Prior to knowing how you can get back your lover, pause for a moment and ask yourself what is it that makes you want them back.

You might say it’s because you love them and it’s true, but is it just owing to that?

Not that I wish to sound a tad rude here, but often we feel our life has become topsy-turvy and off the foundations after a breakup has happened.

So we try to brace for something that would get us back to normalcy.

So this leads us to want them back, which is not good.

There’s a high level of honesty that will be demanded here – both in terms of the reasons you wish to have your love back and also evaluate if the relationship was a proper and healthy one to continue with.

At this point hence, the question should be not on how you can get them back but whether you should at all get back with them.

Sad girl thinking ex lover

Any type of abuse… verbal, physical, sexual means that you act wary on whether you must get back with them or not even when they make a promise of changing (surely you have heard of such fake promises earlier, but were they kept?).

Maybe your ex is into therapy and has committed to you to change, so you can try and reconcile with him.

But be very cautious to see if both of you are together, then there are high chances of falling back into a similar pattern as earlier, regardless of the therapy.

After carefully considering all this and more, if you still believe it’s worth giving your relationship another shot, here are a few things that show how you can have your lover back.

1) Firstly, contact your ex and see if they are even receptive to the idea at all.

This is tricky!

Be very casual and do not even make them feel for a moment that you wish to get back with them.

Just make it easy, light and suggest something like a small meeting to ‘catch up’ like any other friend.

If the answer is ‘no’, you have got the idea.

Man clinging to a woman desperately

For if a cup of coffee is what doesn’t gel well with him, it’s quite unlikely to have him back with you.

If the answer is ‘yes’, the ‘date’ must be casual where both of you simply talk.

Act sincere, but don’t forget your fun-loving persona that you are and also were at the time when you both first met each other.

If your ex is interested in getting back with you like yourself, things are likely to progress further.

2) Now if your ex shows absolutely no sign of reconciling, better to walk away with your head held high.

No gain, no loss here, but it’s time to understand you must call it a day.

Refrain from indulging in displays of anger, frustration, swearing, threats and so on.

Wish them a good life from your end (even if you choke on the words) and bid them goodbye.

After all, no one likes to feel like a fool whenever you remember the meeting.

These are pretty simple in what you can do to see of your ex is still receptive to the idea of reconciliation and if not, at least knowing you can move on after giving your best shot.

Take out some time to understand you must learn how to get back your lover, for not all matters of the heart can be saved.