Dating Sites for Golfers – Top Online Services to Meet Golf Singles

Golfers dating sites

Online dating has been the trend for quite some time now.

This trend has since evolved into niche sites catering to specific groups or ethnicities.

Golfers are no exception.

Golfer dating websites exist and are very much in demand.

These are ideal places to meet nearby golfers and walk away into the ‘greens’ for a perfect match.

Dedicated golf dating portals dramatically open up the dating scene for those looking for a golfing partner.

With golf as a common point of interest, these dating sites are immensely successful.

While one meets fellow golfers on the green, such dating platforms further the cause of love interests off the greens.

Interestingly these niche dating portals allow various privileges to their members. Some allow as many as a dozen golf dates to their subscribers.

This helps them to find out in person how their future partner would be.

They can also understand how things will go on the golf course and beyond with these meetings.

What Will I Learn?

Top 10 Golf Singles Dating Services

Listed below are some of the best golf dating sites currently circulating.

These golf dating sites have arrived at their effectiveness in connecting single golfers.

1) eHarmony


This popular site for online dating is a general website that also caters to golf dating. The site has very effective filters built into its design.

These take care of different criteria including golf dating, gender choices, age, and location. 

Signing up for the site means access to a free account that will be valid always.

This means there is no hindrance to finding your perfect match whatever your preferences.

Love-seeking golfers are sure to find many subscribers on eHarmony who share their love for this sport.

eHarmony has an extensive subscriber base.

People you are likely to meet at eHarmony are serious about finding life partners.

It is also available in-app form with great mobile optimization to give users the best experience. There is no hiccup in accessing the website from the mobile.

eHarmony also has appropriate security measures in place to take care of your private information.

After all, an online dating site will need photographs and personal information to be shared.

This is why security is very important.

eHarmony has this taken care of, not to mention chances to meet local golfers online.

2) Single Golfers Club


Teeing off in style is easy on this, one of the top golf dating websites.

Coming in the form of a leading golf dating website it provides wonderful opportunities to golf lovers. Golf dating never had it this good before.

This website also is not merely about golf singles but also about connecting over events related to this sport. Golf dating portals ideally look at the sport and lifestyle holistically.

Single Golfers Club comes forth with worthy golfing tips.

For exciting matches create your profile and sign up for free right now.

There is a high likelihood of meeting your desired partner over a round of golf right on this online dating website.

Single Golfers Club also offers help to go on a golf-centric date.

3) Date A Golfer

Date a Golfer

This dating platform is one of the most trusted websites for golf lovers worldwide. It offers free basic membership to everyone who signs up for this online dating site.

Refined search options on the site help you meet local golfers with the ease of this modern dating site. In fact, the range of filters that one may apply to their search is quite amazing.

After all, just being in a golf dating club does not make it easy to choose a partner.

Other aspects of personality, including age, preferences, religion, and location also matter.

All of these are built into the search algorithm of this, like some of the best golf dating sites.

New members get to feature on the home page of this golf dating site bringing them into better focus.

This site is great for better golf networking and to reach out to location-based golf partners.

One may be as specific as asking for a day out on the greens in an exclusive golf resort like Pebble Beach.

Or generally looking for companionship in someone who is equally enthusiastic about the sport.

4) Love Golfer Date Club

love golfer

Create your own free account at this site, Love Golfer Date Club.

You are sure to meet your choice of young single female partners, whether golfers themselves or interested in the sport.

A huge plus of Love Golfer Date Club is that it is part of Online Connections. This immediately ensures wider visibility for anyone registered on the site.

Your profile will be seen across all sister sites for any single person on the lookout for matching partners.

People with similar passions and interests will have natural talking points when they meet.

Cool people who love the sport and are open to dating casually or seriously are all there on this site.

This is one of the golf dating websites where one may opt to meet a chosen person on some nearby golf course.

This is the chance to talk golf as well love with interesting people.

5) Meet Local Golfers

Meet Local Golfers

This is one of the best dating portals where one may meet fellow golfers in the locality.

It is quite possible you will meet others passionate about ‘greens’ on the golf course, but not everyone.

This site enables golf lovers of localities to connect online before they take it on to the next level. Meet interested golf singles on this dating site to exchange interests.

You may share photos as well as use their tools to flirt with someone you feel you will gel well with.

If you are an avid golfer who wants to meet another female golfer locally, there really is no better place to be.

Newcomers to golf or ace players, there is a wide range of people here looking to connect with another and be a part of the golf dating club.

Who knows, someone out there might be the first and only person you connect with to set off sparks like never before.

This is what successful golf dating is about. It is a chance to find THE person to fill 18 holes in your life like none other.

6) Golf Dating Service

golf dating advice

Golf Dating Service is one of the leading golf dating websites out there.

This website was founded in 2011 and has been bringing together honest golf enthusiasts. 

Golf Dating Service provides chat rooms where the conversation can go from golf club to personal and intimate conversation in little time.

The dating world has never been better for those who play golf.

Not only golfers in the locality, but anyone who plays it the world over can also join this site.

While there are dating portals aplenty, dedicated golf dating websites open up the horizon even more.

Private messages on this website allow users to get acquainted even better.

7) Golfing Friends Date

Free basic membership is one of the major attractions of this online dating world that is catching on among online daters.

There is no registration required to get started on your search for a perfect mate.

This site has made its place among the best golf dating websites with honest golf enthusiasts as members.

Dating websites are dime a dozen and the reason why this is good for golf dating is the number of golfers here. Golfing Friends Date is not only about a compatible match.

It is also about finding people with a similar mindset and love for this sport.

Golf players come together here to find golfer singles and discuss golf’s nuances.

This dating platform is available in-app form too.

8) Golfing Passions

This website brings in a new aspect to dating portals in that it combines online dating with the benefits of social media.

Golfers here avail a variety of features that are quite unique in the golf dating scene.

Launched in 2004, this dating site brings the best of the golf world under one single platform.

Users can start dating instantly with a person who appeals to them.

There is the facility of instant messages.

This dating site also has live chat features as well as various discussion forums. The only apparent thing one finds on this site is passion and dedication for golf.

There are people here covering a range of interests and choices. Gender preferences, regional choices, or religious inclinations are taken care of on this dating site.

Advanced search features can be enabled for premium services here.

Golfing Passions also offers private chats for its users, keeping privacy foremost in its consideration.

9) Golf Dating Site

Named plain and simply as Golf Dating Site, this is a dating site, targeting golfers.

What began as an online golf dating site in 2013 has now become part of Online Connections.

This is a major group that handles multiple dating sites worldwide, including niche golf dating portals.

Association with this group means every user profile is now available on their sister sites.

More the exposure, more the chances of matches with golf lovers.

This golf dating platform is ideal for making a splash on the online dating scene.

10) Golf Dating Ireland

As the name suggests, this is one of the best golf dating sites that serve Ireland. Ireland is a country known for its love for this sport.

It serves as a great single golfers club for golf enthusiasts in that place.

This site appears on all searches for golf in Ireland, establishing its popularity among users.

There are major Irish cities listed on the website, where one may search and find their true love.

The process of joining in is simple and one is set to go easily.

The website algorithm will help you to find someone who considers playing golf the ultimate thing to do, just as much as you do.

Golf Dating Club

Golfer dating portals aim to encourage online dating among single golfers.

While there are bigger generic dating websites, online dating for single golfers has thrived on dedicated golf dating websites.

A close-knit community that takes pride in their sport, these sites bring golf enthusiasts into a world that is akin to a dating club.

A premier golfer or simply someone who considers playing golf, there is room to meet and exchange ideas for everyone.

This is why a dating site for those playing golf impacts more than so many sites that cater to general interests.

We have compiled a list of such dating sites in an attempt to bring people playing golf and involve nearby golfers too.

Such golf dating clubs encompass not only the date but also golf courses and happenings around them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating app for golfers?

Golf dating is available in the form of apps for those searching for golf-loving people. Some of the popular ones are FourBall, GolfMates, Meet Local Golfers, and Single Golfers Club. FourBall is a mobile-only app.

How do I meet a golfer?

Besides the obvious golf course, there are multiple dating portals that facilitate meetings between golfers. These dating websites allow users to search for compatible partners based on just which criteria they wish to match with.

Is there a Tinder for golfers?

There indeed is an app that is popularly known as Tinder of golf. This is called FourBall App. It has similar features and functions to Tinder. There is even the famous swipe facility here that made Tinder famous.

This is a mobile-only dating app and is popular with local golfers to find an appropriate match. 

How do you find a golf date?

With so many sites dedicated to the golfer community, it is easy to find a golf date. All you need is to choose the right dating site and take it from there. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other dating websites too that are specific to golfers.

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