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First date ideas are always hard to come up and be creative at the same time.

It is hard because you don’t know your date very well and not sure what he/she would like.

You want to make a good first impression, but you don’t want to do the old boring standby of dinner and a movie.

This will not make a good first impression.

Your date will just get lost with all the others.

That’s why I’ve gone to great lengths in providing you with the best 37 first date ideas ever.

So are you ready to get super pumped?

If so, let’s get started.

Great First Date Ideas

couple on first date

1) A trip to the Zoo

A nice first date for the summertime is a trip to the zoo.

This gives you a chance to talk and get to know each another but yet have enough to draw attention away when you aren’t sure what to say next.

And nothing excites one than when he sees an animal he likes or admires.

2) Send Brownie or Cookies to close friends

Another good first date idea is to bake brownies or cookies together and then go deliver them, one or two cookies at a time at each of your close friend’s homes.

Maybe rent a season of your favorite TV show and watch it with a big bowl of popcorn and coke.

3) Play a favorite Board Game Together

couple playing board game

Another good first date idea is to play your favorite board game.

This will give you some great interaction and allow you to be yourself.

It helps to break down any barriers that may be there if you are trying to carry on a conversation.

What you are going for in a first date is to make a situation where you can both be comfortable, not have any situations where you will have the uncomfortable silence.

You also want to be able to have a fun, easy conversation so you can get to know one another.

Hopefully, these best first date ideas will help you on that next first date and that there will be many more after that.

Free First Date Ideas

lady looking at a guy

Everyone is in need of some FREE date ideas! You don’t need to spend money on a date to have a fantastic time that will be remembered forever!

Matter of fact, it is usually the dates that don’t cost a penny but involves some creativity and your time.

There are so many great free date ideas. We will list a few of them here for you to try on your next date.

4) Go to children section of a library

Go to the library and head to the children’s section.

Sit down at the little table and chairs and take turns reading your favorite childhood stories to each other.

It’s a complete fun thing to do and it even gets better when some kids would like for you guys to read them some poems or stories.

5) Have a mud fight

couple playing on mud

Here is a free date idea!

Find some mud, wear some old clothes and have a mud fight or make mud pies or whatever.

Just have fun being a kid again and playing in the mud.

Remember how much fun this was when you were young?

Well, see if you can bring some of that fun back again.

6) Put a Puzzle together

How about putting a puzzle together?

That can be so much fun and really give you time to talk and get to know each other.

Also, see how patient your date can be when you hide the piece she is looking for.

7) Do a downtown or window shopping together

Ok, …how about going downtown and window shop.

Pretend that you each have tons of money and talk buy things for each other and talk about why you would buy that.

See what your dates tastes and interests are and see how much he or she knows about you.

Cheap First Date Ideas

happy couple

Now you don’t want your date to know that you are trying to find out some cheap date ideas to take her on.

She won’t be too happy about that.

However, you can get away with it and she will never be the wiser.

There are some really fun things you can do on a date and make it really memorable as well.

8) Go for a drive

A really cheap date idea is to just go for a drive.

Depending on the season, drive to see the leaves change, look at the Christmas lights, drive to a neighboring small town and walk around.

9) Interview people on the streets

Go downtown and take your cameras, pretend that you are a journalist and start interviewing people on the street.

Have your date be taking pictures of you taking notes and talking with the star.

Don’t you think that is a great and really fun cheap date idea?

10) Visit open houses in expensive places

Go visit open houses in expensive neighborhoods.

Pretend that you are ready to buy like money is no object.

Talk about what you would change and how shoddy their decorating is compared to what you would have done.

11) Take shots at weird places

couple taking shots

A great cheap date idea is to take a camera and go to the most creative and bizarre place you can think of.

Ask someone around to take a picture of the two of you.

After you have at least a dozen pictures, go home or to a one-hour photo and have them printed.

Then go home and make a mini scrapbook of your date.

Romantic First date ideas

young couple on bike

There are so many romantic date ideas, but here is a couple that maybe you have not thought of and are simple to do.

Have you ever been to a really old cemetery?

Well, this is one time that you may want to try it.

12) Watch the Sunset

Take a picnic and watch the sunset, then you can have conversations with the dead, ok, only if you are into spooky kinds of things.

But that is one that your date will remember.

13) Pretend to be kids again

Another one is to be kids again.

Go to a kid’s playground, if it is wintertime, build a snowman, summertime, take an old-fashioned milkshake along.

Remember what it was like to be a kid again.

You will find that conversations will be easy and intimate.

You will really get to know your date.

Take a blanket to lie on the ground when you get tired and just look at the stars.

This is a fun and simple, yet very romantic date idea.

14) Canoe Ride

couple on canoe

Do you have access to a boat?

There is nothing like being on the water together, just to two of you.

Try a canoe ride at sunset, or a paddleboat at a park.

15) Go camping together

couple camping

If you both love the outdoors, there is no better romantic date than camping out.

Cuddle up around your bonfire, roast some marshmallow, listen to the quiet sounds of nature and just enjoy being alone together.

This is definitely romantic.

16) Be your date’s chef

Finally, the last of the romantic date ideas is being your date’s chef.

Plan a very romantic dinner with candlelight, elegant dishes, and a homemade meal.

You will really show your date that you care and are willing to go to this much to show them how special they are to you.

Fun First Date Ideas For The Beach

Happy young couple on a beach

The beach has to be one of the most romantic and fun places to spend together with your date.

There seem to be unlimited resources available and most of them are so simple.

17) Watch the waves together

couple watching ocean waves

The best way to spend a fun date at the beach is just to sit there by the water and watch the waves.

Listening to the surf, talking, enjoying each other’s company.

Other than that, there is just plain old running into the ocean and playing.

18) Make a sandcastle together

Make a giant sandcastle together but you have to be extremely creative, make some strict rules to go by.

Bury your date then turn them into a sphinx. Make sure you have your camera handy.

If you really use your imagination, you can do more than making a sphinx; just go with whatever comes to your mind at the time.

19) Wind Surfing

A really fun beach activity is windsurfing.

Most beaches have this available and what a rush that is.

Your date will definitely love it.

20) Collect Seashells

couple collecting seashells

Collect seashells then when you get home see who can make the most creative design with your shells and hot glue.

The most creative wins, the loser has to buy ice cream sundaes.

21) Go to summer concert together

couple at summer concerts

A lot of beaches have summer concerts. Check this out because this is so much fun.

You take your beach chairs and enjoy the music sitting by the ocean.

Take long walks from pier to pier getting a little souvenir at each one whether it be a seashell, piece of seaweed, or you buy something at the gift shop, or best yet, a photo taken by someone else of the two of you.

The beach has so much to offer, you really don’t need to have a lot of help for fun date ideas there.

You seem to make your own fun.

First Date Ideas For A Movie Date

couple watching movie

Do you have a favorite movie?

If you do, plan a movie night with a costume and act out the scenes as you are watching the movie.

22) Get a Projector

Another fun movie date idea is to borrow or rent a projector that you can hook up to your laptop.

Hang a big white sheet outside between some trees or across the front or back porch.

Lay a blanket on the ground, have some snacks ready and start your outdoor movie.

This is so much fun, and you will find that you may have some neighbors or passerby’s stop to join you.

It is really fun if you have a horror film because you are out in the dark with the trees around you, enough to make you feel a bit more insecure and have her cuddle even closer than usual.

23) Watch kids animated movie

Go to a non-typical movie, go to a Disney or another kid’s animated movie and see how much fun you have.

You become so accustomed to the typical action or chick flick movies, you forget how much fun these kid’s movies can be.

Disney movies are fantastic and many adults take for granted the kind of fun that is present in these movies.

You both will surely enjoy watching these movies together!

24) Go to a local dinner theater

Check out your local dinner theater, or check to see if there are any cult movies, like the rocky horror picture show, where the audience becomes totally involved with the movie with their themed items they bring with them.

Hope that one makes sense.

25) Do a weird movie sneak peek

One of the best movie date ideas is to try sneaking into a drive-in movie on foot or park where you can see the movie only without the sound and the two of you act it out and adlib all the talking parts.

You won’t believe how crazy it can get and how much fun you can have.

First Date Ideas For Your Day Date

couple holding bicycle

Ok, you have a date set for Saturday during the day.

You want to make it fun, but not sure what to do.

There have to be some fun date ideas but what are they?

Well, we will help you out here.

There are so many fun things to do, but we are going to just list a few.

26) Make a movie

couple making movie

If you have a video camera, get it and tell you date that you are making a movie.

Decide on a theme, your background and how many actors you would like to be in your movie.

Then head downtown, or wherever your movie theme is and start filming and acting.

You may need to grab some passersby for the scenes that involve both of you.

Or you could just ask the stranger to cooperate with you for a moment and go along with whatever you do.

You can have so much fun with this.

You can even turn it into a bit of a candid camera show if you like.

While you have that video camera, go out on the street and be the daily news reporter and start interviewing people about the city’s transportation system.

This works best if you are at a bus or train stop. Tell them to watch for it on the evening news and see what kind of response you get.

27) Play hide and seek

Play hide and seek, this is a game that you never outgrow.

If it is fall, go rake some leaves and play in them.

Climb trees together, miniature golfing but you have to use the handle instead of the putter to hit the ball with, It is more fun when you change the rules of a usual activity just to spice things up.

28) Climb a rock together

couple climbing rock

Learn to rock climb.

Saturday would be a great day to take up a new hobby and rock climbing would be a challenging one to try.

If a rock isn’t available in your area, then you both can do tree climbing.

It’ll such a marvelous experience but make sure you check in with your date before actualizing the idea.

Ideas for A Dinner Date

dinner date

Some fun date ideas for your dinner date are to make them unique.

Don’t go with just the typical steak and potato date or the usual Chinese restaurant.

Be creative and show your date that you have really put a lot of thought into your evening.

29) Prepare foil dinners

A fun date idea is to prepare some foil dinners and take your date out for a campfire.

Put you foil dinners in the fire; it will take about 30 minutes to cook.

Turn the foil over at least once. This is a date that you can do up in the mountains or on a grill in your back yard.

30) Surprise Pizza package

Take your date to a park and then surprise her by having pizza delivered.

Have a pizza picnic there on a nice blanket under the stars.

What a lovely and mesmerizing way to end the day with your date.

It’s incredibly wonderful to be discussed under the array of beautiful dazzling stars the light up the skies.

31) Progressive fast-food dinner

A really fun date idea is to have a progressive fast-food dinner.

Stop at one restaurant for a soft drink, and then stop to have an entrée, such as nachos or maybe a salad.

Next, stop for a burger.

Then at the next stop get your fries, then the last stop, and a milkshake for dessert.

Do this at a different fast food restaurant.

When you are ordering and they ask you if that is all you want, tell them yes, because you are going out to dinner.

Get on your pajamas, stop and pick up some Chinese food and go to a drive-in movie and eat dinner while watching the movie in your pajamas.

You are bound to have a date that will always be remembered.

First Date Ideas with Sporting Events

couple playing sports

Everyone has a great time at any sporting event!

Whether it is to a high priced basketball game to a high school football game.

These are always fun date ideas but they don’t all need to be attending a sporting event.

Why not create some fun date ideas by creating your own sporting events.

32) Play water balloon volleyball

One great fun first date idea is to get another couple to join you and fill some balloons with water and play water balloon volleyball.

Each couple has a towel to catch and toss the water balloons.

The couple that ends up the soaking wet are the winners.

It’ll be a very fantastic game to play, trust me.

And it’ll serve as a game-of-bond for the both of you.

33) Play Golf

first date at a golf course

Offer to play golf if your date will teach you how to play. There should be one or two golf fields around your area.

Golf is a game of thought and it’ll help your date appreciate the value of the occasion.

Then go for ice cream sundaes or milkshakes afterward.

34) Test out sporting equipment

Go to a large sporting goods store and test out the equipment, one sport at a time.

Have fun until they kick you out.

You can throw a baseball while you date has the catcher’s mitt ready to catch your throws.

Dribble a basketball and see who can do it the longest.

Go to the golfing isle and practice hitting the straightest putts.

Then when you are done with that, go workout lifting the dumbbells…be a spotter for each other…for those 20 lbs. weights, don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Ok, so you are there to have fun, go with it.

35) Do sport rock-climbing

And here is our final fun date tip of the day.

Find a place, such a large sporting goods store that has a rock-climbing wall.

Take your date and start climbing.

This is something that is fun and your date will remember as well.

First Date Ideas for Winter

couple holding each other during winter

Are you struggling with the same old date syndrome?

If you are, it is time for a tune-up.

It’s winter and you think you should take your date to a movie and dinner.


How boring is that?

You need to do something that your date will always remember.

36) Tubing or Ice blocking

One fun idea is tubing or ice blocking.

You can figure out the tubing one, but Ice-blocking is something that a lot of people don’t know about.

You go and buy a couple of blocks of ice.

Then you go and find a steep hill, one that is safe at the bottom.

You take that block of ice and sit on and hang on while you actually slide down the hill.

You may want to take a towel to sit on, the ice gets pretty wet and very cold.

This is a fun winter date idea that is so much fun!

You end up with a very wet bottom, and some numb cheeks, but you will also have a lot of fun warming up by a nice warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa.

Give it a try!

37) Horse Carriage Ride

couple riding horse in winter

Another fun winter date idea is a horse carriage ride in the city.

Dress warm, sit back in the carriage and snuggle.

This is so romantic and cozy, but yet so simple.

It doesn’t really take a lot of imagination to do something fun in the wintertime for a date.

Anyone can go to a dinner and movie, but how many go Ice blocking?

Remember, you want to create some fun winter date ideas that will be talked about for a long time to come.

So go have some fun and make some memories!

In conclusion…

A properly planned and executed first date may be all that is needed to win the heart of your date.

Although there a plethora of first date ideas available but I’ve prepared the best of the best for you.

So, use these ideas to get started and have a pleasant first date!

If you are also thinking of good second date ideas, then check out this article.

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