encounters.

5) What’s being accepted by society but shouldn’t be?

Times are changing, and society is becoming more lenient.

Certain things were considered taboo previously but are now accepted with open arms.

However, there are a few stuff among them that shouldn’t have been prevalent.

This shift in social norms might affect an individual and society.

Things that might have a negative effect should never be accepted.

6) What’s the one job you think computer machines can never perform?

With the advent of artificial intelligence, many jobs are easily being performed by computers or machines.

  • But is there any task that a computer or in fact, a machine can never execute?
  • Is there a job that will require a human touch till the end of time?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence rule the world so humans wouldn’t be needed anywhere?
  • If that happens, would it be good for the human race?

This is one of the best conversation starters.

7) Who is that person you compare yourself to?

When you compare yourself to someone, it means that you sort of idolize him or her.

You try to be like them.

The kind of person you choose to compare yourself with will throw some light on who you are.

The same applies to your conversation partner.

Admiring or idolizing someone speaks volumes about what kind of a person you are, what kind of priorities you have in life, and who you want to be.

8) Is there anything that you simply loved and enjoyed doing but had to stop it?

One thing that’s constant forever is change.

People don’t stay the same as they grow up.

Their choices change and so do their priorities.

Sometimes, people surrender their hopes and dreams of pursuing a life of their choice but are forced to do something else.

This conversation can get tough and might make you guys emotional.

However, it might usher in positivity.

You need to motivate your conversation partner and not judge them.

9) Do you believe in having many friends or a few close ones?

Try to find out whether the individual loves to hang around with a host of best friends.

Have they ever felt deprived in times of need with no one around to lend a shoulder?

Or do they believe in having a close network of friends and standing beside each other in times of need?

Emotions are bound to run high in this one.

10) Have you ever felt out of place anywhere?

Some people feel awkward whenever they go to a new place.

A few of them do have the capacity to mingle with others and befriend people.

But the majority feel awkward amongst people whom they never knew.

Starting a conversation with unknown people seems weird to them, and they remain searching for an opportunity to sneak out of that place.

Ask your conversation partner if they had the same experience and how they adjusted.

11) Who or what, according to you, is humanity’s biggest enemy

The human race is fragile and prone to changes that happen from time to time.

Sometimes, the changes have a negative impact and harm mankind.

Find out who or what has been the main cause behind the deterioration of human values and what has been detrimental to society.

One of the random conversation starters this might prove to be.

12) What does love mean to you?

Love is not easy to define, and it differs for different people.

To some, love is all about sacrifice, while many consider love as a synonym for sharing.

It all depends on an individual’s personal experience.

With that being considered, ask your conversation partner what they think about love.

Their reply would give you insight into what kind of a person they are emotional.

13) What or who would you sacrifice your life for?

It’s very tough to choose something or someone more important than you.

People love themselves the most, and sacrificing your life for someone is not a cakewalk.

Ask the person the maximum distance they can travel for the most valuable thing or person in their life.

14) Are you a realist, an optimist, or a realist?

If your conversation partner is a realist, they have had an ensemble of personal experiences, positive or negative,  that they have learned from.

They have a practical approach to life. If they are optimists, then they tend to look at all things with a positive frame of mind.

Pessimism is all about considering everything from a negative viewpoint.

This might lead to an interesting discussion, and you might as well learn how the person loves to look at the world.

15 Funny Conversation Starters With Your Crush

guy talking o crush

Here are the best 15 questions to ask your crush to get a conversation flowing and flowing in the right direction.

1) What are your interests?

This is one of the random conversation starters when you are with your crush.

Asking them about their interests will lead to a perfect and interesting discussion.

Moreover, you will get to know where their interests lie and use all the knowledge you gather to your advantage.

It’s as simple as that.

If you guys have any common interests, it can’t get better than that, as you can get involved together.

2) What’s that quality you like and dislike in a person?

Again, it’s a very powerful conversation starter, and replies to this might spring up a few surprises.

But overall, you will know what to do and what not to do to be in the good books of your crush.

You just need to abide by the list and nothing else.

3) Would you like to share some of your life’s secrets?

If your crush is ready to share their life’s secrets with you, be rest assured that they consider you as an integral part of their life and that’s good news.

In case they feel a little uncomfortable while discussing their personal life, it implies that you have to work a little hard to garner their trust.

Don’t lose patience. Perseverance is all that matters here.

4) What’s your favorite movie?

This is a really interesting topic to discuss and can break the ice between you two.

Being one of the random conversation starters, you two can talk at length about the new releases and your favorite classics.

You can also invite your crush over, and you two can watch her favorite movie.

That will be a nice gesture on your part, and she will be damn impressed.

5) What’s your favorite book and author?

If your crush is also a book lover like you, you guys are a pair made in heaven, and there should be no better place to date than a library.

Ask your crush about their favorite author and books.

That will inform you about their tastes in books and their character.

They might incline toward love stories or might be a bit obsessed with science fiction.

Gift her the book they have been waiting to lay her hands on for a long time.

You can win them over with that.

6) What’s your favorite hangout joint?

Find out what’s your crush’s favorite hangout joint and take her out on a date there.

It will also put some light on what kind of food your crush has a liking for, and if you have some common tastes in food, both of you can have a whale of time gorging on that delicious platter.

However, you might have different tastes too.

For instance, she might have a thing for Chinese, while you might love Italian more.

Try to garner some basic details about your crush to come a little closer to them and strengthen the relationship.

7) What’s your favorite holiday spot?

This will lead to quite an exciting discussion, especially if both of you have a knack for traveling and exploring new places.

Your crush’s favorite travel destination would help you see the world from her perspective.

Travel conversations can reflect an individual’s lifestyle.

8) Say something about your family

This discussion can go on for several hours.

Family is emotion, and to the maximum number of people, there is nothing more valuable than their near and dear ones.

Two or more hours can easily pass as you guys discuss all the beloved members of your family.

You can join the discussion by sharing some sweet moments with your family.

9) What’s more interesting? Sports or politics?

You can do a little bit of research beforehand from your crush’s social media accounts or your common friends.

If you focus on your crush’s favorite topic, they will be all ears when you discuss yours, and healthy debate can follow.

If your luck favors you, you guys might end up discussing this topic for a pretty long time, and you will be getting ample opportunity to spend some quality time with your crush.

10) What’s the greatest tv show of all time?

Several shows on TV have caught the fancy of people for decades.

Find out if your choice matches your crush.

11) Unlimited love or money?

Find out what’s more in your crush’s life.

The reply will, of course, reveal how he or she thinks about the world.

12) What are your life goals?

Discussing life goals would give you a clear picture of how focused your crush is, in life.

13) Is there something from the past that you wish would never happen again?

Everyone has a past with either sweet or bad memories attached to it.

If your crush has no qualms discussing them with you, they are quite comfortable with you, and that’s a plus point.

14) What’s your idea of a perfect life partner?

An answer would tell you about every quality your crush is looking for in a life partner.

Utilize that to your best.

15) What are your marriage plans?

You would get to know if your crush has someone special in their life.

You can chart your way accordingly.

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Happy couple laughing
Hidden Content

10 Funny Conversation Starters For Kids

Kids conversing

1) What’s that dream that you have had recently that you would never forget?

Kids have various dreams, most of which have no meaning.

However, a few of their dreams stick with them for a long time.

Get them to talk about an unforgettable one.

2) What would it be if you had the chance to be a character from your favorite comic book?

Kids love comics and it’s a well-known fact.

Ask them which character they identify with the most and want to be just like them.

As a parent, you would realize which way his thought process is proceeding.

3) Who is that one person in your life you would want to get rid of at any cost?

You would be informed about the person whom the little one doesn’t want in their lives.

You can also find out the reason why they dislike the individual.

4) What’s your favorite memory?

Kids have several adorable moments in their childhood and loads of fond memories.

Ask them about their favorite one.

5) What are those 3 colors would you like to see the world in?

Know about their favorite colors.

Their choice of colors would intimate you how the little one loves to view the world around them.

6) What would be your pick if you could change your name and choose another one?

Some children seem to be never fond of their names and tend to attach some cool or trendy stuff to their existing names or replace the original name with a name they fancy.

Find out what they have chosen for themselves.

7) Do you idolize anyone?

Get informed about what kind of an individual the little one idolizes.

His choice will reflect his opinion about life and the people around him.

8) If you had the chance of being the best at any one thing, what would it be?

This is a fantastic way to know what the kid desires to be when they grow up.

9) What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Let the kid open up and share some embarrassing moments and small secrets with you.

Nice way to be friends with them.

10) What’s that one thing you would love to do every day for the rest of your life?

There are a variety of things that kids get involved in.

Often, they tend to stick to particular stuff even after growing up.

Ask them in detail.

14 Funny Text Conversation Starters

Lady conversing on text

1) Is there something popular in recent times that you are annoyed with?

Some fads are just quirky and temporary and don’t catch the fancy of everyone.

2) When was the last time you pushed yourself hard?

Just attempt to push yourself every day in case you wish to give a reply to this.

3) What did you enjoy doing the most when you were a kid?

Kids are always weird things.

Recall that weird thing you fancied the most in your childhood.

4) Do you have a controversial opinion about the politics of today?

This will surely lead to a very interesting conversation, and a healthy debate might ensue.

5) What’s the most annoying habit a person can have?

Get to know their dislikes, and who knows, you two can even bond with them.

6) What do you carry along with you wherever you go?

Know about their favorite possessions they find convenient to carry along with them whenever they set out from their homes.

7) Have you ever been stuck at a place that you disliked?

They might relate to some of the most horrible moments you might have never imagined.

Get ready to hear some intriguing replies.

8) Is there something that irritates you, but doesn’t bother other people?

This is one of the good conversation starters for sure.

Be informed about stuff they dislike and find annoying.

9) What is your guilty pleasure?

Is there anything you love that most people like to hate with all their hearts?

10) Which Was Your Most Favorite Trend When You Were In School?

All are confused about what they like and dislike in their school days.

11) What’s that silliest fear you can’t overcome?

After you know about that one silly fear they can’t get rid of, help them as much as you can.

12) What is that thing that you think you are best at?

There is always that one thing they are pretty good, rather awesome at.

13) What, in your opinion, is the best tv show currently?

Everyone has a favorite show of their own.

Find out what’s their pick.

You guys can even bond well watching the show together.

14) Which was your favorite cartoon while you were a child?

Memories from childhood make you nostalgic, and it always feels nice discussing them.

Life was a lot simpler then.

13 Funny Conversation Starters For Online Dating

Lady conversing via online dating

1) Do you, in any case, consider yourself an introvert?

Find out if the person would be comfortable dating you.

Would they be able to connect with you?

2) Do you like working out?

You would be informed about how much importance they attach to fitness.

You can even head to a gym or a yoga class for a date rather than dropping in at a cafe or a restaurant.

3) Whom did you vote for?

It’s always in your best interest if you could do away with this in the first instance.

4) What was the first-ever concert you were present at?

Quite a smart way to get a clear picture of their tastes in music.

Don’t make fun of them if you disagree.

5) What’s your all-time favorite dating app?

With no pretensions involved, everyone has a different take on various apps that are available right now.

6) Are you a good cook?

If they are good in the kitchen, nothing can probably be more attractive.

A cooking session is a good idea if you want to date them.

7) Do you have a close bond with your roommates?

You will garner a good idea of how well they can bond with people.

8) What’s your favorite drink?

This is ought to be a nice ice-breaker.

You two can even bond on your favorite drinks.

9) What’s The Most Daring Thing You Have Ever Done In Your Life?

Is the person a rebellious type?

Find out.

10) What was the tv show you loved watching as a child?

This is a light-hearted topic that can strike up an excellent conversation.

11) Do you believe in astrology?

Of course, you would want to know their sign, but it would be better if you save this for the second time you go out on a date.

12) Are you in support of social media or against it?

This is important stuff.

Get to know what opinions they hold about social media.

13) Is there any place you want to travel alone?

It’s not weird if they love doing something alone.

Traveling is often best enjoyed when you are all on your own.

How To Start A Conversation: 10 Kick-Ass Tips

So, you’ve got the questions.

Now, I will show how you can kickstart any conversation using the questions above.

1) Say Hi

Nothing simpler or better than this if you want to start a conversation with someone.

2) Smile

A genuine smile from your side will always help the other person open up with you much more comfortably.

Also, a smile helps in setting the tone for a conversation.

3) Make Eye Contact

If you want to feel more confident, make eye contact with the person. It will send a positive signal.

4) Use The Best Conversation Starters

For this one, you would get a lot of valuable suggestions above.

Go through them.

5) Give A Compliment

Who doesn’t love to hear nice things about themselves?

However, be a little careful when you are complimenting an individual.

6) Tell A Joke

Being humorous can be a positive point and pave the path for a nice conversation.

7) Lead The Conversation

You can let the other person do all the talking but make sure you lead the conversation.

8) Keep Asking Questions

Although they aren’t the best conversation starters, you can

certainly, keep the control in your hands.

9) Never Be So Serious

Being serious about your first meeting can be disastrous.

Keep the conversation simple and funny.

10) Be Open But Never Try To Be Intimate

There is a heaven-and-hell difference between being open and being intimate.

Be frank and chirpy, but don’t try to get physically close to the individual.


Hopefully, these tips will give you confidence when you try to approach a person.

Ensure you use them when contemplating striking up a conversation with someone.

Good luck!

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